tagSci-Fi & FantasyRemembering Orion

Remembering Orion


...simple sounds, expressing joy, loneliness and coming together, dolphin-like, echoing between a moist, heavy, yellow sky and hard, rolling brown clay... a golden sea... pyramids and spheres...

I feel the amazing smoothness of my mistress's inner thigh across my body as she does her cat-like morning stretch. I marvel how there is nothing to compare to this silky skin, and my eyes slowly open from one paradise to another. She allows her leg to rest on me an extra moment, and I know she is enjoying this ritual sensation as much as I... I turn my head towards her and see her long flowing hair swept across her breast, her own head turned away from me in content silence, soaking in the pure clear morning light.

I close my eyes once more and in a moment feel her lips on me. I feign sleep, and allow her to explore.

I remember when I first thought that I loved you. I was so young, and you were still a stranger even though we lived in the same house. I had never known an orgasm, until alone together that day you asked the question. "Have you ever touched yourself?" And when I didn't understand you knew. "A lot of boys your age do."

"What do you mean?"

You smiled in quietly restrained delight. "Like this. It feels good."

She touched me, and in that innocence I would never again know quite so well, I did as she showed me.

"I think I know the perfect way for us to get closer! First, open up your zipper..."


"Then you take out your thing..."

"...Uh, huh"

"Place it in my hand." Like she was quoting a commercial she said, "Lilini's style is fun, imaginative... and there's no boundaries."

She began with such a light touch. I wonder if anyone younger than I am now can understand how it is possible to be that naive. These sensations were things I had never imagined.

As I became erect you said, "Lilini's definitely into driving." You squeezed tightly.

"What do you mean?"

You stood and quickly reached under your skirt, pulling down your panties. "Well, my mother told me once, men are like cars." You said "cars" as if asking a question. "You ride 'em," and as you said "ride" you climbed on top of me, "women are what make 'em go, you see. You ..." and you put me inside you... "you pump the peddle... [you smirked then]... you turn 'em on"... and then you closed your eyes and smiled, lips closed, and let out a big breath..."oh... yes... yes... that's it. You ride em' as fast ... or as slow ... as you please." You sounded angry as you said this, but after a moment you closed your eyes once more and smiled again. You began lifting and lowering yourself faster, grinding down harder, and I began lifting my hips in reflex. "No, don't move. You have to have a license to drive, remember? You're not qualified. ... You stop whenever you damn please." And you stopped for a moment and I opened my eyes. ... "That's better. You be good or Lilini will put you up on blocks. ... That's it. Good boy. You've got a nice body, you know that?" I was trembling in fear and joy, feeling as though I had discovered something I had always known existed.


And I thought I had to go to the bathroom, but then it happened... for the first time, and right after me you followed, you're juice running down my sides, sighing. You got up quickly and dressed. "That was a little too fast, but don't worry. I'll teach you. I'll take good care of you." ... and you kissed me for the first time. "Bye!" And you let the door slam behind you.

And that is how my step-sister and I became closer. We had shared the same home for only a month. I was three years younger, and we had acted so shy and formal before this day. We hadn't really understood how to treat each other. I had said little because I thought she was so beautiful. I was attracted to her, but really didn't know how to express that, so even though she had seemed to go out of her way at times to be around me, standing at my doorway, coming in silently, gazing at my books, I would often say nothing and curse myself later.

That night in the dark I touched myself again, thinking of her. The lights came on. It was Lilini. She walked over quickly and lifted up the covers. "What are you doing?" She looked angry.

"What we were doing before."

"Without me?" She grabbed me. "Understand one thing. I'm the only one who can let you do that. Don't you know what the Bible says about spilling seed? This belongs to me now, see." She flicked my dick with a snap of her fingers. "You can touch yourself, but only with my permission." She started tugging me. "You do want to do that again, don't you?" She stopped. "OK then, show me. Do it now."

"Its alrite?"

