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Reluctant Wife Trap


Like many other husbands, I have a fantasy of seeing my wife with another man. While some wives readily agree to this fantasy, I wasn't so lucky. Over the last few years I had mentioned this to my wife a few times, her first response was "no way", and the second time she accused me of using this to get her approval to fool around with other women. Both times she used her stern voice that told me there was no room for negotiation. I have always enjoyed a challenge, and this situation called for a superbly planned, cunning trap for my beautiful wife.

I should tell you my wife Carol is 38, but could easily pass for 30. She has long brunette hair, great legs, 36 D cup that at times tends to overflow her bra, and a sexy, sultry smile. In the summer when she gets a tan and I can talk her into wearing a short skirt she will turn heads in any room. I work as a technician for a security company, which as you will see gave me some extra equipment for my plan.

First I had to find the right guy with all the right tools; well endowed, handsome, patient, and willing to go along with my plan. After months of discreet emails and screenings on various swinger magazines & websites, I met Steve on an adult website. Steve is 25, muscular, 6 ft 1", bronze skin, dark hair, brown eyes, very handsome, just the type I knew Carol would like. In our meeting I told Steve this plan might not work, but we would give it our best shot. I made sure Steve knew I wanted Carol to go along willingly, not by force. Since he had to buy some equipment for the plan I gave him $100 up front to cover expenses. Steve is single, but recently broke up with his finance, and was more than willing to go along with my plan.

It had been more than a year since I last mentioned to Carol about screwing another man, so I'm sure she had no suspicions I was planning anything. I made up a business trip to Detroit, where we had some large contracts with automotive companies. I asked Carol if she wanted to come with me on a short overnight business trip. The kids could stay with friends, and it would be a nice break. Carol liked the idea, and I booked a room at an upscale 5 star hotel, and put my plan into action.

We checked in about 1:00, and I told her "I have a short customer service call, but we will have a great evening after my customer visit." She was already horny when we got in the room, and she started to nibble on my neck and ears and wanted a quickie before my meeting. Part of my plan was to keep her horny, and I had used every excuse in the world to avoid sex with her over the last month. Usually we screw a few times every week, and she was almost desperate trying to get me in bed. I kissed her and tweaked her nipples, sliding a finger between her legs, and she was wet and hot! I broke away and told her to relax and get ready for a great night.

What Carol didn't know was that I had booked two adjoining hotel rooms as part of my master plan. My customer service call was actually to the hotel room next store. When we had checked in to our room, after Carol went to the bathroom I had quickly set up 3 hidden wireless cameras & and a microphone in our room. My "customer service call" was taking place in the room next door, setting up video equipment, checking on the wireless connections to the hidden cameras, calibrating the cameras for the light conditions, and making sure I was ready to get the big event on tape.

I came back from my "service call" at about 4:00, and Carol immediately gave me a kiss and wanted to play. I opened a bottle of her favorite wine and told her I had a surprise for her, and we had to wait until later to get in bed. She looked a little suspicious, but we had a few glasses of wine and I had Carol wearing a tight and sexy one piece dress, low cut showing her cleavage and mid thigh length. She looked hot!

At exactly 4:30 there was a knock at the door, and I told her the surprise was here. I had arranged a massage for her with the hotel masseur. Steve came in, carrying a portable massage table, dressed in a nice polo shirt and khaki pants. Carol was immediately nervous and a little suspicious, but Steve was very professional and immediately began to set up the massage table.

Suddenly Steve stopped and said, "I'm sorry, one of the legs on the massage table is broken," just according to our plan.

I asked "Can you do the massage on the bed?"

Steve said "It's not my first choice, but it will have to do."

Carol didn't know what to do, but with some encouragement she started toward the bed. Steve said "Most of my client's prefer to get undressed, and you can wrap yourself in a towel. You don't want to get the oil on that nice dress."

Carol came over to me and whispered "I'm not getting undressed."

I laughed and said "Come on dear, he is from the hotel and this is a professional massage. Relax and go change in the bathroom." With a little more encouragement Carol reluctantly went to the bathroom and removed her dress, and came out wrapped in a towel.

