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I was just sitting back and trying to think of some inspiration for my next story, when this memory flew into my consciousness. Before I knew it, the whole episode was saved onto my laptop. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did at the time, Reader!


Many thanks to MissBoePeep, Kirk and Rick for their help with editting this piece.


The water ran like fire down my face as I thrust my head into the full force of the shower. Blasting off the fuzziness of the night the water cleared my head and I wondered what time it must be. Four? Five maybe, we'd stopped off for food on the way back from Blazer's. My feet ached from wearing heels for so long.

Eyes screwed tightly against the wet heat, I twisted round and reached for the shelf where the shampoo should be. My arms waved wildly, meeting steamy air where normally the plastic bottle would be waiting. Cold hardness was pressed onto my waist and I thrashed about, the water making me splutter as I reeled and blinked, trying furiously to see what had assaulted my skin.

A giggle and a click, the door to the wetroom being pulled tight.

The coldness again, and my sight returned.

Sue laughed as she took the shampoo bottle away from my waist. Uncapping the bottle she poured the pearlescent shampoo, and it pooled into one of her small palms. Returning the bottle to its rightful place, she rubbed the goo between her hands and beckoned me to spin so that she could wash my hair.

My long black tresses were soon being foamed into a frothy lather around my shoulders. Sue worked the foam into my scalp; her fingers pressing into my head. The vodka coursing through my bloodstream made its presence known as she squeezed the foam into the roots of my hair, a wooziness making me feel dizzy. I closed my eyes and let her wash away the traces of cigarette smoke. The vile stuff always clung to my hair after a night out. Why was it that the best places to spend the night dancing also housed the thickest smog clouds?

My thoughts returned from their alcohol-fuelled reverie as Sue pressed herself against me, forcing me to step back and into the stream of water. I closed my eyes and felt the warmth sliding down my shoulders, my hair falling back between my shoulder blades and down to my waist as it released the fragrant foam to the water. Her hands pulled my hair back and rinsed the last of the soap from it.

"You always close your eyes when you're under the shower. Yyou remind me of a wet mole!" Sue's voice reverberated slightly against the steam and tiles as I heard a click, the lid of the conditioner. She manhandled my head away from the jet and began to run the cold fluid onto my head.

"I hate water in my eyes, I always have. The kids at school used to laugh because I wouldn't put my head under the water in swimming class," I replied. "Besides, its all the more reason for you to run me a bath instead. It's much more relaxing."

"Yes, but then I don't get to sneak up on you!" she giggled again as she reached behind me and pressed the bottle of conditioner into the soft curve of my lower back. I fought the urge to squeal, remaining statuesque as I heard her put the bottle back. She massaged my head. I imagined her behind me, teetering on tiptoes to coat my raven hair in the slick pink liquid. "And I think you look cute like that, moley."

I grimaced. Sue always came up with the cutest pet names, which she then relished to call me while we were out in town.

"Moley now? You know, it's hard keeping up a Goth appearance when your girlfriend calls you Snugglebum in front of the bartender. Can't you think of something less saccharine?"

"Nope, sorry Snuggles, I can't be anything but honest. It is snugly."

She grabbed me by the buttocks and swivelled us gently, taking her turn under the water. Her golden hair glistened as it began to soak up the water, a vivid contrast against the blue tiling. Eyes wide open, she reached for the shampoo and lathered up as I stood and admired her. Her lids were flashed with peacock blue, a deep green lapped along the underside on the outer edges and thick black mascara outlined the largest, most sparkling pair of ice blues I'd ever seen.

As she finished lathering her hair, I passed her the facial wash, it's neat little tube snapping open and I squeezed a dollop into her hand. Black nail polish, small fingers. My girl's hands matched my own except for their petite size.

Closing her eyes, Sue brought her hands to her face and delicately circled the cleanser, bringing off the rainbow colours into a muddy sludge. Mascara rivulets coursed down her slender neck and poured like the river Styx before vanishing in the floodwater of the main jet pounding along her form.

For a moment I thought her the perfect crying angel.

I saw my chance. I took it.

I grabbed the shower gel and whisked the clip top to the side. Pointing it at her chest, I gave it a hard squeeze. An instantaneous rope of pale blue translucent goo emerged from its top and splattered against her chest, just under her left collarbone, and trailed itself down along her breast. The goo kept flowing as I did my best to empty the bottle between her glorious cleavage and down onto her belly. Sue squealed, jumping as if I had connected her up to the mains.

