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Remember Our First Valentine's Day

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To the love of my life,

I still remember the first Valentine's Day we were together. We had met the previous May and been married in November so this was the first time we had been together on Valentine's Day. Valentine's fell on a Friday and I told you I had to work when in reality I took the day off to watch you. I had spent weekends and any time you were out of the house getting prepared. I put up cameras all over the house from many angles. I had cameras under the table, up in every corner, in the shower, in the bedroom I mean everywhere. I still don't know if you ever found out about that. All the cameras were hooked up to one TV out in my shop so I could switch between pictures and watch you everywhere you went.

After I left, you got up and took your shower like usual, except this time I got to watch you rub your self while you washed your beautiful body. You always complain about wanting to loose weight, but seeing you wash and seeing you every day, I am going to tell you again, you are beautiful the way you are. I love your shoulder length light brown hair, your 38 D tits, and your nice firm ass, everything about you. I love looking into your brown eyes, kissing your full lips, sucking on your earlobes; everything about you is beautiful and sexy. When you got out of the shower, you dried off and put on a very revealing red and black sundress. You looked fabulous. You dried your hair and pulled part of it into a bun on the top of your head and went to setting the house up for me when I got home.

I watched you shape your napkins into hearts, put a red tablecloth on the table, set out pink plates and our good silverware. You changed all the candles in the house to either red or pink depending on the decorations around them, put a think pink sheet over the front window, and opened the regular curtains for all to see in.

About noon, you fixed yourself a tuna fish sandwich and ate it over the kitchen sink as to not get crumbs everywhere; you wanted everything just perfect. You drank a small glass of milk and quickly washed the glass and put it away. Once done with your lunch, you made of back to the bedroom, which I didn't know why until you got there. You slowly took off your dress and climbed back into bed, you must've already known you were going to do this and set the alarm before hand because you didn't do it while I was watching. You slept from about 12:30 until just about 2 while I was switching between cameras admiring your work on the house. When you awoke, you proceeded to put a very sexy hot red teddy on and covered it with a see through robe/jacket. You changed the bed sheets to set of black bed sheets with red pillowcases and comforter. I didn't know what you had planned, but I was getting excited. As I watched you I could feel my cock starting to grow and twitch. I wanted to go into that house and lay you down and make love to you for the rest of the day. But that would have ruined my cover. I wasn't due home until about 5 so I wasn't going to stop watching you just yet.

When you were done in the bedroom, you went back to the kitchen and started making dinner. You pulled out a roast and turned on the oven. You chopped up all the fixings, potatoes, onions, carrots, peppers, you know the way I like it. Just watching you, I could almost smell the food you were making for me. But what I was looking forward to even more than dinner was my dessert, you.

With dinner in the oven, you got back into the bathroom and turned the bath on. Why you were taking a bath right now I couldn't think of a reason. You had already taken a shower, but you added all your bath beads and oils and slipped in the warm water. My cock hurt it was throbbing so hard watching you in the bath, I watched you shave your legs and then shave your pussy smooth. Watching you feel yourself, even though it was innocently done to shave, I still got to see you feel yourself. I just about blew my load just watching you. You spent about an hour in the hot bath and finished with getting out of the tub and rubbing scented oil all over your body.

You got out of the tub at about 3:30 and put your teddy back on. You looked so hot. I decided to 'come home early' and called you on my cell phone. I told you I was on my way home and would be home in about 10 minutes. You said dinner wouldn't be ready for another hour so to take my time. In the ten minutes before I got home, I set up the cameras to follow movement and record all the action. This way I would have a reminder of our first anniversary forever. And I do still have the video, if you would like to see it.

I walked in the house and you were sitting on the couch in your magnificent teddy watching TV like nothing was going on so I played long. I walked over to you and sat down next to you. I slipped my arm around you and pulled you in close. I snaked my tongue into your mouth and kissed you long and hard. You responded by doing the same. I moved my hand to your pussy and started gently rubbing your outer lips with my fingers. You moaned and I took that to mean keep going so I inserted one finger into your pussy hole. You were already sopping wet. I got up and asked you to suck my cock for a couple of minutes, when your lips surrounded my cock it felt like heaven. The feeling of your tongue sliding up and down the length of me…

But I didn't want to cum down your throat so I pulled out and you lay down on your back. I climbed on top of you and slid my cock into you and had to control myself to last a little longer than that. I pushed myself into you as far as I could and felt you shake in your first orgasm of the day. I loved feeling your freshly shaven pussy rubbing against me. I leaned down and sucked your left nipple into my mouth, and nibbled on it. From the look on your face, you enjoyed that so I did the same to the right nipple. After yet another climax on your part, I started concentrating more on my hard cock sliding in and out of you. It felt awesome.

I could feel your pussy clenching and almost hurtfully squeezing my dick. I sat up and put your ankles around my neck and leaned forward and really started pumping you and you went nuts. I guess that really did it for you cause you started moaning and saying 'Oh God' over and over. I felt myself starting to get close so I pumped just a little harder and you reached down and started rolling my balls in your hand and it sent me over the edge. I dumped my load into you. I kept pumping an\s your pussy milked every last drop out of my cock. We lay there just holding each other for what seemed like forever, well until the timer went off saying that dinner was ready.

We cleaned up and ate the wonderful dinner you prepared. Roast with all the fixings, corn, beans, muffins, and a glass of milk. You always did love milk. We talked about our day, I told you what I would have been doing, had I been at work. You told me that you took a shower and took a nap and made dinner.

After dinner we went in the bedroom and continued our previous endeavors for the rest of the night, I teased and tortured your clit and nipples and you manipulated my cock and balls. We just spent the rest of the night pleasing each other.

My Dear you know I love you; I just wanted to let you know I still remember our first Valentine's Day. As we come up on our 10th I hope it will be just as good if not better. I love you and yes, I still think you're beautiful. Now you know what I did that first Valentine's Day with you. If you would like to see it, I still have that video. I even still watch it every now and again.


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