tagErotic CouplingsRen - Shades of Grey Ch. 12

Ren - Shades of Grey Ch. 12


Ren heard the door of the caravan shut and light footsteps move through the van towards him.

"Damn! Doesn't 'Tanaya realise I just want to be left alone?" Ren wondered angrily.

Reluctantly he turned his head to look at the intruder into his small cramped corner of the caravan. He was shocked and surprised to see Janey standing there. He felt his desire return stronger than ever as he gazed at the outline of her body where it could be seen through her clothes because of the soft light behind her and the absence of any light where he sat.

He sensed her nervousness as she silently pulled her top off over her head. She hesitated for a moment before her hands moved to her hips; her body moved sensuously as her shorts were worked down over her hips and thighs before falling to the floor.

Ren felt something deep inside himself wrench painfully as he got to his feet. It was more than his physical desire for her; something in him needed her on so many different levels.

Without being aware of moving he found himself gathering her into his arms. Gently he held her and buried his face in her hair.

"Is it fear that makes her tremble in my arms?'" He wondered, and then whispered softly, "I'll be gentle, I promise."

Ren felt her lips part beneath his and he slid his tongue between her lips to caress her inner mouth the way he remembered she liked. He could taste popcorn as he kissed her and he gathered her closer, deeply aware of her bare skin beneath his hands.

He wasn't sure if her murmur was one of desire or if it was his own need that made it sound that way. The sound vibrated threw him as she whimpered against his mouth.

Hungrily Ren trailed quick light kisses across her cheek before nibbling and sucking at the side of her neck below her ear. He felt her hands move up his chest to grasp at his shoulders and he lifted his head to look down at her for a moment. Her head was tilted back and to one side allowing him easy access to her throat, her eyes closed and lips softly parted.

The force of his desire had him lowering his head to kiss her hard as he edged her back towards the bed he had been sitting on. She gasped into his mouth and clutched at his shoulders, determinedly he lowered her onto the bed covering her body with his.

He rocked his hips against the cradle of her thighs and swallowed her whimpers as he continued to kiss her. He felt her wriggle beneath him and then she was twinning her legs around his thighs as she pressed herself against him.

He reached down between them; she was slick beneath his fingers as he found the opening of her passage. He closed his mind to the possibility that it could be from her having sex with her boyfriend before leaving him and slid a finger inside her as gently as his urgent need allowed him.

Ren felt the inner walls of her moist passage throb around his fingers as he began to move his hand to bring her pleasure. She whimpered and twisted beneath him as he stroked and explored with his fingers.

He felt her fingernails digging into the back of his shoulders as he swallowed her whimpers and moans. Well aware of the fact she was now an almost mindless bundle of frustration and desire he freed his rock hard erection from his jeans and guided himself to the centre of her being.

Janey gasped as he entered her with one long steady thrust, she moaned with pleasure and lifted her legs to hook her feet in the small of his back.

Ren lowered his head with a groan of desire and kissed her hard as he began to move eagerly. Forgotten was his promise to be gentle as instinct took control of his body and he moved in strong swift thrusts. He caught her hands as she clutched at his arms and raised her hands above her head as he laced his fingers through hers.

Ren felt Janey moving urgently beneath him and he increased the speed of his thrusts as he felt the first tensing of her inner muscles. The spasms of her climax triggered his own orgasm and he broke off kissing her to throw his head back with a throaty groan as he came hard deep within her.

Slowly Ren eased his frantic pace until he was barely moving within her body as the last of her orgasm milked the cum from his cock. He realised he was still hard when Janey sighed and relaxed beneath him, her breathing starting to return to normal.

Ren paused for a few moments as he lay on Janey's soft body, still joined with her in the most intimate of ways. Even though he had cum his lust was not sated and he moved slightly to keep the stimulation going. He felt Janey arch beneath him and move her hips experimentally as she felt the remaining evidence of his arousal.

