tagRomanceRemembering Our First Time

Remembering Our First Time


You were standing on the deck in the snow the first time I saw you. I was nervous about meeting you but had decided it was now or never as I drove back from my morning meeting. I had asked you out to lunch but you had decided that it would be nicer if I met you at your house ... a chance to show off your cooking skills I figured. When I got to the bottom of the stairs and first saw your smile, the warmth I felt within me could have melted the snow around me. My face almost hurt from the smile I gave you in return.

I climbed the stairs much more slowly than I wanted to. I knew I wanted to hold you in my arms and should have rushed up to you. But I didn't want to make you feel uncomfortable so I took each step at the pace one would take walking up to visit an old friend. My heart was pounding like I was running a sprint.

You held out your hand to me as I reached the top step and I felt the warmth of your skin against mine for the first time, enhanced in contrast to the coolness in the air. Your first words were simple.

"Hi there."

And then that smile again .. the one that I had only seen as pictures on my cell phone.

"Hi Carol. It's nice to finally meet you."

You squeezed my hand and turned to lead me inside.

Our relationship had begun as you were working on a clothing project and you were anxious to show me the result. I was happy and very proud that you wanted to share this with me and was frankly amazed that the sweat pants you showed me had been produced by your own hands out of your own mind. Being an ignorant consumer, I just assumed these sorts of things magically appeared at the store. The excitement in your voice and the joy in your eyes and you shared with me made me understand the pride you had invested in your work.

We spent some time discussing your work and my work...the sort of foreplay that we have been exchanging through text messages and emails and the occasional phone calls. We talked about your medical issues and the challenges you face with your department staff at school. We talked about my teaching job and the many other hats I wear during my job at the high school. As we talked, you arranged our meal on the table. I asked if I could help you.

"You could get the water pitcher for the table if you would."

I walked into the kitchen where you were busy peeling leaves off of the lettuce. I put a hand on your shoulder was I walked up behind you and you turned to face me. Then I took the step I had wanted to take since you first held my hand.

"Can I kiss you honey?" I asked sheepishly.

The response was not in words but in your eyes and you first looked into mine then closed your slowly as you reached you face toward mine. Your tongue ran across your lips. I reached my hands to the sides of your face and our lips softly touched. Yours were warm and moist as I pressed myself harder against them. I could feel you inhale as we kissed. Your arms wrapped tightly around my neck and you pulled me downward as your tongue parted my lips. I reached my tongue to find yours and they danced in our mouths together. My hands moved from your face and around your back, pulling your soft body tightly against mine. I was worried you would notice my obvious excitement as your body pressed against mine but, as the passions of our kisses grew, it was impossible to hide.

I tried to pull away but your arms around my neck pulled me tightly, refusing to let me go. I could hear and feel your breathing increase. My arms pulled you tightly once again.

We broke our embrace and looked into each other's eyes and giggled like teenagers who just snuck a kiss behind the bleachers in the gym.

"Whew," you said grinning at me.

All I could do was keep smiling in return as we turned to the table and sat down for lunch.

Lunch was filled with talks of older children and parenting and work. It sped along and before we knew it the food was gone and the dishes were in the sink.

As you stood over the sink I walked up behind you and wrapped my arms around your waist. My lips found the side of your neck and kissed you lightly there. You tilted your head to allow me further access as I kissed my way up to your earlobe. Your body shuddered when I kissed it as well. My fingers moved along your belly, feeling the silk top that you had told me you wore especially for me. Your arms pressed against the counter, moving us both backward and you again turned to face me.

These kisses were not gentle but passion filled. Your arms wrapped around my waist as you pulled me closer and my arms rested on your shoulders. We kissed as lovers, although we had not been together.

You pushed me gently and I understood the signal as I moved away.

"Well, I've done it now," I thought as I looked at you but your next motion put me at ease as you took my hand led me to the couch.

"I think this will be more comfortable," you said as we sat beside each other.

You reached up and removed my glasses first and then your own and placed on the table beside the couch. You turned back and looked at me as you moved your body against my side. We kissed with passion as before, my hands pulling you across my body until you were basically lying on top of me. As we kissed I felt the weight of your body lighten as your hands moved between us and reached under my shirt. Your fingers entangled in my chest hair, rubbing circles across my skin.

"Mmmmmm, I love the texture," you moaned into my mouth.

I took the opportunity to move one hand between us and found your breast beneath your silk top. I cupped it in my hand as my tongue explored your mouth. Your body jumped and you moved away.

"Man, I've really blown it now," I thought as you stood up and straighten your shirt.

"Come with me," you said as your reached down for my hand; the one that had been caressing your breasts just moments before.

You led me down the short hallway to your bedroom. I had not come to visit you with any expectation of making love; this being our first meeting in person I thought we would use this time to get better acquainted and it would be a prelude to a more physical meeting next time. The kisses were a bonus I never thought would happen and now this was almost too much.

I stepped forward as we got to you bedroom door and wrapped my arms around you from behind. I kissed your neck as I had earlier in the kitchen and whispered into your ear.

"Are you sure about this Carol?" I asked softly.

"Yes," was your moaning reply.

You moved away from me and walked through the door, stopping at the edge of the bed and turning to face me. Your eyes were almost begging me to come to you and I could not help but follow. We stood at the edge of the bed, you facing me breathing heavily. I leaned forward and kissed your exposed neckline, working my way down to your collarbones. My hands found your breasts again and caressed them; gently at first then more aggressively as your body responded positively. I could feel your nipples hardening to my touch and your hand slipping down my chest toward my crotch. Your palm rested firmly against my already erect and excited member.

