tagErotic CouplingsReluctant Pleasure Ch. 01

Reluctant Pleasure Ch. 01


Damien glanced over at his best friend Curtis, not sure how he had been talked into this particular situation. Curtis insisted that he had a special and memorable way to celebrate Damien's thirtieth birthday, that he would take him to a place where no one recognized him or cared that he was Damien Perucci. So far, Curtis has kept that promise, but then again, a strip club was hardly the type of place that a multi millionaire frequented.

Damien watched as Curtis downed another drink. A millionaire in his right, Curtis still frequented common places on occasion.

"Come on, have a drink old man," Curtis encouraged, "It's not everyday you turn thirty."

"I've already told you I can't," Damien insisted.

"Meeting new staff hardly qualifies as a reason to deny yourself life's pleasures on your birthday," Curtis chided.

Damien in some ways agreed with Curtis. Meeting new staff was nothing new, and he was the one in a position of power. Hell, he didn't have to meet them until the following week if he didn't want to, but money didn't make itself and Damien wanted to give the once over to each of his new staff members to make sure that no incompetent people were hired while he was away on one of his frequent business trips.

"You can't remain quiet all evening Damien. Come on Damien. Live a little. Don't any of these birds take your fancy," Curtis asked.

"No, they don't," Damien answered honestly. "You forget, I'm a multi millionaire. Women throw themselves at me for my money alone. Throw in the sex appeal, charm, and legendary prowess and I am an irresistible catch."

"I forget nothing," Curtis replied laughing. "I'm a good looking millionaire too, although I admit I don't have anywhere near as much experience as you with women, after all, I'm only twenty-nine," Curtis finished with another laugh.

Damien joined him in his laughter. They had often watched women's eyes glaze over looking at them together, trying to decide which one was a better bet, which one might commit or spend the most.

A sexy blond wandered over to their table, issuing a wide smile as she stopped to chat. "Enjoying yourselves," she asked.

Both of them immediately tensed.

"Don't worry," she laughingly admonished, "I'm not after your money. I'm Rose, the owner. I just wanted to make sure you guys had everything you needed."

Curtis laughed at this too, he clearly had had way too much to drink Damien thought.

"My friend could use a lay," Curtis joked. "You see how stiff he is."

Rose laughed with Curtis before turning back to Damien. "Perhaps you would enjoy a lap dance. We offer both a softcore and a hardcore lap dance, the former costing $500, and the latter costing $1,000. The hardcore lap dance comes with a free pair of boxers and in house laundering should it be needed," Rose smiled as she tacked on this last part. "You see anything you like," she offered, knowing that each of her girls looked their best.

Damien's eyes wandered over the girls parading themselves about in scant lingerie, per the work dress code, and was about to say no when he caught a dark haired raven beauty enter through a side door in a modest two piece that couldn't hope to hide her generous proportions or her sensual nature. Damien's eyes followed her as she walked around serving drinks. She very carefully avoided being touched by any of the male hands that came too close and continued to move proficiently through the tables taking orders.

Rose followed Damien's gaze as it lit upon Amethyst. Rose groaned under her breath. It would have to be Amethyst. The only dark haired one among the girls, the only one that wasn't available, the only one that all the guys seemed to want.

"That's Amethyst. I'm sorry, but she isn't available for a lap dance, but all the other girls are," Rose pacified.

"Come on, it's his birthday," Curtis argued. "I'll pay $5,000 for her."

"As I said," Rose parried, "Amethyst is not available."

"$50,000," Damien countered.

Rose sighed in dismay. This man was not to be thwarted. He intended to get what he wanted, but Amethyst really wasn't available.

Amethyst's mother had become ill almost a year earlier and had required specialized care. Amethyst was determined that her mother should have the very best and had run up a hospital bill totaling almost half a million dollars. Since her mother died six months ago, Amethyst had worked day and night to decrease the almost impossible debt, having already paid over $150,000 she continued to work herself relentlessly.

Amethyst carried with her such an air of unattainableness because of her severe loss. Rose thought that was what drew the men to her. Whatever the case was, her beauty wasn't working to her advantage just now.

"I'll check with her and see if she is willing, but it is her choice," Rose finished, walking away.

