tagNonConsent/ReluctanceRen - Shades of Grey Ch. 10

Ren - Shades of Grey Ch. 10


My apologies to my readers for taking so long to post the next chapter of this story. But I have had a lot in real life to contend with including the joyful arrival of a grandson.


James and Robby made their way into the courtroom and sat on one of the benches provided for those who wished to watch the court proceedings. It was Saturday morning and the two men who had abducted their sister were due to appear shortly.

James sat down and stretched his legs out in front of him. To a casual observer he appeared relaxed as he leant back in the seat; his legs stretched out before him and crossed at the ankles.

In comparison Robby sat beside him hunched forward and visibly tense as he clasped his hands in front of his knees. He turned his head to look to his left as he heard the heavy tread of a couple of people moving into one of the seats on the other side of the courtroom.

Robby tensed and sat up straight as he recognised the tough looking blonde guy who he had seen after the guy had turned himself in at the main police station in central Brisbane.

With the blonde guy was an immense brown haired man who looked vaguely familiar.

The court clerk spoke to the judge and Robby turned his head as the words caught his attention. At last! He would get to see the scum who had abducted his sister!

The two guys led in between two police officers looked inconspicuous enough. The first guy was actually quite handsome and looked unlike the sadistic bastard Janey had described. The second guy was average to look at, the type that got lost in a crowd.

"Who are?" James asked quietly beside Robby.

"They're the ones Janey identified as having abducted her. Greg Hawkings known to her as 'Hawk' and Jacob Lantry known to her as 'Jake'," Robby answered softly as he tried to listen to what the lawyer for the two men was saying to the judge.

"Considering the seriousness of the charges against the defendants and the new evidence that has come into light Your Honour, prosecution must ask that the defendants be reprimanded in custody and held over for trail." The police officer that was acting as public prosecutor said to the judge.

"What new evidence?" The lawyer representing the two men demanded, "I have no notification of this evidence or a copy of it."

Robby watched as several pages of notes where handed to the lawyer and he skimmed them quickly before turning to have a whispered conversation with the two men.

Robby and James watched as the black haired handsome man turned to look over his shoulder at the public gallery and glared angrily at the two men who were watching the scene being played out before them.

"He's lying!" The black haired guy, Hawk, yelled at the judge while his fellow defendant shook his head after a quick glance over his shoulder.

Robby listened with satisfaction as the judge ordered that the two men be held in custody while they awaited trail. He watched as they were taken from the courtroom and one seedy rat like man was brought in.

His appearance reminded Robby of vermin as he peered around almost furtively. He caught sight of the blonde guy across the room and blanched visibly as he looked at him with fear.

"Who's that?" James asked reminding Robby of his presence.

"Wilson James Brown, he has a long list of convictions for indecent assault, rape and attempted rape." Robby informed his brother knowing that James would be smart enough to guess what charges he faced.

James swore softly when he heard the prosecutor start speaking about the defendant's conviction history, stating that the charges against him were yet another lot of violent rape charges in a history of violent crimes.

"That one should be locked up and the keys thrown away." Robby commented when the judge had declared he would be held in custody to await trail.

James glanced at his brother beside him, Rob was visibly mad to see the men that were appearing before the judge. James himself was angry but he was also appeased to see the judge was putting them behind bars for the time being.

Another two men replaced the previous defendant and James watched as two men in the public gallery moved to the front rows. One man, definitely a lawyer by his expensive suit had joined them and this man entered the space on the courtroom floor where only the defendants, their lawyers and the police stood before the judge.

"Those two men up now are Andrew John Matthews and Steven Brent Winters. Janey identified them as Matty and Brent. She said they were nice to her," Robby informed James.

There was a brief consultation between the lawyer for the two defendants, the prosecutor and the lawyer who had just stepped forward in front of the judge's desk.

The judge looked up and spoke quietly to one of the police officers and the officer walked to the public seating to usher the blonde guy to the judge's desk.

"Any idea of what's going on?" James asked quietly.

