tagGay MaleRemembering When... Ch. 03

Remembering When... Ch. 03


Ray went off the radar for five days since our last fuck session. I left him two messages just to see if he was willing to fuck again. Yet, his comment when we parted about the potential to add a few of his friends to our new found sex replayed over and over in my mind. I had no experience with multiple women let alone multiple men. Still, was I reading too much into what he stated, or was he intent on including more lovers?

After leaving Ray two messages over three days, I decided that either he was busy or since we were not in a relationship—just sex—he had decided it was fun but he needed more to round out his life. Not the way I would have like it to part, but it was enjoyable and it left me with a lot to think about.

I came to the conclusion during those days Ray went silent that I was indeed bisexual and for now, perhaps more gay then bi. I would see where this went and if I happened to find someone else, then I would like for that person to be dark-skinned but about the same size as myself. Although if the man happened to come with a big cock, then so much the better!

On day six, I was out working on a paper until early evening. When I returned I had a message from Ray on my answering machine. "John, sorry I didn't return your calls, I was out-of-town on work. I have been constantly thinking about fucking you! Would you like to meet some other guys in the lifestyle? They are a couple and I've played with them in the past. I've told them about our last session and they think we could make it a foursome. Call me back if you are up for it."

I had mixed emotions about what I was hearing. First, really, you didn't check your messages the entire time you were supposedly gone? Second, the idea of becoming part of a group sex session was extremely exciting, way past 10 on the make me cum meter, but who were these guys and what was Ray doing with them? My mind raced from logic of saying this is too risky to imagining all sorts of sexual scenes in my mind.

What was Ray thinking if we added additional people? Did he want to watch me take multiple cocks? Was he going to fuck multiple bottoms? Was I to join a group of men he played with regularly or passed around like some party favor? I had some more S&M thoughts that started with me blindfolded sucking any cock that was presented to cum in my mouth or bent over a bed gangbanged by a line of cocks until my bottom was dilated and pooling cum onto the floor.

It's reflective looking back as I placed myself at the center of attention getting the most cock. Ray and I had a couple of good times, but did that mean the next step was group sex? For several hours my mind played out numerous forms of group sex. What convinced me was when I took a breath and got up from the chair I had been in for hours was that my cock had leaked a several inch wet spot through my shorts and onto my jeans.

I went into the bedroom, stripped and got out the lube. I laid in the middle of the bed and started replaying potential sex scenes. As I did this, I grabbed the lube and coated my hand, cock and my asshole. I stroked slowly my twitching cock and closed my eyes imaging Ray fucking my bottom as I sucked another cock. I wondered if I could have three guys circled around me as I sucked a cock while jacking the other two off. I wondered if I would have three bottoms on all fours with their cocks hanging to the ground as I fucked one after another until when I was ready to shoot they put their faces together and I came on each and every one of them.

Yet, I played another scenario, slightly more detailed and particular. In this very vivid scene, all the men were black. These men were like Ray, jet black skin and cocks of varying shapes each with large mushroom heads. I could feel the pressure build in my balls and it appeared from the reaction my body was giving me is that I had found my type of sexual catalyst. In this scenario, I found myself in a sixty-nine lying on our sides, with each other's legs wrapped around the others head.

Our bottoms were pointed outwards and as we sucked each other trying to extract the semen from the other, each of us was being fucked by long black cocks seemingly trying to help us cum as they sought their own release within our hot asses. In my head, I could see myself cuming as my lover ate every bit I had to give, having a partner release in my well fucked ass, and hot cum shooting again and again down my throat. But back in the real world, my stroking and prodding my ass resulted in a stream of cum that shot straight into the air 3 to 4 feet on its first gush!

In total I shot six streams into the air covering my belly and dripping down my ball sack. I felt completely spent. I laid there for some time thinking about this orgasm and what got me to such a release. Once I recovered, I didn't bother to wipe my fluids off or even get dressed. I went to the phone and returned Ray's call.

Ray answered and once he knew it was me said, "John sorry it took me a bit to get back in touch. Yes I was gone, but I also wanted to have a personal discussion with two of my friends Bo and Josh. And before you ask, yes we've had a threesome a few times this last year. I wanted to introduce the idea of adding you as number four but I had to do that in person."