Shampoo, face wash and blue shower gel ran down her body and into the puddle of foam at her feet. Her eyes clenched tightly against the soap. She bent and forced her hands forwards to fend off her attacker. I dropped the shower gel bottle into the rapids below.

Grabbing her wrists neatly and bundling them into one hand, I brushed the soap from her eyes and rinsed my fingers under the water and rubbed again, making sure that her blues were free from soap. The cold shower gel mess pressed against my belly and right bosom, and I was reminded how much taller than my elfin partner I was.

"Now who's the mole, moley," I breathed into her ear.

"OK, OK, you win Snugglebum."

I shook my head, the cooling wet hair waving along my back and I spun her to the side, squishing us both in to share the warmth of the water. "You look even cuter when you're surprised, honey." I met her gaze and grinned as she broke into a smile. "Now come here and finish getting washed up."

As Sue took to rinsing off the remnant of shampoo and cleanser, I made the most of having her midriff to myself. Her breasts rounded as her hands were lifted to drag through her hair. Nipples raised, tempting me to nibble. If it weren't for the threat of a mouthful of soap...I almost regretted my choice of ammunition. Still, easily remedied. My hands ran up the soapy-slick sides of her ribcage and converged on her globes, my thumbs pressing gently into that softest of flesh beneath her nipples. I cupped round the outside of each sizeable mass and slid over, my fingertips pulling her flesh towards me. The gel slid between my palms and her breasts as I massaged them lovingly.

Perhaps a little too lovingly.

"Babe," she said, giggling. "I'm fairly sure my tits aren't that dirty."

I loved her breasts, far too big for the rest of her torso. She was a true hourglass, emphasized by years of corset wearing. I let my hands drop to her waist and pulled her as close as I could.

Her eyes opened as she leant in, gazing up at me. We were day and night, her blond hair to my black, those topaz blues far outshining my deep chocolate-dark brown ones.

The water continued to pour, slithering along our joined bodies, keeping us just warm enough to languish. Sue pulled the last of the water from her hair and tilted herself away from the splashing torrent. Our bellies and breasts slithered too, the gel still thick on her breasts. Gently she pushed me away and leant my back against the tiles. The shower head angled over her back now and I imagined the stream snaking its way between her buttocks.

Leaning downwards my lips found hers as she pressed against my slippery skin. She tasted of sweet cola, her breath warm and sugary. My hands splashed in the water, coiled again around her waist. Kissing a woman, this woman, was always so different to kissing a man. Sue responded to my insistent pressure by writhing her tongue against my lower lip and into my mouth hungrily. There was never any hurry in her kisses yet somehow they made me feel her urgency. I drew a finger along her cheekbone, feeling down to her jaw line. Cradling her head in both hands, I kissed her deeply, my fingers fanning out into her wet hair and along the back of her neck.

Her hips pushed against me involuntarily, my ownership of her head and the kiss turning her on in a way that she found irresistible. At a full eight inches taller than her, I couldn't help but take the more masterful role in our partnership. When I met Sue for the first time, it was as model and photographer. She placed an ad in a magazine we both read, for young "alternative" models for her derelict building shots. She needed someone, male or female, who wouldn't object to a bit of law-bending, breaking into sites for her photo shoots and also involving nudity. I'd never done anything like that before. I wasn't a natural exhibitionist, but I thought her ideas sounded interesting.

A week after writing, I sat naked on rough floorboards in an abandoned mental institute. The sound of the shutter puncturing the hum of distant traffic worked as a strange aphrodisiac, not to mention the stunningly curvaceous woman operating the camera, and soon not only was I shivering from the cold but from the desire I held for this woman and the fear that she might not be open to any kind of advances. She had mentioned a boyfriend. After two hours of chilling shots in the asylum, having been asked to look everything from "vacant" to "abused", staring into space, I ached from top to toe. She finally told me it was time to wind it up and to just look natural as she finished the last roll of film. I couldn't help it; I threw caution to the wind and touched myself.

The shutter clicked as I went from gazing at her hungrily, my breasts in my hands, to orgasming there on the floorboards, my hair sweeping up the dust as I squirmed on my fingers for her in front of the camera. My eyes closed in my moment of bliss; I felt a careful and gentle touch on my face.