"That guy that was asked to approach the judge's desk is Gabriel Renford, Ren. He's on bail for charges in this case. He's supplied a statement that supports what Janey said when she gave her statement," Robby told him. "It looks like he's helping the prosecution. The guy he was sitting with is Bradley Stanton or Brad,"

James watched with interest as Ren returned to his seat in the public gallery and the judge started listening to the defending lawyer who was talking earnestly.

"They just got bail!" Robby hissed through his teeth angrily and James glanced his way.

James looked across at Ren where he sat in the front row. As if he could feel unfriendly eyes on him he turned his head to meet James' glare levelly for several seconds before turning his gaze to the front once more.

"These are the last of the ones on charges," Robby said quietly as three men were ushered in to stand behind the defendants' desk. Two lawyers were with them as legal council.

The largest of the three men was called to stand before the judge first, he was looking around the courtroom rather cockily with a smirk on his face.

"Seth Markham. He has convictions for assault, indecent assault and is a known pimp," Robby growled angrily.

James couldn't help but notice the sheer size of the guy, there were taller men present but this guy had immense bulk that was clearly well toned muscle.

The court clerk started to read out the charges against the three men but the large man laughed loudly.

"Your Honour the girl wanted to get fucked and wanted it rough, then afterwards she decided she had wanted to stop half way through. She sure as hell wasn't saying no at the time!" He called lewdly.

"It's true she sure as heck didn't say no." one of his companions laughed to the third man.

"That is enough! I will not have any further outbursts from the defendants'." The judge said loudly.

James heard Robby mutter, "Markham's cronies are Royce Johnston and Sebastian Zane."

James turned his attention back to the front of the courtroom but was aware of Robby swearing quietly under his breath and muttering about the punishment that should be handed out to the men. James found himself silently agreeing when Robby muttered about the benefits of castration without the comfort of anaesthesia while the implements used were rusty barbed wire and a blunt spoon.

Finally the judge remanded the three defendants into custody and James and Robby watched as the three men where removed from the courtroom.

"Mr Gabriel Renford and Mr Bradley Stanton, will you approach the bench please?" The judge asked just as James was getting up to leave.

James glanced around to see the two men enter the courtroom floor and approach the judge's desk, their lawyer was right beside them as they halted in front of the desk.

"Mr Renford and Mr Stanton I must thank you for tendering the statements you have even though it could count against you." The judge said formally.

"Just trying to make up for not doing the right thing in the first place your Honour," Ren said.

James took one last look at the men standing at the Judge's desk and left the courtroom. Outside he paused in the shade of large trees as he tried to still the thoughts that tumbled around in his mind. He had not asked Janey anything about what had happened to her while she was away but between what Robby and Adam had let slip and the nightmares he had heard Janey wake screaming from he knew what she had endured had been brutal.

Now to see the men responsible was gut wrenching. Most of them were behind bars but some were still free to walk the streets with decent people.

Outside James took a deep breath and tried to clear his mind of the stench he imagined he had smelt in the courtroom. He stood in the shade of a large tree and looked around casually. A rather exotic looking woman in skin tight jeans and halter top sat on a bench not too far away and James was just about to wander over to her when she stood up and headed towards the courthouse with a relieved smile.

James felt his rage start to rise once again as he saw the blonde guy, Renford and his friend walk out of the courthouse followed by their lawyer and move to stand in the shade. Outrage that these men should be walking free tinted his vision red as he strode towards them, Renford had his back to him as he approached and James grabbed him by the shoulder and spun him around to face him.

"Why the hell hasn't the judge locked you up with the rest of the scum?" James demanded angrily as the two men faced him.

"Someone get security here!" The lawyer yelled.

"Because believe it or not we are trying to help her," Ren said as he met the gaze of the man who was clearly Janey's brother.

"Come on Ren, let's get out of here." Brad said as he took several steps away from the two men who were standing toe to toe.

"You would have helped her more if you had helped her get the hell away from those bastards!" James snapped.

'Tanaya shoved in between the two men pushing against James' chest with both hands and forcing him to back up several paces, "And just who do you think bought her the ticket to get home huh? Who put her on the bus and made sure there was no-one there to stop her huh?" 'Tanaya demanded punctuating each question with a hard shove to his chest making him back up several paces each time.

