tagIncest/TabooRemembering Mom

Remembering Mom


Ian's mother was a widow when she passed away. It has been a year since Idea died. Ian is now reflecting on the last years with his Mom.

I had been divorced for several years when Dad died, ten years ago. Mom had been dealing with all the issues one faces under such circumstance. Being an only child, it fell on me to be a support and help Mom deal with her life changing event.

I made it a habit to visit with Mom at least twice a week but made myself available when she needed help. A year had passed and she was beginning to settle down to a less hectic life. On one of my visits, after a few glasses of wine, Mom who was in her early sixties, began to share that she and Dad had a very active sex life and she missed it.

She confessed she enjoyed the freedom of living alone, especially with my being available when she needed help. She didn't want to go through the dating scene and get married. She shared; there were men at church and in the neighborhood who were sniffing around her, not to mention Dad's friends. She complained, those most interested were looking for someone to take care of them or were real jerks. She wanted none of it.

We were having an after dinner drink when to my surprise she asked,

"How would you feel about helping your old mother deal with her horniness and have sex just because it feels good?"

Shocked, I didn't know how to respond when she went on.

"Not sappy, romantic sex – just out and out lustful fun fucking."

"Mom... I don't know what to say....You're my mother...... I'm your son.... Not that I don't find you beautiful and sexy..... but..."

I felt my cock harden as I thought about the fantasies I had about her. I had mixed feelings but my urges were stronger. If this was going to happen Mom had to take the lead... I didn't want her to feel I was taking advantage of the situation. We finished our drinks and as I got ready to leave she said with a smile.

"Now think about it .... Your mother has needs to be met."

Mom kissed me on the mouth like never before. No Mother–Son kiss, more like tongue down your throat-son kiss. Rubbing her tits against my chest and grabbing my cock, she whispered,

"Your mother needs a good fucking, Ian."

Needless to say, my next days were filled with questions. What should I do? My next visit was Friday. As soon as I arrived Mom was pushing out her tits and rubbing my cock every chance she got.

Not sure if she was serious, how she would take it or how fast we would move, I brought a movie from the adult book store to see her reaction. Sitting next to Mom on the couch, she grabbed my arm and rubbed her right tit against me. Her eyes were fixed on the screen as the story of "The Last Taboo" unfolded. Unbuttoning her blouse, she freed her beautiful breast. Her reddish brown nipples were erect. I stared at her soft sagging tits.

" Go ahead son, take them, touch them, taste them."

I lifted her tit to my mouth... tracing her areola with my tongue. As I slid my lips around her nipple I felt it stiffing as I sucked.

"That's it Oh...OH... YES....Sweet love..... as a baby you sucked on mommy's tit for nourishment... now you turn me on with your sucking... Oh my God... I can feel it down in my pussy."

My hand slid between her legs, parting her pussy lips and feeling her soft, hot, flesh.

"Yes son, yes... finger me.. suck me... Oh baby....."

Sliding my finger from her I placed it in Mom's mouth... she sucked and tasted her own sweet juices.

I rose to pour another glass of wine for us. Upon my return, Mom had moved to the overstuffed arm chair, her skirt up to her waist and was finger fucking her hairy pussy.

It was so hot to see her masturbating that I did not hesitate when she suggested I join her. She stuck her pussy juice covered fingers in my mouth as she kissed the head of my throbbing cock, licking my pre-cum with the tip of her tongue.

I spread her, lifting each leg over the arms of the chair. Knelling before her open legs I kissed and licked her labial lips. Here I was bowing and paying homage before the gateway to my life. I parted her lips with my tongue, tasting her juices and feeling the heat of her vagina on my tongue.

My face pressed against her hairy mound as I drove my tongue deeper into the birth cannel from which I came.

"Oh Ian... Oh.. that feels so wonderful... so good..... oh my god.... Oh my son...."

Mother had gone through so much pain and discomfort in my birth. It now was my turn to thank her by giving her joy and pleasure. My body shook, experiencing this emotional event. Perhaps all sons and daughters should honor their mothers by making love to their vaginas, thanking and repaying them for all they have gone through in giving us life.

The bridge of my nose rubbed against her clit as I increased the rhythm of tongue fucking mother's honey hole, she wrapped her legs around my head and squeezed as I moved her to experience her first orgasm from me.... my first gift to her.

I took her hand and lead her to her bedroom. I stood naked in front of mother as she sat on the edge of the bed. My cock was hard and throbbing as she took it in her hands.

"My little Ian, naked as the day you were born and hard as a rock.... My, how my little boy has grown into such a handsome, strong, viral man."

With these words, mother kissed the crimson head of my cock, licked the underside and wrapped her lips around my shaft, As she twisted my dick one way, she swirled her tongue in the opposite direction. It was fantastic.... I was afraid she would make me cum there and then.

"Mom... You're going to make me cum... and I'd love to cum in your mouth but for the first time... I want it to be special.... I want to cum inside you... I want to return to your womb.... the womb that carried me.... That gave me life.."

Mom fell back on the bed spreading her legs as I knelt between them.

"Yes son... come to me, fill me with your manhood.... Fill me with your cum..."

My prick slid passed her swollen pussy lips and into her depths.

"Oh...Oh...Oh Yes... Yes Ian... fill me...god you're so big.... Shove it in deeper... Yes.. Yes..baby... Oh fuck your Momma... fuck your momma... Oh shit... fuck me...fuck me....Oh fuck...fuck..."

The pace of our frantic first fuck increased.. I was fucking my mother... I was fucking the love canal from which I came... It was a spiritual experience. I had never had such a wonderful, beautiful, out of this world experience in my life. I felt Mom 's body shake and quiver as she reached climax after climax.

"Oh cum with me Ian.. cum with your Mommy.... Fill me with your love cream..cum in me like your Daddy did when we created you."

Hearing those words from my mother, I couldn't hold back any longer...I unloaded with a force like never before.

"Oh baby.. that was so beautiful.... It was like a spiritual happening.... You did your Mommy good.... Oh Ian you filled me so... I feel your cum flowing out..." She laughed as she continued," There's just not enough room in my little cunt for your big cock and all your sperm.."

We laid in each other's arms. Mother began to stroke my shaft and it responded. She slid down taking me in her mouth and lowered her pussy to my face as she straddled me.

Momentarily she raised her head from my dick, "How about a little 69 action baby-big-boy?"

We sucked and fucked and laughed and fucked and laughed some more. It was the beginning of a wonderful beautiful fuck fest.

I continued to keep my apartment but spent more time at Mom's. We went out to dinner, the movies and visited with her sister and her family. Everyone thought it was wonderful that I was such a loving son taking such good care of my mother.

When asked how she was doing... how she was dealing with the loss of her husband she would say,

"I'm doing fine" and patting my arm continue, "Ian has been a BIG help." ... With the emphasis on big.

We continued to have a wonderful, fun filled fuck buddy relationship until her health began to fail. Along with the hospice service I became her caretaker until the end.

I miss my mother and have no regrets of how we lived and loved.

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