"Ray, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't very turned on by the idea and I gather when you say personally, you meant you had a fuck session with them?

"Guilty. We got together last night."

"So tell me something about Bo and Josh. I need to hear some particulars and what you were thinking on how this might play out."

"I bet you have a hard cock already?"

"I did, but I am standing here naked and dripping my own cum onto the floor. So tell me."

"Wish I could have been there, but it is all set as soon as you can get another hard-on. Josh is the submissive one in their relationship. He is very pleasing and white. He is about your age, under six foot, average cock, loves to suck and fuck. Bo is like me. He's a few inches shy of six feet, a very thick cock but likes to be in control. With Josh being submissive their relationship works. Also, he is black."


"Yeah and I told both of them let's get together for drinks at their house as they have a secluded hot tub and deck made for private fuck sessions—that is if you decide to participate with us."

"Tomorrow is Saturday so let's get together about 6 so we might be able to have time for more than a single release? I'll be ready for fucking and sucking if the chemistry is there!"

"I'll let them know."

Ray gave me the address and directions (as this was a time before the Internet) and some parting personal theme like "I want to fuck you again".

The next day it was very hard to focus on anything except the idea that there was likely going to be a lot of sex with new friends. I woke up with a hard cock and knowing that if I didn't release it early, I would shoot off the minute we got into a group session. So being a good scout, I prepared my cock and jacked off as quick as I could!

I was 10 minutes early to Bo and Josh's house. Ray had already arrived making me wonder if he was fucking someone already. I rang the doorbell and was greeted by Josh wearing a bathroom who stated "you must be John" and he gave me a big hug. He took my hand and lead me out to the deck. There was Ray and a handsome black man who I assumed to be Bo. Bo was middle 30's, apparently successful and what gave my cock a twitch, his skin was midnight black.

Ray and Bo were dressed in speedo's in front of a hot tub that was a good 7 foot in diameter—a classic redwood one that was deep and reset into the ground. They were drinking whiskey and offered one to me. Bo and Josh were in outward appearances like Ray and myself. As we made small talk about our backgrounds and likes and dislikes, Ray suggested that everyone get into the tub to enjoy more drinks and the very inviting, hot water.

Being way too excited about what might happen, I had forgotten a swim suit! As they were stepping into the tub, I made the confession that "Guys, hate to say it, but I forgot my suit!" It was Josh who said, "No problem just get in naked. I'm sure after all Ray has told us about you that this little formality would be a non-issue in five minutes!" And as he was finishing the likely truth for all of us to hear, Josh had shed his robe only to reveal that he was already naked underneath it. Bo laughed and looked at Ray and said, "Sounds like this is going to be a fun time!"

We all climbed into the hot tub naked as the day we were born. Ray's long black cock already had a drop of precum leaking from its purple head. I was so fixated on Ray's meat hanging down and getting increasingly erect that I missed seeing what Bo's black cock looked like as he submerged into the bubbling water. Josh was still standing on the side of the tub checking mine and Ray's cocks and just smiling. As Ray and I got into the tub, Josh said, "It looks like I am going to be one lucky bottom tonight!"

We all broke out in laughter. Josh just paraded around naked with his cock mostly erect. He served us another round of drinks like a hostess before saying, "You guys enjoy yourself as I'm going to get ready."

We sat around the tub drinking for about 5 minutes before Josh came back out with a very erect cock and vodka shooters for us. As Josh bent over I realized that he went in for more than drinks to loosen us all up. Josh had inserted a butt plug up his ass that resembled a horse tail. The tail hung down about to his knees as Josh was making sure he could take any cock as the night went on.

We had about 2 or 3 shots and between the booze, the exposed cocks, casual groping and now Josh's ponytail plug, it was obvious that the night was going to be one where more than Josh's ass was going to get some hard black cock. For his part, Josh was eager to get things moving. "Ray, I'm really glad you brought John with you as you. Bo promised be a new playmate for me to take care of and I can't wait for you guys to get your cocks all hard to fuck me!"

"Josh, you are a great piece of ass, but John here knows how to fuck. Perhaps I should get Bo's opinion on John's capabilities before I say any more about John's tight little bottom."