"Go ahead, but don't come until I say.''

"You're not going to climb on top?"

"Not this time. I thought you were ready to do it without me?"

"Never again, I promise."

"We'll see. Now start. I want to watch you come... that's it... harder... beat that meat."

We spent the next few minutes in silence. I could tell she was secretly surprised at her newfound power. "I'm going to come."

"Stop. No, not yet. OK, now start again. See? This way you can do it for hours..."

"I want to come, Lilini."

"Say please."


"Say... please, mistress!"

"Please, mistress."

"Say please... goddess."

"Please my goddess."

"Kiss my ass." And she pulled down her pajamas, and I kissed both her cheeks. I wondered at its softness. "OK, baby." She turned around and grabbed me firmly. "Now, whose dick is this?" ... and I knew the answer. "Say it."

"Yours, mistress."

"Come, I want to see you come. That's it, baby. Let it all out."

The next day after school we were alone together again watching TV. We hadn't yet spoken of the previous day, only sheepish smiles acknowledged those events. I'd felt wonderful though. I hadn't showered and her lingering fragrance served to remind that this had been a day like no other in my life.

She was taking great delight in the show we were watching, but I found it hard to take my eyes off her. She seemed to know this, and now and then would stretch her arms slowly and luxuriously, allowing her sweater to ride up exposing her belly and, eating a slice of pie, would smack her lips noisily, licking and sucking her fingers. I casually let my hand rest on my lap, and would rub myself a little, but she didn't seem to notice. After she finished eating, she looked at me, and then my lap. She crooked her finger and said, "Come here." I walked over and she reached out and rubbed me through my jeans. She pointed towards the floor by the couch where she was lying and snapped her fingers. "Lay down." She smiled and sat up nonchalantly, placing her bare feet under my shirt. "Unzip, you know you want to. I saw you touching yourself again. Pull down those pants." Her feet moved down and she turned her attention back to the show. Except for her feet, which she moved at times with casual interest, and then for minutes would do nothing but rest them on top of me, she ignored me completely. When the show finished, she got up and walked away.

She came in again later that night afer everyone had gone to sleep. Both our rooms were in the basement, so we never worried about being very quiet. She was wearing nothing but a long t-shirt and immediately sat astride me. I wasn't hard yet, so after rocking a moment, she slid down towards my ankles and began to lick me like a lollipop, then would engulf me completely. She then started stroking me, looking up to watch my every reaction. At times she used both hands. Mounting me once again, I reached up beneath her shirt, running my hands up her smooth sides, but she grabbed my wrists and pinned them over my head. She rode me like that until she came. She lay on top of me for a moment, kissing me with real tenderness and passion, and slipped away. We hadn't said a word.

This continued for the next couple weeks. In the afternoons she liked to give me hand and blow jobs, or watch me do it myself. Once she told me to rub my dick against her feet until I came, and another day she had me sit on the opposite end of the couch while she rubbed her feet against my gym shorts. She enjoyed this immensely. At night she always liked to be on top, and seemed to be experimenting with different styles and speeds and angles. She didn't like me to move or hardly touch her. Once when I tried to speak she covered my mouth with the palm of her hand and held it there until she was ready to leave, and another time just put her breast in my mouth to silence me. Her breasts were small but full for her age. A couple times she had me rub my penis across her nipples and the sides of her breasts until I came. She liked to rub my sperm into her skin. She said it was her "special moisturizer", and once had me jack off into a test tube she stole from school because she said she might ''market it'. A couple days later she told me she took it over to a friend's house. She let her friends taste it and rub it in their skin.

Then one afernoon I came home and one of her friends, Julie, was with her on the couch. They both giggled when I came down the stairs. She had long straight black hair, almost down to her waist. She was wearing black nylons and and a short black skirt. "Word's gotten out about you. Julie promised she wouldn't tell your friends though if you were nice."


Julie looked down at my crotch, "Show me".

