tagBDSMRemembering the First Time

Remembering the First Time


I take great delight in remembering the first time with my Mistress. My arse starts to tingle and the all too familiar feeling in my panties begins to build until I'm squirming deliciously! As I play it out in my mind yet again I can feel each and every swipe onto my bottom and hear each word she spoke to me.

I'd had a couple of encounters with a Domme before, and had lightly experienced the crop and the cane and a few more 'toys', but nothing prepared me for what I was to receive on that first night with my Mistress!

She asked if I could go to her on the Friday and of course I said yes. We had become good friends over the past few months leading up to that night and talked often about BDSM and what each other liked. We had kissed a couple of times previous to that evening and she had teased me verbally and by email on a few occasions, but no real physical contact had taken place. Also at that time we hadn't established a Mistress/sub relationship but I was so excited when she asked me if I wanted to 'play' – and that's exactly what it was – play, and not punishment, although some would argue that the results looked as if it was a punishment!

I was unsure as to what to wear. It was damp and windy so I settled on wearing black boots, a long black skirt with a strappy vest top under a zipped cardigan, and wore my infamous black bra and lace panties. I got to her house at the correct time and we had a hug and a few tender kisses on my arrival. We made our way upstairs to her living room where we sat and talked for about an hour. My nervousness began to slowly ease but never really disappeared completely.

We discussed what I'd experienced before and then she let me hold some of her 'toys', letting me get acquainted with a few by touching them and swiping them into the air. She also held them herself and smacked her palm with them, allowing me to hear the stinging swipe as it fell into her hand. She was just as intimidating as the 'toys' and I was crumbling with every passing second!

I was genuinely frightened at the prospect of letting her 'play' with me with these instruments of pleasurable torture, but the excitement that coursed through me was greater than the fear, although fear at times can also be an aphrodisiac – well it can with me anyway.

She placed the 'toys' back on the hooks on the wall and walked over to the spanking bench and manoeuvred it to the middle of the room. "You ready then?" She smirked, raising her eyebrows as she did so, causing her gorgeous ice-blue eyes to flash at me.

I nodded my acquiescence and softly added an "Okay!"

I had already taken off my boots and cardigan when I got to her house and now stood before her in my skirt and top. She walked over to me holding something in her hand. "While you're with me, you'll wear this..." She held up a collar, probably two inches high or maybe a little more and it had the word "BITCH" on it. It was the first time I had worn a collar for someone – yes I had one at home that I tried on for a few minutes every now and then, but after that it was always put away in the hope that I was to be asked to wear it for someone one day.

She then lifted up my top and edged it up over my arms before throwing it onto the sofa. I remember her gaze fixating on my tits and her commenting on how gorgeous they looked in my bra. I specifically remember blushing at her compliment.

She ushered me over to the spanking bench and stood behind me, pushing me over it, crushing the black latex cushioning with my heavy tits. Her hands began to roam over my back and shoulders, her nails digging in, causing me to writhe beneath them. She then unfastened my bra and pulled it from me, dropping it to the floor. She remained close behind me and her hands raised my skirt to the top of my panties where her fingers travelled over them, kneading my curvaceous arse through them before teasingly lowering them down my legs. It was done in such a delightful way that I moaned as her fingers glided over my skin as she lowered them to my feet. She then hooked her fingers into the top of my skirt, and that too was slowly edged down until it pooled on the carpet. I stepped over both garments and she kicked them to the side.

I was now bent over, completely naked over the spanking bench waiting for some delightful sensations to be unleashed upon me. Her hands continued to wander over my shoulders, my back and then lower, down to my arse, my outer thighs and the back of my legs. She expertly used the tips of her fingers to sensually arouse my skin. Her nails would dig in and scrape over me, leaving red marks in their wake.

She left me for a moment to get the flogger and moments later it was lashing against my shoulders, arse and thighs. She did this for a while, and it stung like hell as it rained down over my shoulders. I remember it hitting my thighs and arse repeatedly, and I writhed over the bench, moaning into the latex.

She disposed of the flogger and returned to me, her hands on my arse, feeling the warmth, then "SPANK" – right on target, the sting exploding across my rump. Another and another, alternating between each cheek, harder and harder, the deep smacking sounds resonating throughout the room along with my yelps and moans.

Her foot came between my legs and she nudged my ankles, wanting me to part my legs further. I did so immediately and felt her fingers crawl up my inner thighs, nails sharp, digging in painfully until they got to my pussy. I groaned at the contact. I knew I was wet, and was slightly embarrassed at being so moist. She probed my pussy, dipped her finger in and out then toyed with my clit. Her hand came to my tits and she took one of my nipples between her thumb and finger and she twisted and stretched it. The pain was so intense. She then placed her hand in my hair and tugged my head closer to her. I could feel her warm breath on my ear. "Don't you dare come!"

