Remind Me


Cole withdrew his finger and went back to the 'massage', teasing her. When Ellie's hips began moving, asking for more, Cole released her completely and swam a few feet away.

"What do you think you're doing?"

"Swimming. I hear this is a pretend beach."

Ellie saw his smile before he dove under the surface of the water. Her body had adjusted to the temperature of the water, so she wasn't freezing anymore. She decided to swim farther out, but then she felt hands on her thighs again. Then she felt a warm mouth. She bit her lip as Cole kissed his way up her thigh, and moaned audibly as he settled his mouth between her legs. Even through the fabric of her suit his mouth felt incredible, and she wanted nothing more than to go home and feel it for real.

Cole's teeth nipped gently at her lips, and Ellie had a hard time keeping herself afloat. Moments later, Cole resurfaced.

"I was afraid you were going to drown." She laughed.

"Never. Not until I have my way with you."

"Can we go home now?"


Cole swam towards shore, and she watched as he got himself settled in the lawn chair again. Then she started swimming. After about fifteen minutes, she felt calm enough to get out without jumping his bones on a public beach.

Cole had his eyes closed, so she flipped her head and wrung her hair out over his chest. He jumped in surprise and gave her a swat on the ass as she tried to hop away. Settling down in her chair, she enjoyed the feeling of the breeze drying her skin. Ellie shut her eyes against the glare of the sun, and without realizing it, drifted off to sleep.

"Wake up sweetheart." Cole's voice made its way through the fog of sleep.

"Mm, no."

"Let's finish our fun day so I can get you home."

"Then what?"

Their voices were quiet, whispered.

"I'm going to get you out of that bathing suit, put you in the tub for a bubble bath, then have my wicked way with you."

"But I'm sleepy."

"You won't be. Don't you want to go home? Feel my hands all over you...feel me sliding into you, making you mine?"

Ellie's eyes flew open at his words. Cole glanced around, making sure the umbrella blocked the view of any other beach-goers. He slipped his hand between her legs, pressing up against her clit.

"Remember how my mouth feels," he pressed against her more firmly, "...right here? I remember the noises you make, the way you bite your lip when you're getting ready to come. I remember how your mouth feels on me... and how you're muscles tighten around me... I remember how your breath feels against my neck, the way it sounds when you pant against me, asking me with your air to take you..."

Ellie's body flushed from her hairline to the tips of her toes. Cole's hand covered her mound completely, the heel of his palm pressing against her in time to his words. Her nipples were tight buds, and she felt a wave of wetness roll between her legs. At that moment, she could have taken off her suit and begged him to make love to her right there in front of everyone. The depth of his voice, the soft-spoken words...

Cole removed his hand and stood. The evidence of his arousal was apparent and he quickly made adjustments in his trunks.

"Come on. Get in the water one more time." He extended his hand.

Ellie stood on shaky legs, letting him mostly pull her along behind him. Once in the water, she climbed his frame, wrapping her legs around his waist to get their parts aligned correctly. His cock pushed against her, and Ellie wriggled against him, wishing he was inside of her.

Cole wrapped his arms around her waist, keeping her as close as possible and let his mouth capture hers. Ellie was waiting for it, her mouth already partially open. Their tongues met and dueled, and she whimpered into his mouth.

Suddenly, Cole pulled back.

"Let's go." He pushed them towards shore, and once his feet hit the ground, he practically took off running.

They gathered their things quickly, and Ellie laughed at the fact she wasn't bothering with the conditioner he'd so thoughtfully brought. Their cooler hadn't been touched, and neither had the picnic basket. They had only been there for a couple hours.

The sun baked the parking lot as they loaded up the Camaro. They laid their towels over the seats so their swimwear didn't get them totally soaked. Cole started the car and drove like a maniac to the back of the parking lot.

"Want to make the forty five minute drive home, or do we wanna stop here?"

Ellie considered for a moment. The need won out over the desire to make love in a bed for hours. She was ready now.


Cole swung the car around and parked under a tree. This part of the lot was deserted, so they didn't have anything immediate to worry about. And he knew this wasn't going to take long. As soon as the car was in park, Ellie climbed over the seat into the back, and Cole was quick to follow.

They laughed at themselves as their mouths met, hungrily devouring one another. Hands searched and found ways inside their swimming attire, and once Cole's cock was freed from his trunks, and Ellie's bottoms were on the floorboard, nothing was stopping them.

