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Remote Control: Channel 03



He was finding it hard to concentrate in class today. Miss Ripley looked exceptionally sexy today. It was hard for his Psychology professor to not look sexy, but in the tight fitting business suit she was wearing today, she looked so absolutely naughty.

And if he could keep his mind off of his teacher, it just went to the television sitting in his living room. He knew that it had to be a mistake that it was delivered to him, just knew it, but he had no intentions on finding out who it did belong to any time soon. Especially after that session with Britney. Oh but what torture to have such an amazing piece of hardware at his fingertips and not be able to use it. Another reason why he couldn't stay focused on the lecture. He was dying to talk to Eugene after class. He hoped that he could convince him to take a look at the set and help him figure out a way to maintain some sort of power source to keep the television from blowing circuits all over town. Yup, school seemed at the bottom of the list today for Ricky Long.

He sighed and tried like hell to make it to the end of class.


Ricky's chin slipped off the palm of his hand and his head snapped up, the sharp ringing of the bell in his head. He looked around, blinking the sleep out of his eyes. The class was already packed up and heading out the door. He jumped up and looked for Eugene, catching a glimpse of him as he was walking out of the classroom.

"Shit," he said to himself. He didn't want another whole week to get him over to the house. He grabbed his books and pushed his way through the class to chase after him.

He was gaining on Eugene, nearly catching him just outside of the classroom door when he heard Miss Ripley calling his name. Her voice sweet and commanding all rolled into one. He stopped in the doorway, looking out into the hall to catch what direction Eugene was heading then turned to face Miss Ripley.

"Ah, yes Miss Ripley?" he said quickly.

She headed over to him, taking off the dark rimmed glasses she wore as she did. "Is everything all right Ricky? I noticed you nodding off today."

He looked down the hall again, watching Eugene turn out of sight. "Sure Miss Ripley. Everything is great, just a late night last night," he said, turning to face her as he spoke. "You know how that is."

She looked at him concerned. "Mmm all right. You know you can talk to me-"

Ricky started backing out of the classroom, smiling at his teacher. "I'm so sorry Miss Ripley. I-I really got to go." He finished, turned and ran down the hall after Eugene. She watched him, shaking her head and smiling to herself.

Ricky was pushing people out of the way, apologizing as he went, turning where Eugene turned. It was The Quad. A huge atrium area in the middle of campus, usually packed with people, kinda like today. "Fuck," he said, scanning the open area. He panned slowly, hoping to catch a glimpse of him. It wasn't until he looked all the way across The Quad that he saw him, sitting at the far end reading a book. "Thank you," glad that he didn't have to run and force his way through the crowd.

Ricky walked up to Eugene and sat down next to him. "Hey Eugene."

Eugene looked up and pushed his thick, black glasses up the bridge of his nose. He was a scrawny kid. Pale, pasty skin. Thin black hair parted on one side and brushed all the way over to the other. The kind of kid that wore a pocket protector, fully loaded with pens, pencils and slide ruler. "Oh, hi Ricky," he said in his mousy voice. "What's up?"

"Nothing, nothing," Ricky said, pausing for a long time. He felt weird just coming out and asking him to come over to his house. "So. Great class huh?"

"Hmmph. It's all right I guess. I didn't want to take it, but it's required," Eugene said, shrugging his shoulders.

"Right, right," Ricky looked around The Quad, thinking of what to talk about. "That Miss Ripley sure is a fox."

Eugene looked down into his book, "I suppose."

"Fuck it," Ricky thought to himself, wanting to get to the point. "Hey, you're majoring in engineering right?" he said.

"Yeah," Eugene said, looking up from his book, curious at the question.

"So you know about electronics and stuff?" Ricky pressed.

"Yeah, I suppose. Why?"

"Well?" Ricky thought for a second as to how he was going to tell him. "I'm having a problem that I thought maybe you could help me with."

"What kind of problem?" Eugene asked, closing his book.

"Well, I got this new, um, TV and..," Ricky struggled for the words, hoping that he could skirt around what the television really did, ..." it keeps blowing the power in the house," he finished, keeping it simple for now.


"Well, I was hoping that maybe you could help figure out a way for me to stop it from doing that," Ricky said, feeling like he wasn't doing a good job at convincing him to come over and help.

