Remember, remember, as if you could forget the memories that are seared upon your mind. The clouds of forgetfulness hang heavy around you, but you must remember so that you can bring about justice to the one who has wronged you so evilly. Before this all began you thought that evil was just a concept, a word to be applied to something bad when it appeared on the television news or in the papers. Now you know that evil has a face, and you must remember. Remember!

You remember that it started out so innocently only a couple of weeks ago when the letter came in the mail. Your wife had shown it to you when you came home from work. The letter said that you and your wife had been selected at random to enjoy a night at a new bed and breakfast inn, which was opening in town. You didn't want to dampen your wife's enthusiasm, but you were skeptical, saying that nothing was given away for free.

At you wife's urging you called the new inn to confirm the reservations and to find out what stings were attached. You were told that your reservations were part of a promotional deal for the opening of the new inn and that several couples, in the area, had been chosen to enjoy a night totally without any conditions. It was explained to you that the expectation was that you would enjoy your stay at the inn that you would recommend it to others in the community.

Calling up the inn you asked many questions to find out what hidden conditions might be hidden be hidden in the free offer, but you were assured that the night's stay was without any further obligations. By the time you had finished talking to the inn's receptionist you felt assured that offer was legitimate and confirmed the weekend night of your stay.

You had married for twenty years to your beautiful wife. Your two children were on the verge of entering college and every extra penny you had went into to their college fund. It was very seldom that you and your wife were able to afford some special time to each other outside the home. Now it appeared that a no expense night at a new bed and breakfast inn had come your way, you saw it as an opportunity of further expressing your love for your wife.

You remember how your wife was so excited to get away for the night. Your children were old enough to take care of themselves and they knew how to reach you in an emergency. Your wife and you found the inn, which was a quaint Victorian building with flowering gardens all around the front and sides.

Inside the two of you were greeted by a young woman behind the reception desk. Once you had explained that you were the couple who had won the free night's stay she smiled and gave you two keys before explaining how to find your room. She wished you a wonderful stay before you and your wife turned away from the desk to go and find the room.

When you unlocked the door and brought your luggage into the room you found a large room decorated in ornate Victorian style. At the far side of the room was a king-size with a carved head board depicting wood nymphs and satyrs. The bedspread was beautifully detailed affair having a red unicorn proudly rearing upon its hind legs. To the right side of the bed was large vanity table with a big circular mirror, which reflected the bed.

"This is room is magnificent," your wife said with awe in her voice. "When we get home I want to do some redecorating of our bedroom."

"This free night stay," you laughed as you crossed over the plush carpet and placed your luggage on the bed, "might end up costing me a lot. Don't get too many ideas, this stuff looks pretty expensive."

"Don't worry," she giggled, "I do it a little bit at a time. Besides, it is time that we changed things. I've been thinking about it for awhile and this room is giving me a lot of ideas."

"Well, reign in your ideas until we get home. Let's unpack and get something to eat. I've got dinner reservations Mario's. I know you have been dying for some Italian food and I want this night to special for you."

"Mario's?" her voice was filled with delight, "That's only the finest restaurant in town."

"Fine dining and a first class room, nothing is too good for you!"

You wife helped you up pack. There was wooden wardrobe, which took all your cloths needing to be hung up and next to it was a matching set of drawers. Once unpacked, your wife and you changed into your best clothes for the evening at Mario's and left the room.

The night out went well with the fine food, the dancing and the drinks. By the time the two of you returned to your room you both were ready for to make love. However, your wife insisted on bathing before the two of you got into bed and told you to go first. The bathroom was in keeping with decor of the rest of the bedroom. There was on of those old fashioned large bath tubs, which sat on legs. As you ran the bath water you hoped that your wife wouldn't get any other ideas about redecorating. You quickly entered the water and took your bath, after which you shaved you covered your nakedness with your robe and went back into the bedroom.

"You just get in bed and relax," your wife instructed, "I want to soak in the tub for awhile."