As Carol lie down on the bed, we saw she still had on her bra and panties, and immediately covered her butt and midsection with the towel. I refilled her wine glass, sat on the bed, and told her to relax; I was going to be right here. Steve started to rub oil on her shoulders, and as he moved down her back he intentionally kept catching his fingers on her bra strap. Steve said, "I think you will enjoy this more if I unstrap your bra, and most ladies also take off their underwear so the oil doesn't stain your panties. I immediately moved to unstrap her bra and despite her protests I pulled her underwear off.

Carol immediately pulled the towel over her bare ass, and whispered "I don't want to be naked!"

I laughed and whispered in her ear "Relax baby, I will be right here. This is a professional massage."

Steve began to work on her neck and shoulders, talking professionally, and gradually Carol began to relax. When Steve stood up to pour more oil on his hands, he "accidentally" poured a lot of oil on his pants and shirt. Steve made a big deal about this, and I was laughing and teasing him about not wanting to ruin my wife's underwear and now he ruined his clothes. Steve continued with our plan, and told me to take over while he washed the oil off his clothes.

I continued to rub Carols back while Steve was in the bathroom washing his clothes. I whispered in Carol's ear how sexy she looked, and told her we were going to have great sex after the massage. I was tweaking her nipples, kissing her neck, and I slipped a finger into her pussy, which was already soaking wet. We heard the bathroom door open, and Steve came out wearing nothing but a towel.

"I washed the oil off my clothes the best I could, and they are drip drying in the shower," Steve said. My wife immediately got nervous, but was afraid to move since she was naked under the towel.

I again told her to relax, reminding her I was still here. Steve resumed rubbing her shoulders and neck. This continued for about 10 minutes, and I filled her wine glass again. I said, "I have to go to the bathroom." Inside the bathroom I took out a borrowed cell phone from a friend at work, and made a call to my regular cell phone. I pressed the send button as I left the bathroom and quickly put the borrowed phone in my pocket. A moment later as I was sitting on the edge of the bed my cell phone rang, and I answered "Hi, this is Jim," pretending to talk to a customer. I listened for a while and asked, "Did you reset the power?" "Did you reboot the computer?" "What error messages are you getting?" I continued this imaginary call for a few minutes and said, "OK, I can be there in 30 minutes." I hung up and said, "I'm sorry, but I have an emergency service call. The customer is getting false alarms and they are really pissed off, and you know how important this project is. I have to go there right away."

Carol got a scared look in here eyes, and started to protest but I continued, "You will be fine, I will be back in about 2 hours. Steve can finish his massage and I will be back about 7:00, just in time for a romantic dinner." Carol didn't want to get up without any clothes on, so she stayed on her stomach and protested again about me leaving, but I insisted she would be fine and quickly walked out the door.

I quietly slipped into the room next store and all my security cameras were working perfectly. I could hear everything as Steve continued his massage, telling her to relax. My wife nervously asked how long the massage lasted, and Steve said "Your husband booked me for an hour, but you are my last appointment of the day, so if we run a little late that will be fine." Finally all my planning was paying off. My beautiful Carol was naked, hadn't had sex for a month so I knew she was extra horny. She was a little tipsy from 4 glasses of wine, and she was alone in a hotel room being massaged by a handsome hunk wearing only a towel with the single goal of seducing her! The trap was set perfectly, the only question is would she take the bait?

I was next door naked with a huge hard-on watching Steve slowly work his hands down Carol's legs. He slowly massaged her calves, telling her how beautiful her legs were. He moved his hands up and down the backs of her lower thighs and knees, and I could see her legs trembling when Steve touched her thighs. The camera on Carols face showed her eyes were closed, her moth was open and her lips were starting to quiver. I could hear soft moans and gasps from my hidden microphone. Steve worked his hands further up the back of her thighs, and I saw a very slight, but distinct movement as Carol's thighs opened a little bit.

Steve "slipped" and spilled a little more oil on the edge of her towel and upper thighs, just near the bottom of her ass. He moved the towel up a little more, and began to rub the oil in, and then gradually moved his hands up and firmly squeezed her ass cheeks. His hands moved down between her legs, and instead of resistance her legs opened a little more. As he continued to glide his hands between her thighs, I knew he was getting close to her forbidden fruit. I was so hot watching her, I barely touched my cock and it exploded like I was 18 years old, shooting almost to the ceiling.