"Well, that sounds like a challenge! Let me see." With those words, Josh climbed into the tub and kissed me full on thrusting his tongue into my mouth while grabbing my cock under the water.

When Josh broke the kiss, he looked at Bo and said, "I love the way he kissed! His cock is nice too, can he fuck me?" Bo climbed onto the ledge of the tub. When I looked over at his crotch, I must have drooled or moaned or something involuntary as Bo smiled and said, "So John, you must like what you see".

There between Bo's legs was a shiny black cock wet from the tub and fully erect. Bo's cock was to this day the fattest white or black cock I have ever seen. I was told afterwards that it measured nearly 7 inches in circumference. It was about 6 or 7 inches in length but it also had a mushroom head that unlike Ray's purple head, was a shade of pink.

I could not take my eyes off his cock. It may have been selfish, but I didn't even look at Ray but went over to Bo not saying a single word. It was as if there was no one else in or around the tub. I just went over and put my hand at the base of his cock and involuntarily opened my mouth.

I could not believe how impressive this cock was. I stretched my mouth as far open as I could and licked Bo's head with my tongue. I proceeded to lick this black cock from the base to his head and just kissed it on the top as down the slides as if I was in love with it. I didn't really care it was attached to Bo, it was a cock that I had to have.

As I made love to this oh so impressive black cock, Bo just grabbed the back of my head saying things like, "Yeah, you like this cock? Lick me, please me, make me shoot in your mouth! That's it my little white bottom, please your black master!"

Yes, Bo, like to be dominate and normally this would make me soft in an instant, but this was a cock for the record books. I really didn't care what he said. Just before I took him into my mouth, I told Bo, "Yes, I can't wait for you make me eat your black cum into my white mouth as I devour your huge black cock all down until I choke on it!"

I didn't even look at Bo when I said it, it was as if I was talking to that beer can sized cock an inch in front of my mouth. As I was answering its owner, that wonderful cock had its own thoughts as it kept brushing against my mouth begging for a release. So as I said my last word, I took a breath and opened as far as I could and literally stuffed his pinkish head inside my mouth. It was like velvet!

It was leaking cum already and I tried to swirl my tongue on this monster in my mouth but could not. Bo's cock was just too big to play with inside my mouth so I did the only think I could—sucked it and ran as much of his shaft into my mouth.

I was almost possessed sucking Bo's cock. I worked and worked putting as much saliva on it as possible trying to get a rhythm so that Bo would feed me his cum. When I was able to get him lubricated enough to bob my head back and forth where just his pink head remained in my mouth, I quickly slammed my face back on his glorious black cock until I choked as much of it in as I could fit. As I picked up the pace, Bo said, "Suck me John! You are such a good cocksucker that I am going to blast my spunk down your throat. I want you to eat me harder, faster!"

Not having looked at Bo since I locked onto his cock, I looked up from between his legs playing along and said, "I want you to lie on your back and let me make you have a toe curling release into to my little white mouth." Bo seemed to be surprised by my response and he nearly jumped out of the tub, placed a towel on the deck and spread his legs. His beer can size cock just jutted up from his belly and in between his raised up legs.

I crawled on my hands and knees out of the tub wiggling my ass like some cheap whore looking at him the entire time. When I got to his cock, I reached over and cupped his balls and running my other hands fingers against his asshole. As Bo was on this back in a blissful state of being serviced, I was on all fours resting on one elbow with my ass in the air. Ray looked at the sight and said, "Josh, service John's ass and cock for me. Get him ready!"

Josh wasted no time and didn't say a word. Josh apparently never said a word when Ray and Bo used him. He just did as he was instructed with great enthusiasm. While I was lost in Bo's cock, I could feel Josh stick his nose into my asshole and breathe me in. Josh, still with that pony tail plus firmly in his ass, proceeded to kissed my ass checks. He ever so erotically spread my ass with his hands and started licking anything and everything available in front of him from my balls up to my asshole.

Josh just moaned like a bitch in heat when he pushed his tongue into my opening, and as best he could tongue fucked my bottom while letting the excess saliva run down past my balls so that he could jerk my aching cock. Josh was an expert at this as he never broke away from servicing my asshole. He ran his hand up and down my shaft but staying away from my most sensitive cock head. He knew that as excited as I was I would blow my load onto the deck before these two black studs had their way with me.

