tagErotic CouplingsRen - Shades of Grey Ch. 08

Ren - Shades of Grey Ch. 08


From here on I am combining Shattered Dreams and Ren: Shades of Grey. The story lines have come together and now I will put them together in the one story.

* * * * * * * * * *

"Blake was saying they know what the others are pleading but are going ahead with their statements from this afternoon," Robby told Adam.

"What are you two talking about?" Janey asked from the doorway.

Both men turned around startled. Adam hurried to her side and Robby frowned with worry when he noticed how pale she looked.

"You two are talking about Ren and Brad aren't you?" Janey demanded as she avoided Adam's attempt to put a hand on her shoulder. She looked from one to the other and frowned as she walked over to her brother.

"You look like you need to lie down," Robby told her gently.

"No. What I need is for you two to tell me exactly what is going on, not whisper behind my back and treat me like I'm too delicate to handle the truth," Janey said with a fierce glare at her brother.

Robby sighed heavily as he ran a hand through his hair and paused with the hand on top of his head. Slowly he lowered his arm placing it around his sister's shoulders. "Come sit down and we will have a talk with you," Robby said gently as he guided her to a seat. When she was sitting down he squatted in front of her and took both of her hands in his. He held her hands for a moment without saying a word before he looked up into her face.

Janey glanced from her brother's serious face to Adam who looked extremely worried. "What is it?" she asked with a feeling of dread.

"Well, now that all the men you identified have been arrested and charged there is some idea of how things will go with your case. Now that we know how they are pleading," Robby explained gently as if to a child.

"You will most likely have to go to court and give evidence against..." Adam began to explain but Janey cut in abruptly.

"They're saying they're not guilty! That they didn't do it! I don't believe you! Ren wouldn't do that to me! He wouldn't do that to me! He just wouldn't! And I don't believe Brad would either!" Janey shouted as she jumped to her feet jerking her hands away from her brother.

"Janey, Janey, calm down a moment," Robby said soothingly.

"You're lying!" Janey accused angrily as she faced him.

"Those two you mentioned are pleading guilty, but it's the others who are pleading not guilty," Adam broke in. "The ones who abducted you and the others who..." his voice trailed off as Janey flinched.

Slowly she looked from Robby to Adam and back again. She shook her head but stopped as the room began to spin. "I knew Ren wouldn't do anything to hurt me..." Her voice trailed off as her eyes rolled back in her head and she collapsed.

Janey was distantly aware of voices and activity around her, and then she felt a floating sensation. Gradually she became aware that she was lying on something soft and she recognised Robby and Adam's voices.

"Hey..." Her voice was weak and husky when she spoke.

"It's alright Janey. Adam is just getting a blanket to wrap around you and then we're taking you to the hospital to get you checked out," Robby said soothingly.

"What happened?" Janey asked as she managed to open her eyes. Everything was blurry and slightly out of focus.

"You passed out and hit your head when you fell. You scared the heck out of us," Robby said gently as he brushed the hair back off her face.

Janey winced and closed her eyes as she became aware of a throbbing headache; she raised one hand towards her head and found with shocked surprise that she was very weak.

"I've got the blanket," Adam said quietly.

Janey opened her eyes to try to see him but the room spun once again and her stomach turned over in revolt. She was aware of being lifted into a sitting position and then she felt the warmth of the blanket as it was wrapped around her shoulders.

"I'm going to pick you up and carry you to my car now," Adam told her softly.

"Hmm." Janey murmured and rested her head against his shoulder once he held her. The motion as she was carried out to the car made her stomach feel queasy and she grimaced as she was placed in the passenger seat of the car. "I think I'm going to be sick," she warned Adam as he leant over her to fasten her seatbelt. She felt something pressed into her hands and opened her eyes reluctantly to make out a bucket.

"I thought you looked a bit green," Robby said softly from nearby.

"Janey, I'm taking you to the hospital to get you checked out. Robby will follow us in his car." Adam said as he got behind the wheel of his car.

Janey didn't argue as Robby shut her door and Adam started the engine. Instead she closed her eyes as she rested her head back against the seat.