She entered the bathroom and you just knew in your mind that she was getting decorating ideas, which were going to cost you a pretty penny. You could hear the water running when a knock came at the door. You felt rather embarrassed to open the door covered only by your robe. The door didn't have a peek hole in it so you opened the door a crack to see who had been knocking. You were shocked to see a tiny, very ugly, deformed man gleefully smiling up at you.

"Aw, the lucky winner of our free night's stay," the little man's voice was shrill and had a heavy accent, "I am Hans Von Baden the manager of this establishment. I have for you complimentary champagne for you and your lovely lady. Please accept it with my compliments and do tell all your friends about your stay with us."

You saw the young woman who had tended the reception desk move to stand behind the man. She held a bucket with iced champagne and two fluted glasses. Somewhat reluctantly you opened the door and allowed the two of them to enter. The woman quickly placed the ice bucket and glasses on a small table next to the bed and rapidly left the room. The tiny man watched her leave before bowing to you and backed out of the door.

"You will excuse me if I request that you come with me for a moment," the managed said. "I need to show you something."

"I'd rather not," you answered. "As you see I am ready for bed. I am sure that you can show me in the morning."

"I insist," the man said firmly. "Follow me."

As he turned down the hall to your surprise you found yourself compelled to follow him. You tried to stop yourself, but to your horror you found yourself closing the door behind you as you followed the man down the hall. He did not go far down the hallway before he opened the door next to your room.

"Please enter and don't speak," the man instructed and you could not stop yourself from complying with his instruction. The room you entered was a long, narrow storage room, which was dimly lit by a single bare light bulb hanging from the ceiling. The man nodded to you and you found yourself closing the door. He motioned you to sit on a chair facing tapestry on the rooms left wall.

"My friend," the deformed laughed after you sat down facing the tapestry, "we are about to share a most amazing night. As you have now determined I completely control you. I have studied in places so terrible that they would shrivel your mind. My body is stunted, but my mind has powers, which you cannot believe. Tonight you are about to witness some of those powers."

The man pulled a cord and the tapestry moved to one side. You found yourself looking into your room, the bed prominently displayed before you. You could see the closed door to the bathroom where your wife was bathing and you could faintly hear your wife singing in the tub.

"A perfect view of your room, is it not? I have installed a sound system, which allows one to hear everything taking place in the room. Now I think it is time for you to stand and for me to sit. You see my legs tire very easily."

You tried desperately to break the control of the man controlling your movements but soon found yourself rising to stand next to chair. Never in your wildest imagination had you thought it possible for someone to so completely control you. The little man sat in the chair and evilly grinned up at you.

"Now you are going to be treated to a further demonstration of my powers, which I am sure will totally astound you. Look into my eyes and feel the depth of my power!"

You looked down into that ugly, deformed face and felt a sudden wave of dizziness. Then with horror you found yourself looking up at your own body. If you could have cried out you would have then, but your mouth was locked tight.

"You see in my deformed state I am totally impotent," it was your own voice, which now spoke to you." I am unable to perform as a man and therefore I must, from time to time, borrow someone's form to satisfy my carnal urges. Unfortunately, I can only borrow someone else's body for a few hours, but it is enough for me to complete my desires.

"I have opened this inn so that I can bring such as you and your lady here so that I can fulfill my inner lusts. I am afraid it is a bad habit but one that I cannot break. I hope that you will forgive me my indulgence, but I am going to cuckold you with your own body. You will be able to watch the entire process through the two way mirror and you will hear every sigh I make as I have my way with your woman.

"In the morning she will remember how you made passionate love to her, while you will remember nothing. I'm afraid you must forget what is about to happen as I do not want you seeking vengeance against me. Rest assured that you will not be the only man to sit in that chair and be treated to such an erotic show.

"Now I will have to leave you. Watch and listen closely to everything that happens and know that it I and not you making love to your lady."