Cole sat on the seat and Ellie quickly swung her leg over, straddling him. She was more than ready, so she slipped down, finding the head of his cock and guiding it to her entrance. A fraction of an inch was in, and she dropped herself down. Cole's head flew back, his hips bucking up against her.

Ellie yelped as he hit bottom, but it was delicious. He felt exactly as she remembered, and once he started moving beneath her, she lost all conscious thought. Her breathing came out in shattered gasps, and she grabbed the back of the seat for leverage. Cole caught her hips in a bruising grip, and held her steady as he pounded up into her. He groaned, trying to hold back as long as possible, but the teasing of the day had taken its toll.

Ellie's muscles clenched around him, and Cole moved his hand to rub her clit furiously. She was so close...with a glance to make sure no one was around, she deliberately didn't bite her lip. She wanted to give Cole her all, let him hear how good he made her feel. She panted, whimpered, and moaned her way to orgasm.

Cole was surprised, but the look in her eye said she did it on purpose. She felt so good, surrounding him in that wet heat...her muscles tight, fitting him like she was made for him. The extra noises she made did their job. Cole growled out her name as he came, his hands pumping her hips down onto him. Ellie laid her head on his shoulder, completely spent.

"Oh. My. God." Their breathing was ragged.

"No kidding. Let's get home. I'm not done with you." Cole slapped her ass and helped her off of his lap.

Using one of the towels, they cleaned up their mess and Cole got them home in record time. The pair laughed as they made their way into the house. Ellie was pretty sure she had never been happier in her life. Cole's phone rang again but he didn't bother to check it. He had a goal, and that was to get Ellie on his bed and have his wicked way with her again.

Ellie slipped into the master bathroom and turned on the water to take a shower.

"I'm sorry ma'am, but that action hasn't been approved by management. I need you to get into this bed, right now, if you'd please." Cole lounged in the doorway, watching her undress with heavy-lidded eyes.

"Never fear. I need someone to wash my back. And probably my front." Ellie grinned as she stepped inside the shower stall.

"You realize I get overtime for this, right?" Cole stepped out of his swim trunks and tossed his shirt to the side.

"I'm sure you'll enjoy your payment."

Ellie turned her back to the spray and wet her hair. Grabbing the shampoo, she washed her hair as Cole looked on, watching her breasts shake as she scrubbed. A smirk quirked his mouth and he decided this particular 'detour' was one that was worthwhile. Ellie soaped up her hands instead of a washcloth- she was a little burnt, despite the sunscreen- and watched Cole's mouth water as she washed herself.

She paid particular attention to her breasts, letting her hands slide over her silky skin, cupping and lifting them, letting her nipples peek out from between her fingers. A muscle twitched in Cole's jaw. It did that when he was frustrated, or when he was trying to hold back. And at that moment, she wouldn't have been surprised if he would have attacked her.

Cole watched Ellie bathe herself, and he was surprised at how erotic it was just watching her wash her arms and legs. This woman did something to him that he didn't quite understand. It was deep, and it was primal. He wanted her, all of her, to be his until the end of time. Her hands slipped between her legs and she washed herself there, and Cole's eyes burnt a path to her soul.

"I think you're clean enough." Cole's voice was deep and gravelly.

Ellie's answer was a smile.

She rinsed herself off and they traded spots. Ellie slinked past him so that not an inch of their skin touched. Cole wet his hair and washed it quickly, while Ellie enjoyed the show. There was something erotic about the whole thing... not touching, only skin and eyes and fire.

Cole's upper body was deeply tanned from the outside work, and there was something sexy about it showing up through the cover of white suds. He washed his body quickly, much quicker than Ellie had. He wasn't putting on much of a show. He just wanted out of the shower and into the bedroom. He also neglected using a washcloth, and when his hands slipped to his cock, Ellie's lips parted and her chest rose and fell as she breathed a little more heavily.

He decided to tease her a little, slowly stroking himself more than was necessary to wash. Ellie glanced up at his face when she realized what he was doing, and Cole smiled, adding, "He'd already be inside you if you wouldn't have taken the scenic route."

Ellie sent him a mock glare and he laughed as he turned around to rinse. When he turned to face her again, his eyes were closed and as he wiped the water from them, he grunted in surprise as Ellie slid him into her mouth. Cole opened his eyes and looked down, and felt a jolt in his stomach as he met her eyes.

