tagIncest/TabooRemote Possibilities Ch. 01

Remote Possibilities Ch. 01


As Andrew walked out the door he glanced at his older sister, leant over the kitchen counter and reading her magazine. Holy shit he thought, his friends were right - she was a knockout. It was hard to admit that about her when she acted like such a bitch around him all the time, he wanted nothing to do with giving her any praise. But the truth remained, her luscious dark brown hair, pulled back in a ponytail, and below that a slim waist that led down to her graspable butt made her sexy simply from behind. But that wasn't all, her perky overflowing breasts that he had seen many times in her various seductive bras as she walked nonchalantly around the house were a constant draw on him, he wished he could just pause time for a second and have his way with them; he'd take handfuls of her beautiful chest, easily a 36C, and at LEAST see what they felt like. Hell, he'd do a lot more to her than that, she was easily the sexiest girl he knew... if only they weren't brother and sister.

Abby was no more than 5'8" and a 120 lbs. dripping wet, like the times Andrew saw her in that tight rope-mesh bikini that barely contained her gorgeous breasts and showed off the body that she'd sculpted from years of yoga, running and her own pure vanity. Yet every time his eyes were filled with glimpses of Abby walking down the hall in a pair of pajama pants and a tiny bra, or less, it seems she'd be waiting for him to look - and she'd yell out:

"See something you like, ya little perv," or "You wish! I bet my bra's the only one you'll ever see, haha!"

And yet, any time he and Abby were alone in the house, it seemed he'd always 'accidentally' catch her in various states of undress. Whether her bedroom door was open or she was undressing at the perfect angle to the bathroom mirror for Andrew to have his world rocked as he breezed through the hall. Though if he were to challenge her she'd undoubtedly have his head. Something about the way Abby was always on him seemed to have the opposite effect on him, however; he often found that during times he and his sister were apart he grew to miss their little day-to-day battling and of course, the glimpses of her tanned and toned perfection. That didn't mean, however, that there weren't times that Abby could be downright nasty. If she was feeling particularly off on a given day, she'd cause all levels of hell with Andrew and his parents or find ways to mess his life up in any way possible. She'd even smack him or pinch him hard enough to cause some actual pain when she felt up to it, and it was all Andrew could do not to let her have it, maybe even dish out some payback for her little teasing episodes.

And the funny thing was that Andrew was far from incapable of defending himself. At 6'0" and 200 lbs. he was certainly a guy people didn't casually mess with. 'Why did he put up with it?' he frequently asked himself. Andrew had been protecting and sticking up for Abby for years now, even smacking a few guys around that he thought deserved it for wronging his big sister. Despite that, Andrew thought, Abby was constantly patronizing him in front of her friends, or teasing him in a skimpy little outfit only to chastise him seconds later. He was no dummy, she did it intentionally probably getting a little rush from it herself, and he knew it. But as of yet, he'd never done more than accidentally bump her with his crotch as he passed her in the laundry room or walk in on her after a shower barely covered in a towel with the side of her breast clumsily covered. And she certainly had gone no further herself, though Andrew believed she was constantly pushing the envelope, wearing skimpier outfits and sex-ifying even as simple a task as emptying the dishwasher or watching TV.

Only a few days earlier, while Andrew was watching some crappy television on a weekday morning, Abby had come strolling in wearing that could hardly be classified as clothing. It was a cotton shirt she had cut herself that just nearly came to the bottom of her breasts. As he drank a glass of cold orange juice that morning he nearly spit it out as she plopped down on the couch, her tits shaking at the motion. Of course Abby had no interest in watching Andrew's television choices so she bitched at him to give up the remote. When that didn't work she lounged out on the couch, sprawling and completely distracting Andrew with the smooth curves of her criminally seductive body. Even worse was that after a few minutes of her lounging on the couch it had ridden up so that the bottom of her breasts were clearly revealed. Andrew couldn't help but stare; he barely even noticed what was flashing across the television screen, apparently his program had ended and a history program had taken its place. He was far from noticing the television though as he took in a sight he couldn't believe. As his stiff rod started poking through the thin shorts he was wearing he covered his lap with a pillow. Sure enough, not a minute later Abby asked to borrow that very pillow despite the others strewn about the room.

