tagLesbian SexRemembrance Ch. 02

Remembrance Ch. 02



So in the cold dead of a winter night Amanda lay there settling in for sleep beside Tara who was so warm and peaceful the way she just slept like a cozy plush. The covers over the bed were patched many times, but they held a fine insular heat that made them special. The blanket was Tara's and had some sort of significance Amanda could never quite figure out.

Under the warmth of the blankets she settled in trying to get her head comfortable on the pillows, shifting a little before sighing for the most part quite content. A little yawn that grew into an encompassing near eye closing statement of how tired she was escaped her lips. Stretching, Amanda could feel her arms and spine loosen up, the day's stresses slowly peeling away in the darkness. The warm familiar scent of her lover helped to slowly draw her near to sleep's door.

Tara had felt Amanda's entry into the bed, but had only been half awake when Mandy had slipped in yet with every passing moment her longing for Mandy's warm skin drew her from the fast receding dreams she'd been having. Slowly she opened her sleepy eyes to look back at her lover. Mandy's arm and hand shifted draped over her body which was met by a smile. She could feel those fingers that were so delicate, soft, and loving caress her bare chest. How she wanted more from those fingers, and how her memory of them sometimes kept her awake on nights when Amanda came home late.

Amanda sleepily gazed back at Tara, and seeing her rouse somewhat, slipped a hand over her warm soft skin. Her mauve laced eyes melted into Tara's while her hand trailed down her chest to the navel. Tara's eyes and lips glistened with a nervous tenderness that always gave Mandy pause for thought. It was a like an innocence, "Bamby eyes" was how Amanda had tried to put it once and Tara had just laughed. Amanda couldn't help but smile leaning into finally kiss Tara for a full and wholesome moment, her tongue tasting the minty scent of residual tooth paste on Tara's breath.

As Tara enjoined Amanda for the kiss, she curled a leg over one of Mandy's and felt a hand trace over her side, along and over her ribs slowly tracing the form of her figure. She just loved it how Amanda massaged her hips with those trailing fingers that eventually, made their way up to a breast where they stopped. The kiss lingered for a peaceful while until Tara broke it to catch her breath. Amanda just watched her and smiled that caring "i love you" smile she had a knack for bringing out at just the right moment and Tara simply melted. With a bit of shifting she nestled herself in against Amanda and whispered tender sweet murmurings as Amanda's palm gently cupped and massaged one of Tara's breasts.

"Good morning sleepy head" Amanda whispered to Tara as her fingers kneaded warm flesh. "I was watching you sleep for a while when i first came in."

"Did you like what you saw?" Tara mumbled the words out as her own hand slowly caressed Mandy's back. "I mean, ... " Tara's blush at her own words lit her cheeks like fireworks, and she slowly reverted to a quiet moan as Amanda's hand shifted to her other breast. Partly out of pleasure she sighed and to some extent, some modesty, that kept rearing it's head in the way of her wants. Those wants always got in the way of her and Mandy's communication. Mandy had always wanted and asked her to say aloud what she was comfortable with, what she wanted, and what she didn't. For the most part they relied on instinct and on occasion Mandy had joked it was like sleeping with a guy.

Amanda leaned in and kissed Tara's cheek, licking it as she drew away "Yes, i just did," she intoned while drawing Tara into a warm nuzzling hold. "Talk to me and just let go, I won't bite much you know."

Tara sighed she could feel Amanda's breathing and heart beating they were so close, by the gods it felt so good to just be there. To share those moments with Mandy. How she wanted to, say things a year ago she'd have never contemplated saying aloud, much less thinking. Amanda had come into her life like a whirl wind, sweeping her up off her feet and sometimes Tara didn't know what to think.

They'd been good friends for sometime, just friends and then the little things sort of started happening. Maybe it was the discussion about gay marriage, or maybe it was realizing why Amanda had a thing for rainbows and triangles. It was like a conversation that was never really had out loud, it just happened.

"Yeah, i know," Tara whispered back and just hugged Amanda. Damn it always felt good to be there like this. "I want, I want, I want you to" she swallowed slowly "touch me and, make me feel good."

Amanda quietly held her and in the dark of the room's available light. With the moon outside the window, her eyes were lit with an inner warmth that opened to Tara with a gentle peaceful understanding. "Hey, now that wasn't so hard now, was it?"

"No." Tara smiled slowly as she loosened her hug from about Amanda giving her partner access to her thighs.

Amanda's hand slowly trailed down Tara's body and slipped over folds of flesh, moist with anticipation. She could feel Tara draw in a breath as her flesh was caressed, and she just smiled kissing the tip of Tara's nose while a finger slowly trailed betwixt the folded lips of Tara's sex, slipping through the moisture leaking from within.

Tara watched Amanda's eyes and intermittently smiled as she was pleasured with those knowing fingers Amanda kept so neatly clean and suited to those times when they were together. As she lay there her hand traced over Amanda's shoulder. Caressing that warm shoulder was more than just touch, it was her way of saying how much she cared. It wasn't just the sex they were having, and those moments of orgasm they came to know in the process. It was something more valuable and heart warming.

Her hand and fingers had grown rather moist and she watched Tara's shifting body, the rhythm of her breath and felt herself growing needful as her lover's body writhed so close to her. She smiled as Tara trailed a hand over her arm and just loved the sensation of her breasts being idly fondled. Her kisses trailed over Tara's cheek, each one deliberate, each sealed with a gentle lick of her tongue. Amanda took her time guiding Tara to release, fingers within, while yet some without alternately fed the desire about her clit. She wanted to see Tara pleased, she loved seeing the expression on Tara's face when she came, and nothing more made her happy then to hold Tara as she lay there nearly luminescent, in that post sex after-glow.

She could feel herself on the verge of an expanse of pleasure just beyond the moments that were coming, and with each of Mandy's kisses upon her cheek she melted into Amanda's guidance. Loosing her breath to the moment she silently moaned in agony while a cataclysmic shattering of her nervous endings found pleasure at the behest of her lovers' fingers.

Amanda's head buried it's self into Tara's neck and she closed her eyes breathing warm against that body and soul she'd fallen so deeply for. She could hear Tara's breathing somewhere in the distance, and hear a heart racing with a pounding beat. It was a release now, and Tara was coming, wet between her legs and over Amanda's hand. Yet that was so far away, Amanda felt so close to Tara, close beyond flesh and breath, and somewhere she could sense Tara next to her. It was like finally being at home: so safe, so warm, so caring. She could hear Tara start to moan lowly and she held her close now, still working her knowing fingers around the nub of Tara's clit, kneading the flesh moist with Tara's sweat and fluids. The scent of their sex, sweat and the tropical island flavored shampoo in Tara's hair sank into Amanda's consciousness like a hand into a warm, snug-fitting glove.

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