The drive to the hospital passed in a blur, her head ached while her throat felt as if it was on fire. When they reached the hospital the night air felt cold on her face as Adam opened the door and Janey began shivering. Adam picked her up in his arms and carried her into the Accident and Emergency entrance of the hospital. He sat her down in a chair while he went to the reception desk and spoke to a nurse on duty.

Adam held Janey's hand as they waited for the doctor to see Janey after she had had an x-ray to check for any head injuries from when she had collapsed. The radiologist had assured them that protective jacket the nurse had put on Janey would prevent harm to the developing baby.

The curtain surrounding the bed moved and the curtain was pulled it aside as the doctor walked into sight.

"Okay Miss Wilkinson. Good news, no sign of a skull fracture but you do have a severe concussion. Coupled with your high blood pressure, which I believe is from too much stress. Because those two can cause complications with your pregnancy, I must insist you stay at least over night for observation," the doctor told her firmly.

"Adam! Please! I want to go home with you!" Janey protested tearfully as she clutched at his hand.

"I'll stay with you until you go to sleep but I am not taking you back to the flat tonight," Adam said firmly. As much as he wanted Janey with him he was concerned for her health.

"I will prescribe a mild sedative that won't effect the growing baby and you will get a good night's sleep," The doctor said before leaving the examination cubicle.

"Adam, please!" Janey begged tearfully but Adam looked away from her.

"No Janey, you will stay overnight in hospital," Adam said firmly.

Janey pulled her hand from his and folded her arms across her ribs as she pulled her knees up towards her body.

Several minutes later a nurse came into the cubicle carrying an injection in a small tray and she gave Janey the injection without any protests from her. Ten minutes later Janey was moved to a room and settled into a hospital bed. Her eyelids drooped and she yawned sleepily as the injection started to take effect.

Adam watched as Janey slowly drifted off to sleep before getting to his feet and leaving the room. He would call in at the station and let Rob know how Janey was before going back to the flat, he decided as he reached the elevator.

Back in the room Janey slept deeply without troublesome dreams, she slept until the breakfast trolley woke her. She sat up and ate hungrily before the doctor came on rounds.

Unsatisfied with her progress the doctor ordered another sedative so she would rest for the morning. This left leaving Janey upset because she wanted to go back to the flat where she was sure Adam would stay with her.

* * * * *

Ren paced the cell agitatedly. It was eight-thirty am and he had been awake since just before midnight. A feeling of unease had woken him and continued to linger throughout the early hours of the morning.

Brad sat on the edge of his bunk and watched Ren pacing. He frowned as his friend walked to the door of the cell and tried to see if anyone was in the corridor outside.

"Damn it!" Ren swore softly under his breath and resumed his pacing.

"What has gotten into you?" Brad asked.

Ren glanced his way distractedly but did not answer or interrupt his pacing.

The sound of footsteps had Ren approaching the door hopefully and watching anxiously as the sound of keys jangling at the door could be heard.

"Okay gentlemen, transportation to the Courthouse is here," One of the two officers out side the cell said.

Brad got to his feet and followed Ren from the cell. They moved along the corridor to a door where another officer waited.

The officer opened the door, and outside a police van sat with the rear section open waiting for them to get in.

Ren climbed into the back of the vehicle silently and made room for Brad. Ren couldn't help noticing that even though they were now on their way to their court hearing, he still felt an unease that persisted and seemed to have nothing to do with the coming court appearance.

Fifteen minutes later the van pulled up at a large brick building and the two men were escorted inside to a small secure room to wait their turn in front of the judge. Their case was called first up and they were shepherded into the courtroom by the police officers that had accompanied them from the police station.

Graeme Walsh and Ken Burke were waiting in the courtroom and Ren and Brad were soon sitting with them.

The judge listened as the charges against them were read out. Once the police prosecutor finished speaking the judge looked at Ren and Brad with a stern expression on his face.

Graeme then proceeded to launch into all the two men had done to cooperate with the police starting with them voluntarily handing themselves in. He then went on to explain how they had provided the police with statements clearly stating what had occurred and had even gone so far as to give directions to the house where the victim had been held against her will.

The police prosecutor intervened to say that due to the information the defendants had given, forensic evidence had been collected that investigators believed would help in the case against the other defendants.

When both Graeme and the police prosecutor had had their say the judge was silent for several minutes as he read the papers that had been handed to him.