Oh god, the way she spoke to me was a high in itself. She knew exactly what to say, and more importantly how to say it. I think I answered her with a feint, "I won't!" before her hand pushed my head back down and she came to the front of me, taking the cane from the hook.

Jesus Christ, the cane. She did it hard. Swipe after swipe, my knees buckled and my hands grappled with the cushioning on the bench. My breathing was rapid and I was gasping as the hot fire swept across both cheeks of my burning bottom. I'd had the cane once before but never like this and my knees gave way a couple of times and she let me recover before inflicting it on me again.

I could have said 'amber' or 'red' at anytime, but I didn't want to. I was thoroughly enjoying the sensations that I was experiencing. My knees that buckled under each swipe turned me on. The tingle and sting that spread like splintered hot sparks across my backside turned me on, the way she spoke to me turned me on. There was no escaping how I was feeling.

As my legs buckled again she abruptly told me to stand up and stick my arse out. I did as I was told, and was rewarded with an almighty swipe. I yelped and shrieked and she came up behind me – so close that she was right up against me. She moved against me and put her hand in my hair. She twisted and twirled her fingers through it, tugging it making me gasp with pleasure. I loved her hand in my hair. Her other hand came between my thighs, and slipped itself into the moist humidity of my pussy. She tugged my head towards her and in my ear she said, "Such a hot cunt!"

I felt my pussy flood in her palm. She makes that word sound so dirty and nasty when she says it, and I'm astounded at the way it affects me. It just arouses the hell out of me.

I feel the cane again, although this time it's sliding to and fro between my pussy lips. Her other hand moves to my mouth, and she covers it completely, gagging me as she slides it some more before withdrawing it completely and unleashing it one more time across my buttocks. I scream a muffled wail into her hand and I soon have her close to me again.

Her lips were at my ear, her hand still covered my mouth, and she softly 'shushed' me, calming me down. The way she did that turned me on more. I find it so erotic if someone 'shushes' me in that way.

When I'd settled for a few minutes in her arms she then replaced the cane with the heart shaped crop. She stood in front of me, holding it right before my eyes. My breathing had calmed considerably but I knew that in a few moments I'd be writhing and buckling again. The heart shaped crop looked pretty innocent but I had a feeling it would pack a stinging blow to my bum.

She grabbed my hair and lifted my head up. "Kiss it..." I kissed it and she moved to the side of me, still grasping at my hair, and then I felt it. The stinging torture spread across my already burning skin. Slap, Slap, SLAP. I grimaced, shook my head, yelping and gasping for breath. She did it again and again. My knees buckled, my hands held on so tightly to the bench. Her fingers came to my pussy, lightly tapping it, probing it, exploring it... "Don't you dare come!"

I gave the same answer as before, adamant that I wouldn't succumb to her teasing.

The heart shaped crop was then replaced with the dressage whip. This stung like hell. Short sharp bursts of unimaginable heat criss-crossing over my bum, from one side to the other. My legs turned to jelly; I was desperately trying to catch my breaths between each mini-assault and I was glad that it didn't last long. A few more swipes and I may have decided to use the 'amber' safeword! I calmed slightly when I felt her hand in my hair, and then I felt both hands in my hair. She'd parted it, and held my thick curls like reins. Her body came to mine, and she moved against my tingling flesh, rubbing up against me, tugging on my hair, looking and feeling like she was riding me.

She then moved away from me and headed for the crop. I swallowed hard as she took the crop from the hook. Bastard evil crop! I really do have a love/hate thing with that torturous implement. She moved to the side of me and strike after strike she swiped me with the fucking thing. I was shrieking and gasping and my fingers were white at the knuckles as I held on for dear life. My legs were weak, and I could feel myself slowly falling as my knees buckled. "Get your arse up..." she said, raising her voice.

Her fingers came to my pussy, penetrating it, hot and wet, rubbing my clit, making it throb and tingle. Her warm breath oozed onto my ear. "Don't you dare come!" That time my head sunk into the latex cushioning, groaning as I did so. She moved to the side and lifted my head. Her fingers came to my mouth, "suck my fingers..." She put them in my mouth and I began to suck them, eagerly licking my juices from her and then I felt it. The crop burrowed its wicked way into my soul, wave after wave of rippled stinging bursts fired their way over my arse. I moaned around her fingers, trying hard not to bite her as the crop continued its evil assault.

She stopped suddenly and trailed her hand over my bottom. I heard her moan, obviously liking what she saw. She moved in front of me, her warm body against my face, her hand entwining in my hair. She talked to me, told me I was a good girl and that I've done really well. I feel proud that I've pleased her and felt relief that the crop was over with. My arms came up to hold her and I held her tightly, not wanting to let go. She hugged me too, pulling me close. The tender touch in my hair calmed me until I heard her voice. "How many more do you want?"