"Why don't you just call the power company to come over and fix it?" Eugene said.

"Right, power company. Welp, because it's a special kind of TV and I don't think that they could help."

"What's so special about it?" Eugene asked, looking genuinely curious.

"Well it's..," Ricky thought and thought and realized that there was no way around it. He had to tell him. "Well, this is going to be hard to believe, but. The TV is really some sort of virtual reality machine. You use the remote control to enter it."

Eugene looked at him for a long time, then finally spoke. "Do you really expect me to fall for something so stupid?"

"No Eugene, it's really-"

"The Gamma Alpha's fooled me once telling me that they needed help with their 'time machine'. It took me all night to get the shaving cream out of my pants. No way. You can fool Eugene Burkowitz once my friend, but never twice," he said, getting up to leave.

"Gamma Alpha's? No, wait Eugene. I'm telling you the truth. I don't know how it works or why it's sitting in my living room, but I'm not lying to you," Ricky pleaded.

"I don't know Ricky?" Eugene was looking at him, studying his eyes.

"I need your help in figuring out a way so that it stops sucking power and blacking out half the city."

"All right. I'll check it out. But you've got five minutes to show me it's really what you say it is or I'm out of there," he said.

"Oh, you'll see, I promise you," Ricky assured him. "Come by around seven or so. OK?"



Eugene was right on time, seven o'clock on the dot. Ricky walked him into the house and then into the living room. "Thanks again Eugene," Ricky said. "So, there it is." Ricky waved his hand to the set sitting on a ratty looking television stand. It's been off since Byron was almost stuck in it with Sarah Michelle Gellar, something that he keeps saying he wished would have happened.

"It looks like a regular TV?" Eugene said.

"I know. I know, but believe me, it's not."

Just then Byron made his way into the living room, a bowl of Lucky Charms in his hand. "Who's the nerd?" he said to Ricky.

"This is Eugene? My friend from class? My friend from class that's going to help us with the TV?" Ricky said, glaring at his roommate.

"Oooh. Sorry dude," Byron said to Eugene.

"So," Ricky said. "I guess I should show you how it works."

Ricky picked up the remote and turned on the set. It hummed on and the picture fired up. It looked like there was some sort of cheerleading event on. Ricky looked over at Byron. Byron just smiled back and went back to eating his cereal. Ricky turned back to Eugene and held out the remote.

"Welp, as far as I can figure it. You can enter what's going on by pressing this button and then pressing this button once it starts blinking. Or you can type in a scenario using the keyboard here and then pressing this button when it starts blinking. To leave the virtual world, you hit the power button," he said all this pointing to the various buttons on the big remote. "Now. I know it's hard to believe, so, I'm guessing it's just better if you did it for yourself."

Byron jumped up, "WHAT!? I asked you this morning if I could use it and you said no!"

"Are you going to figure out a way to keep the power from going out Byron?" Ricky said.

"Well, no, but-"

"Then shut up?" Ricky watched Byron sit back down and return to eating his cereal, then turned back to Eugene. "I'm sorry Eugene. Well, I figure the easiest thing to do is for you to pick a show, or whatever and just enter that, instead of creating a made up world. What do you think?"

"I think you're both crazy," Eugene said.

Ricky knew he wouldn't think that once he was in the TV, so he just handed him the remote. "Just pick what you want, hit that button, then the green button, OK?"

Eugene reluctantly took the remote and looked at it, he knew that it had to be a joke. He was going to press the green button and get shocked or something, but he flipped around on the remote anyway. He was getting curious. He went past MTV and Friends and Spin City, stopping on Star Trek Voyager.

"Figures," Byron said.

"So I hit this button, then this button?" Eugene asked Ricky, holding out the remote.

"Yup, just make sure you press the green button when who or what you want to interact with is on the screen."

Eugene turned back to the screen and watched, he pressed the first button and waited until the second button was flashing then hit it. All at once the room got bright, so bright that he had to squint his eyes so he wouldn't be blinded. A big rush of air came, lifting him off his feet. He started to scream then all of a sudden everything was calm again, but when the bright light faded he wasn't in Ricky's living room, he was on the Voyager. In one of the halls.

"Oh my god," he said. Shaking.