Finally he raised his head to look at Ren and Brad. "It would appear that you two are willing to co-operate and help with the investigation. While I have serious questions about your part in the crime I believe you do intend to appear before me and right this wrong. I therefore grant conditional bail. You are to report to police once a week, you are not to leave this city and under no circumstances are you to contact or attempt to contact the defendant," the Judge said sternly.

The police prosecutor stepped forward and had a quiet word with the Judge who then made some notes on the paper in front of him.

Ren and Brad found themselves ushered out of the court into an office where preparations were being made for their release. The police prosecutor came in and had a quiet word with Graeme before talking to the office staff.

Graeme walked over to where Brad and Ren waited with Ken Burke and looked at the two men. "You two are extremely lucky you were granted bail. It would appear that the young lady involved collapsed last night due to the stress of yesterday's accidental sighting of you two and was taken to hospital," Graeme announced.

"Sky's in hospital?" Ren demanded worriedly.

Graeme frowned at him in warning, "Miss Wilkinson remember! And don't forget that the judge has ordered you not to contact nor attempt to contact her," he warned in a quiet tone.

Ren looked away angrily. He was sure that his uneasy feeling had something to do with this new information.

Three quarters of an hour later Brad and Ren were back at the police station collecting their personal belongings and waiting for 'Tanaya to arrive in the 4wd vehicle. Brad had called her from his mobile phone to let her know to come and pick them up at the station.

When 'Tanaya arrived both Brad and Ren were happy to leave the building and get under way. Brad was recounting what had happened in the courtroom to 'Tanaya while she drove.

"Stop somewhere I can get a phone book for Brisbane," Ren ordered abruptly.

"Ah, sure... no problem," 'Tanaya said slightly startled.

Brad groaned from the back seat and shook his head. "Don't tell me you're going to do what I'm thinking," he said with misgivings.

"Okay, I won't tell you," Ren said tightly.

"Shit! Damn! Fuck it all to hell! Don't stop for a phone book 'Tanaya. This idiot is going to track Sky down and go to whatever hospital she's in and see her," Brad said angrily.

'Tanaya glanced across at Ren and saw the truth in his face even though he continued to watch the road and not look at her. "Please Ren, don't do it. You'd be a fool to yourself if you did," she said softly.

Ren remained silent, not responding to her softly spoken plea. After nearly ten minutes 'Tanaya found a parking spot near a phone booth and pulled into it. Ren climbed from the vehicle silently and disappeared into the booth.

"You shouldn't have stopped," Brad said angrily. "Ren looses all rational sense when it comes to that girl!"

"He's in love with her," 'Tanaya said quietly.

"He is risking going back to jail. The judge ordered that we are not to contact her or try to contact her. Damn the idiot! I am not going with him to see her! I don't wish her ill but I am not in a hurry to spend time in a cell again," Brad said angrily.

"Have you never been in love Brad? Have you never cared about someone else so much that they come first and you come second?" 'Tanaya asked softly.

"I'd never be a fool to myself," Brad snapped.

'Tanaya turned in her seat so she could look him in the face. "Then I pity you Bradley Stanton," she said then turned back to face the road.

Brad looked at the back of her head puzzled. "Now what have I done? What is wrong with her anyway?" Brad wondered.

"Let's go," Ren said as he climbed back into the passenger seat, "Take us back to the hotel where you stayed last night and then I take the vehicle for a while."

"Stupid Idiot," Brad growled softly and Ren turned in his seat to face him. They exchanged fierce looks for a few minutes until Ren gave a snort of disgust and turned back towards the front.

Finally 'Tanaya pulled into a small but comfortable looking hotel and parked in front of the room where she spent the previous night.

Brad climbed from the vehicle and moved towards a vending machine to get himself a can of coke.

'Tanaya paused to look at Ren for a couple of seconds once she had opened her door.

"You're wasting your time if you're going to ask me not to go or to reconsider," Ren warned tightly.

"Just try to be safe and not get caught okay? And just so you know, I understand why you have to check she is alright," 'Tanaya said softly before climbing out of the vehicle and heading towards Brad.

