tagIncest/TabooRemembered Desires Ch. 03

Remembered Desires Ch. 03


Part 3: Chloe Turns Eighteen

Caitlin lifted her mouth from her mother's pussy, smiling as the last traces of her mother's orgasm faded away.

Carrie reached out for her daughter. "Come here, baby," she said.

Caitlin moved up beside her mother, leaving her right leg between her mother's legs and pressing her thigh against her mother's wet pussy.

"Oh yeah. That's nice," Carrie said. She shifted her own thigh so it would press against her daughter's pussy, too.

Carrie put her arms around Caitlin's neck, grinning at her. "I love you, baby. And I really love the way you lick and suck my pussy and make me come." She kissed her daughter on the mouth, tasting the essence of her own vagina from her daughter's lips and tongue.

They kissed several more times, enjoying the sensual feeling of how their mouths and lips molded together, pulled apart and came together again, and how their slick, wet tongues felt moving back and forth across each other. They enjoy the taste of each other's mouths. And they delighted in the sensual feelings of embracing and caressing each other and pressing their naked bodies together.

"I love you, too, Mom, and you're no slouch when it comes to pussy licking, you know." Caitlin said. Her mother had gone down on her and given her an orgasm less than half an hour ago.

Carrie laughed at how her daughter phrased her pussy-licking talent.

It was June, the first week of June and Caitlin was home from college for the summer. It was Saturday morning, the day after her little sister, Chloe, had graduated from high school. After the graduation ceremony, Chloe had gone off with her best friend, Terri, to a party. She had called several hours later to say she would be spending the night at Terri's house. Carrie had insisted on talking to Terri's mother and had been told that, to her, it didn't seem like the girls had been drinking and that they were home for the night and Chloe was welcome to spend the night.

That was great news for Carrie and Caitlin. Since they had become lovers over Spring Break they had only made love a few times. The first time was on a Saturday, also. That night they had slept together, since Chloe was away for the night, and had made love to each other again. Then the next day, Sunday, they had made love four time. A couple of days later they shared Carrie's boyfriend, Jim, much to his surprise and delight. A month later, Carrie drove up to Caitlin's school and they spent the night in a motel room making love.

Caitlin had been home for ten days and last night was the first night that she and her mother could sleep together, although they had managed to have sex twice, quickly, between Carrie's work schedule and having Chloe in and out of the house. They were always careful and discreet around Chloe. She wasn't yet eighteen and both women felt that she shouldn't know about their love affair—their incestuous love affair—at least until she turned eighteen. That would be on the twenty-eighth of June, over three weeks away.

At least that's what Carrie and Caitlin decided at first. Later, they weren't sure if they should even tell her at all. They discussed it extensively and decided that Chloe really didn't need to know, except for the fact that they wanted to sleep with each other every night and make love, behind closed doors of course, when it was convenient for them and not just when Chloe wasn't in the house. So Caitlin and Carrie stuck to their original decision, to tell Chloe, on her birthday, or as soon thereafter as was convenient, that her mother and sister were lovers.

The thought of explaining their situation to Chloe made both women more than a bit nervous. She was a level-headed girl, not given to overtly emotional displays. Still, one never knew how a daughter would take the news that her mother and sister—no matter how much she loved them and was loved by them—were involved in an incestuous love affair. They could only hope for the best.

Caitlin untangled herself from her mother and stretched her body forcefully, her arms above her head, her back arched and her feet and toes pointing down, groaning slighly. She relaxed and took in a deep breath then let it out slowly.

Carrie made herself comfortable on her side, drawing her legs up a little and tucking a pillow under her head. Her heartbeat went up slightly just looking at her beautiful daughter, her lover.

They were both very good looking women, Carrie knew, and she wasn't being vain. They had trim, almost athletic figures, firm breasts on the large size of medium, small waists and flat stomachs, and hips that were very womanly but not too big, as well as shapely, toned legs. Both woman had jet black hair. But Carrie's was stylishly cut short and Caitlin wore hers long, several inches below her shoulders. And they both had the same colored eyes, a bright, one might say, startling blue. Their mouths were nicely shaped and their lips full but not with that "bee stung," puffy look. Yes, they were both good looking women and Carrie was delighted to have this young beauty, her daughter, as her lover. She was sure that Caitlin was equally delighted to have her mother as a lover too, even if she was a mature woman.

