tagLoving WivesReluctant Wife Trap Ch. 02

Reluctant Wife Trap Ch. 02


After Steve left our room, I waited about 20 minutes to return to our room. Carol had showered again, and was fully dressed. I asked "How did the massage go?" "It was OK," Carol said, and then she quickly changed the subject. "Where are we going to eat?" Despite all my preparation and plans for the big event, I was totally unprepared for how to handle things after I returned to the room. In hindsight I should have planned for how to approach Carol, but I didn't. I wanted her to admit she had fucked Steve, but I certainly couldn't tell her I knew about it.

I saw the $100 bill Steve had left on the table and asked "What is this?" Carol stuttered for a minute, and then said "Steve had to leave a little early, so he left that as a refund."

"How long was he here, and did you enjoy it?" I asked. "He was only here for about 15 minutes after you left," Carol lied.

I knew this was going down the wrong path. Unintentionally I had forced Carol into a lie, and now there was no chance she was going to tell me what really happened. It was a long frustrating evening, as Carol seemed distant. I asked a few more times about the massage, but she gave short answers and then always changed the subject. After dinner we saw a show, and then we did have sex back at the room, but Carol just wasn't into it. I could tell her mind was really screwed up, and she carried great guilt about her romp with Steve.

When we returned home we fell back into our regular pattern, always busy with the kids, and our sex life returned to normal. I had some of the greatest video ever for my private viewing, and whenever I was on the road I would watch my Carol getting the fuck of her life from Steve. It was a great video, but I wanted more. I really wanted Carol to open up our lifestyle, to fuck Steve or another man again. I wanted her to tell me how great it was, and I wanted to be in the room to watch.

As months went on, it became very evident that I would have to devise another plan for my Carol to once again feel the pleasures of another man. "Should it be Steve again or perhaps another man," I thought. I carefully considered all options, thinking that Steve might be able to penetrate Carol's defenses easier than another man. However if I could get Carol to screw a new man then she might open up easier, rather than just think of Steve as a short little affair. Suddenly a wild thought popped into my mind. It was daring, exciting, and risky; but the more I thought of it the more excited I got and I knew I had to try it.

The plan had to be perfect, and our home was the setting. This would be a daytime event, while the kids were in school. Carol would have to think I was out of town, but it was easy for me to arrange a fictitious overnight business trip. I had to find a date where I knew Carol would be home, so I planned for a day when she had an 10:00 AM dentist appointment. Carol has great hygiene, and she always showers and brushes her teeth before going to the dentist. My video cameras & recording equipment were set up all over the house to capture the event. Steve and I had met several times, going over the plan in the greatest detail. Steve was like a kid getting ready for Christmas, as he told me over and over what a great fuck Carol was.

The day started out like any normal Tuesday during the school year. The kids were scrambling around, almost late for catching the bus, and I packed for my overnight trip. After the kids got on the bus, I kissed Carol and told her how great she looked. I had her in my arms and kissed her, grabbing her ass. I joked that maybe we had time for a quickie, to which Carol said "let's go, I don't want you traveling while you are so horny". I kissed her and said "I think you're the one who is horny", as I untied her robe and gently rubbed her luscious tits. Carol said "Come on, we haven't screwed in two weeks, let go". I kissed her again and gently tweaked her nipple, and I knew she was getting wet. I had intentionally avoided sex for the last two weeks to get her as horny as possible. Carol is one that desperately needs a regular fucking, and I knew her pussy was getting wetter from our foreplay. She grabbed my crotch and urged me again to go upstairs, but I stood firm kissing her again, this time letting my fingers go down and play with her honey pot. As my fingers found their target, I rubbed her juices over her clit. Then I broke the kiss, and said "Sorry babe, I have a plane to catch. We will resume this tomorrow night when I get back." I could see a look of desperation in her eyes as I pulled away. I looked at my watch and said "shit, I have to go right now or I am missing my plane".

I drove to the motel where Steve was staying, and I met his friend Scott. We had a coffee and once again went over the plans. Steve had introduced me to Scott a few months ago when I came up with this idea, and I was very comfortable that he and Scott would work well together. I knew that Carol would be showering and getting dressed for the dentist. I had already called the dentist to cancel her appointment. At about 9:30 we had a female friend of Scott's call our house to tell Carol they had to cancel her appointment. Carol was told their computers were down and she would have to call back later to reschedule a new appointment.

