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This story is a work of fiction. All of the characters and events are fictional. All characters portrayed in this story are over eighteen years of age. This story portrays graphic, consensual lesbian sex and masturbation. If you are in an area where reading this is illegal or you are offended by any of this then stop reading now.

Special thanks to Vella_MS for her work as my editor.

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"Hey Jessica, wanna grab a coffee?"

Jessica turned to look up into the dark eyes and warm smile of Suki, the new girl in her department. She had only known the slender Japanese girl for a few months but they were already becoming good friends, at least at work.

Jessica smiled up at her, "Yeah, I think I could use the caffeine this morning, let's go."

A few minutes later they were walking over to a bench that overlooked the parking lot in front of the office building.

"Well, the view's not much but fresh air helps." Jessica said as she sat down. "Thanks for coming to get me. I really needed to get out of that box this morning." Jessica said as she sipped at the steaming cup of black coffee.

Suki smiled, "I can see why. You must spend sixty or seventy hours a week in that cubicle. Honestly, I don't know how you do it. I think I'd go insane."

"I'm not so sure that I'm not." Jessica sighed softly as she stared off into the distance. After a few moments she continued, "I used to think that I was driven, you know, a career woman and all that shit. But after being with this company for five years I'm still in the same job, same cubicle, same small pay raises…" She trailed off and sighed again. She paused then resumed, "My whole life has been work for all that time and I think I'm just done. You know… burnt out. I think I really need a change, maybe a vacation, a long vacation. Hell, maybe even a whole new life."

Suki looked at her friend with concern etched into the corners of her dark Asian eyes, "When was the last time you went out anyway?"

Jessica barked out a short, humorless laugh and rolled her head back, looking up at nothing. "I can't even remember."

"A date?"

Jessica looked back down and stared at her coffee for a moment before answering. "Three, maybe four years ago, I don't really know."

"Babe, you need to get out more." A mischievous grin began to play at the corners of her lips, "Why don't we go out on Friday?"

"Oh, I don't know…" Jessica hedged.

"Come on, I'll be fun. There's this great little club I go to all the time. I promise you'll have a great time." She grasped Jessica's arm, "Please, you'll have a good time, I promise! Please!"

Suki looked so eager and hopeful that Jessica couldn't say no. "I guess…"

"Great!" Suki practically lunged at Jessica as she wrapped her in tight hug. "I know you'll have a great time."

As she drew back she knocked over her small purse, spilling its contents across the bench and onto the ground. "Oh, shit."

As Suki started putting things back into the purse, Jessica leaned over to pick up whatever had fallen on the ground. Looking under the bench she saw only two items, a tube of lip gloss and what looked to be some kind of small remote control. As she picked them up and started to place them on the bench, the wording on the remote caught her eye. "X-citer 136" was written in purple flowing script. Jessica turned the remote around in her hand and studied it a little more. It was about the size of a car alarm remote, maybe a little bigger, but instead of being black with three or four buttons, it was white with about ten small, multi colored buttons. Over the buttons was a small display screen that was flashing a single word; "READY".

Holding it up, Jessica asked, "What's this?"

Suki looked up from refilling her purse and abruptly her face went scarlet. "Oh, it's just a remote." She held out her hand. "I'll take it."

Jessica looked at it again, "A remote to what? An X-citer? What's that?"

Suki looked a little nervous and she reached out a hand to take the remote, "Oh it's nothing really. It's just a…" As her hand pulled the remote from Jessica's hand Suki suddenly let out a startled gasp as her body seemed to go taught. Her eyes closed tight and her hands balled into fists. She leaned forward, her head tipping down till her chin rested on her chest. Little groaning noises tried to escape her mouth but she kept her lips tightly sealed.

Jessica stared at her friend in alarm, wondering if she was having some kind of seizure. "Suki! Suki, are you alright?!"

The hand that wasn't holding the remote reached out and grasped Jessica's thigh, giving it a hard squeeze as one long, low groan finally escaped her.

Finally the slim Japanese girl seemed to relax a little and she was able to nod slightly. A few seconds more and she gasped out, "Yes… yes, I'm fine." She took a few deep breaths and finally smiled sheepishly, "I'm ok." Sweat beaded her brow and she was trembling slightly.