"Gosh, Mom," Caitlin said, turning on her side to look at her mother, bracing her head on her hand. "I'm still kind of in a daze about our love ... about us being lovers. I mean, I think it's possibly the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me. Well, sexually, that is. Oh yeah!" She gave her mother a big grin and leaned forward to kiss her sweetly on the lips. "But how this all happened seems, well, kind of crazy. Don't you think?"

Carrie reached out to caress her daughter's shoulder and upper arm. "Yeah, Caitlin, I do. But a really good kind of crazy, yes?"

"If my college roommate hadn't been a lesbian, and openly so, and if she hadn't decided to try and seduce me—not that it took much seducing—I never would have realized that I like making love to women as much as I do men ... sometimes even more. I never would have realized that I'm a hard core bi-sexual woman." Caitlin wiggled her eyebrows at her mother.

Carrie chuckle. "And if that sexual 'something' hadn't 'clicked' with us that first day when you were naked, just out of the shower, and I was modeling the lingerie I had bought to wear for Jim—well then my own suppressed memories of my own bi-sexuality would have lain dormant for ... I don't know, maybe the rest of my life.

"But, darling, I am so very happy that we did 'click' sexually. I am so very happy that we are lovers."

Carrie moved up against her daughter's body, snaking one arm under her and the other around to her back to hug her tightly. She moved her head back and looked Caitlin in the eyes, like looking into her own eyes, then kissed her sweetly on the mouth.

Caitlin pressed herself against her mother and turned the kiss into a long, passionate one.

After several moments, Carrie broke the kiss and gently pushed her daughter down onto her back. As she kissed her daughter's jaw and neck and then her ear, her left hand began caressing Caitlin's body, first her breasts, then over her stomach, and finally, her labia. She slid a fingertip through them, feeling the wetness left over from going down on her daughter a little over half an hour ago. Carrie began rubbing her daughter's pussy lips in a circular motion making Caitlin moan with pleasure.

"Mmm, Mom," Caitlin said, "let's sixty-nine, okay?"

"Uh-huh," was all Carrie said. She kissed Caitlin on the lips then got to her knees and turned her body around, placing her knees on either side of her daughter's head before lowering her pussy down to Caitlin's waiting mouth. She wrapped her hands around Caitlin's thighs, pulling them apart and lowered herself down until her mouth was on her daughter's pussy. "Ah, yes, Caitlin," Carrie sighed as her daughter's tongue began licking her.

Caitlin's muffled moan of pleasure came a second later as her mother's mouth and tongue began to lick and suck on her pussy.

Carrie was fascinated with the close up look, smell, and taste of her daughter's pussy. She could only imagine Caitlin felt the same way. Carrie loved her daughter. She was in love with her daughter. And she was full of sexual excitement—lust—for her daughter. She loved kissing her mouth, kissing and caressing her body all over, and she really loved licking and sucking her delightful and tasty little pussy and making her come that way.

For the next several minutes the only noise in the bedroom was the wet sounds of avid pussy-licking and the moans and groans of two women enjoying giving and receiving oral pleasure from each other.

"Oh Mom! I'm coming! Yes! Now, now!" Caitlin cried out and then her body was convulsing with another wonderful, orally induced orgasm compliments of her mother's wonderful mouth and tongue.

Carrie pulled her mouth away from her daughter's lovely vagina. She rolled over onto her back then turned her body around until she was face-to-face with Caitlin.

Caitlin immediately began kissing her mother's wet lips, her tongue delving deep into her mother's mouth and Carrie kissed her daughter back just as passionately.

While still kissing her mother, Caitlin moved her hand down to Carrie's pussy, sliding two fingers inside and using her thumb to stimulate her clitoris.

"Ohh! Ohh!" Carrie gasped.

Caitlin braced her body up on one elbow and began to finger-fuck her mother harder.

"Yes, baby! Oh that feels so good!" Carrie cried out.

Caitlin bent down to kiss her mother on the mouth again, while continuing to finger her pussy and rub her clit.

Suddenly, Carrie's arms were around her daughters back, hugging her tightly while they were still kissing. Groaning sounds were coming from her throat. Then she was coming. She was in heaven again; her daughter's tongue in her mouth, her fingers in her pussy, her thumb on her clitoris, and the electric pulse of orgasm shooting through her body.

Afterwards, they lay side-by-side on the bed, holding hands, relaxing, cooling off.

Well this has been wonderful, Caitlin, ... ."

"Yeah, it sure has."

"But we don't know when Chloe will be home so we better get up and get dressed."