Back in the shower, she pulled out of the kiss.

"What'cha thinkin about? You're breathing like a steam train." Her hands lingered on my waist, her eyes peering up at me.

"Just the first time we met, little one. I think the vodka has made me nostalgic." I met her gaze, wondering how she became more beautiful every time I looked at her.

"Ahhhh. The first time I got my hands on you, we were both shivering. You from the cold and me from excitement! I never thought my model would turn me into a slutty pornographic photographer. It was meant to be art until you started being a brazen Amazon on film for me."

A smile played its way over her lips before being bitten into submission, her bottom lip suddenly clenched between her teeth. A look that always made my pussy walls clench in on themselves and now was no different. I could feel my chest and neck flush with arousal as I watched that lip.

"You know, until I met you the idea of kissing a woman never even figured in my dreams." The lip was released to allow her words to caress me. "Then all you have to do is get all libidinous in a derelict building and before you know it," her fingers began to slide their way down from my waist towards my shaven cunt, "you've gotten me naked and freezing cold, a broken wheelchair pressed in my back and your hair draped on my thighs." Her fingers reached the edge of my mound, the closely shaven skin beginning to cleave apart over my pelvis. Deftly she pushed her index finger between my labia and ran it quickly back, sliding swiftly over my emerging clitoris and further until she entered my pussy. Swirling her digit around she gave me the briefest of thrills before dragging her hand back and up to her face.

"If I'd have known it could be so sweet," she said as she ran her finger along that errant bottom lip," I never would have left it so long to discover the pleasure of women." She pulled her lip into her mouth, biting and sucking on it deviously, tasting me. She then leant up for a kiss, clashing her lips against mine then weaving her finger into our tangle. A trace of my own musk slipped into the kiss as her finger stole into our moment. I tasted her clean fingerprint, her finger beginning to wrinkle in the damp shower, before being replaced by her tongue once more. My foot moved of its own accord and swept itself behind her calf, entwining us at the ankle.

Her hands caressed their way along my ribcage as they wove down towards my hips. Her body leaned into mine as our kiss deepened. Fingertips on my right hip. Her right hand moved to the wall, steadying her weight as her wrist slid past my arm.

Her left hand was impatient. Her fingers pulled away only to be replaced between my upper thighs as she wriggled her way in, making me take a wider stance on the tiled floor. Her body leaned in more forcefully and I gasped out, partly from the shock of the cold tiles as my buttocks squashed against them and partly as her fingers delved unquestioningly between my pussy lips.

"You're in a rush this morning, sugar," I mumbled into the kiss.

"You know who will be waking up for work any time baby, and I don't want him spoiling our time together. You're mine."

The irony of her statement grated on me. Liam was her boyfriend; if anyone should be worried about being interrupted it was me. He was happy for Sue to play out with me but it was on the understanding that anything more than a kiss was shared between the three of us. I preferred to keep it just Sue and me.

I started to wriggle free from her clutches, the moment tarnished by the mention of her boyfriend. Before I could regain my balance away from the wall, Sue forced two fingers inside me and curled them against the wall of my cunt.

"Where do you think you're going, pussycat. You don't get away that easily, minxy."

Her breath was warm against my neck as she bent her head to plant a wet, open-mouthed kiss above my collarbone.

"You think you can make doe eyes at me whilst being fondled by that creep of a guy in Blazers and get away with leaving me hot and bothered now? I saw him with his hands up your skirt, you staring at me over his shoulder while his fingers must have been making you nice and wet for me."

Another kiss, on my collar this time, as her fingers pressed further into me. Her palm cradled against me, squashing my lips closed against my clit. I could feel myself swelling down there as she pulsated her hand against me, a tingling sensation growing between my legs in response to her direct assault.

She mumbled against my skin, planting kisses over the top of my breasts between sentences.

"I love the games we play when we're out."

Fluttering kisses merged on my chest.

"Like when you tease my pants aside on the dance floor and I think everyone must be able to smell me, you make me so hot."

Another flutter, lower this time, in the centre of my breasts. Fingers burrowing in my pussy, teasing the flesh of my walls and around the softness of my spot.

"The way you look at me while you make out with men, like tonight."

Her eyes looking up at me this time as she viciously digs deeper between my legs. I can't help but moan, my clit jarred into action by her needful thrusting. Her hand sets up a throbbing, rocking motion. Those blue eyes staring up at me are those of a predator and I can feel myself oozing onto her fingers with desire.