I looked at Lilini, who nodded, so I unzipped my fly. Julie clapped with glee. "He is obedient, isn't he? Whip it out, big boy. Let's see that thing." Lilini patted the sofa beween them, and I sat down. I felt too nervous to be hard. "Why that's a dinky llttle thing." She grabbed me gently between her thumb and three fingers, rollng it between them. "It's so smooth," and she lightly stroked me. It then came to life within her cupped hand.

"He likes that, doesn't he?"

"I guess so." Lilini kissed me possesively, and as she did Julie began stroking more vigorously. "Show me how he does it."

"You heard her." Lilini handed me some lotion and I began. "Not here, on your knees." I did as I was told.


They started chanting together and laughing. '"Stroke, stroke, stroke."

Lilini could see that I was about to come. "Hold it. Finish him off, he's ready."


"Stand up."

Julie began stroking me overhand. "You love this, don't you? You want to be my slave too?"

"Say yes, Mistress Julie"

"Yes please, Mistress Julie."

She let go of me and tapped her crossed knee. "Then come here."

I began rubbing myself back and forth across her nyloned legs. As I came she closed her eyes and giggled, raising her hand to cover her mouth . "Kiss your new mistress's feet, slave." I kneeled again and Julie kicked off her shoe. I held her foot in my hands and kissed it tenderly over and over.

"Thank you, mistress." Lilini let her shoes fall off, and I kissed them too. Julie rested one of her feet on my shoulders, and then the other.

Pointing between her legs, she said, "Kiss me here", which I did with great enthusiasim, struggling to reach the skin beneath her panties and alternately licking and kissing her soft inner thighs. "Pull them off with your teeth." I bit the top of her white panties and pulled them down to her ankles, kissing the tops of her feet once again as she freed one of her legs, and began kissing my way back up.

I saw that Lilini had pulled down her panties and lifted back her skirt too and had spread her pussy with two fingers, rubbing her clit with a third. I began licking Julie, and after a moment moved over to Lilini. This was the first time we had done this. She closed her eyes and sighed. She continued with her fingers as I moved back to Julie, and Julie did the same when after a few minutes Lilini grabbed my hair with her free hand and pulled me back again. She held on, clenching my hair tightly between her fingers, moving my head a little up and down, and I began licking this time in broad, sweeping strokes. She cupped the back of my head and pushed me hard against her as she came, and I drank her in.

Julie now firmly pushed me down by the shoulders to the floor and mounted me, leaning back with her palms to the floor and thrusting forward, pressing down hard, grinding then leaning forward and lifting, dropping down hard. Lilini wanted more, and sat on my face. She was using a hard, grinding motion too, and I began to feel as if I was floating on a wave somehow, and lost any sense of where I was. I heard the dolphin cries of joy echoing around me.

The next thing I knew was silence and calm. Julie was still above me. I hadn't come, but I was drenched and still hard. Julie seemed limp though and leaned forward and laid on top of me, kissing my neck. Our sweaty bodies seemed to melt into one, sliding a little back and forth with deep breaths and mutual sighs. My head was now in Lilini's lap, and she was stroking my wet hair.

"So, what do you think?", Lilini asked.

"Whoa, I needed that." Julie lifted her head a moment then burroughed back into my shoulder. "You know what? He's still hard."

"Maybe we should let some others in on this."

"What do you think? You want to put on a show? Hmmm?" Lilini pinched my side. "Or should we keep you to ourselves?"

"We could charge admission."

"Get him a costume!"

"What, like leather?"

"Yeah, tie him up."

''How about a French maid's outfit."

"I don't think he's ready for that...yet." They both giggled.

"Oh, I know, blindfold him."


That night Lilini was anxious to get my head between her legs. She told me which of her friends knew. Today had only been a test to see how I would react. "They'll be here Saturday afternoon. You must be absolutely obedient. Understand, slave?"

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