Amethyst looked up as she saw Rose approaching, and issued forth a light smile, the most she could accomplish in the circumstances.

"Having a hard night," Rose questioned.

"The same as usual," Amethyst answered. "I start my new job tomorrow so I won't be in until late, and we can discuss a new schedule once my hours are more constant with this new job."

"No problem," Rose answered following Amethyst over to the bar. "Amethyst listen, there is a guy that wants you to do a lap dance for him, and he is willing to pay you $50,000."

"I don't do lap dances," Amethyst answered, without showing any sign at all that she had heard how much money they were dealing with.

"Amethyst, this money could put a huge dent in the debt you owe. You shouldn't be working as much as you do and I care about you, that is the only reason I'm, encouraging you to do this."

"No!" Amethyst answered tightly. "I don't do lap dances. I'm not for sale." Amethyst turned away from Rose and moved to pick up her drinks tray.

"Amethyst, don't cut off your nose to spite your face," Rose cautioned. "I know you don't want to deal with people right now, but you have to move on some time. You will probably never have a chance to make this kind of money this fast again. Do yourself a favor and dance for this guy."

"Excuse me," Amethyst murmured to Rose, and walked over to the table in question. She could feel his eyes on them the entire time they had been talking so she had no trouble picking out which table it was.

Stopping in front of the table, Amethyst smiled at both the men. Turning towards Damien, she looked him right in the eye and said, "Listen, I appreciate your offer, but I don't do lap dances. Not for anyone, not for any amount of money. Now, if you'll excuse me." Amethyst turned to move away and seeing her turn, Rose came over stopping her in her tracks before she could move two feet.

Damien could not believe that Amethyst had dared to refuse him. No one refused him. Ever.

"$100,000," Damien bit out.

Rose met Amethyst's eyes silently begging her to accept.

"Alright," Amethyst agreed, turning back to Damien. "For $100,000 I'll give you a lap dance, but I will expect payment up front."

Curtis, who had sat bemusedly watching the exchange chose that moment to regain his ability to speak. "You can't talk to him like that. Do you know who he is?"

"No," Amethyst said quietly, "Neither do I care. He can accept the terms or he can let me go, it matters little to me which he chooses."

Damien laughed. It had been quite a while since anyone had treated him like any other man. The only females that seemed to do so these days were his mom and his sister. Amethyst would be well worth the money indeed. Damien extracted his wallet and handed his Platinum American Express to Rose.

Amethyst raised her eyebrow at his blatant waste of money, but said nothing as she motioned for him to follow her into a private room.

Amethyst closed and locked the door behind Damien as he entered. She then moved a chair in front of a mirrored wall. "Please, have a seat," she invited.

Damien did as she asked and had a seat, noting the decadent decor with an Italian accent.

"You are of course aware of the rules," Amethyst asked, assuming Damien engaged in this sort of activity all the time.

"As it happens, I am not," Damien replied.

Amethyst raised her eyebrow in disbelief, but said nothing.

"I can touch you, but you can't touch me. Generally, the lap dance lasts for 10 minutes or until you cum, whichever comes first, but seeing as to how you paid such an extravagant price for my services, I will dance until you cum" Amethyst informed.

"Well you could be dancing all night," Damien warned. "I have a reputation for being a lover who can last a long time."

Amethyst scoffed at his boast of prowess, but again made no comment. "I think I could have you out of here in ten minutes, plus dry cleaning time," she retorted. Damien settled back in the chair with a laugh. He would certainly enjoy the next few hours.

Amethyst looked Damien over, noting his indolent air of power. She knew his type as well as she knew how to breathe. She knew what he would like and what it would take to push him over the edge. He would like to indulge all the senses. To see, to hear, to feel. Amethyst had deliberately placed the chair in front of the mirror so that he could watch. And she would give him his chance to feel.

Amethyst turned on the music with a push of a button, and began to undulate to the light strings of jazz that issued forth from the hidden speakers. Amethyst moved closer to where Damien sat and propped one foot between his legs, still rolling her hips in slow circles, knowing she made a tempting vision in the mirror.