I was mute for a few moments; the only sounds coming from me were my ragged breaths. I knew I wanted more, but couldn't comprehend how many I could endure. She knew I hated the bastard thing but also knew it intrigued me and knew what turmoil I was in over her question but she continued to hold me tightly, allowing me just a little more time to recover. Her hand began to ruffle through my hair, "you've been such a good girl. How many do you want?" My breathing faltered again, and I whimpered into her.

She knew I couldn't answer, and she calmly played with my hair and then moved to the side, making the decision for me. "Six then... Arse out!" I stepped back, spread my legs and stuck my bum out. I held onto the spanking bench and waited. One after the other she struck me with the crop; each one harder than the previous. I yelled as they exploded onto my skin, clenching at the latex, my head shaking and knees buckling. I was very nearly on the floor. "Last one... Get your arse up!" she said with authority, and I readied myself. I knew this one was going to be the hardest of them all. I braced myself, held on, and willed myself not to collapse on the floor.

She didn't hold back at all. It hit me hard, my legs buckled at once and I grappled with the cushioning. I summoned up any remaining strength and managed to stay upright over the bench. My skin was on fire, tingling and burning. My body quivered continuously. I felt exhausted, but inside I was thriving on what I was feeling.

She let go of the crop and came over to me and held me - held me so close to her. She comforted me, her fingers softly stroked over my warm flesh. She 'shushed' me. I couldn't say anything at all that was coherent. Her arms were around me for ages and she edged me away from the bench, making me stand before her. I looked at her and told her I couldn't stand. My legs were shaking, and I felt like they couldn't hold me up anymore.

She told me to kneel while she moved the bench out of the way and then she came and sat beside me on the floor and beckoned me to her. I did at once, and she held me again. I loved that part. It was so intimate. I nestled into her breasts, whimpering as I did so. Her arms shrouded me, hugging me tightly against her as I trembled. She kissed my head and told me I was a 'beautiful creature'. My eyes were heavy and teary and I had no idea how long we had been on the floor together, but the next thing I remember was her saying to me that we hadn't quite finished. I was a little bemused. I had no energy left in me and I knew I couldn't take anymore.

She told me to lie on the floor and as I leant back, her hand came to my pussy and I felt something vibrating on it. On her finger she had attached a small finger vibe and she began to circle my clit, stroking over it to and fro and then back to skimming around it. I felt my legs and my stomach begin to tense as the beginnings of an impending orgasm began to flutter inside. I breathlessly asked her if I could orgasm. She nodded her answer and within a minute a blissful release washed over me as my clit throbbed hard on her finger.

I stayed there basking in it for a moment until I gingerly sat up. The carpet felt rough on my bottom, and my whole body ached. I got to my knees and she cuddled me again, holding me close.

I again nestled into her breasts, felt them heaving on my cheek and my hand moved up to stroke them. Her hand also moved to her top and she lowered it slightly and lifted her right breast out of its confines and let me stroke it. It was beautiful and I began to kiss and lick it. My eager tongue seemingly the only part of me that had any energy left began to circle her nipple and I sucked on it slightly, feeling it grow in my mouth. I heard her moan before pulling me away and she tucked it back into her top.

We both got up and I hesitantly picked up my clothes. I put my panties and my top on and sat next to her, both of us enjoying the afterglow of what had taken place. We kissed and cuddled and at that point on the sofa, I had never felt so content and tranquil. We were there a long while tenderly stroking each other, planting kisses on each other, her hand still playing in my hair, although the urgency had subsided.

Shortly after it was time for me to go. I got dressed properly and we headed down the front door. Before she opened it she grabbed my hair, pulling me towards her. We kissed passionately and then she tugged at my hair, pulling it down, making me get to my knees. I knelt before her for a minute or two, her pussy directly in front of me. My hands came around her bum and I held her tightly. She then grabbed at my hair again and lifted me up until I was standing. We kissed some more and then I left.

The 30 minute drive home was lovely, even though I don't actually remember it. I know I had the window open with the stereo just barely audible, not that I was deeply concentrating on what was playing – staying on the road was more of a priority as my mind whirled with what had happened. I didn't get much sleep that night. My bum was red hot and deeply bruised. It looked angry and horrific, but the feeling inside me totally contradicted the look of my arse. I felt the welts as they rose from the surface of my mottled skin, and as I fidgeted on the cool sheet I pleasantly tingled.

What made it such a wonderful evening was the chemistry, the intensity and the intimacy of it all. I was gloriously worked over, but I was teased, hugged and kissed all the way through. I was lovingly cared for, comforted and spoiled with added affection that I'd longed for in that kind of situation!

It was simply exhilarating and euphoric!

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