One night in February he came to her, hungry, wanting her soft smooth skin under his fingertips, her warm wet tight pussy circling his cock. He had been in meetings all day and found himself at times daydreaming about slick pussies and round breasts, jolting himself back to reality when he realized the tent his cock was making in his Dockers. God he missed her but being with her was like taking a tiger by the tail, and he could never predict how the tiger might react. Would it swing around with a nasty bite or lie purring under his stroking hand?

He called her anyway, drawn to her energy and his pulse quickened at the sound of her soft voice. Yes she would love to see him; yes, dinner beforehand would be wonderful.

As she shaved for her evening out she considered that perhaps dinner might be skipped altogether. She carefully lathered up her mound and began deftly shaving her labia, its clefts and many folds. She noticed already that she was swollen, her pussy engorging with the memory of his cock in her. She had had other lovers before and since, but his ability to get into her mind was thrilling and frightening at the same time. She cherished each moment spent with him.

The present was all she had with him; always, always, he left with no future promise for tomorrow. His wife loved him, depended on him financially, and tolerated his outside forays into pornography but had no conscious knowledge of her husband's many affairs. His being married gave a desperate immediacy to their lovers' couplings. She had tried, he had tried many times to end it but they always found each other again.

Toweling off, putting on light makeup, she began the arduous task of sliding on garters and stockings. A soft black cashmere sweater, unbuttoned to where the shadows of her small perfect breasts began, a necklace, and high heels completed the look. Oh but wait...which skirt to wear? Should she wear a knee length skirt or a shorter one? She settled on the shorter skirt, her thighs climbing sleekly into the hem. She inspected herself in her gilt-framed mirror. Yes, she would do. She prayed a fervent prayer to the goddess of Eros that their relationship had weathered its most recent storm. She loved this man beyond reason and though she would wait for his process and need for sexual exploration to end. And if it never did, she would be much improved anyway. From the risk-laden thrill of loving an unavailable man

She loved him enough to have her heart jump when seeing his name come up on her cell phone, when he im'd her in that distinctive font. He was very sure of himself and his powers, and she met him toe to toe in all arenas but sexually. There, he demanded, directed, controlled her and she loved it.

The doorbell rang. She headed down the stairs, met him at the door, closed it behind him and sank to her knees at his feet. She reached for his zipper, her fingers trembling in their haste and desire.

He stood, watching her suck his swelling cock. Hard now throbbing, his salty precum making a long strand of silky cord between his swollen cockhead and her wet rough soft tongue. His breath caught in his throat. His fingers tangled in her soft hair, pulled her face close as she took in as much of his thick cock as she could manage.

She sucked greedily, noisily, looking up at him, her eyes glazed in lust. God, he loved this girl's mouth, her easily submissive ways, her sluttiness for his cock. In the flickering light of her front hall candle he saw the crop at her knees, next to her on the floor. Her wet mouth moved on him faster now as he held himself back from exploding down her throat.

"Get down and turn around", he said gruffly. He knew she would be wet for him; she always was when they played this game. She quickly complied, arching back into her curving ass. He lifted up her skirt, and pulled aside her garters. As he had asked, she was not wearing underwear. He could see the dew on her swollen lips. He sank to his knees on the hallway rug and as he held one hand palm down onto her upturned hips, he entered her with one deep thrust. She began to cry in pleasure, asking for more...

Their combined lust, their greediness for each other, their mingled moans bounced off her foyer walls. She finally surrendered to him as she began to cry in her orgasm.

He plowed into her, groaning with the warm slick feel of her, tight around his swollen cock. He liked to control, prolong his cumming as long as he could. OMG she was hot tonight; it had been two weeks since he had been in her oasis of a bed. Her round, perfect ass curved up towards him. He leaned over to hear her whisper, face shoved into the soft Persian rug, "I want you to take my ass."

"You want me to cum in your ass or your pussy tonight?" he murmured huskily in her ear. She paused only briefly, "my ass," she answered, knowing what this meant.

"You sure?" She nodded her head, barely perceptively.

His was the thickest cock she had ever taken. He pulled out of her warm cunt, and pushed his head into the puckered entry to her ass. His cockhead, whitely covered with her juices, pushed hard into her. She moaned as his head entered her. This act required complete focus from her as she relaxed into him, into the pain. He used no lube, demanding she take his cock covered with her juices, alone.

"Baby, go slowly," she whispered as he stopped his pushing. Again she relaxed until he was in to the hilt. As he began to rhythmically pound into her tight ass flower she began to moan and cry.

He reached around her to help her frig her clit with his finger. Her pussy was wet with her need and he began to let go.

"I want your cum, give it to me deep," she begged him.

"You want it, slut, you want it in your ass, hard" he cried, jaws clenched. He let go of her clit, and held both her hands in his behind her back now and he began to ride her, hard. He looked down to see his cock enter and pull out of her ass. As she began to cry with a combination of pleasure, release, and desire, he rocketed into his own orgasm with a loud roar. Hot, slick, deep, tight, around his cock as he shot a huge load, deeply, within her. He looked down at his hard cock thrusting until he had none left, then pulled out. Her assbud, still quivering, leaked his cum. He watched fascinated as his white spunk dripped from her now-swollen ass.

They lay on the carpet as he pulled her close in to spoon her, tenderly kissing her ear through the silk of her hair.

"Shall we go to dinner now?" he asked her. She sleepily replied, "I already ordered out, and dinner will be here in a few minutes."

At that moment came the knock of the door. They looked up to see the delivery man with his containers of food. From the expression on his face it was apparent that he had viewed the whole event, from the side window. He looked down at them now, dark eyes hot on her.

She stood, readjusting her skirts, smoothing her hair, straightening her stockings before opening the door and inviting him in.

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