tagErotic CouplingsReluctant Pleasure Ch. 04

Reluctant Pleasure Ch. 04


Amethyst slid into the car next to Damien and vowed to maintain a rebellious silence for the entire drive. As the car headed in the opposite direction of her home, she figured she would be spending the night in his bed. He hadn't taken his pleasure of her earlier so she assumed he would be working off his unmassaged passion and aggression. It would be a long relentless night.

After a few minutes she broke the silence to ask a question that had to be asked. "Do you have any condoms at your home?"

His dark eyes barely left the road as he answered. "No. I'll have to stop and get some on the way."

"As you like." She refused to fight with him while her emotions were so scattered. In fact, she decided spur of the moment, she wasn't going to fight with him anymore. The more she tried to resist him and the more she said 'no' then the more he seemed determined to have her. Maybe if she turned herself into a simpering 'yes' girl he would lose interest. Anything was worth a try.

Damien stopped off at a pharmacy to pick up a few items and continued home. She barely showed any signs of interest as they pulled into the driveway. She entered his four story home with a single question on her lush lips. "Where is your bedroom?"

He took her by the arm and led her up the winding staircase to his room. She immediately began taking off her clothes, anxious to have it done. Damien grabbed her arm to stop her from sliding her pants down her thighs. "Is there a reason you're in such a hurry?"

"I'm just anxious to please you," she lied, letting her arm fall uselessly to her side as he released her. "Is there something else I can do to please you," she offered, sliding her hands down his chest and making quick work of unfastening his pants. He slid his hands down her arms and grasped her wrists in a gentle hold pulling her over to the bed.

"Actually there is," he invited, falling onto the edge of the bed. "Finish what you started earlier.

A part of her felt outright defiance. If he thought she was going to fall on her knees before him and worship his hard straining flesh then he had another think coming. And another part of her pooled with hot desire at the thought of taking his hot flesh into her mouth again. Her eyes darkened with passion. A 'yes' girl wouldn't say no to so simple a request.

Sliding down his body she let her mouth sweep over his flesh. His sharp intake of breath let her know he was nowhere near as in control as he tried to appear. Desire turned her caresses more carnal than she had intended. Her tongue toyed with the ridge along the head as her breath also quickened. She wanted to make him cum more than she wanted her next breath.

Forcing the head of his thick length further down her throat than she was comfortable with, Amethyst continued to push the limits of his excitement to new levels. Her tight throat proved the deciding factor in snapping his control and he came down her throat with a great spurt. Amethyst didn't move, letting her convulsing throat milk the last drops from him.

Struggling to catch his breath, Damien pulled out of Amethyst's mouth, about to pull her underneath him, but she surprised him by shedding her clothes and crawling on top of his body. As she slid down onto his turgid flesh Damien found he was barely able to drag breath into his lungs. He settled his hands loosely on her waist and let her continue with her hellish motions.

It was their first time together in a bed and Amethyst was determined to satiate his body with pleasure until he fell asleep, and if she happened to have an orgasm or two along the way, so be it.

She rested her hands on either side of his head, letting her nipples hover just above his mouth as she moved her body up and down his hot length in a rhythm designed to drive him mad with desire. When she stopped suddenly, his grasp on her waist tightened suddenly and he picked her rhythm up, using his strength to continue moving her upon his length.

"Stop," she protested, earning his disapproval. Damien growled low in his throat to warn her that playing power games during sex would not be tolerated.

"Damien stop!" she tried again. In Damien's mind it was too similar to their first time together and he pumped his hips up to meet the downward motion of her body, punishing her with pleasure. He watched her eyes glaze over as passion took her into a mindless place where all she could do was seek pleasure. This was the way he liked her, obedient to his every sexual whim.

Her body trembled as pleasure ripped through her and his grip on her waist never loosened as she collapsed on top of him, accepting his fierce thrusts as he pushed himself towards orgasm. At one point she tried to pull away again, but he refused her. She subsided with a sigh knowing she couldn't reach him.