Make the bed and shower first, I think," Caitlin said.

The two women turned towards each other for one last embrace and one last loving, affectionate kiss, then they got up to make the bed, after which they took a quick shower together.

* * *

Chloe blew out the candles on her birthday cake in one big breath. It was just her mother, her sister, and herself celebrating her eighteenth birthday. They were sitting at the kitchen table. Her best friend, Terri, was on vacation, in Hawaii, with her mom and dad. Chloe only had five other good friends. Of those, two were working and wouldn't get off until after 10 p.m. One was, like Terri, on vacation with his parents. The other two, twin sisters, had taken a road trip to Austin, Texas to visit their older sister.

"Did you make a wish?" her mother asked her.

Chloe sighed. "Yeah, but I don't think it's going to help."

"Hey, little sister, what's the matter? It's your birthday and you look like you're going to cry," Caitlin said.

Chloe sighed and a tear actually trickled down her left cheek. "Terri's applying at Cambridge, her dad's alma mater. She's pretty sure she will get in. She love's me and all, you know, best friends forever, but this is a big chance for her. So ... so after this summer, she'll be all the way across the county and I'll hardly ever get to see her."

Now Chloe broke down and started sobbing. She pushed her birthday cake back and set her head down on her crossed arms on the table, her shoulders heaving as she quietly cried.

Carrie and Caitlin looked at each other.

"Oh baby, I'm so sorry to hear that. I know it's hard when your friends go away to college, and I'm not trying to be trite or minimize how you feel, but you'll survive. You'll get over it."

Chloe lifted her tear-streaked face to her mother. "But, Mom, I love Terri ... ."

"But of course you do, darling, but ... ."

"No, Mom!" Chloe said vehemently. "I love Terri! I'm a lesbian!" She paused and took in a big breath and let it out. "There! I've said it. Now you know. Your little girl likes girls.

Chloe shoved away from the table and ran out of the kitchen and down the hall. Carrie and Caitlin heard her bedroom door slam shut.

"Wow! What a sister doesn't know about her sister," Caitlin said.

"Or a mother," Carrie said.

"Well, what do you think, Mom? This might not be the best time to tell her about us."

"I don't know about that, Caitlin. I do know that we need to tell her that her being a lesbian—a lesbian, not bi-sexual, but a lesbian—isn't a problem with us. And it might be the time to tell her why."

Both women got up from the table and went to Chloe's room. Carrie knocked on the door.

"Please go away, Mom," Chloe's muffled voice came to them.

"Chloe, darling, we have to talk, all of us. Caitlin and I have something important to tell you and it's not what you think. And it's okay if you're a lesbian, Chloe."

There was silence for a minute then Chloe opened her bedroom door. Her eyes were red and puffy from crying.

"Did you say that it's okay if I'm a lesbian?"

"Absolutely, darling, as long as you're happy."

Chloe threw herself against her mother and hugged her tightly. "Oh, Mom, I've been so worried about how you would react when you found out ... and I knew you had to find out sooner or later. She pulled back from Carrie. "It's really all right with you," then she looked at Caitlin standing a little behind and to the side of Carrie, "and you, too, Caitlin, that I'm a lesbian?"

Carrie placed her hands on either side of Chloe's head. "Yes, baby, it's really all right with us."

"That's right, Sis. It's okay that you're a lesbian. But can I ask you a question?"

"Yeah, what?"

"Are you sure you're a lesbian and not just, you know, bi-sexual?"

Chloe chuckled. "No, I'm a lesbian. I mean, I like guys. You both know that two of my best friends are guys. But believe me, girls turn me on. Guys don't."

"Okay, just checking," Caitlin said.

Chloe gave Caitlin a strange look. "Yeah? But why would you ask me that?"

Caitlin looked at her mother. Carrie looked back, eyebrows raised, lips puckered.

Carrie gave her daughter a loving embrace. "I know that Terri going away is a big blow to you, especially since you are lovers, but ... ."

"Uh, Mom," Chloe interrupted, "we're not lovers."

"You're not?" Carrie was puzzled. "I'm sorry, I just assumed since you were both lesbians ... ."

"That's just it," Chloe said sadly, "I'm the lesbian. Terri's not. I mean we did a little kissing a couple of times. Just like, I don't know, experimenting or practicing. She said she liked it and all ... but that's all the farther it went."

"So this is, uh, unrequited love?" Caitlin asked.