Steve kept slowly moving his hands deeper and deeper, and Carol's moans were getting a little louder and her breathing was fast. Steve asked "Does this feel good?"

Carol just moaned softly, "ooooh yes, yes."

Steve reached deeper between her thighs, and I knew he was touching her pussy. Carol began to moan louder, and her legs moved apart as she lifted her hips up to allow Steve better access. Steve's hands changed into a forward and backward movement, and I knew his fingers had penetrated the target and he was finger fucking her. Almost immediately Carol began lifting her hips higher, spreading her legs to allow better access for Steve, and her moans were faster and louder. I could now hear her through the hotel wall without the microphone. She exploded into a huge orgasm in less than a minute, crying out as she ground her pelvis down on Steve's fingers.

Steve told her to roll over, and she flipped on her back without any thought of covering up with the towel. Steve's cock made a huge tent under his towel, but he stayed covered up, instead he moved his head between her legs and began to dip his tongue into her still quivering pussy. I know that Carol is capable of multiple orgasms, but I was stunned at how fast she was moving into her second cum, as she held her hands on the back of Steve's head. "Ooooh this feels soooo good" she cried. Suddenly Steve stopped and moved up to kiss her on the lips, and her arms immediately went around his neck in a passionate embrace.

Steve dropped his towel and stood at the side of the bed, with his huge cock just inches from Carol's mouth. "You can touch it, please, go ahead Carol," Steve said, as he resumed rubbing her slippery slit with his middle finger. Carol was tentative as first, but slowly grabbed his cock and then began to lightly kiss and suck the tip. Steve buried two fingers in her dripping cunt, and Carol began to take more of him in her mouth. I was stunned because she rarely if ever likes to suck my cock, but now she was sucking Steve like it was her last meal.

Steve pulled out of her mouth and quickly slipped on a condom. Carol just smiled and said "Hurry up, I want you inside of me." It was a complete surrender of her inhibitions, and she was begging to be fucked. Steve teased her just rubbing the head of his prick against her pussy lips, and she was grabbing his ass and begging him to put it in. Finally Steve slowly entered her, and Carol let out a groan that I could again hear through the walls. Steve again kissed her, slowly grinding hips together without any pumping motion. Carol began to buck her hips violently, and she screamed that she was cuming again.

Steve kept pumping in and out, varying the pace and strokes while kissing her neck and ears. I couldn't believe his control, he was fucking her and loving it, but still showing no signs of climax. My Carol was getting the fuck of her life, as Steve got on his knees and began fast and deep thrusts, I could hear the headboard pounding against the well and the bedsprings bouncing. I shot another load watching, as Carol turned her head toward the camera. Her eyes were closed, her mouth opened, she was grunting and moaning with every breath. Carol raised her knees and wrapped her legs around Steve's ass, as wave after wave of orgasmic bliss rippled through her quivering body. Steve began to grunt and I knew he was getting ready to blow, and he finally let out a scream that once again came through the hotel walls as he pumped his jism inside my wife's drenched pussy.

In the afterglow of their torrid passion, they lay together sweating from their workout, gently kissing and holding each other. Steve suggested they move to the shower. My cameras couldn't see in the bathroom, but I could hear plenty of giggling and laughing as they played and cleaned up in the shower. Finally they came out and back into view of my cameras. Steve got dressed, and Carol stood naked and threw her arms around him in a deep kiss. Steve took out a hundred dollar bill and left it on the dresser and said, "I can't expect you to pay for this massage, here is a rebate on the massage fee service your husband ordered."

Steve kissed her again and left with a huge smile on his face, glad that my plan worked to perfection. I didn't know it at the time, but that "rebate" would play a big part in my "relucatant wife trap part 2", which I will post if feedback is good on this story.

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One of the best

I am known as EroticWriter and I re-posted this story on two sites called Slutwives and also DarkWanderer. I also added a photograph that depicts the action described and fits into the narrative perfectly.


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Just love they way this written

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