Finally she shoved her face as close to his as she could and James grasped her by the upper arms intending to forcibly move her out of his way.

She asked softly, "and who do you think literally pulled those gorillas off of her when they were set to rape her one after the other huh? Fuckin' Santa Claus?"

James froze for a second as he looked down into her face.

"Get your hands off of her!" Brad roared as he lunged forward and jerked 'Tanaya out of James' stunned grasp and forced her behind him as he faced James.

Ren moved up beside his friend putting himself between 'Tanaya and James. Neither man had to think about it, the protect behaviour came instinctively.

"Unlike some I don't get off mistreating women!" James snapped before turning and walking away.

* * * * *

Janey paused in putting away her clean washing as she heard the sound of a now familiar vehicle. She straightened with a smile and smoothed her top down over her breasts and the ever so slight swell of her stomach before heading out towards the front door.

"Adam's here." Marina said as she opened the front door.

"Oh good!" Janey exclaimed as she walked out onto the front porch to greet him.

"Janey!" Adam said enthusiastically as he swept her up in a huge hug.

Janey pulled away suddenly apprehensive as it occurred to her that she had not been expecting Adam until the following day. "I thought you were coming to visit tomorrow," She said cautiously.

Adam cleared his throat and gave a slight nod. "That had been the plan originally but a few things have changed,"

"What's changed?" Janey asked apprehensively.

"The Police Prosecutor wants you to meet with the defendants who are giving evidence against Greg Hawkings so it can be double and triple checked that the statements match. Also the prosecution wants to be sure you're able to handle the court proceedings without falling apart." Adam explained gently.

"I don't want to see any of them!" Janey exclaimed before turning and running into the house. She didn't stop until she reached her room and threw herself face down on her bed.

At first after learning Ren and Brad were out on bail she had begged and begged to be allowed to see them but Robby, Adam and James had continually told her she was better off not seeing them.

Reoccurring nightmares had merged with the warnings against seeing the two men until reality had blurred and Janey couldn't be sure if she could trust Ren or Brad anymore.

"Janey? Can I come in?" Adam called softly through the door. He pressed his ear against the door but could hear no response. He glanced at Marina and Jim where they stood a few paces away before turning the handle and opening the door. When there was no protest from Janey he walked into her room and sat on the edge of her bed.

Janey felt her bed dip beneath added weight and glanced over her shoulder to see who it was before burying her face in the pillow once again.

"I know you don't want to see any of those men again but I'll be there," Adam said softly trying to reassure her.

"How can you know what I want when I'm not sure myself?" Janey wondered silently, "one moment I want to see Ren so desperately and the next I never want to see him again."

"Would it help if I was there too?" Marina asked softly from the doorway.

Jim stood behind his wife silently, he didn't offer to go as he knew he would have trouble looking into the faces of those involved in his daughter's abduction and not giving them the hiding they so rightly deserved.

"Maybe once you see them again, see they can't hurt you anymore they won't be as scarey." Marina said softly as she approached the bed.

Janey glanced towards her mother uncertainly and Marina smiled at her daughter reassuringly.

"I promise, if it is too much I will take you out of the room myself." Marina said softly.

Janey looked towards Adam uncertainly, "When will I have to see them?"

"The meeting is set-up for this afternoon at Byron Bay Police Station at two." Adam said gently.

"That's too soon!" Janey exclaimed as she sat up hurriedly, her eyes wide with a mixture of fear and something else impossible to name.

"With the start of the trail in two days it has to be today. Tomorrow everyone will be busy." Adam explained.

"I'm not ready!" Janey protested as she looked towards her mother imploringly.

"Change into something nice and I'll take you into town for lunch and afterwards I'll go with you to the Police Station. I'll be with you the entire time." Adam told her firmly but gently.

"I'll be with you as well dear." Marina said reassuringly.

Adam turned towards Marina with a compassionate look on his face, "I am sure Janey would really appreciate your support but there may be some things discussed today that Janey may prefer you not to hear about."