Ren watched her for several seconds and smiled to himself as he saw her walk up to Brad and slide her hands up over his chest and around his neck. "Maybe, just maybe, after spending the night in a cell Brad would let his guard down long enough for 'Tanaya to slip through," Ren thought as he moved around to the driver's seat.

It took two phone calls before Ren found out which hospital Janey was in and then he started the vehicle and headed off to go and check on her. Traffic was heavy and it took him half an hour before he reached the hospital and parked the vehicle.

Ren was nervous and wary as he made his way into the hospital. What if the police had someone watching for him? What if she had been discharged already?

The elevator doors opened and he stepped out into the ward he had been informed she was in. He made his way down the hallway glancing into rooms as he went looking for her. Finally he saw her in a room with a nurse shinning a light in one eye to check her eyes' reaction.

"Hi," The nurse greeted him with a smile as he walked into the room.

"Hi," Ren smiled back. "How is she doing?" he asked.

"She is sleeping off the latest sedative but there is no change in her blood pressure. Hopefully it will go down soon,." the nurse said as she moved aside so that Ren could approach the bed.

Ren looked down at Janey where she lay asleep in the hospital bed. He reached for a chair and sat down beside the bed. "Okay if I visit for a while?" he asked.

"Definitely, but I doubt she will wake for quite a while," the nurse said. She headed for the door none the wiser that Ren was not supposed to be there.

Ren studied Janey's pale face, the way her eyelashes rested against her cheeks and the way her lips were parted softly as she breathed. Unable to resist the temptation to touch her, he reached out to stroke the palm of one hand with his fingertips. Her hand closed around his fingers and with a soft sigh she drew it towards her until she hugged it against her cheek.

"Hey Blondie, I'm here. I'll keep you safe," Ren murmured softly as he reached out with his other hand to brush the hair back off of her face. He moved so that he was leaning on the bed and his head rested on the edge of the pillow not far from hers.

An hour later the same nurse came in to do Janey's observations. She smiled as she saw the affection the visitor was lavishing onto her patient. She was silent as she moved beside the bed and took Janey's pulse, temperature, and blood pressure and checked the reaction of her pupils to light.

Ren watched as Janey stirred slightly but seemed to go back to sleep almost immediately.

"Wow, whatever you're doing keep right on doing it! Her blood pressure is nearly back to normal, and I don't have to tell you how important it is to her pregnancy to keep it that way," the nurse said. She didn't notice the shock on his face as she left to go and tend to her next patient.

Ren studied Janey silently. Finally he reached out and brushed her fringe back off of her face once again. He saw the frown cross her face and her eyelashes move slightly before she opened her eyes slowly.

"Hey Blondie," Ren said soothingly.

Janey blinked sleepily before closing her eyes once again. "I thought I was dreaming," she whispered softly as she reached her hand towards him.

Ren slipped his hand around her fingers and she sighed softly as his thumb stroked the back of her fingers, "You're pregnant?"

"Hmmm," she murmured sleepily.

"Whose is it?" Ren asked softly.

"Don't know..." the rest of her words were lost in a yawn.

"It doesn't matter. It's your baby." Ren said softly as he leant forward to brush a kiss onto her forehead.

Janey opened her eyes tiredly to look at him with a smile, "Yeah, it's mine." She murmured almost inaudibly.

Ren looked into her eyes for several moments before he leaned forward and kissed her on the lips gently. He felt her sigh softly before she returned the light kiss. He lifted his head and watched as she drifted off to sleep once again. He longed to place his hand on her stomache, to see if her body held any evidence of the growing child. But with Janey asleep he had to settle for holding her hand and watching her face as she slept.

He was still sitting beside her bed holding her hand an hour later when the same nurse returned to take Janey's observations once again.

"How is she?" Ren asked anxiously when the nurse had taken her blood pressure.

"Her blood pressure has returned to normal. Must be the tender care you're lavishing on her," the nurse remarked. She noticed the way the blonde visitor looked at her patient and the way he held her hand as if he was holding something most precious.

Ren was silent as she finished checking Janey's progress and he barely looked away from Janey's face as the nurse left the room.

* * * * *

Adam stepped out of the elevator and walked along the hallway with long confident strides. He had cleared his afternoon in hopes that he could take Janey home or failing that, spend the time sitting with her.

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