He heard foot steps coming down the hall and froze. Two officers walked past him, looking at him very strangely, but just kept walking.

"Oh my god," he said again.

He heard footsteps coming the other way this time and started to panic. He stepped forward to the first door he saw and it slid open. He stepped into the room and felt the doors slide closed behind him. He was holding the remote control tightly in his hand.

"Oh my god."

He looked around the room and opposite him were a set of windows. Outside of them he could see nothing but stars and part of the ship. He couldn't believe it. He thought for a second that maybe he did get shocked and passed out and he was only dreaming this. He looked down at the remote and went to press the power button, his thumb against it when someone stepped out of one of the side rooms and out to where he was. He looked up and saw her standing there, shilouetted by the light of the room behind her. It was Seven of Nine. Jeri Ryan.

"Oh my god," he said, watching her walk towards him.

"Can I help you?" she said.

"I-I'm..," it was all he could manage.

"Did the doctor send you?" she looked at him curiously.

"You-you're Seven of Nine," he said finally.

"So he did send you. I requested a human male to further my training to become more, human," she said. "Please come in, I'll be with you in a second." She turned and went back into the room that she emerged from. Eugene stepped into the room and sat down on the small couch in the middle of it. He couldn't believe it. It actually worked. He looked over at a small vase on the side of the couch and went to touch it when she came back out. She was completely naked. Her big firm breasts bounced lightly as she walked over to him. She had very large nipples that covered the front of her tits. The hair just over her pussy was completely shaven. He looked up at her. Her big blue eyes looking down at him.

"Should you not remove your clothes as well?" she said.

"Oh my god," he said.

"What? Am I not pleasing to the male species?" she said, looking statuesque.

"Um, no. I mean yes, yes you are, but the, uh, doctor didn't tell me exactly what you requested," he said.

"Since the doctor has made me completely human, I have been studying the male and female anatomy. I requested that he send me a male partner so that I can experience the act of intercourse so that I could be more familiar with your species," she said, not missing a beat.

Eugene was in shock about the whole thing, but he wasn't stupid. He put down the remote and stood up, taking off his clothes. She was almost a foot taller then him. She looked down and watched as he took of his shirt and pants, sliding down his underwear and pulling off his socks and shoes. Lastly, he took off his glasses and placed them next to the remote.

She looked at him, then placed both hands on his chest. She rubbed down and over his nipples then pushed him back onto the couch.

"I have been watching films on this subject for some time now, so I have a good idea of what to do, but please, feel free to tell me if I do anything that is not pleasing," she said as she went down to her knees.

She slid a hand up his leg and picked up his cock, it was fat and uncut. She stroked it, pulling his foreskin down to expose a big purple head. She stroked more, moving her hand up and down the smooth skin of his dick. Watching the foreskin slide up and down the head. Eugene was in heaven. He had never had a girl in real life, so he was enjoying every second of this. Her hand was doing a wonderful job at making him hard. And he watched as she looked at him, looked at his cock as it grew in her hand. Soon her fingers were wrapped tightly around him and she was moving up and down the entire length of him. The head of his dick sitting on top of his long shaft like a big fat cherry.

"Amazing," she said, looking at the cock in her hand with the curiosity of a child.

"Do you like that?" he asked her.

"Mmm. Very much. Can I ask you?" she said, looking up at him with her dazzling eyes. "Are they all this big?"

He smiled down at her. He knew he was big, but never thought he would hear a beautiful women like Jeri Ryan say it. "No," he said.

"Hmm," she said and looked back down at his cock. She scooted forward and lowered her mouth to it. She puckered her sweet full lips and placed it on the tip of his prick and pressed down. Her lips tightly squeezing him as she sank on the head of his cock. She bobbed her head up and down on him. Her lips just pressing past the head and pulling back up.

Eugene put his hands on the back of her head, fumbling with some pins that were holding her hair up. He pulled them out and let her hair fall into his lap. Her tits bouncing up and down against his legs. Her mouth had moved further down on him, the head of his cock firmly against her cheeks. He could feel her tongue moving back and forth quickly on the tip. It was amazing. He ws going to cum. And cum soon.

