tagErotic CouplingsRen - Shades of Grey Ch. 11

Ren - Shades of Grey Ch. 11


Janey watched the scenery go by as Adam drove the short distance to the caravan park. There was a swimming pool there and Adam had phoned the caravan park to see if they could go there to use the pool. It was an unseasonably hot humid evening in April and they intended to enjoy the chance to cool off in the pool.

"I don't know why we couldn't have walked," Janey said as Adam parked his car in the shade of a tree.

"As I explained, you'll be tired and glad of the ride back to the hotel in a few hours," Adam said firmly.

"A little bit of exercise won't hurt me," Janey muttered to herself.

"You have a full day of court tomorrow and probably for the rest of the week. I am not letting you tire yourself today when I can prevent it easily," Adam told her.

"Thanks for reminding me," Janey muttered under her breath but not loud enough for Adam to hear and possibly take exception to.

"You said something?" Adam asked having heard her murmur but not the content of what she had said.

"It's nothing." Janey grumbled as she pointedly ignored his outstretched hand as she got out of the car.

Adam watched her get out of the vehicle and move away to the back of the car before stopping and glancing back at him. He was getting used to her abrupt changes of mood but he still found it hard to argue with her as she refused to say anything that gave a chance for a difference of opinion.

"It looks like we aren't the only ones feeling the heat today," Janey said with a glance towards the pool where some people were either in the water or lounging around on towels in the shade.

"Are you okay with so many people being there? We could find somewhere else to go," Adam told her.

Janey hesitated a minute or so as she regarded the people in the pool before turning towards Adam with a faint small, "I'm sure I can handle it, I'll be alright,"

Adam heard the faint uncertainty in her voice but he knew that during the day she was much better coping with strangers than of a night. "Ok, lets go get wet then!" He said brightly.

Janey followed him to an unoccupied shady spot and watched as he spread out the picnic blanket he had bought with them on the ground then spread his towel out on half of it. She put aside her bottle of iced water before spreading her towel out beside his.

"Come on," Adam said as he caught her hand and led her towards the pool.

They stopped just inside the fence and stripped down to their swimmers, Adam wore a pair of board shorts and Janey wore a one piece suit.

Janey watched as Adam dived into the pool and surfaced before she sat on the edge of the pool to ease herself into the water. The water in the concrete pool was heated by the sun and was comfortable with the chill taken off it but not heated enough to loose it's refreshing qualities.

Adam watched Janey as she swum a few strokes before diving beneath the surface to touch the bottom of the pool before surfacing. He watched as she smoothed her wet hair back off of her face and smiled at him, moisture glittering on her eyelashes.

Half an hour later they headed to where their towels awaited them in the shade and sat down. Janey had a drink before putting the bottle aside and lying back on her towel with a sigh. Adam turned his head to look at her where she lay beside him but she had her eyes shut so he stretched out on his towel without a word.

"I don't believe this! What are you's doing here? This is harassment!"

The angry female voice bought Janey fully awake as she opened her eyes and sat up. Adam was climbing to his feet beside her to face the woman who had spoken to her in the Chinese food shop the night before. The woman was wearing a brief bikini and carrying a towel.

"What are you's doing here? We're staying here! You know well and good two of the guys are not allowed anywhere near her and you come here! That is harassment!" 'Tanaya stormed angrily.

"I don't know what you're talking about! Calm down and talk some sense!" Adam snapped.

Janey looked around alertly, "By guys does that mean Ren and Brad or is it just Matty and Brent?" Janey wondered as she got to her feet.

About twenty yards away all four men where standing in board shorts with towels hung over their shoulders. When Ren met her gaze Janey turned away after a few moments and reached for her drink nervously, she was aware of Adam talking to the woman and turned towards them.

"Surely it won't matter if they use the pool too," Janey said as she moved to Adam's side.

Adam paused mid sentence and looked at Janey thoughtfully, "We might as well go and leave them to it, after all they are staying here apparently," Adam said motioning towards the office of the caravan park.

Janey glanced over at the four men but Brad and Ren were already heading away from the pool area.

"Hey you two! Get your butts back here!" 'Tanaya yelled after them.

"Forget it 'Tanaya, it aint worth the hassle," Brent told her before both he and Matty turned to follow Ren and Brad.