Amethyst put her mouth on the line of Damien's jaw and brought her hands up to rest on his shoulders as she lightly breathed on him inhaling his scent. "You smell good," Amethyst teased. "Good enough to eat," she promised, as her hand slid down his chest and brushed against the length of his sex.

Damien inhaled deeply at her light touches all over him. Amethyst let her mouth brush Damien's before continuing to cover his face with light kissed. Amethyst firmly locked her mouth around his ear and nibbled and licked. Damien gave a light shudder under Amethyst's ministrations.

Amethyst smiled to herself. On to round two.

Amethyst began to unfasten Damien's shirt, slipping the individual buttons slowly through each hole. Amethyst settled her bottom on his thighs as she finished unbuttoning Damien's shirt. She lightly ran her mouth over his nipples, every touch light and teasing causing him to lean closer to her to force a firmer contact.

Amethyst moaned low and long in the back of her throat, knowing he would find the sound irresistible. Amethyst pushed her bra up and began slowly rippling up and down, raising herself off his lap and brushing against his hard flesh as she settled back down. As her breasts brushed against his chest she heard him groan and felt him shift underneath her to ease the ache. Damien's eyes closed in agony as Amethyst felt his flesh swell against her.

Amethyst felt herself getting wet. This sort of play with a man like Damien didn't come without a cost, but Amethyst wasn't wiling to pay the price; she would push him over long before she fell over herself.

Amethyst reached down and unfastened Damien's slacks. She pulled his flesh through his boxers, wrapping her fingers around him and squeezing his length as she felt it pulse in her hands. Amethyst pulled away.

Damien's eyes snapped open.

"I didn't think it was fair that you had the opportunity to watch the show, and I didn't." Amethyst stood up. "And I have to get out of these wet panties," she whispered huskily, tossing them to the side so that she stood before him in just her high heeled shoes and her bra pushed up to her neck.

"Should I take this off," Amethyst asked, fingering the bra.

Damien nodded, and Amethyst knew she was moments away from winning the game. Throwing her bra after her panties, Amethyst approached Damien and settled her bottom on his lap, steadily continuing rippling motions of her body against his. Amethyst slid her hand down Damien's body to ensure that his penis was between her soaking wet lips. She raised her left hand and began to fondle her breast with it, locking her eyes with Damien's in the mirror as she did it. She locked her other hand around his neck to secure her position.

When the pleasure became so great that Damien closed his eyes again, Amethyst stopped moving.

Damien growled his frustration, letting her know that her cock tease was getting to him, and that if she wasn't careful, he would take her against her will. His hands had moved automatically to her waist to force her to continue the motion, but were removed almost immediately as he realized what he was doing.

Amethyst smiled a secret smile to herself. She knew the score. She knew when enough was enough. "I'm sorry," she half heartedly apologized. "I just got tired. You could help me if you like," she offered, knowing he would grab at the offer to touch her with both hands.

Damien was like a mad man. He didn't know himself as he brushed her hand aside, stroking her breast with a restless hunger that her touch had lacked. Damien placed his other hand on her waist, encouraging Amethyst to resume her motions. Amethyst gave in to what he wanted and continued her movements with his hot length between her thighs. But she made her first mistake all evening, underestimating Damien.

Damien moved his hand from her hip and curled his fingers between her legs, finding her clitoris and squeezing and massaging it between two of his fingers with vicious intent. Amethyst let out a cry of pleasure and tried to move away from him, but he used his hand on her breast as a restraining device, holding her where she was, and making her undulate upon him in response to his fingers between her thighs.

"Stop. Please stop," Amethyst insisted half heartedly, as she continued to moan and shudder upon him. Damien ignored her requests and continued his ministrations. When Amethyst begged a third time for him to stop, Damien showed his displeasure by thrusting three of his fingers into her dripping cunt, causing her to orgasm in his arms at that moment. Feeling the violent shudders chase through Amethyst proved to be his undoing and Damien came between her thighs.

Damien sat in his office waiting to meet his two new employees with impatience and frustration. The episode with Amethyst the night before had left him in a sour mood from the second she stood up and politely excused herself, motioning towards a private exit that lead to a massage parlor and dry cleaner. She slipped on her underclothes, a robe, and left without another word. And he, still dealing with one of the most powerful orgasms of his life, let her walk away without a word.