I knew Carol was now showered, well dressed, with nowhere to go. Whenever Carol goes out she almost always wears a nice dress, knee length, with a conservative top. I knew she would have make-up on and her hair would be set nicely. Carol is not high maintenance, but she just likes to be well dressed when she goes out for shopping or to the dentist.

A few minutes later Steve and Scott were knocking on our door. As I saw later on video, Carol was stunned to see Steve. "Oh my god, what are you doing here" Carol stammered. Steve said, "Hi Carol, I was in town helping my friend Scott move his parents, and I wanted to stop by to see you."

"You shouldn't be here, not at my house, my god the neighbors" Carol blurted out. "Please don't come to my house".

"Carol, the neighbors will think we are contractors or salesman. It will look worse if we have this discussion on your porch. Can we come in for a minute?"

Carol let them in and she was clearly upset. "Why did you come her, this is my home, and who is he" pointing to Scott. Carol quickly closed the door and told Scott to stay where he was, and she and Steve walked into the kitchen. "What we did was wrong, and you can't come to my house. I am happily married, and I can't see you again. My husband.....How did you know where we live?"

Steve cut her off, and said "Carol I am sorry if I upset you. I confess that after we met in Detroit I got your name, address, and work information from the hotel register. The sex we had was the greatest I have ever had, and I have wanted to call you for months. I am sorry about coming with no notice, but I just had to see you. When Scott asked me to come help his parents move, I knew it was within a few miles of your home. We finished the move late last night and stayed over. I even called your husbands work phone to make sure he was at work, and I was going to just hang up when he answered. His voice mail said he was out of town for the day, so I knew he would not be home. I thought your kids would be at school. Carol I don't want to do anything to hurt you. I am sorry if I upset you, but I really wanted to see you again. Please don't be mad". Steve then gently grabbed Carol's hand and said "I'm sorry but I had to see you, and you look every bit as beautiful as I remember you."

Carol pulled her hand away and looked at him, and her state off shock and anger started to subside. "Who is Scott?" she asked. "Scott is my best friend, and I have known him for years. He is the only one who knows about us" Steve said.

"You told him"? Carol asked. "Steve you are going to get me in a lot of trouble."

Steve took a small step toward Carol and gently grabbed her hand again, "Carol please trust me. Scott and I are best friends. He will never say anything. I would never do anything to hurt you or your family. We only had one car, and I didn't know if you were going to be home or throw me out, so I couldn't have him drop me off here".

"You shouldn't have come here", Carol said, but there was a noticeable softening of her tone.

Steve continued holding her hand and asked "have you thought much about our time together? I think about it a lot, and I wouldn't be here if it wasn't the greatest sex of my life. Are your memories as good as mine are?"

Carol blushed and said "That was one hell of a massage. Yes I do think about it a lot. It is a combination of guilt and good memories, but we can't do that again."

"Why not" Steve said, as he moved to put his arms around Carol. Carol was now backed into the wall with no room to escape. "Steve this is my house" Carol whispered, but I could see her guard was lowering. "Please let me hug you," Steve said, and he put his strong arms around Carol and nuzzled his mouth next to her ear. He whispered "It feels so good to hold you again, you smell so nice". Steve continued this for a while, and then said "Carol I want to kiss you". As he moved his lips to her Carol pushed back and started to break away, but Steve still held her in his arms. "Steve we shouldn't" Carol said.

"Carol, we have been naked and had great sex. A hug and a kiss is nothing. Please, I have come a long way to see you, can I please just hold you and kiss you" Steve said. Carol did not answer, and he gently pulled her back tight, and kissed her, at first very light but gradually harder. Carol's arms gradual changed from a defensive posture to holding Steve, not tight but she gripped the back of his shoulders. Steve broke the kiss and moved his lips to her ears and whispered "It feels so good to be with you again. You are so beautiful". Carols arms now pulled him tighter and then they resumed kissing with a long, loving, deep open mouthed kiss.

Steve had one hand rubbing her ass and the other hand moved to her breast. Carol moved his hand off her breast but they were still kissing. Steve put his hand back on her tit and this time Carol did not move his hand away. Steve broke the kiss and said "let's go upstairs."

Carol asked "What about Scott?"

"He understands, he will just watch TV. He won't be any problem. Come on, lets go," said Steve as he grabbed Carol's hand and pulled her toward the stairs. Steve didn't give Carol any time to retreat as he quickly walked up the stairs pulling her by the hand.