"Can't you get another one," he said back attempting to sound natural.

"I don't feel like getting up, come on, you're not using it for anything, right?" Abby shot back at him, ending the sentence in a snarky way that told him she knew what her little display was doing to him.

When he handed it to her he could see that she made a quick glance to his crotch and she even failed to hold back a little smile as she saw his huge tent. Andrew couldn't stand being there with her anymore and as he left to go take a cold shower Abby shouted after him,

"What's the matter little bro, don't you like watching TV with me."

He could see her from the stairs deliberately pressing her breasts together, showing the underboob even more to the point that if he wasn't mistaken he could actually make out a nipple beginning to make its way under the hem of shirt. She had won this little battle, and now not only succeeded in gaining control of the remote but in causing her brother an erection that wouldn't be going away any time soon.

Nevertheless, the two got along surprisingly well at times; Andrew found he had an uncanny ability to make her laugh and show of that full, stunning smile of hers. They often played each other in basketball or golf or anything they could possibly compete in. At times Andrew almost thought things couldn't be better, but then one of her friends would come around, and God forbid it was a guy because Abby would want nothing to do with Andrew but to mock him or ignore him in front of her friends. It seemed drive her crazy that a few of her friends and even one of her best college roommates, Melanie, took a liking to Andrew. And that was the way things went, Andrew and Abby getting along at times and Andrew putting up with Abby's crap in between, never failing to notice every day when he saw her for the first time that she was an absolute 10 out of 10.

So as Andrew closed the door behind him he did as he normally had and just shut her out. There was no point in thinking about her if nothing would ever come of it. Hell, in the end she was his sister and though Andrew's 18-year body reacted to being within 100 feet of any good-looking female, he knew his boundaries. Besides, despite her teasing, he actually did just fine with girls. He'd even had sex a few times, though if he was perfectly honest none of them had quite the firm abdomen, softly tanned skin, cute face or the extent of any of Abby's genetic make-up. If she wasn't wicked smart too, he was sure she'd have gone into modeling.

Walking down the street, Andrew instead thought of meeting his buddy Mike at the mall where they'd hopefully catch a movie with any number of their young female friends. Abby of course was too cool for the mall and was planning on staying home to work on her tan by the pool and read a novel: topless of course, since she was alone. Though Andrew obviously didn't know that little detail or going to the mall may have become an afterthought. When Andrew finally got to the mall about ten minutes later, he walked in the doors and pulled out his phone as the cool air-conditioning hit him like a wave of relief. By now beads of sweat would be forming on his sister's smooth skin, and her breasts would be sticking up to the sky proudly the way most girls wish theirs did. He smirked to himself and shook the thought out of his head - what had gotten into him today? It was probably that damn shirt she was wearing, revealing her belly button and clinging tightly to her upper body, the little flap where she cut her tank top along the neck hanging atop one of her breasts; as if any more cleavage was necessary, he thought. Or maybe it was the tiny cotton shorts, or maybe... he cut himself off and focused instead on getting Mike on the phone.

"Hello," Mike answered groggily.

Andrew knew instantly that Mike had just rolled out of bed.

"What the hell Mike, we are supposed to meet at the mall today!" Andrew practically shouted into the phone.

"No way man," he protested, "we specifically said Saturday and you are a day early."

It dawned on Andrew that Mike may have been right, he sometimes did things like this - mixing up the day of the week and all. It was hard to keep track of them when every day before he started his summer job was as hot as the next and they all sort of melded together. Whatever, Andrew thought, and hung up with Mike after agreeing to see him there the next day. Mike laughed lightly at him and suggested that he have a nice time alone at the mall.

"So, what should I do?" Andrew thought as he scanned the area. He browsed a few stores but it became quickly apparent that the mall was not really the attraction for guys like Andrew. He'd really only been there to mess around with friends and maybe even get a little attention from Hannah Donley, the cute little blond he had been chatting up recently. So when his eyes locked onto the small store next to the men's suit store with the simple sign that said Gadget and Things, he figured he'd check it out and then head home.