Janey watched the four men walking away from her, "It's not fair," she thought, "there's no reason we all can't use the pool." "Don't go! Stay and have a swim!" Janey called after them.

"Look I'm sure you mean well Miss Wilkinson but if the cops catch Brad or Ren within fifty yards of you they will haul their arse off to jail so fast it's not funny. Your cop boyfriend should know that." 'Tanaya said tightly

Janey turned her head to look at 'Tanaya for a moment then turned back towards the four men. "It's not fair!" Janey said unhappily before moving back to her towel.

'Tanaya watched her move back to where she had been sitting. As Janey turned away 'Tanaya saw the slight swell of her stomach, the faint tracing of blue veins above the low-cut neckline and the dark shadows of her nipples beneath the patterned material.

"Adam I want to leave." Janey sat as she picked her towel and drink up.

"You don't have to leave," 'Tanaya said surprising herself, "we'll keep away from here, let you relax in peace."

Janey gave 'Tanaya a sad smile before walking away towards Adam's car.

Adam turned to follow Janey, hesitated a moment then glanced back at 'Tanaya. "For what it's worth we didn't know you lot were staying here."

'Tanaya gave a rather un-lady like snort before hurrying after the four men.

* * * * *

Janey and Adam lay in the double bed, the night was unseasonably hot and humid. Janey glanced over her shoulder at Adam where he lay sleeping behind her. They had been kissing, cuddling and engaged in foreplay earlier but Janey had remained slightly reluctant and Adam had backed off with his advances and told her he was happy just to hold her.

Feeling the urge to go to the toilet Janey eased out from beneath Adam's arm, paused for a moment to make sure she had not disturbed him and then padded silently to the small ensuite attached to the room.

Hot humid air was blowing lightly through the small window above the sink and Janey paused there as she washed her hands.

Distant sounds came on the breeze as it drifted into the room. Janey could hear the heavy sultry beat of music and the murmur of distant voices and occasionally an individual voice could be heard above the noise.

She splashed cool water on her face and patted the moisture down her throat as she tried to ease the heat from her skin. She sighed in defeat as the hot air immediately evaporated the moisture from her skin with barely any effect.

Janey paused in the doorway between the bedroom and the ensuite as she stood looking at Adam. He was soundly asleep thanks to the three beers he had enjoyed after they had eaten and occasionally a soft snore escaped him as he lay on his back.

Picking up the cotton shirt she had worn that day Janey walked to the door, she hesitated for several seconds as she held the door handle before turning the key and opening the door.

The breeze offered a cooler touch outside and Janey wandered to the edge of the light that fell from a dim light bulb above the door. Outside she could hear the music and distant voices more clearly. She seemed to stop breathing for a few moments as she strained to listen to the sounds that came from the not to far distant caravan park.

Could she hear familiar voices? Was that masculine laughter and was it whom she thought it was?

Janey turned her head to look back towards the open doorway before turning back towards the direction of the caravan park yearningly. She stood motionless for nearly five minutes before turning and walking back into the hotel room.

"Adam? Adam?" She whispered softly.

Adam murmured beneath his breath as he rolled towards the centre of the bed and hooked one arm over the lump of bedclothes that they had both pushed to the centre of the bed. He didn't realise that it was not Janey he was cuddling as he settled back into a deep sleep.

Janey hesitated for several minutes before quickly changing into a cool top and pulling on some comfortable shorts. She placed Adam's mobile phone on the bedside unit near his head before she tucked her own mobile phone into her shirt pocket.

Janey slipped her feet into her sandals and stood in the open doorway as she glanced nervously between the darkness beyond the light and then back at Adam where he lay asleep in the bed.

Finally after several deep breathes she pulled the key from the lock, stepped outside and locked the door behind her. She stood just outside the door for several seconds taking deep breaths before taking several faltering steps towards the darkness.

A few steps beyond the light Janey pulled her mobile phone from her pocket and held it tightly as she took faltering step after faltering steps. Every step held it's own individual terror, grass rustling in the breeze or the crunch of gravel beneath her own feet.

Janey could feel her heart thumping wildly in her chest and hear the blood rushing in her ears as she forced herself ever closer to the light and noise that surrounded the caravan park. The lure of Ren's presence preventing her turning and fleeing back towards Adam as fast as her legs could carry her.

