Ren - Shades of Grey Ch. 05


"Get over it! No use worrying about what you should have done," he told himself as the memory of Sky's scared and bruised face that first day haunted him. As Ren lay there he knew that he would never make peace with himself over not acting on Hawk's treatment of Sky. He controlled the urge to swear and punch something as he finally admitted to himself that by not doing anything to stop Hawk's treatment of Sky had been as good as condoning that treatment.

It was close to half an hour before Brad returned and let himself into Ren's room carrying a bag with take away food in it. He removed several containers from the bag before handing it to Ren, while Ren inspected what was left in the bag Brad pulled up a chair and sat on it propping his feet up on the end on the bed Ren was laying on.

"Those two from the roadside diner turned up in town," Brad remarked.

"Jake and Hawk?" Ren asked in a hard voice.

"No, the other two. The guy with the dark glasses and tatts is Rory; he's a cousin to Matty some how. The woman is his girlfriend Shantanaya or as she said 'Tanaya to her friends," Brad told him.

"Shantanaya? I'm sure I've heard that name before," Ren said then took a mouthful of food.

"From what I remember Brent said he went around with her for a while. He says she's a real wild one," Brad said and began eating his food.

There was no further conversation as the two men ate; both were hungry having tossed away their lunch before doing more than taking a mouthful or two. Ren finished his food and reached for a can of drink from the bag before glancing at Brad once again.

"This Shantanaya is a looker isn't she?" Ren asked.

"Oh yeah," Brad breathed with male appreciation. "Tall and slim but with nice full curves, and legs... hell they must go all the way up to her waist."

"Had a good look did you?" Ren asked with a grin.

"Yeah, she took her leather jacket off to go in and get take away from the Chinese shop while I was there... and I think the temperature went up about ten degrees." Brad chuckled to himself as he remembered looking over Shantanaya's body.

"Well I think I might try to catch some sleep. Probably be the only thing that'll make these bruises feel not so stiff." Ren said as he swirled the remains of his drink around the can.

"I grabbed some paracetamol while I was out, just in case," Brad said and pulled a box of tablets from his pocket and placed them on the bed up near Ren. Brad got to his feet, collected his empty containers and put them in the empty bag. "I'll see ya later," he said before leaving the room and shutting the door after himself.

Ren watched the door for a moment before reaching for the packet of painkillers; he got himself two and washed them down with the last of his drink before tossing the packet onto the bedside cabinet. He closed his eyes as he lay back and tried to get some sleep. Tomorrow he would face Jody and explain the situation between them to her. She was a great person but he knew she deserved better then waiting around for him to get over Sky. Especially when he wasn't sure of how long it would take and if he would even be interested in Jody afterwards.

* * * * * * *

I've put this note at the end of the chapter rather than the start so all the readers could read the story and not get a hint of it from the start.

I never said Ren was a hero, never said he was the bad guy. He is just human and he made some choices he has had to live with, granted he did not make the right choice at the right time BUT he does know he done wrong and he DOES feel bad about it.

The contents of this chapter was never planned, it just flowed from my fingertips to the keyboard. I guess all those comments got to me.

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