My cameras were set up everywhere, the kitchen, bedroom, living room, so I caught it all on video. As soon as they were in the bedroom clothes were flying off, and Carol threw her arms around Steve's neck pulling their naked bodies together. Steve pushed Carol back on our bed, and they continued kissing as Steve worked his hand down her body. His fingers soon found her honey spot, and as he finger fucked her Carol put her head back and moaned. Steve was kissing her nipples and fingering her wet pussy, and Carol had her legs wide open in a complete surrender as she held his head to her breast. Steve then worked his kisses down and began to lick her wet pussy, as Carol's moans were becoming louder and louder. At this point my other cameras caught Scott silently working his way up the stairs, and he soon stood at the bedroom door listening and watching through a tiny crack in the doorway.

Steve put on a condom and began to tease Carol, sliding the head of his cock against her wet clit. Carol was begging him to put it in, but Steve kept rubbing it against the lips of her wet cunt lips. "Please put it in Steve, I need you now!" Carol wailed. Finally Steve moved up to kiss Carol and slowly moved his manhood inside her. They began fucking deep and slow, and then accelerating the pace. Carol was again moaning and grunting with deep animal-like sounds, as she bucked her hips back to match his thrusts. The headboard was banging against the wall, and I could see Scott now standing naked, with a massive hard-on as he watched Carol get fucked. Carol let out a combination of high pitched gasps and long low moans as she quivered in orgasm.

Steve had not yet come, but they laid together and embraced, with Steve's hard cock still buried in Carol's pussy. After a few moments of quiet kisses, suddenly the door was pushed open and Scott came into the room. He had his pants up, but his bulge was very obvious. Carol gasped and said "What are you doing here?" as she quickly tried to pull the covers and hide her naked body. Scott said "I was just going to ask if you had anything to drink, but don't worry about me. I also give massages and I have seen just about everything." Carol was still frantically trying to pull the covers over herself, when Steve said "We should give her a 4 handed massage."

Carol quickly gave up trying to pull the covers over herself, and rolled onto her stomach to hide her breasts and pussy. Carol said "I don't need a massage." Steve as already straddling her buttocks and began rubbing her neck, as he said "come on Carol, you will really like it." Carol said "no, I don't need a rubdown" but Scott was already along her side working on her shoulders. Carol's protests began to diminish, and soon Scott was busy working her legs while Steve was working her back.

Scott was overwhelming with compliments on Carol's body, "Steve you told me she was beautiful but I never imagined a housewife would be so sexy". Carol continued to relax, and gradually her legs began to open up and Scott moved his hands up the back of her thighs. Steve had pulled his condom off and was now kneeling on the bed near Carol's face as he leaned over her back. His semi-hard cock dangled down near Carol's mouth, as Scott began to run his fingers down her ass crack and along her still wet pussy. Steve moved his cock a little closer toward Carol's lips and she began to lick and suck the tip while Scott began to insert his fingers in her drenched love-hole.

They asked Carol to roll over, and soon each man had a breast with one hand and both were working over Carol's clit and pussy with the other hand. Scott removed his clothes and Carol began rubbing both men's cocks, all the while squirming on the bed as they had her delirious with the sensation of four hands all over her body. Carol kept turning her head to look at Scott's cock, which was massive, maybe 2 inches longer than Steve's and much thicker. Steve asked Carol, "Do you like Scott's cock? It's pretty big isn't it?" Carol just moaned as she continued to grab both cocks, one with each hand. Steve said to Scott, "I think she is ready for you now, just don't wear her out as I want her again."

Scott put on a Trojan magnum, which barely contained his massive lovestick. He moved between Carol's legs and slowly worked it in. Carol was screaming "oh shit, I can't believe it is all in! God it feels so good!" Soon they were fucking like rabbits and the headboard was banging so hard I thought the walls would come down. Carol had her legs wrapped around Scott as she was alternating between low moans, gasps, grunts, and saying "fuck me". As Carol began to convulse in another orgasm Scott picked up the pace and they both came together, Carol just gushing with more moans and groans.

This 3 some continued with each man fucking Carol twice, plus I lost count of how many times Carol's pussy was licked while she sucked one of the cocks. They men stayed in bed with Carol for nearly 4 hours, until Carol realized the kids would soon be coming home from school.

Carol led both men to the door, still naked, and gave them both long deep kisses. She thanked them for the visit, but told Steve "this was a one time visit, and you can't come back to my house ever again." Steve laughed and said "thanks, it was our pleasure to make a house call."

Did the quest work and did Carol finally open up our lifestyle? That story is the final chapter and coming soon in "Reluctant Wife Trap 3, The Final chapter."

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