When his breathing returned to normal, Damien moved their sated bodies to the head of the bed and curled his arms around his body. "Never think to deny me again Amethyst."

She immediately stiffened in his hold at the rebuke. "You didn't use protection." She let the accusation hang in the air between them, damning him. "Again."

"It won't happen again," he promised.

Amethyst rolled her eyes, not trusting him. His obsession with her was like a disease and he never stopped to think of anything once he touched her body. She doubted if she could trust his word on this oh so important matter. She would have to visit her doctor tomorrow and start a birth control regimen.



The next day dawned bright and sunny. Amethyst was pleased to find she was alone in bed, but not so pleased to read the note next to her. "Gone to the office. Back by 1. Lunch, then shopping. Be ready."

Amethyst crumpled the note in her fist. She hated him.

Sliding out of bed, she was chagrined to trip over her bra. While the rest of her clothes had been neatly folded over a chair this single item had been left. Accident or design? Not the most auspicious start to the day.

She quickly helped herself to a shower and struggled back into her clothes, skipping the day old panties in favor of the free and loose feel. A quick call to her doctor confirmed she could be squeezed in for an 11:30 appointment.

She was pleased to find her car parked out front. She waved away the maid on her offer of breakfast and set off to a boutique near her doctor's office. Purchasing a pair of panties, denims, and a chic button down blouse, she was happy to throw her old outfit in the bin.

It took only moments for her doctor to give her a birth control prescription and she left to get it filled immediately, knowing she needed to be back to Damien's before he arrived and questioned her about her whereabouts. She needn't have bothered to rush though, because the maid filled him in on her disappearing act when he did arrive home, mentioning that she had skipped breakfast as well.

He didn't play the jealous controlling lover as she had suspected though, refraining from asking where she had been, he contented himself with a simple, "How was your day?"


He smiled at her reticence. He would clear her of it soon enough. He had a special appointment scheduled for later and he knew that he would certainly enjoy it, and knowing her, she would enjoy it too.

"Good then, let's go."

She rose from her reclining position in the sitting room and joined him at the door after grabbing her purse.

They sat for a surprisingly pleasant lunch where he entertained her with anecdotes and asked about some of the projects she was working on. She was only too happy to keep the topic off personal things and the afternoon passed with lazy conversation and coffees. Around 3:30 they started off on their shopping expedition. He took her to several dress boutiques and bought her all colors, styles, patterns, designers. Each dress was more scandalous than the last and she knew they would be for his pleasure more than hers, but she kept silent lest he derive some pleasure from her defiance.

"Was that the last dress shop," she asked somewhat huffily after he finished ordering an additional eight dresses from the last one. You would think she would be spending the rest of her life with him as many dresses as he was buying.

"Yes, that is the last dress shop," he promised, winning a very snide and sarcastic smile for his generosity in ending the shopping trip from hell.

They headed back to the car, she in tense silence, he with avid anticipation. It was a few moments before she realized they weren't heading towards his home. "Where are we going now?" she asked, all the impatience she was feeling leaking into her voice.

"One last boutique."

"You said we were done," she argued.

"I said that was the last dress shop, and it was."

"Then where precisely are we going?" she demanded.

"I think you should just wait and be surprised."

She sat seething next to him promising herself she was done pandering to him today. She couldn't take one more awed look being cast his way by the shop assistants or anymore parading around in dresses for his pleasure. His pleasure be damned!

They pulled up in front of a secluded shop tucked away behind a jewelry store front. At least they weren't going to the jewelry store, she derided. He took her hand as he led her towards the entrance. The sign above the door said Sweet Things. Maybe a candy shop, she hoped. If so, he had finally done something to please her. She did so love chocolates and sweets.

Her pleasant foray into the land of fantasy chocolates was stripped away from her as she saw racks and racks of lingerie hanging in front of her. Damien made the mistake of releasing her hand as he approached the shop assistant. It was all the opportunity Amethyst needed as she turned on her heel and slipped back out the entrance.