She had squatted down, and she looked up at him with the head of his cock in her mouth. Ellie kept eye contact as she slid him deeper...deeper...and only looked away when she had to as her nose bumped against his stomach.

"Good...God." Cole tipped his head back and braced his hands on the shower stall.

Ellie moved slowly, sliding his length from her mouth, then picked up the pace. She brought her hand up and grasped the base, holding him steady as her mouth moved. Her tongue swirled on him, her teeth raked gently down his length, and when she got to the tip, she sucked him between her lips. Letting her tongue flicker back and forth, she caught her breath, and then took him deep once more.

Cole had to get ahold of himself, or he was going to lose it right here, and that wasn't what he had planned. He opened his eyes and looked down at her, then slowly pulled his hips away.

"More later. Come on." He grabbed her under her arms and all but hauled her off her feet. He turned off the water quickly and half-dragged her to the bedroom. Neither had bothered to grab a towel.

Cole shoved Ellie onto the bed, and she laughed as she bounced. Cole climbed on right after she landed, and his mouth took hers roughly, his tongue delving to find hers. Ellie lifted her arms and tangled her fingers in his hair, pulling his head closer. She moaned in her throat and spread her legs farther, as Cole came to rest between them. She felt his cock, hot and hard, pressing against her inner thigh, and she wriggled, wanting him inside her.

Cole felt her moving, and he reached down, guiding his cock to her entrance. Belatedly he realized he needed to do some 'prep' work, but as he hit her center his cock slipped in. She was more than ready. He pulled his mouth from hers and looked down into her eyes as he pressed deeper inside of her. Ellie's eyes were half-shut, and she stilled as he made his way inside of her. With each inch, she felt more and more like she belonged to him. He moved his hand and propped himself above her, finally pinning her to the bed with his hips.

Ellie twitched her muscles around him and Cole's eyes widened. She smiled and tightened her arms around his neck, pulling him to her. Their skin was wet, still hot from the sun, and their mouths met once more, a slower dance of longing and lust and love. Cole rocked his hips against her, and Ellie lifted her legs, wrapping them around his waist. He slipped a bit deeper as the angle changed.

Cole began moving, slowly at first, and as their lips and tongues found each other, the urgency increase. His hips picked up tempo and their breathing became ragged. Ellie tightened herself around him, drawing him closer with her arms and legs, wanting to feel every bare inch of him against her skin. Cole had been waiting for her and wanting her for so long he wanted it to last forever, but he couldn't hold back.

Ellie sucked her bottom lip between her teeth and muffled a moan, bringing a hint of a smile to Cole's face. He moved above her, feeling himself about to burst, and Ellie's hips shot up against his as she came. Her walls thrummed around him as her orgasm washed through her, and Ellie panted with the relief of it. Cole thrust a few final times, grunting as he came, and let his weight rest on Ellie's quivering body.

After they collected themselves, Cole rolled to the side, completely spent and completely happy. It was then he realized Ellie was asleep. He smiled. She had had a busy day. Deciding to let her nap for a bit, Cole rolled out of bed and pulled on a pair of jeans. His phone buzzed on the dresser and he grabbed it. It was his mother again.

With a last glance at Ellie's sleeping form, Cole pulled the door shut and headed downstairs to call his mom back.

"There you are!"

Cole about jumped out of his jeans.

"Mom, my God. You scared the crap out of me."

"Well I wouldn't have to be sneaking around like an intruder if you would have just answered your phone." Frannie Lucas crossed her arms over her chest, waiting for a good reason.

"Sorry. We were at the creek. I told you that." Cole dropped a kiss to his mother's temple and brushed past her to the kitchen. His stomach grumbled.

"Where is Ellie?"

"Upstairs, napping." Cole dug into the picnic basket, all but polishing off one of the sandwiches in two bites.

"Good. I brought it. Are you sure this is what you want to do?" The older woman's eyes held shadows. She was worried about her son. This Ellie was a precious girl, but she had broken his heart once before...

"It is. The ring I bought five years ago just isn't right. It isn't big enough; I was broke as a joke. And, it represents a time I'd rather forget. This is us now, and I want something special."