As Janey reached the entry road to the caravan park her chest hurt from the frantic beating of her heart and her breath was catching tightly in her throat. She forced her trembling legs to carry her towards where the music and voices seemed to emulate from on the other side of the swimming pool surround.

Pausing beside the pool fence Janey took hold of it in one hand as she tried to steady her trembling legs and slow her racing heart. She could make out the silhouettes of people near a large caravan and was sure she recognised the large shape of Brad as she took several shaky steps towards them.

'Tanaya was coming out of the annex of a caravan with a fresh can of sprite and a packet of chips when the faint movement just at the very edge of the light caught her attention. She was shocked as she saw Janey standing in the shadows clearly looking for someone. 'Tanaya looked around for the cop boyfriend and when she realised that Janey was alone she glanced down where Brent, Matty and Ren were sitting back in chairs relaxing and listening to the radio. Brad was checking through the ice filled esky for another beer beneath the bright glare of the light from a light pole.

"Renagade, I think you got a visitor. Just stand up easy like and have a look over by the pool." 'Tanaya said softly as she took another step down out of the caravan.

Thinking it would be the woman in the red bikini who had been showing interest all even he stood up and glanced towards the swimming pool casually.

Catching sight of Ren as he stood up Janey took several unsteady steps into the light, her heartbeat sounding loudly in her ears.

Ren felt his heart skip a beat then start a rapid tattoo as he recognised Janey. Her face was so pale it was nearly colourless; the only colour it contained was the red of her bottom lip with faint teeth marks in it that attested to her biting it.

Her entire body was trembling slightly with the force of the tremors that were going through her. One white knuckled hand held a mobile phone and both her feet were bare.

"Hey Blondie, what are you doing here?" Ren asked softly as he took several steps towards her.

A strange sound escaped her then Janey was throwing her self at Ren and into his arms.

"Hey! Steady on there!" Ren exclaimed as he enfolded her in his arms. He buried his face in the fragrant cloud of her hair as he felt her shuddering against him.

"I done it! I done it!" Janey exclaimed, her voice muffled as she buried her face against his chest.

"What did you do?" Ren asked softly after several minutes when he tried to ease her away from his chest.

"There's no sign of her boyfriend," Brad said from close by and Janey turned her face slightly to look his way.

"I walked here by myself. Adam was asleep when I left," Janey said faintly.

"Why didn't you wear shoes?" Ren asked as he scooped her up into his arms and carried her over to the chair he had been sitting in. He sat her in the chair pulling her arms from around his neck and turned his attention to her feet to check for injuries.

"I had sandals on when I left," Janey said puzzled. She glanced around at the others slightly uneasily but was comforted by the presence of Ren.

"Is the copper going to turn up?" 'Tanaya demanded as she pushed to the front.

Janey glanced her way uneasily then looked to Ren for reassurance.

"You do realise your boyfriend will be pissed off if he wakes up and your not there, not to mention he will also probably he pretty worried as well." Ren said calmly.

Janey chewed her bottom lip agitatedly and raised one hand to it as she realised it was tender.

"So you made it over here all by yourself," Ren murmured quietly.

Janey glanced towards him uncertainly and saw the pride in his eyes. She blushed self consciously and lowered her head for a few seconds before looking up once again.

"I done it all by myself," Janey said whisper soft with a shy smile as Ren attempted to brush her short fringe back behind her ear.

"Big deal! She walked here by herself! Now the fucking cops will turn up!" Brent said angrily.

Ren remained squatting in front of Janey as he turned his head to look at Brent. "Sky...I mean Janey walked here by herself and it obviously is something for her to feel proud about. Walking around in the dark by herself," Ren said tightly.

Janey glanced self-consciously at 'Tanaya and the three men who were gathered around her and Ren, she swallowed nervously and glanced at Ren as he stood up on front of her. "I've been scared of the dark since... since they... grabbed me..." Janey said uneasily and looked down at her hand holding her mobile phone.

"Who wants another beer?" Brad asked as he turned back towards the esky, " if the cops are going to arrest me I want to be pissed as a fart!" he announced as he pulled a can of beer from the ice and opened it before taking a long drink

Janey glanced towards Brad, he had a grin on his face as he moved to sit in the chair beside her.

"So are you going to get drunk as well tonight?" Brad asked.