"You didn't look to ok a minute ago. You still don't look too ok. What the hell was that all about?" Jessica asked with concern.

After a few more deep breaths, Suki spoke, "That was my implant." She closed her eyes and inhaled softly, "I just activated it by accident with that remote."

Completely adrift, Jessica asked, "What did it do? Did it hurt you or something? I'm sorry, I shouldn't have picked it up," she stammered, "I'm so sorry."

Suki laughed, "No it didn't hurt me. The implant doesn't cause pain…" She looked around for a moment as if to make sure no one was close by, then paused as she looked at Jessica. Finally she seemed to make a decision of some kind and continued, "It's a sexual stimulator."

Jessica starred blankly as her brain tried to make sense Suki's words. "A sexual stimu… like a… like a… a…" she broke off and it was her turn to look around to see if anyone was close by. Not seeing anybody she continued softly, "Like a vibrator?"

Suki giggled, "No, no, no… much better than a vibrator." She sighed and whipped sweat off her brow. "It's a small device that gets injected inside you and directly stimulates your nervous system. It can stimulate all kinds of sexual responses, from low-level arousal all the way up to instant climax. Trust me," she smirked, "its light years ahead of vibrators and other sex toys."

Jessica wasn't exactly a prude but she was taken a little aback by Suki's sudden frankness about sex toys and vibrators. She was about to take another sip of her coffee to cover her surprise when her mind finally put it all together and her hand froze.

"So did you just… did you… when that button got pressed… was that…" Her mouth didn't seem to be cooperating and she couldn't get the words out.

A twisted little smile played across Suki's lips and she raised one delicate eyebrow, "Did I what?" She waited as if she wanted to hear Jessica say it.

"Did you… well, you know. Did you…" She trailed off embarrassed.

Suki looked at her friend, her face going a little red again but the small mischievous smile was still in place, "Did I just cum?"

It was Jessica's turn to blush as she slowly nodded.

Suki's smile turned dreamy, "Oh yes, I certainly did."

Her friend's frank admission sent a sudden and unexpected thrill through Jessica and she realized that she was squeezing her legs tightly together. She forced herself to relax and tried to get a grip on herself. She wondered why Suki having a climax right in front of her would give her such a sudden thrill. She closed her eyes for a second and took a deep breath. When she opened her eyes she saw Suki still had that dreamy smile on her face. Looking at the smile, Jessica couldn't keep her curiosity in check, "Was it, well, you know….was it good?"

Suki's smile widened, "Oh, yes. They all are with the implant."


"Really. It's like nothing else in the world." Suki said with a broad smile. "It's the best fuck you can imagine, hands down."

Jessica was squeezing her thighs together again and she recognized the warm feeling spreading through her stomach. She felt strange to be discussing something like sex with Suki. She felt comfortable with the beautiful Japanese girl but she hadn't known her very long. Still, something about her made Jessica want to open up to her and pour her heart out. Just being around Suki made her feel comfortable and safe from everything. It was a wonderful and at the same time troubling feeling for Jessica. She was used to being a bit of a loner and solitary, relying only on herself. She had never felt this way about anyone before and was a new experience for her. She had always imagined that this was what true love would be like, but the fact that she felt like this towards another woman worried her. She took another sip of her coffee to stall while her mind churned.

Finally, unable to keep her curiosity in check but trying to sound casual, Jessica asked, "So where did you get it?"

Suki's smile turned sly, "Interested?"

Jessica's felt her cheeks flush anew. "Well… I… um… no I… well…"

Suki reached out and gripped Jessica's hand again, "Babe, there is nothing to be embarrassed about, I already have one, remember? So I'm certainly not going to say anything."

Jessica looked away for a time and stared blankly at the small tree next to their bench. Finally she worked up the nerve to ask, "Did it hurt? Having it put in, I mean."

"Yes, a little, but it was fast. They inject it with this kind of big syringe looking thing. It stung, but the whole procedure only lasted a few minutes."

"Was it really worth it?" Jessica asked.

"Absolutely. It was a little expensive, but I have never been happier." Suki smiled.