Marina darted a quick look at Janey but she was looking down at her hands where they pleated the hem of her top nervously. Marina was well aware of the fact that Janey had yet to go into detail concerning what had happened to her.

"Well I think it's for Janey to say if she wants me to either go with her or stay here at home," Marina said after a few moments though, " Janey?"

"I want Mum with me." Janey whispered faintly knowing that Adam would prefer Marina stayed at home.

"I'll take Janey into town and we can have lunch and we'll meet you afterwards Adam. I'll go get changed." Marina announced as she turned from the doorway.

Janey glanced at Adam nervously but there was no sign of anger or annoyance on his face or in his manner as he sat on the edge of her bed without attempting to touch her.

When Adam was sure they were alone he smiled at Janey and reached out to brush the damp hair back off her face. "Hello Janey." he said softly before leaning forward and kissing her squarely on her lips.

Janey stiffened for a moment then closed her eyes and leant into his body as she responded to his kiss.

Adam groaned as he broke off the kiss reluctantly, "I had better let you get changed."

Janey watched as he left the room shutting the door behind him. She sat on the edge of the bed reluctantly and glanced at the wardrobe containing her clothes dejectedly. Adam would insist she attend this meeting, forcing her to go if necessary. Unhappily she got to her feet and moved to the door that hid her best clothes, well if she had to see any of them again she intended not to let them see how much she still feared them.

Half an hour later Janey was ready when her mother knocked on the door and opened it slightly.

"You certainly look nice," Marina said with a smile as she held out her hand to Janey as if she were a small child.

Needing the reassurance Janey took her hand and allowed herself to be led outside to where the family car waited.

Adam was standing by his vehicle and smiled as he saw Janey, when she avoided his gaze he realised she was upset with him. Shrugging his disappointment off he got into his own vehicle as Marina and Janey got into the other car.

The ride into town was silent and when Marina stopped at a popular cafe Janey remained seated in the car even when Marina got out.

Marina hesitated as she looked at the car knowing that Janey would be very reluctant to get out, finally she gave a shrug and headed for the bakery next door to the cafe. When Marina returned to the car Janey was watching for anxiously.

"You left me alone!" Janey accused.

"Lesson number one for today, your actions have consequences and not necessarily ones you will be happy with," Marina said in a no nonsense tone of voice as she passed Janey a plastic bag of bakery goods before starting the car. "I don't intend to eat here. I'm going to one of the beaches and having a picnic. You can sit in the car and go hungry or you can sit on the grass with me, your choice."

At the beach Marina and Janey sat on the throw rug they kept in the car and ate the impromptu picnic. They feed the crusts of their sandwiches to the seagulls that came up onto the grass area above the sand and then washed their food down with favoured milk.

"We had better pack up and go meet Adam." Marina said with a quick glance at her watch. She began packing away the empty wrapping of their lunch and placed it in the plastic bag they had carried it in. Marina glanced at Janey where she sat looking out over the water and absently tearing a paper bag into tiny pieces.

"Quick! Clean up the mess you've made!" Marina said crisply.

Janey looked down at her hands startled to see the little pile of confetti like pieces she had made. Hurriedly she picked them up and put them into the bag her mother held.

"Ok, that's the last of it we might as well get going." Marina announced and headed towards the car knowing that Janey would follow rather than be left alone. Sometimes it was easier to leave Janey to be forced to follow if she didn't want to be left behind then to argue about going in the first place.

Janey hesitated a moment then got to her feet and followed her mother at a leisurely pace. Being left alone was slowly loosing it's terrifying connotations but still she was in no hurry to be left behind in a public place.

At the police station Adam was waiting out the front of the building when Marina drove up and parked in the space he indicated. He handed her a special pass to stick to the inside of her windscreen to avoid being towed away then he moved around to Janey's door.

Janey watched as Adam opened the door for her and offered his hand as she hesitated in her seat. Still angry with him for landing this meeting on her without time for her to prepare Janey ignored his hand as she got out of the car and looked around uneasily.

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