Ray, watching all this, was like a director. "Bo, grab John's head and make his do as you want. Josh, get your tongue further in his asshole, make it ready for my cock. John, arch your back up for Josh to get you all primed for a spit roast as I'm going to fuck you and cum in you as Bo cums in your willing mouth. Maybe if you please Bo and me I'll let Josh have your first cum release of the night!"

So there I was blowing Bo, as Ray lined his cock up against my pussy bottom. Josh crawled underneath me and was licking my cock like a kid with a lollipop. Ray spit on his veiny cock and stroked it a few times while saying, "Yeah John, you service Bo! I'm going to fuck your man pussy hard and Josh is going to make you empty into his expert mouth.

As I was lost in the moment, a horrifying thought hit me, "God I hope Bo doesn't think he is going to fuck me with this monster, I would be split in two!" No way possible I could ever fuck him and I wondered if Josh could take that monster?

As Ray pushed into me, I was either getting used to his size or I was just lost on Bo's cock. I barely felt him enter or taking me. He seemed to sense my disinterest with him and just let out "I'm just going to fuck you." So he put his large hands on my upturned ass cheeks and just fucked me with long and hard strokes.

I used his force to push me as far as I could onto Bo's cock with my mouth establishing a see-saw motion between a man that was determined to fuck me for his fun and a man whose cock was just about what I wanted. Below this action was Josh playing with my ball and deep throating my cock over and over.

I am not sure how long this went on, but it seemed Ray was excited and quicker than normal shot his cum into me as he was fully bottomed out in my asshole. Bo looked up at Ray who was determined to "make me pay for giving my attention to Bo" and said, "Ray, you gave it to him good, now it is my turn!"

And just that quick I felt Bo's nut sack draw up and his cock swell even bigger as he pushed my head down hard into his crotch. My nose was buried into his curly pubic hairs just as his entire body tensed up.

It couldn't budge off this cock as he grunted like an animal fucking the barnyard cow. He shot his cum into my mouth so forcefully that the first two streams I didn't swallow. They were just shot into my gut. The next three spasms were less violent as he released my head from a death grip of "make me cum into your mouth." I savored the release of Bo having felt like I won an Olympic race. He just ran his hands within my hair and his mighty black cock began to grow back to a normal size.

As I relaxed for a second having the warm gooey taste if Bo within my mouth and Ray's cum once again dripping out my asshole, I almost forgot of Josh who was sucking away on me like an industrial vacuum. As I regained my senses, I realized I was going to give Josh my cum shooting down his throat. I let Bo's shrinking cock fall from my mouth and began to talk in a hushed voice to Josh, "Josh that is amazing! I'm getting ready to cum, do you want it in your mouth?"

Josh's only response was to insert three fingers into my freshly fucked and cum lubricated bottom and massaged my prostate. Within just a few seconds, I groaned out "Cumming, cumming..." as my body shook and Bo telling Josh, "eat him, suck him dry!"

I felt like my insides were coming out into Josh's expert mouth. I heaved up and down and Josh held on to me the best he could with his free arm. As I tumbled spent and onto my back, Josh kept on kissing my cock, playing ever so gently with my balls and just doing anything he could to keep me sexually high.

As I rested with Josh now on all fours but with his mouth on my cock, I saw that Ray had gone over to Bo and was sucking his cock back to life. This went on for 5 to 10 minutes as I got semi hard again but Bo had managed with Ray's help to get his monster back to life pointing straight out like a missile trying to find his target.

I was thinking Ray was going to suck him dry, but the next thing I remember was Josh's cock now in my face, him on all fours and still kissing and sucking my now responsive cock. As I looked up beyond Josh's cock which still had not found release, there was Bo at Josh's bottom thinking he was going to fuck him! No way that anyone could take Bo up their ass!

But Bo, acting like he was in charge of the world spoke to Josh, "You ready to fuck me lover?" He was softer in tone than with me and Josh only nodded with my cock in his mouth uttering a muffled grunt of approval.

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