Damien caught up with her two steps outside the door, but she was quick to turn on him in a spitting rage. "I am not some little doll you can dress up whenever and however you like! I will not go back in there with you!" she vowed.

"But it would give me so much pleasure if you did," he promised, his charismatic smile very much in evidence. "You did agree to please me," he reminded her. But on this occasion it was Damien whose sharp mind let him down.

"In that regard you are wrong," she swore vehemently. "I agreed to fuck you. Nothing more, nothing less. Certainly not to shop for lingerie with you."

"Then do this favor for me and I will put a time limit on our time together."

Amethyst was sorely tempted. As their deal stood she could be with him for the rest of their days. Who knew how long it would take a connoisseur of women to get tired of one particular woman. It was probably in her best interest to put a limit on a relationship that could only end badly for her. "How long?"

"A year," he offered, thinking the time a little shorter than he would prefer, but probably more in line with her wishes.

"2 months," she countered.

"8 months."


His normally cool, mocking expression took a severe downturn at her counter offers. He was sure she would be bargaining in terms of days if she thought she could get away with it. As it was, he supposed he was lucky to have her even considering months. "6 months. My final offer."

"4 months, or you can go back in that shop on your own."

Damien rolled the terms over in his mind before deciding he could live with them. She would be enslaved to his passion long before 4 months had passed anyway and there would be no chance of her leaving at that point.

"Deal," he agreed, taking her arm and leading her back into the shop. They were shown to their own private room where there were several racks of lingerie already hanging in her size.

"Pull the cord in the corner if you need anything," the shop assistant informed before taking her leave and closing them in together.

"What do you want me try on," she threw at him, still boiling with resentment that she was even here.


Amethyst retreated to the changing room with a few items over her arm. She would put one set on, show it to him, he would nod his approval or shake his head indicating he didn't care for it.

This went on for over two hours and Amethyst knew he was getting aroused watching her. Especially when she needed his help fastening up the back of a corset. His hot breath on her neck sent its own message of possession as did his hands closing over her breasts as he finished lacing the back.

She thanked him politely before sending him back into the waiting room. He did so, but not before giving her a look so steamy, her nipples remained hard for the rest of the fitting, and the panties she was wearing were added to the must have pile because they were drenched.

Some of the lingerie was see through in the front, some of the panties had no crouch, some of the sets came with nipple tassles. There was no end to the variety of ensembles she tried on, each one more shameful than the last.

There were a handful of modest tasteful pieces, but she doubted men came here for those. She doubted if Damien had brought her here for those. This was the sort of place where a man indulged his wicked fantasies with his mistress, wife, or whore. Where did she fit in that list? Certainly not wife. And the rest didn't bear thinking about.

"Ok, that's everything." She pranced around in the last outfit glad this ordeal would soon be over.

"Not quite."

His quiet words made her turn towards the empty racks. Everything was sitting in three piles around the room. Wrap it up; we want it now. We want it, but it needs some changes. We don't want it.

Damien smiled his charming butter wouldn't melt in my mouth smile and handed her the last item. "I saved this because it's a personal favorite." She took the item he handed her and almost slapped his face with it. Edible Underwear.

"I will not be trying these on," she denied him.

"But we have a deal." His voice was so low and deadly she felt as though she didn't know him anymore. Not that she ever did.

"This is not lingerie. It's food!" she argued. "I couldn't possibly."

"I'll cut your sentence down to three months. Does that help motivate you?"

Amethyst tugged her lower lip between her teeth, torn with a desire to do as he asked, and a desire to retain some amount of dignity and self-respect. What the hell, it was just one more degrading outfit on top of all the other ones she had tried on.

She turned her back on him and went back into the fitting room mumbling her anger the entire time she changed. She came back out in the edible panties, walking a path in front of him before heading back to the changing room. "Satisfied?" she rhetorically asked.

"Not yet."

"Well too damn bad!" she shouted. Her fury reaching an all time high. "I don't want the stupid edible panties either. I hate them!"