You watched as the monster now possessing your body left the room. A moment later, through the two way mirror you saw him enter your room and lock the door behind him. He quickly removed your robe and went to lie down on the bed. You saw him turn and smile at the mirror as his erection grew between his legs. A few minutes later your wife came out of the bathroom dressed in a filmy negligee. You did your best to call out to her and warn her, but your voice was locked within the stunted body, which you now inhabited.

"Your beauty increases with each moment," you heard him tell her. "Come into my arms, my sweet so that I taste your lips upon mine. The very kind inn manager has brought us champagne for us to celebrate you night of love."

"My, you the certainly the romantic one," your wife giggled. "Is that thing between your legs for me or is it a rocket."

"It is a rocket upon which you will ride to the heavens this night. Come let us make beautiful love with each other."

Your mind screamed within the silent body you now had as you watched your wife climb on the bed and into the arms of the monster. He covered her mouth with wild and passionate kisses as her had gasped firmly around his cock. His hand softly molded her tits bring sighs from your wife as she felt his lust.

Your lips could not move, but your mind cried out to your wife to run and hide from the thing that inhabited your body. Helplessly you watched your wife slide down in the bed, to take the cock she believed was yours into her mouth. Clearly you heard the monster moan with delight as he felt your wife's lips engulf his pulsing organ.

Your breath came in short gasps as you watched as he pulled your wife's negligee above her hips and pulled her over to straddle his head. Although her leg blocked your view you knew he was licking her most intimate parts. Your wife moaned around the cock in her mouth as Von Baden's mouth and tongue excited your wife.

After five minutes you heard your wife cry out as she came on the monster's face. All your will focused upon breaking the hold, which was upon you, but you were held fast where you sat. You tried to close your eyes in an effort to block out the horror unfolding before you, but as your wife cried out as another orgasm rocked her body your eyes opened wide.

Moments later Von Baden tensed as his cock shot forth its heavy cum into your wife's mouth. Although your wife seldom allowed you to cum between her lips this time she sucked eagerly, swallowing the creature's seed down her throat. The couple seemed to deflate in the aftermath of their mutual orgasms.

Then your wife pulled herself from the cock and laid her head upon the pillow staring up at the ceiling. For several minutes all she could do was to lie there and recover her senses. During that time you saw Von Baden rise from the bed and fill the fluted glasses with the expensive wine.

"Drink of the most sacred fruit of the vine," the monster said giving your wife one of the glasses, "it will help restore you for the rest of this night's love making."

"That was fantastic," said your wife. "Your mouth did things to me that you have never done before, it felt so delightfully different."

"This night's getaway makes me feel like another man. I feel as if we are a couple meeting for their first intimate tryst. I hope to surprise and delight you throughout the night as I pay homage to your lovely body. You are a most beautiful woman and I plan to enjoy you to the fullest, as I hope you enjoy me. Now drink your champagne while I recover."

You watched as your wife and Von Baden reclined upon the bed sipping their wine. After several minutes you saw the monster put his glass down and turn his full attention to your wife. He covered her mouth with eager kisses as he pulled her nightie up and over her shoulders forcing your wife to put down her glass to further enjoy his attentions.

With infinite skill Von Baden moved from her lips to gently suckle at your wife's tits. While his mouth played with her nipples his hand moved slowly down her body until it rested upon her naked pussy. Carefully he parted her folds to caress her secret parts. She softly moaned as her hand reached out and began to fondle the monster's limp cock.

Von Baden kissed his way down your wife's body pulling himself away from her fingers as he placed the body that was yours between her legs. You cringed as you saw your wife spread her legs to open her sex to her lover. His head covered her pussy and you heard her sighs as he brought her to several climaxes over the follow fifteen minutes.

Without a word Von Baden lifted his head from between your wife's legs, and with his cock standing fully hard, moved up over her body. Your mind reeled as you saw your wife reach down to guide his cock to her wet pussy. You noted how the monster held his weight off your wife and turned slightly to allow you to see him slide his cock within her.