He was fairly certain he would never see her again. A later conversation with Rose made him think Amethyst would quit her job after "whatever had transpired between you two," were Rose's exact words.

Damien sat looking at the files in front of him. One for an Amy Harcort, the other for a James Cooper. Amy appeared to be both competent and uncommonly bright. Amy's file revealed that she had worked for several prestigious companies and excelled at her jobs. Moving on to find new challenges and to help other corporations rise to the top. She had a Master's in Marketing and Public Relations, and had been pursuing a P.h.D. up until two years previous. According to her file, she had yet to resume her studies for her Doctorate. Not uncommon.

Moving on to the next file, Damien could easily see why James has been hired. His grasp of Finance was way beyond the norm for a man twice his age. He had plenty of experience and excellent references. Damien didn't see any problems developing his two new staff members. Perucci Industries would continue to go from strength to strength.

A soft knock on the door indicated that his PA was outside his door with the two individuals he was waiting for.

Damien stood with a smile on his face and went to greet his newest employees. What he saw when he opened the door made his heart stop.

James was nothing out of the ordinary. Your average 28 year old, slim financer with glasses, eager to please. Amy just so happened to look remarkably like Amethyst and by the way her pulse quickened when she saw him he quickly deduced that that was exactly who she was.

"James, Amy," Damien greeted, holding out his hand to each of them. James took it easily enough spouting something or another about how pleased he was to join the company. Amy took his hand tentatively, muttering something equally mundane about how glad she was to "finally" meet him, when her expression said she was anything but. By the look on her face, Damien could almost believe she would quit right then and there.

Damien made light chit chat with James for a few moments before saying how nice it was to meet him, arranging an alternate meeting time with him, and sending him on his way. Amethyst sat perched on a chair ready to flee.

Damien sat down behind his desk looking at her carefully. Her sensible black suit and modest two inch pumps were bad enough, but she had hair pulled back loosely in a bun that almost presented itself as professional, but he knew what her hair looked like spread all over the place and he wanted to see it again, in fact, could picture little else.

Amethyst waited patiently for Damien to make the first move. She knew he recognized her, but she wanted to see how he would play it. Although with him keeping her separate from James, it could really only go one way.

"Why do you work at a strip club, if you're as great as your file says," Damien asked, wasting no time in getting to the facts.

"What I do when I am not working here is none of your concern," Amethyst retorted.

"I should think it is, as your external behavior reflects directly on the company, and with you working as the head of our marketing department, you of all people should know how important image is," Damien finished snidely.

Amethyst just barely constrained herself from hitting him in his lovely smiling face. "Yes, of course you're right," Amethyst agreed, before sitting quietly once again.

"If you'd care to answer my questions rather than avoid them then I'm sure this would all go much smoother, and you wouldn't have to worry about remaining in my presence," Damien informed.

"I work there as a second job, like a waitress," Amethyst defended, "And never doubt that I am all that my file says and more. "

Damien shrugged at her flimsy defense, "So what you did last night is your average evening entertainment?"

"That's not what I said at all," Amethyst flung at him angrily. "I told you last night I don't do lap dances and I meant it."

Damien hardened at the thought of what she considered a lap dance. "And yet last night you did," he argued.

"Because you made me," Amethyst defended.

"I didn't make you," Damien denied. "You came to me because you are a money hungry whore."

Amethyst stood up and walked towards the door.

"Where do you think you're you going," Damien berated her.

"Exactly where it looks like," Amethyst threw at him. "I'm leaving to write my resignation letter, because clearly this position is not going to work out."

"You will not leave until I tell you too," Damien threatened.

"Oh yeah," Amethyst questioned. "Watch me," she challenged, moving swiftly through the door to the elevator.

Amethyst quickly stepped in as the door opened and pressed the button for the eighteenth floor. The doors were closing and Amethyst was letting out her pent up breath even as Damien put his hand in the door to stop it from closing.

Damien watched as Amethyst tried to move around him to exit and prevented the move by simply blocking her path to freedom with his body, knowing she wouldn't want to touch him. Once the doors closed, Damien hit the emergency stop button.

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