"How expensive?"

Suki paused, "Three thousand dollars including the procedure."

That rocked Jessica back. "That is expensive." A pause, "But it was truly worth it?"

Suki's eyes twinkled and she smiled slyly, "Still interested?"

"I'll have to think about it." Jessica put off giving any kind of definite answer.

"I'll email you the info about it when I get back to my desk." She looked at her watch, "We really should be getting back now anyway. I'll see you later. I have to go freshen up after that little incident." With a sly wink she turned and was gone.

About twenty minutes later at her desk an email popped up from Suki, it was a phone number and a link to a website.

Jessica pulled up the website and read through the literature. She spent most of the rest of the day reading and rereading the advertisements. The more she read the more interested she became. Promises of "Unequaled sexual release" and "Never before experienced pleasure" seemed far fetched, but Suki had said how good it was. She was sure that her friend would not lie to her about how wonderful the implant was.

By two o'clock she had made up her mind. She picked up the phone and dialed the number Suki had given her.

After a couple of rings a soft, feminine voice answered, "Madam Alexandra's".

"Ummm, I was calling about the, uh, the..." She lowered her voice, "the X-citer."

"Oh, yes, of course. Were you looking for information or to schedule a procedure?"

"To schedule a procedure." Jessica replied in a shy voice.

"Excellent." There was a pause on the other end and the sound of computer keys being tapped. "Well, we're currently scheduling for the tenth of September." Another pause, "But I just had a cancellation this morning. If you can be here by three I can do you today."

She thought for a moment. She had hoped to have a few days to build up her courage, but to wait till September? That was three months away. She made a quick decision.

"I'll be there by three."

"Excellent. And your name?" The voice asked.

"Jessica Williams."

"Thank you Jessica. I look forward to seeing you." There was a click and the line went dead.

Jessica cleaned off her desk, called her boss to tell her that she was leaving early and walked out the door.

Less than an hour later she was standing in front of Madam Alexandra's shop. She was a little surprised to see that it was actually a day spa offering massages, facials and other alternative therapies.

As she walked into the small, comfortably furnished waiting room, a soft chime sounded. Shortly, a petite black woman with long curly hair came out of the back room and smiled warmly up at her. "Would you be Jessica?" The woman's voice was surprisingly deep with a faint Jamaican accent.

"Yes, I'm Jessica."

"Excellent. I'm Madam Alexandra, please follow me." She led the way through the back door, down a narrow flight of stairs, and into a small room whose walls were painted in soft earth tones. The lighting was dim and pleasant instrumental music was playing. The only furniture in the room was a single chair, a stool, a small cabinet and a massage table.

The woman turned the light up, picked up a clipboard and pointed to a white robe hanging on the wall. "If you could please fill out all of this paperwork and then remove all of your clothes. I will also need your credit card."

Jessica handed over the card and took the clipboard.

"Thank you. I'll be back in about ten minutes and then we can do the procedure." She walked out closing the door behind her with a soft click.

Jessica filled out the stack of papers, which were mostly legal waivers and emergency contact info with a handful of other disclaimers mixed in. She stripped off her clothes, leaving them on the chair. Wearing only the robe sat down on the edge of the comfortably padded massage table.

After a few more minutes of waiting, the door handle clicked and Alexandra walked in. "Ok, your credit card was approved so we can proceed if you're ready." She said as she took the clipboard and flipped through making sure that all the papers were signed.

"Yes, I'm ready." Jessica forced herself to say. She still couldn't believe she was doing this. The rational part of her mind was screaming at her to just get up and walk out but the long repressed emotional side was finally winning a battle. For once, she was going to do something for herself. She was going to do something reckless, senseless and spontaneous.

"I need you to lie back, close your eyes and relax. I'll do all the work." she turned to the cabinet and started pulling out several items.

Jessica lay down and tried to calm her breathing and slow her racing heart. She jerked slightly when the woman pulled open the bottom of her robe, exposing her sex.

"Oh, you came in on such short notice I forgot to tell you, you need to be clean shaven for the procedure." The woman said with an apologetic voice.

Disappointment started to cloud Jessica's world. "So I can't have it done today?"