"No. Well maybe, in a way. I mean, she loves me. I know that. But as a girlfriend, not like I love her ... or would if she wanted me too."

"Did you tell her that you, uh, love her in that way?" Carrie asked.

"No." Tears were starting to roll down Chloe's cheeks. "I was afraid to. I was afraid I would lose her as a friend. And I loved just being near her, being around her."

"Oh sweetie, I'm so sorry," Carrie said as she gently wiped the tears off her youngest daughter's cheeks. Then she took her in her arms and hugged her. "It's going to be all right, Chloe," she whispered in her ear.

Chloe pulled back after a bit and smiled bravely. "Thanks, Mom, she said, then gave her kiss on the cheek. But you were going to tell me something and I interrupted."

Carrie looked at Caitlin, who nodded. "Oh well, Caitlin and I have something to tell you. Something rather important. But let's go back and sit down at the kitchen table first, okay?"

Chloe sighed, then gave her mother another hug. "Yeah, okay."

When they are all seated at the table, Carrie moved the birthday cake out of the way then took Chloe's hands in hers. "I don't know exactly how to tell you this except for just coming right out and telling you. And I'm not trying to shock you, Chloe, but you see, uh, well ... Caitlin asked you if you might be bi-sexual because, you see, dear," Carrie paused and reached for Caitlin hand to squeeze, "both of us are."

Chloe's face was blank for a couple of seconds then she blinked. "You mean you both," here she looked from her mother to her sister, have, uh, made love to girls ... or, uh, women?

"That's exactly what we mean, Chloe," Caitlin said.

As though she couldn't believe her sister, Chloe turned to her mother. "Mom, you mean that you really have made love to a woman?"

"Yes, dear. And on more than one occasion." Okay, she thought, lately just with Caitlin, but several times. And then back in college she had had a two-year affair with another girl.

"My oh my, what a girl doesn't know about her mother ... or sister," Chloe said as she turned to look at Caitlin.

Carrie and Caitlin both laughed out loud.

"What?" Chloe demanded.

"Oh we both just said the same thing about you when you went running out of the kitchen," Carrie said.

"Oh," was all Chloe said, but she smiled.

"But there is something else Mom and I have to tell you, Chloe," Caitlin said. She looked at her mother. Carrie gave her a nod to let her know to go ahead.

"Yeah ...?" Chloe said, giving her sister an inquisitive look.

"Yeah. Well, you see, Chloe, it's like this. Uh. Mom and I aren't just bi-sexual. We're, uh, well ... we're also lovers." Caitlin's heart was beating hard by the time she finished speaking.

Chloe's mouth dropped open and stayed open for three or four seconds before she caught herself. She closed her mouth, swallowed, opened her mouth as if to say something, then closed her mouth again.

"Well, that's shocked her," Carrie chuckled, trying to make light of this announcement to her youngest daughter.

"Mom? Caitlin?" Chloe looked from one to the other and back. "Mom? You and Caitlin are lovers? When did that start?"

"Well, dear, it started at Spring Break this year, when Caitlin came home. And, it ... it wasn't planned, or anything. I mean, neither one of us were scheming on the other, so to speak. It was just the right set of circumstances, the timing, and ... I don't know, maybe our libidos were both set on high that day. But it just happened.

"And, well, we love it. We love each other ... . Well, of course, as mother and daughter, but as lovers now also, and we, you know, we just wanted to tell you and, and ... ." Carrie paused.

"And get your blessing, you might say," Caitlin jumped in. "And if not your blessing, then your acceptance, because we do so want to sleep together and not be sneaking around behind your back or, or waiting to make love only when you are out of the house. You know? You understand? So what do you say, Chloe, is Mom and I being lovers going to freak you out or can you accept it?"

Chloe started laughing and she kept laughing harder and harder. Carrie and Caitlin both joined her. They weren't really sure why but Chloe's laughter was infectious. Soon, all three women were laughing so hard tears were running down their cheeks.

Chloe banged her hand down on the table several times and tried to catch her breath. "Oh my!" she gasped. "Oh my! This is great. This is just so fucking great! Oops, sorry Mom."

"That's okay, Chloe. You're eighteen. You're a lesbian. And you now know that your mother and sister are lovers. I think you can say 'fucking' any time you want, dear."

"I was so afraid of how you, and you, too, Caitlin ... of how you would react to me being a lesbian," Chloe said, wiping the tears from her cheeks and stopping to catch her breath.

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