The store wasn't exactly what he'd expected. Sure it had a nice selection of cell-phone cases, all the latest handhelds and accessories, but it had a certain flare that drew him in deeper. Passed all the consumer brands and shiny, new products was a U-shaped display full of things Andrew could not place. The few patrons of the store lingered only a moment or two before another took their place or they purchased their things and moved on. The only person working the store that he could see was a strong featured man with a discerning look on his face, worn with age. He nodded to Andrew as he rang up a customer and Andrew looked closer at the cases. There was certainly something special about each one of the items, from the camera lenses with after-market dials and switches to the tablet devices that each resembled one of the years hot-ticket items but also had some sort of attachment or modification. The environment was not like shops you might wander into in New York City with advertisements for every deal under the sun and not a stitch of glass showing through the blanket of cheap electronics. No, each item was thoughtfully placed with a simple placard next to it that explained the modification and the, sometimes, extremely high prices.

Being a bit of a computer buff himself, Andrew found that each item was more interesting than the next. The tablet he was currently looking at apparently had been modified to create three-dimensional scans of its environment and provide calculations of area, volume, humidity and even air quality and make-up. The handheld gadget arranged on a miniature putting green apparently tracked the included golf ball, found it within inches and calculated spin, velocity and errors in the user's golf swing all in one device that was no larger than a cell phone.

Having rung up the last customer in the store, the old man wandered over towards Andrew.

"I see you've found the good stuff, hardly anybody stops to look for real value anymore," he said as he glanced toward all the inferior product at the front of the store, "but I've got to sell it if I want to keep tinkering, my true passion."

Somehow, Andrew didn't believe that this man was paying for all of the gadgetry displayed in front of him with the proceeds from a ten dollar phone case the woman in the floral shirt had just purchased for her whiney teenager. But there was a softness and wisdom in the man's voice that made him want to hear more.

"I can hardly believe all of this, did you make it all yourself?" Andrew questioned.

"Sure did!" replied the old man proudly, "Of course I have a few friends that consistently help me out in implementing my designs, but the vast majority was made by yours truly."

"And does it all work the way these descriptions say?" Andrew asked again, doubtfully.

Rather than say another word, the old man pulled out what looked like a child's toy in the shape of a robot that Andrew had been looking down at. He had seen things like it at the Sharper Image or one of those luxury stores where you sat in a massage chair before you left and bought nothing. Expecting it to dance as the old man pressed its power button, Andrew could not believe his eyes as the tiny machine turned toward its master and mimicked both his posture and the old man's chin stroking with his left hand. Then he spoke to it:

"How are you doing robot?"

Andrew anticipated the tiny mechanical man would repeat the phrase in a classic computerized voice, but nearly choked when it responded in a human-like voice,

"Just fine Jim, how are you today?

"Thanks for asking," he responded, getting a kick out of the bewildered look on Andrew's face, "I'm having a great time talking to my young friend..." he looked to Andrew for his name.

"A..Andrew," he sputtered out.

Then the robot pivoted on its hips toward Andrew and greeted him as well. After about five minutes of banter back and forth with the robot, Andrew eventually regained speech and asked it questions about the weather, or even about the personality traits of the current president. Anything they asked of it the robot had a decent answer for. But there was no question that this dark little store had more than met the eye, and it was possible that Andrew was the first to see its true wonders.

"Do you believe me now?" the old man asked unassumingly.

"Are you kidding," Andrew said in amazement, "I could be here all damn day."

The old man, whom the Robot had called Jim, laughed at Andrew's response, and they launched into discussions about everything in the store and just about anything else. Andrew couldn't get enough conversation with the man, who seemed as interested in Andrew as he was in Jim's abilities. They stopped just long enough for Jim to ring up a few customers or answer their shallow questions about the best phone case or newest point-and-shoot digital camera. Not one of them stopped for more than a second when the robot Jim had left to stand on the counter followed them with its LED eyes and said "Hi," while waving with at them with its robotic arm.