"I don't drink." Janey said softly faintly uncertain of what to make of him.

"What? Not even going to have one drink with some friends?" Brad asked, he had clearly had a few drinks already.

"Drinking's not good for the baby when a woman is pregnant," 'Tanaya announced with a hard look at Janey.

Janey gave a gasp of surprise, both arms folding protectively over her stomach as she looked towards 'Tanaya but the other woman was looking down at her own feet.

"What you ended up getting caught out did ya 'Tanay'?" Brad asked with a trace of amusement in his voice. He was too drunk to process information properly.

"Not bloody likely with 'Tanaya, and I don't think she was talking about herself." Brent said quietly as he turned speculative eyes Janey's way.

"I'm confused, who's pregnant?" Matty asked looking from Brent to 'Tanaya and back again.

"Take a minute to think about everything that has happened in the last four or five months," Ren advised as he helped himself to a beer.

Matty studied Brent and 'Tanaya for several seconds before glancing at Ren where he was taking a drink from his newly opened can of beer. Something about the dark brooding look on Ren's face made him remember hearing screams and pleading in the dark.

"Do you mean...? Hell no you gotta be shitting me! I put that implant in myself! I'm sure I done it properly!... unless it was already too late..." Brad said as he got to his feet and moved forward to turn around and face Janey. He looked down at her where she sat silently her head bowed and both her arms hugging her stomach, her feet tucked back under the chair. He passed his can of beer to the nearest person without really noticing who it was before squatting down in front of Janey.

"You got any idea of whose it is Sweetie?" Brad asked softly as he placed his hands on her knees.

Janey drew in a sharp breath and clamped her knees together hard but Brad ran one hand lightly up one leg before moving his hand to cup her lower stomach gently. She gasped and grabbed his large wrist with both hands but he easily kept his hand resting on her stomach lightly.

Janey glanced towards him uncertainly as she felt his hand resting on the small fullness that hid her growing child. She was unsure of what to do or say as she glanced up to meet his gaze while his hand rested on her stomach. She couldn't help noticing that although he had already indulged in a few drinks he was now suddenly and clearly sober.

She felt his hand slide around to her side and then he was gathering her into a hug. A rather large, warm, soft embrace that had her feeling safe and protected.

"If you need any help let me know, or even if you just need someone to talk to," Brad said gently as he stroked the back of her head.

Slowly absorbing the comfort of his embrace Janey unfolded her arms from across her stomach to slip them up his chest and around his shoulders as she rested her cheek in the crook of his neck.

Brad released Janey and sat back on his heels, he rocked unsteadily for a few seconds before he stood up.

"Where's me beer?" he demanded gruffly as he turned away.

Janey glanced at 'Tanaya uncomfortably for a second as 'Tanaya handed Brad his beer, "How did you know?"

"You're starting to show and things like the way you folded your arms over your stomach are a give away," 'Tanaya said quietly.

Janey glanced away then glanced towards Ren uneasily. Suddenly she realised that he had not seemed surprised by 'Tanayas' announcement or her own admission that confirmed the fact. In fact he had told Matty to think about things that had occurred in the last few months.

"You knew!" Janey said with accusation to Ren when he glanced her way.

"Yeah, I was at the hospital remember," Ren said dryly.

Janey looked away as the enormity of it engulfed her. "I did not imagine that Ren had been by my side! The snatches of dreams of him sitting by the bed, holding my hand and talking to me had not been dreams at all! And that feeling of being safe..."

Ren watched Janey as she looked away from him. "Surely she had know I had been at the hospital!... or did the boyfriend make her believe it had been a dream? Some kind of drug induced delusion?"

"Where's your boyfriend? Is he going to turn up here suddenly?" Brad demanded.

Ren looked at his friend mildly surprised; he had just had that thought himself.

Janey looked at Brad uneasily as she shrugged faintly, "Adam was asleep when I left, he didn't notice me get out of bed," Janey admitted then bit her bottom lip worriedly. "Why did I just tell them that? I shouldn't have let them know that no-one knows I'm here."

'Tanaya studied Janey quietly, she could see the younger woman's uncertainty growing, "So did you decide earlier you wanted to visit the guys or was it something you decided on the spur of the moment?" 'Tanaya asked with a friendly smile.

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