tagLoving WivesReluctantly Seduced

Reluctantly Seduced


John smiled absently at another remark from Mike that had Betty cackling. He looked at her. She was really letting herself go and John found this extremely flirtatious behavior of his wife both irritating and exciting. John, 28, and 27-year-old Betty had moved into the neighborhood about six months ago and had soon become quite thick with Mike and Marjorie, their next-door neighbors. Both Mike and Marge were 33, childless and very easy to get along with. Soon, John started to sense that Mike fancied Betty and with time realized, first in anger and then curiously, with excitement, that Betty liked Mike's attention.

He had happened upon the two of them either talking across the fence or sitting around in his backyard chatting. Just last week he had watched them as they had fleetingly held hands.

Then Betty's birthday had dawned and Mike and Marge were invited over for dinner. Betty was dressed in a pair of jeans and a tank t-shirt. Whenever she wore it, John had erotic visions of men sneaking their hands under her tank top to fondle her large tits. She came down the steps with her tits bouncing proclaiming that she had no bra.

The doorbell rang and the two of them moved to the door to welcome their neighbors. Marge was in a flashy top with a plunging neckline, again without any sign of a bra, and tight jeans that literally molded her round buttocks. It was almost as if she had come with an agenda for seduction! The two men shook hands while Marge and Betty cheek kissed. John then ushered Marge into the saloon. Mike followed a good minute and a half later with a slightly flushed look on his face. Betty returned another 3-4 minutes later wearing a broad smile and freshly applied lip gloss. So the two hadn't exchanged just a peck! They must have smooched. John wondered if Betty had slid her tongue into Mike's mouth for him to suck on it like she did with him. He wondered if he had put his hands up her tank top to feel and caress her tits and puckered niples. He stopped himself as he found himself getting a hard on.

The women got busy fixing the meal and setting the table while the men attacked a bottle of Black Label. In the space of the next 15 minutes or so, Mike had found at least 3 or 4 opportunities to touch Betty. And to John's discomfort, Betty was loving all of it. In fact, even as he watched, Mike patted her buttock, whispered something in her ear at which she giggled.

Mike returned and catching John's look said, "You really have a sexy wife, John." John smiled, uncertainly. "I know." John had an inkling where this was leading up to and did not know how to react. "Can I be very honest with you?" John also realized that Mike was quite high. "I think I am very attracted to her ... sexually." He stopped and stared at John who just stared back.

Emboldened by John's lack of approbation, he smiled and raising his voice and his glass at Betty at the table, said, "You have an absolutely knock out body, Bets." Oh, so it was 'Bets' already. Betty looked at him, giggled and said, "Really!" She then turned around and vigorously twitched of her lovely, round buttocks at the two men.

Her act seemed to galvanize Mike for he rose and advanced on her. Betty stood her ground, smiling at him. He went and put his arm around her hips.

"Quite an armful, eh John," said Mike, pulling Betty closer to him and John noticed that Betty did not mind the contact at all; in fact she was pressing herself snugly into him. And then she put her arm around Mike.

Marge returned from the kitchen with a dish, glanced at the Mike and Betty and remarked, "Now, Mike, stop pawing poor Betty right in front of her husband" with which she placed the dish on the table and turned to the door throwing over her shoulder, "Going round the corner."

"So," said Mike giving Betty another squeeze, "what are you giving me for your birthday?" John saw his hands leave her shoulder and drop behind her and was sure that Mike was now caressing his wife's luscious buttocks; kneading her cheeks, running his finger down her slit. Or may be, he was working his hands inside the top of her jeans to feel and caress her naked arse!

"What do you want?" She giggled and looked up at him, shifting slightly. John realized that she was actually allowing Mike to get a better hold of her arse!

"Mmmm" Mike screwed up his face as if thinking hard and then said, "Hey John, would you mind if I stole a kiss from your sexy wife?"

"You horny bugger!" Betty giggled.

"John?" Mike asked again.

"Ya, of course," John managed, "If Betty doesn't mind, that is."

"She doesn't, does she?" asked Mike jokingly and brought his mouth down to meet hers. John watched in fascination as his wife and his neighbor first lip-pecked and then they meshed their mouths in a long, lingering smooch. He watched as Betty worked open Mike's mouth and did her stuff with her tongue. He also noticed Mike's free hand finding its way under her t-shirt to knead her tits. Betty started to moan and finally they broke their kiss to come up for air.

"That was fantastic," breathed Mike.

"You really are a horny fucker, Mike," giggled Betty again.

"That he is," announced Marge who had appeared at the door. "And if you are kissing my hubby, don't I have the right to kiss yours?"

"Ya of course, if John doesn't mind, that is" said Betty mimicking John.

To John it started to seem that all three of them had come with a plan that they were executing perfectly.

John watched as Marge walked over to him and before he could react she dropped herself onto his lap. The feel of her lovely, yielding buttocks on his crotch was almost too much to bear. He found his cock rising immediately. Marge glanced back at Mike and Betty and said, "You know what, your smooching has made little John here very angry" She laughed and wiggled her arse on his cock. John almost came.

Both Betty and Mike came over, still holding each other.

"I think you will have to quell his anger, Marge" suggested Mike. John looked at Betty who returned his look and then she boldly reached across and cupped Mike's crotch.

"And you know what Marge, your hubby's little one has also become a really big one."

Mike yanked Betty and the two of them started a really wild bout of kissing, with hands desperately feeling, finding, squeezing each other's bodies.

They watched them for a couple of moments and then Marge slid off John's lap, knelt in front of him and started to work on his pant zip and with practiced fingers that had his strong, thick cock out in a jiffy. John stared as she kissed its tip lovingly and then started to lick it. For a moment he raised his eyes to find Betty's mouth working on Mike's cock.

The image seemed to snap something inside John slowly and he felt himself starting to unwind. Marge's mouth was a wonder because it was blowing him hot and cold and he started to enjoy himself. Far away, he heard Mike moaning loudly and then heard the two of them stumble on to the sofa with Betty screaming like he had never heard her.

While there was an animal-like ferocity to Mike and Betty's coupling there was something more languorous and more sensuous to theirs. Almost sensing his tension, Marge raised her head and shrugged of her top letting her beautiful tits loose. John finally rose, knelt in front of her and started to suck and lick her nipples. Her moans were slow, low and somehow far more sexciting. He worked his mouth downwards past her tits, down her slightly fully belly and then started to take off her pants. They broke for a moment to tear off their clothes and then John buried his face into her wet, inviting pussy. She tasted wonderful. His tongue flicked at her pussy lips that had her squirming in pleasure and then he started to work deeper in to her. Her moans grew in intensity. He could also just about hear Betty's yelps and gasps as Mike mercilessly pumped her.

After a prolonged while, Marge suddenly brought her thighs together, at the same time pulling at John's hair.

"Take me now please John .... Now .. please .."

Needing no two invitations, John raised himself over her and then slowly entered her, filling her. Her thighs closed over him. And the he started to buck. Normally, he would have come quickly but today he was going on and on. Marge was almost at the peak and then started to scream in ecstasy. John mounted the peak just after her and then he spurted into her loads and loads of cum. She in turn shuddered from one orgasm after another. With the last one the two of them collapsed into each other's arms.

A long while later the foursome stirred and grinned at each other for what they had discovered!

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