At lunch Jim closed up the store and they sat together at a local hot-dog stand putting away two ketchup-slathered dogs and a ice-cold soda each before returning to the store. When they walked back in, Jim said he had something to show Andrew and to make sure the sign remained turned to "closed" for a minute. Jim went into the back while Andrew played around with the robot, or 'AInstein,' as Jim had coined him. After a minute or two, Jim reemerged carrying a wooden box with beautiful carvings in a band around its sides. Atop it was a complex, built-in combination lock and fingerprint scanner. Jim proceeded to unlock the box and take out its contents, Andrew's view blocked by Jim's torso as he did so.

"You know," he paused as he said this, "every fiber of my being is telling me to toss this thing into the deepest, darkest ocean and never show it to anyone again..."

Andrew was literally drooling in anticipation.

"But I've never been one to follow my instincts, so check this out."

Jim leaned over the display with a thin electronic device, clearly a touch-screen, about the size of a 8.5" by 11" sheet of paper folded in half. It had a metal armband attached to it that appeared to stretch to accommodate its user.

"So, without going into too many specifics, I'll just tell you that this is a universal remote," Jim said matter-of-factly. "I came across the most important piece when I was learning from a mentor many years ago and I may or may not have been snooping in his basement. He didn't know it at the time, but he had come across something well beyond either of our understandings...well, let me just show you."

Jim pressed the singular physical button on the device, a power button, and the device sprang to life. It seemed to function much like any other contemporary touch-screen device, but if Andrew had learned anything in his time with Jim today, it was that nothing in this store was ordinary. So when Jim pointed the device at one of his display cases and all of the devices turned on at once upon the touch of a button, Andrew was hardly surprised.

"Cool," he said with a bit less enthusiasm than he had approached Jim's other inventions, which Jim sensed.

"Just you wait, Andrew, don't give up on me yet," Jim flung back at him.

Next he walked toward the simple display racks in the front of the store and typed something, pressed another button on the screen, and all three display cases which Andrew would never had guessed were motorized began to spin around. 'Something strange is going on,' Andrew's mind told him, but knowing Jim, the cases could have easily been rigged already. Then Jim did something Andrew didn't expect, he quickly typed something into the device and pointed it toward a pretty young girl who was peering into the store to see what was inside. As soon as he did so, the girl seemed to forget what she was doing and walk in, looking a bit confused after she had taken a few steps inside.

"Hello there," the robot said from behind them.

"Hello," said the young girl through slightly squinted eyes, intrigued by what she perceived to be a cute little toy.

But before she could figure everything out, Jim had already typed something else into the remote, or at least that's what Jim had called it. As soon as Jim spoke out to her: "what is your name," the girl seemed to be at full attention to Jim.

"Natalie," she responded quite casually,

"And how old are you Natalie?" Jim asked her,

"I'm nineteen, who are you exactly?"

"I'm Jim, Natalie, and this is my friend Andrew," he said glancing back at Andrew.

"Hi Andrew, Hi Jim" Natalie said with a smile.

"So, what do you think of my friend Andrew here Natalie?" Jim questioned her. Andrew was beginning to understand what was going on, although he was having trouble believing it. How could he possibly...what kind of remote was.... His thoughts were interrupted by Natalie's response.

"He's cute, I like his green eyes, and he's got a good body. I can't stand when guys where cargo shorts like that though, and he could kinda use a haircut."

Andrew was simply taken aback with her bluntness, though she was right on both accounts. He was almost glad he hadn't met up with his friends today, he simply hadn't had any other shorts to wear but these huge-pocket cargos from when he was probably still in high school.

"Well, thanks for that Natalie, although I'm afraid you may have bruised Andrew's ego a bit" Jim spoke kindly to her as she cocked her hips to the side and smiled apologetically, "Would you want to spend a little time with Andrew today if you're free."

"Yes, I totally would, I gotta go tell that bitch Katherine that I'm done watching her try on clothes that are too small for her though, meet you outside in five, Andrew?" she seemed totally natural and Andrew nearly forgot that this was clearly brought on by Jim's remote.

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