He slowly fucked her for several minutes allowing you to see how he was plunging in and out of her. Then he settled down upon her and began to wildly to make love to her. His hips moved in almost a blur and they rotated back and forth, round and round, as her filled her pussy. She cried out in ecstasy as his movements drove her to repeated orgasms.

"That's it my sweet," Von Baden growled in lust, "cum on my cock. Let your cunt cum again and again while I fuck you as you deserve to be fucked."

"You know I don't you to use that word cunt," your wife admonished him as her breath came in short bursts. "It is so dirty."

"Tonight is a new night for us, my sweet," he kissed her lips before placing his head next to hers. "Tonight it is all cock and cunt and fucking. Enjoy, we will return to our regular lives tomorrow, but for tonight we are a new couple."

Your wife could no longer speak as she gasped as wave after wave filled her body. You sat on the verge of insanity as you helplessly watched the mad monster bring your wife bliss. After a good twenty minutes you saw your body's hips tense as Von Baden came inside your wife.

Breathing hard the monster pulled out and lay next to your wife. Lost in the bliss of the moment the two cuddled close together breathing hard as they recovered from their fucking. You saw your wife move over to kiss the thing upon his cheek.

"That was wonderful," your wife told him, "it was almost as if you were someone else. Your movements inside me were different than normal."

"Thank you," Von Baden said, "you have brought out the best in me. The night is still young and we have a lot of love making ahead of us."

"This night out has certainly brought out the animal in you."

"You have brought out the animal in me. If you are very, very good tonight perhaps we will stay her another time."

"I'll be very good," your wife assured him, "you can do anything you want to me tonight."

"Oh, I will," Von Baden told her. "I plan on fucking your cunt a lot more, then your ass and maybe I'll finish the night by cumming in your beautiful mouth."

"Fuck me all night long. You know I love you. You are a wild man tonight and my, my cunt, ass and mouth are yours," she pulled him to her and kissed him deeply.

For the rest of the night you watched as Von Baden used your wife in every way possible. You saw him fuck her tits and saw as she drank his cum as it exploded into her mouth. You saw him slide his cock into her ass to fuck her until the two of the came. All the while you were helpless to intervene, but your anger and hatred for Von Baden grew. You swore that soon the monster would die and it would be at your hand. Finally the night came to an end and you saw your wife fall to sleep as Von Baden dressed in your robe and left the room. Moments later you heard the door where you sat open and the monster entered.

"Aw, my friend," he said as he came over to where you sat, "I thank you for the use of your wife. She was a wonderful fuck and deigned me nothing, as you clearly saw. I think you and I will be very tired today so I am going to forgo the usual checkout time to allow you to rest.

"Don't feel bad about what happened I can assure you other husbands have sat and will sit again where you are sitting. Unfortunately, I can no longer retain my place in your body. I must turn it over to you once more. You will leave this room and all memories of this night will fade from your mind. Your wife, on the other hand, will remember how you were able to fuck her beyond her wildest dreams. To her this night will be one of her fondest memories. Now we will exchange bodies and you will go to your room to fall into a deep sleep."

You felt a sudden dizziness and suddenly found yourself looking down at the ugly, deformed innkeeper. With all your will you wanted to strike the man and choke the life from his body, but you found yourself turning and going to your room.

As you lay down on the bed next to your exhausted wife you told yourself that you had to remember. You would remember and that you would have your vengeance upon Von Baden.

The next day you felt your wife shaking you from troubled dreams. You looked around at her and room. Your mind was in a fog, but it seemed as if something bothered you about where you were.

"Come on," your wife's sweet voice came to your ears, "Tiger, time to rise up and get going. They called up from the main desk and said we could sleep in but all good things have to end. Thank you for a wonderful night. You are the best lover a wife could have."

You got up and saw that your wife had already packed. As you and your wife left the inn you could not help feeling a deep revulsion about the place. Your mind kept telling you to remember, but you could not remember what to remember. You only remembered that your wife had enjoyed a wild night of love making, but you could not remember the details.

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