He curled his toes and pumped his hips up into her. His cock sliding deeper into the warmth of her mouth. She moaned around him and reached out and grabbed the couch on either side of him. She just held her head steady as he fucked her mouth. He was pushing more then half of himself into her, tickling the back of her throat and he had started to moan out with her. He reached up and push at the back of her head and she went down further on him. Lips tight around him as she jerked her head back and forth along his shaft. Her big tits swaying back and forth.

"Oh yes," Eugene moaned out.

She just titled her head up and looked at him, never taking his cock out of her mouth. She wanted to see what he was doing. He was leaning forward a bit and tightening up. She moved her tongue hard against him while he was in her mouth and watched him moan out. So she kept doing it. Pressing her warm wet tongue on the underside of his shaft. Eugene's hands went back to her head and he gasped out.

"I'm cumming."

Her eyes widened as she felt his cock throb in her mouth, then the head grow bigger and finally something hot and thick shoot into her mouth. She swallowed it, feeling the warm goo drip down her throat. She didn't stop sucking him, just left his pulsing cock in her mouth and felt the warm liquid again and again fill her mouth, so she continued to swallow it down. Eugene's body jerked and twitched as he felt the last of his cum squirt out of him.

"Jesus christ," he said and collapsed into the couch.

She sucked up his cock and let him fall out of her mouth, licking her lips. She sat back on her feet and looked at him.

"What was that?" she asked.

"I came. I orgasmed in your mouth," he said, catching his breath.

"So, are you done then?" she asked, wondering.

Eugene chuckled. "No."

Jeri then looked down between her legs and saw wetness there, glistening on her inner thighs. Eugene leaned forward and looked to, smiling. He reached out and took her hand, guiding her up onto the couch. She straddled him and was stopping, but he guided her up some more, so that she was kneeling over him. He leaned down and was looking up at the smooth lips of her pussy. He picked his head up and took one long lick over it.

"AAaaa!" Jeri squealed out and threw herself forward so that she was now leaning over the back of the couch.

She was about to to say something, but Eugene just shoved his tongue up against her and wriggled it around until it pressed open the lips of her pussy. She tasted sweet, like buttermilk. She reached back to try and pull him away, the feeling so new and intense that it made her legs start to shake, but she couldn't find him. Instead she dug her nails into the back of the couch and whined. Eugene reached up and held her ass as his tongue worked harder against her, sliding roughly between her lips up to her clit where he licked harder. The tip of his tongue flicked over the swollen piece of flesh fast and furious. He could feel her ass shaking in his hands.

"Eeeoooo..," she wailed, her voice as shaky as her ass.

Eugene just pressed harder, flicking over and over, loving the fact that she was quivering like a little girl. He quickly slid his tongue down the crack of her pussy and shoved it up inside her, trying to keep it stiff so he could work it inside her tight hole. He moved a hand down so he could rub at her sensitive clit while he wiggled his tongue around, finally working it's way into her. He could feel her moving over him and saw her trying to reach around again and grab him, but only managed to grab her own ass. His fingers working her clit in small circles as his tongue twisted up.

She was leaning back now, her tits barely touching the back of the couch. She didn't know what he was doing but it was making her feel all rubbery. "NNngh!" she grunted out.

He placed her clit between two fingers and worked it back and forth against his knuckles. His tongue darting in and out of her. her pussy began to leak down onto his tongue and into his mouth. The opening of her cunt puckering apart and closing as his tongue teased her. His cock had become rock hard the second he started to use his tongue on her.

She reached again with her hand, but just slapped back down on her own ass. She was breathing hard. "What-what's going on?" she said.

Eugene knew what she meant. She must be close to cumming. So he held her clit tighter between his fingers and he wormed his tongue back inside her. His other hand, the one on her ass, swung back and slapped her hard.

"Ooo... ooo... ooo..," she moaned out. Her hips starting to rise an fall. Her nails dug into the cheek of her ass and she screamed so loud it rang in Eugene's ears.


He kept working on her, listening to her breathing come in sharp willowy breaths. Her hips bucking against his face. He loved it. In some weird way, he had given Jeri Ryan her first orgasm. Her breathing became shallow and her body kind of limped down on him. He slid out from between her legs and stood. Turning so he was facing her. She had a perfect little ass, her narrow waist flaring into two firm, round cheeks. He grabbed his cock and stepped to her, placing the head of his dick up into her pussy.

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