tagBDSMRemember To Remember Ch. 02

Remember To Remember Ch. 02


Lazily, I woke up feeling content. I was wrapped up in big strong arms, shielded from the world. I was so small and insignificant next to Him. I looked up to find Him smiling at me, again.

"I am glad that you are rested, little one. It is time that we started filling in the details."

I stared blankly at him, thinking that he looked very serious about what he was about to say.

"Most importantly, I am YOUR everything.

YOU were made entirely for ME.

I am in charge of keeping YOU safe and happy.

YOU are here to please ME.

Everything YOU need will be provided by ME.

In turn, I expect YOU to fulfill MY every need."

I was a little intimidated by how forcefully he was talking to me. I didn't know how I would be able to keep up.

"I will teach you, as we go, what I require.

Don't worry, we will learn together. It will be an adventure. We will start slowly, but you will need to pay careful attention as I do not like to repeat myself. You will be rewarded when you please me, but if I am displeased I will have to correct you so that you do not repeat your mistakes. I will not tolerate failure. So do not fail me. Do you understand?"

I nodded. I was curious, but confused. All I know is that I felt safe. I was relieved that he was going to teach me what to do. It was overwhelming.

"Today I will show you the basics. I want you to lay flat on your back with your hands palm up at your sides. I want your legs open wide with your feet together. This is the lying for inspection position."

He gave me a second to arrange myself in the proper position. I could see that he was pleased with me. I felt comfortable with him. I felt no shame.

"No matter what position you are in it is important to remember that I will have access to your body at all times. Remember that you are here to please me. Nothing exists for you except the desire to please me. It pleases me to have you here like this."

I loved the warmth in his voice. It was soothing to have him so close to me and so attentive. He put his hands on my face and pulled my chin down.

"When in this position, I want you fully open to me. Never close your mouth. Never close your eyes. When in this position, I want you to look straight ahead unless I tell you to look at me. I want you to be completely open. Do you understand?"

I nodded my head, and was careful to keep my mouth open and eyes too! I did not want to disappoint him, but there were so many things to do at the same time.

"Good girl! You are doing very well. I am very pleased! Now, I will tell you about your body which belongs to me. Truly it is not YOUR body because YOU don't own anything."

I could feel his eyes roaming over my openly displayed body.

"All of this belongs to me, and you must protect it with your life!"

His hands began caressing my hair, brushing it back from my face. I was careful not to look at him, and to keep my eyes fixed on a spot above me just like he told me to do.

"You will keep your hair trimmed and styled in the way that I tell you. You will grow it long and keep it soft for me to touch or to pull as I decide."

Lazily, his finger trailed down around my eyes.

"Unless otherwise instructed, you will keep your eyes averted, never meeting mine unless are commanded to or are unsure. You will learn what is expected of you. However, I will not have you closing your eyes. You will either look down or straight ahead depending on the situation. Always open, never shut, always aware, always present."

His fingers meandered down the bridge of my nose suddenly pinching it together.

"Sometimes I will even control your breath, and you will never fight as I will decide even when you breathe. Your breath belongs to me.

His fingers moved down my cheek to my mouth. He began tracing my lips with his thumb.

"You will keep these lips soft and ready to accept any of the many things that I will put in that pretty little mouth. You will never refuse me even though sometimes it will be very uncomfortable for you."

He put his finger in my mouth and began stroking my tongue.

"This tongue is a tool I will expect you to learn to use. However, you will never question my decisions. You may ask for clarification, if you do learn to speak, but you will speak only when permitted. I will expect, 'Yes, Sir' and 'No, Sir' when you are able to verbalize, but we will go over that later. For now I will accept the nodding of your head. Do you understand?"

I nodded my head which was hard because his finger was in my obediently open mouth.

"Close your lips and suck!"

I instantly complied, but my gaze wavered from the spot on the ceiling and I almost looked at him.

"I see that you are trying to follow my commands, and I am pleased that you didn't look at me. Remember to keep focused. Things will happen that may cause you to become distracted, but remember your place. You are here to please me, and it pleases me to have you obey. If you do not, then you will have to be corrected so that it doesn't happen again. Do you understand?"

Again, I tried to nod, but found it difficult while sucking on his thick finger.

"Move your tongue around my finger so that you are softly massaging it and coating it with wetness."

I tried to cover every inch of that finger not knowing if it was pleasing to him.

"You are doing well, but I will teach you exactly what I want you to do with that tongue later. I am happy with your effort for now."

He removed his finger from between my lips with a 'pop'. Hearing that noise, I forgot and kept my lips puckered. He grabbed my cheeks, and squeezed my mouth open.

"Uh, uh, uh!" Pay attention, girl, you were doing so well! Don't disappoint me so soon!"

I was trying so hard to please him. I felt like I was failing already. My eyes teared up, but I dutifully maintained my stare.

"Don't be upset, I am helping you learn. I am not disappointed this time, I know that you are trying your best and that this is a lot to learn. You are doing well and I am proud of you."

A tear rolled down my cheek and he kissed it away.

"It pleases me to know that your mind is in the right place, but refocus now because we are going to continue with the lesson and you need to remember what I am teaching you."

I took a deep breath to clear my head and opened my mouth to the position he required, and when he knew that I had composed myself, he continued...

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