"Oh, no… I'll just have to shave you first." Alexandria said as she bent to retrieve more medical paraphernalia. "Please spread your legs so I can do this quickly."

Embarrassed, Jessica spread her legs a little and lay back down, suddenly feeling very exposed and even more naked. She tried not to twitch as she felt the woman spread the cool shave gel on her crotch. She felt even more mortified when the cold razor started sliding over her sensitive skin. She tried not to think of what the woman was seeing but it was impossible to ignore the quick expert strokes.

Before long, she felt a warm towel rubbing over her and she sat up a little to look. She didn't even recognize herself. The smooth, bare mound seemed so naughty to her. She had never shaved herself completely before and was surprised to see how sexy it looked. She wondered how it felt and was just lifting her hand when the woman started to turn around.

"Next I have to clean you, apply some topical pain killer, then I can install your implant." She held up a bottle of alcohol and gauze pads. "Please lie back down."

Jessica felt the cool sting of the alcohol on her freshly shaved mound followed by a warm lotion that was applied with a cotton ball.

"That will take a minute to numb the area. When it kicks in, I will inject your implant." She waited a little while then, "Are you ready?"


"Hold still, this will sting."

Jessica felt a pressure on her mons, just above her clit then there was a sharp, stabbing pain that caused Jessica to cry out with the shock of it. The pain was gone before she could dwell on it.

"That's it, you are all done." Alexandria was putting away items in the cabinet as Jessica opened her eyes and sat up. "I'll let you get dressed, then we'll go over the implant, how it works, the remote control and any questions you may have."

Jessica got dressed and the woman came back with a small box and a booklet. She sat on the stool and asked Jessica to sit on the table again.

"This is your remote and instruction book. It's all pretty easy to understand so I'll just go over the basics with you."

For the next few minutes she showed Jessica all of the basic features of her implant and how to operate it.

"You should wait at least three days before you use the implant because of the damage done to the tissue when it was injected. Also, the implant needs time to adapt itself to your nervous system or it won't function properly. But after that there should be no problems."

"Do I ever have to charge it or change the batteries or something?" asked Jessica, feeling a little overwhelmed.

"No. It uses such minute amounts of power that it actually recharges itself using only your body movement. As you walk it moves a magnet inside that generates a very small electrical charge, which recharges a miniature power cell." She smiled, "So it's basically maintenance free. The only battery to change is in the remote and even that is a lithium battery that should be good for five or six years of normal use."

Jessica thanked Alexandria for her time and help before leaving for home.

For the next three days Jessica was able to think about nothing but the implant. She wondered constantly what it would be like when she turned it on for the first time. Would it be as good as Suki had promised?

Suki had been beside herself with excitement when she found out the Jessica had gotten an implant. They went to coffee on the third morning and Suki showed her how the remote control worked and gave her a few tips on using it. The coffee time lesson left Jessica feeling a little flustered and uncomfortably warm. It also left her with very damp panties.

Jessica rushed home from work, tore off her jacket and sat on her bed with the remote held tightly in her hands. She wondered if she should have her clothes on or off. She finally decided that off was best and stripped down to her underwear. After a moment's hesitation, that came off to. Her slim body shivered in the cool, air conditioned room as she lay down on the bed. She looked at the small white remote control in her hand with no small amount of trepidation. Her finger hovered above the activate button but she couldn't make herself push down. "You're being foolish." She told herself. "You just paid a small fortune for this damn thing and you've been waiting for three days to use it, now you're afraid."

She held her breath and punched one of the buttons. "AROUSAL LVL 1" came up on the screen. She pushed "ENTER".

Immediately a warm flush seemed to wash through her body and she sighed. It wasn't as intense or scary as she had imagined, it was a wonderful, pleasant glow. She closed her eyes and reveled in the feeling. Her mind drifted on the warm waves of the arousal. It was like what she felt when she started to masturbate or when she was wrapped in a serious fantasy. Not a strong, hot sexual feeling, just an aroused blush.

After a few minutes, she decided to experiment and turned up the remote to level three. The warmth increased and she felt her nipples stiffen as the stimulation became more intense. A small moan escaped her lips as pleasure spread through her body like ripples on a pond.

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