I watch as she grazes her teeth along the tops of my breasts, her lips dragging along the steam-coated flesh. I'm quivering on her fingers, the sound of the shower still pattering down her back as she stoops to tend to my breast. Blood red against snowy skin, she teases my flesh with her lascivious licks and kisses.

"I just love how naughty you are for me!" She snarled this against my nipple, and I tremble. She's vital, animalistic, and her fingers are making my pussy snarl back at her. I can feel my orgasm building. I should be ashamed at how quickly, deftly she can bring me off. She must know how much power she has over me with her touches.

Her voice is thick with arousal. "Can we play the hunting game tonight? I love that one." I slide down the wall as she straddles my thigh, her heat pressing against my leg. Her mound presses tightly against my flesh. Circling her hips as she pleases herself on my leg, she slips a third finger into my swollen pussy. Lyrically her swaying matches the thrumming of her fingers inside me and I moan as she looks up at me again. My nipple floats in front of her lips and I think to myself, all you need to do is take that into your mouth and I'm going to cum.

She chatters insistently, ignoring my pink flesh bobbing by her mouth. I want to grind against her palm, force her to bring my climax on, but we're delicately balanced, her weight making me brace against the wall and leaving her entirely in control of my orgasm. She's talking about the game; we play it when we go to one of our favourite clubs that is full of dark corners and secluded nooks. Taking in turns to pick a "prey" man, we use each other and our full woman-on-woman charm to entice the prey into a corner. It used to be for a kiss, but last time the game had been upped and my success had been pinned on me giving the prey a blowjob.

"Every time I masturbate now I can't help but think of you going down on that guy, you looked so sexy. But it's your turn to pick tonight" she was saying, her lips grazing the tip of my nipple and making me pant. "But it'll have to be back to kisses, I can't cheat on Liam."

I growled at her and gave up being a good girl, waiting politely for her to let me drown her fingers in my juices. I thrust my thigh up into her, forcefully enough to elicit a groan as her honey coated my skin. Swivelling us ninety degrees, I pinioned her up against the back wall of the wetroom and shushed her with a deep kiss before she questioned me. The water from the shower was scalding the back of my neck as we sheltered under the showerhead.

My tongue fought for supremacy and soon I was thrusting into her throat passionately, her breath fast on my cheek. She clawed up at my breasts, grabbing the flesh with sudden desperation. She moaned into my mouth, and writhed her cunt onto my leg. I grabbed one of her wrists and pressed her hand back to my soaked pussy.

"Not only will you stop wittering on about your half-wit partner" I growled as I reluctantly pulled away from our kiss, "but you will make me cum, you cruel little pussytease."

Sue moaned as I dragged my thigh further up her crease, her heat spreading over it. Her face was the picture of desire, and her fingers renewed their efforts inside me. Her head bowed, her free hand bringing my breast to her mouth as we tangled together there in the shower. My blood surged. I felt her splay her legs wider as if to take my thigh into her.

I tipped my head back to feel the shower suddenly pounding its scalding power onto my face. Behind the roaring of its jetting water I could hear the slopping of Sue's hand as she took to pounding my pussy with her hand. Withdrawing her fingers to their tips, then thrusting back in again, she fucked my pussy quickly. Her palm hit my clit sharply and soon her thrusts brought me back to the edge of orgasm. My head snapped forwards, hot water spilling down my face as I panted suddenly and desperately, gasping for air and swallowing boiling water with it.

I stood there, dripping water down my drooping head and onto her hair below as she chewed on my breast, sending shocks of hot pleasure down to my cunt. My pussy was clenching at her fingers, begging them not to leave this time, a mixture of water and my honey sliding and splashing over her hand as she forced her digits into me. I began to groan uncontrollably, the combination of her ministrations to my breast and hot finger fucking too much for me now. She gave one final thrust before mashing her hand against me, two fingers inside me, the rest of her hand squeezing against my clit and labia. Delicious fire lapped at my clit before bursting and filling my whole cunt as I screamed out my pleasure. One hooked wriggle of her fingers and another blast of heat threatened to bring me to my knees. Water poured down my neck unnoticed as I abandoned myself to her, my whole body struggling to maintain some kind of balance as I quivered in bliss. I thought I would faint, the imploding ecstasy so strong.

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