She let out a startled yelp as he came up behind her. "All women say that when they don't know what they were made for."

"And I suppose you do," she vented, turning in his arms. "You've slept with so many women I'm surprised you don't have stock in edible panties."

He ignored her comment about the women he had slept with and instead focused on her first statement. "Of course I know what to do with edible underwear," he assured her. "I'll show you."

He slid down her body propping one of her feet over his back. He pressed the underwear closer to her hot flesh and slid his tongue between the valley. Her whole body arched away from the exquisite pleasure he drew with that one move. He pushed his tongue against her harder and moved closer to her clit. She shuddered, her hands going back against the wall to steady herself.

He kept tormenting her, gentle licks of his hot tongue providing a torturous friction that was nowhere near satisfying, and only succeeded in melting the panties against her flesh. She felt the slight graze of his teeth as he began pulling a section that had stuck to her labia into his mouth. She arched against his mouth at the feel, knowing his teeth could inflict a little bit of pain with pleasure, and aching for it with every breath she took.


He brought his hands back up and pulled away the remainder of the underwear, throwing them into the trash. His mouth fell on her flesh in a touch so pure and purposeful she fell into it headlong, wanting nothing more than for him to grant her the final ecstasy, but he continued to toy with her. His mouth never going near her aching clit again.

"My God, Damien please."

He slid up her body and sheathed himself in a condom before she could ask again, sliding into her dark slick depths before she could fully appreciate where they were. His thrusts were hard and demanding as his body forced hers back against the wall. Her head shifted to the side so he would have greater access to the gentle curve of her neck. It also put her face to face with her own depraved reflection and she realized not for the first time what he was doing to her.

Well, question answered. She was his whore. He took her out shopping and she paid for the merchandise before she even had the chance to wear them. What had she expected? And even that unsavory truth failed to pull her from the mindless realm of pleasure she was currently reveling in. He owned her body and he could make it sing for him anytime he wished.

Amethyst's nails raked his back as an orgasm ripped through her, her loud voice ringing out through the dressing room. She felt Damien shudder in her arms and knew that he had reached his own level of fierce pleasure, but had not demeaned himself in so public a place by shouting his joy to the world. She started redressing as soon as he slid her legs to the floor, not daring to make eye contact with him lest he see how he had shaken her.

They exited the dressing room, Amethyst flush from embarrassment and Damien smiling his pleasure to the world. He informed the sales girls of which items they wished to be wrapped and which needed alterations or changes of color. She was mortified when he gave the shop assistant the wrapper for the edible underwear and told her to bill them for that as well, her face going beet red. "Did you want to order some more of this darling?" he called out as he was finalizing their order.

"No," she mumbled, ducking out of the shop before she died of embarrassment.

When they got in the car, she turned her crazed passionate nature on him. "Did you bring me to this shop just so you could fuck me?"

"Being crass does not suit you, and if I just wanted to have sex with you I could have done it at home."

"Then why did you bring me here, and how is that you just happened to have a condom?"

"I like to be prepared," he joked. Amethyst's face was far from welcoming of his humorous attempts as she glared daggers back at him.

"Does it matter anyway? You body is mine by agreement."

"So it is," she agreed, "But only for another 3 months."

Damien didn't like the note of finality in her voice, or the fact that she seemed determined to be free of him. He had three months. Enough time for a man like him to turn her into a sexual slave who only lived to please him. But still...

"Then lets make the most of those three months. Dinner tonight," he continued before she could refuse, "To celebrate a limit being set for your time with me."

"Why not?" Amethyst agreed. "I have to eat."

Not gracious, but all he needed. Damien smothered his smile of devilish merriment. If she thought he had won something she would take it right back.

"Then I'll just get you home so you can get ready," he suited actions to word, setting the car off in the direction of home. "And wear the black dress from Sole's tonight."

"Do I pick your clothes for you," she hissed.

"No, but I'd be willing to let you if it would please you. In fact, feel free to take me shopping for personal items anytime you like."

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