I leaned forward and you tumbled onto the bed. I kissed your neck again and continued down, kissing your chest and your belly through the silky material of your top. As I reached the bottom, I pulled the hem up and kissed your exposed skin. I felt your body shift as your arms reached down and pulled the top over your head, exposing your dark skin and black bra. I kissed my way back up and you helped me release you from the bra's confines.

I planted soft kisses through your cleavage and listened as you moaned loudly. Your sounds excited me and my lips moved across the roundness of your breast to your nipple. I tightly circled it and tugged it gently away from your body. You hips raised and you made a guttural sound of pleasure as I felt your nipple grow between my lips. I nibbled lightly and felt your hands on the back of my head, pulling it tightly down on you. The tip of my tongue made small circles around your nipple and flicked at its underside.

Your hands moved to my chest and literally pushed me away. Your hands found the hem of my shirt and pulled it over my head. I could see your smile.

"So much hair.....so wonderful," you whispered as your face buried itself in my chest. Your arms wrapped around me and pulled me tightly against you as you kissed around my chest and belly. Your hands slipped down and caressed my ass through my pants as your kisses continued. It was all like a wonderful dream.

Your hands came around found the buttons in the front of my jeans. With a flick of your fingers the button was open and you had your fingers on the tang of my zipper. As you pulled the zipper down, you could see my hardness outlines in my boxer briefs. The top was sticking out behind the waistband and you took your finger and touched the tip. With a tug, my jeans were on the floor around my ankles.

You covered my hard cock with the palm of your hand, separated only by the thin cotton material of my underwear. Your hand squeezed me tightly and I knew you would feel the throb of each racing heartbeat on your fingers. Then you released me.

You lay back on the bed, topless and with eagerness in your eyes. I reached down and found the waistband of your pants and panties and pulled them both down together. After a stop to remove your shoes, but leaving on your socks, you were naked before me. You reached your arms up to me as I removed my underwear.

I tried to lie beside you but you immediately encouraged me to move atop you. My hard cock was resting on your belly as we kissed. Your hips were grinding against the base and your legs widened so I was now lying between your thighs.

"Now please honey," you whispered as you reached between our legs and found me.

You positioned me at your opening and I could feel your warmth and wetness on the tip. You raised your hips and I was now poised at your entrance. With a shift of my weight, I was totally inside you. Your legs wrapped around my waist, not allowing me to move yet holding me completely inside you. I leaned down and kissed you as we were entwined as one.

Your legs released my hips and I started to move; slowly withdrawing completely then entering again. Each motion moved me back inside you inch by slow inch. My body savored each motion and your face was covered with a questioning smile.

"Faster please .... Please faster," you groaned. My hips pushed against your and my tempo increased. Over and over I slid myself almost out of you, then fully inside. With every motion into you, you raised your hips to meet mine, allowing me to penetrate you ever more fully. It didn't take long until you felt your body preparing for an orgasm you had not experienced with another in quite some time.


The passion in your voice told me what was coming and the contractions around me only confirmed it as your body was awash in orgasm. You raised and held your hips off the bed, your hips pressed firmly against mine as the height of your passion overwhelmed you. You reached your hands up to me, reaching for my face to come toward you. I leaned in to kiss you and felt your body emit a final shudder and your tongue spread my lips in deep passion. As I raised by shoulders from you, you stared into my eyes.

"You're not done, are you?" you questioned.

I raised your legs so your knees were at my shoulders. You reached between us and squeezed me as you positioned me once again. There was a look of concern in your eyes and I guessed this was not a position you had been in with other men. Every thrust was deeper than the one before and, being primed from your last orgasm, it didn't take you very long to reach another peak.

"Gawd Carol," I said as I felt you tighten around me once again.

When I looked in your face I could see your eyes were closed as your hips shuddered in time with your orgasm.

As I withdrew again, you rolled over and wrapped your fingers around me.

"No, not yet," you said as you stroked me vigorously. Every stroke brought me closer to the orgasm I had been holding back. Your motion slowed to a gentle bur firm pace as you slid your hand from the base to the head. You could feel my body responding.

"Inside me," you said and I knew what you meant.

You rolled over onto your stomach then rose up on your knees. I moved in behind you, my thighs against your legs and leaned myself toward you as I saw your hand reach between your legs. Your hand found me again and guided me once more to your opening. Just the touch of your fingers had me ready to cum as I entered you.

Your head was done as I moved myself inside you. I wanted to move slowly and take my time but the passion that had arisen in me did not allow it. My movements quickened almost immediately and you pushed backwards from your elbows to meet my hips with each of my forward motions.

"So deep love," you whispered over and over.

And then you did it. You raised yourself up on your hands and looked over your shoulder at me. The look in your eyes was a mixture of joy and passion with a dash of carnal desire. I had not told you about how a woman looking over her shoulder aroused me but I think my reaction was obvious. That look was all it took and I made one deep motion and shared myself with you. With each pulse inside you, you tightened around me. I could not form words as I moaned behind you. You smiled at me; a smile of happiness and fulfillment.

We lay there for not long enough but we knew our time was limited and it was too soon when we realized I had to leave. We rose to get dressed and kissed between articles of clothing. We walked to your door with my arm around her waist, holding you tightly beside me. It was hard to let you go and walk out the door because it felt so right to have been with you. We kissed at the doorway. The last kiss was softly placed on the top of your hand before I let it go.

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