Frannie dug in her purse and extended an old jewelers box to her son. His big hand closed around it, and he flipped open the lid. His grandmother's wedding set twinkled back at him. The center diamond was by itself, and it fit inside the band that was a circle of diamonds.

"I think it's pretty fitting...full circle and all that." Frannie looked meaningfully at her son.

"That's exactly why I wanted it." Cole smiled.

"I also brought your grandfather's band... I figure that they had such a good marriage and wonderful life, well, it wouldn't hurt." Frannie produced another box.

"Thanks a lot, Mom." Cole gave her a hug. "Now, is everything set for this evening?"

"Yep. See you at 8:30. Oh, don't forget." Frannie motioned at a garment bag that was draped over the kitchen chair.

"I won't. See you then."

Cole let Ellie nap for a while, then woke her up with a cup of coffee and a kiss.

"Wow, how long did a sleep?"

"A few hours. Do you feel refreshed?"

"Actually I do." Ellie stretched and sat herself up, accepting the cup gratefully.

"There's a party at the park tonight. Wanna go?"

"Hmm. Sure. What kind?"

"Um...I'm not sure what they're calling it. But it's sort of fancy. Mom stopped by and brought you something to wear. That's why she was calling earlier." Cole smiled inwardly. It wasn't a lie exactly.

"That sounds like fun."

The rest of the day passed slowly. Cole was nervous, and a little anxious. Finally around seven, he retrieved the box and got the solitary diamond out, hoping against hope it would fit her finger.

"Hey Ellie. Could you come here a minute?"

Ellie rounded the corner into the bedroom. She had just gotten out of the shower, and was starting to get ready for the party.

"I thought it might be nice to make it official in front of the town." Cole hit one knee. "Would you marry me, so ya don't have to pay me rent?"

"Oh my god!" Ellie laughed, and Cole grinned, extending the ring towards her.

"Don't keep me in suspense woman."

"Of course I will." Ellie's smile lit up the room, and possibly the whole house.

Cole slipped the ring on the correct finger and stood in one motion. Ellie barely had time to feast her eyes on it before Cole was pulling her up against him. She tilted her head back and found his mouth, sealing the deal with a kiss.

Ellie tried to concentrate on getting ready, but her eyes kept dropping to her finger. It was so unreal...She was going to be Cole's wife. Ellie Lucas. What she had dreamed of when she was a star struck teen was coming to pass, and she was a little disbelieving.

Cole came in and caught her gazing at the ring and his laugh announced his presence.

"I can't help it. It's gorgeous." Ellie shrugged one shoulder.

"Wait until you see the band." Cole grinned. "Oh. Here's your dress."

Ellie stood and Cole held the bag while she unzipped it. The dress was revealed; about knee-length, the white dress was light and summery, with a square neckline and empire waist.

"Oh, it's beautiful." Ellie's eyes glittered.

"Wait til you see the flowers."

"Flowers? Did you get me a corsage like we're going to prom?"

"Something like that." Cole smiled. "Now hurry up. We're going to be late."

The gazebo in the middle of town was covered in sprays of flowers. Peach tipped roses to be exact. The local caterer had been called in, and banquet tables were set up underneath tents. Tables and chairs were grouped together, waiting for the guests. Townspeople wandered, enjoying the feast, waiting for the show to start.

Cole parked his car and together, he and Ellie walked hand in hand to the center of the action.

"Wow, what a turnout. I'd say the whole town is here."

"I'd say you're right."

The closer they got, people began seeing them, and the word spread throughout the crowd. Frannie appeared, with her hands behind her back.

"Hello Ellie. It's good to see you again."

Coming from Cole's mother, it was about the last thing she expected to hear. But Ellie just smiled and agreed.

"You made my son happy years ago, and then you broke his heart. Now you're back, and you're making him happy again. For that, I thank you. You helped him grow as a man, and I think that from now on, you'll help each other grow. He loves you desperately." The older woman had tears in her eyes.

"Thank you." Ellie said simply.

Frannie pulled her arms from behind her back, showing off a bouquet made of the same yellow roses that graced the gazebo.

Ellie took them, slightly confused.

Cole stepped in front of her and dropped to one knee.

"Ellie, you already agreed to marry me. Will you marry me, right now?" He grinned.

"This...this is our wedding?" Ellie's voice squeaked.

"It is, if that's all right. If not, we'll make this our engagement party."

Ellie stared down into his ice blue eyes, and nothing felt more right.

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