He kissed her hard feeling her lips part beneath his and her tongue welcoming the aggressive thrusts of his. He caught her soft moan and began moving as her response continued.

The tight walls of her passage gripped his cock and it felt as if her body was trying to pull him deeper as his movements became more aggressive. Her soft whimpers became more constant and Ren tried to control himself but his lust was too strong and he gave up fighting himself and gave over to his pleasure.

Ren pulled his lips from Janey's and lifted his head slightly as he increased his frantic pace.

"Ooohhh, hhhmmmmm.." Janey hummed as she gasped for breath.

Ren felt the tingling sensation and tightening of his balls that heralded the beginnings his second orgasm. He released Janey's hands and gasped her shoulders to pull her down hard against his erection as his orgasm washed over him in strong waves.

"Ren! Oohh Ren, Rennnn!" Janey's voice rose as she clutched at the sheet beneath him and everything faded into the background for a few long moments as Ren was only aware of Janey's body beneath and around his.

Slowly Ren's senses returned to him and he eased his weight up onto his arms as he lifted himself off of Janey. He heard her whimper softly as he slid free from her body and he stretched out on his side beside her to take her in his arms.

"I didn't hurt you did I?" Ren asked worriedly.

Janey groaned and rolled towards him to bury her face in the hollow of his neck. "You can hurt me like that any time you like," She said against his neck.

"What did you say?" Ren asked with a smile in his voice as he rolled her beneath him once again. He was careful to support his weight on his elbows and knees and not put any weight on her lower body.

"Nothing." Janey murmured shyly as she turned her face away from his.

"Good was it?" Ren asked pleased with himself as he pressed kisses to her forehead and cheek, any place on her face he could reach.

"Yes," Janey whispered against his mouth as he brushed his lips over hers lightly teasing her.

"My woman's pleased is she?" Ren asked proudly.

He felt Janey tense beneath him and turn her face away as he went to kiss her. When he tried to capture her lips she began wriggling beneath him fighting him.

"What's wrong?" Ren asked worriedly as he rolled off of her.

"I'm not your woman!" Janey denied as she scrambled off of the bed and hurried to her clothes to pull them on.

Ren felt anger grow with in him as she denied what was between them. "So you'll just go running back to lover boy now? What happened? Didn't he satisfy you tonight?" Ren demanded lashing out in his pain.

Janey froze as she looked back at him over her shoulder for a moment before stumbling towards the door blindly.

Ren hurried to straighten his jeans and re zip them as Janey stumbled from the caravan. He had regretted his words even as he had spat them out at her in anger.

"Sky! Wait!" He called after her as he hurried through the dark interior of the van. He cursed softly under his breath as his alcohol-affected senses slowed him down negotiating the steps.

"My name's not Sky! My name's not Sky!" Janey screamed at him from several feet away. She took several steps backwards away from him as he stepped down from the bottom step.

"I'm sorry, I'm a bit drunk, I forgot for a second," Ren said softly.

"I'm not your woman...! " Janey's words halted as she saw the anger grow in his face.

"What's lover boy going to say when you go back there smelling of another man? or will he just look the other way? I know I sure as hell wouldn't if you were my woman!" Ren snarled.

As if on cue Janey's phone beeped shrilly where it sat forgotten on the chair she had been sitting on earlier.

Janey looked towards it startled and swallowed uneasily as she realised it could only be Adam calling her at this time of night. He must have woken and discovered her gone.

"Aren't you going to answer it? Or don't you want him to know you're here?" Ren demanded angrily.

Janey remained silent as she watched Ren nervously, she darted several nervous glances towards her phone but made no attempt to go to it.

"Any bet it won't be long before the cop boyfriend turns up here," Brent said annoyed.

Janey glanced his way uneasily then looked at her mobile phone where it sat silently on the chair. Uncertainly she moved towards it and when no one attempted to stop her or interfere in anyway she hurried to pick it up. Just the feel of the phone in her hand boosted her confidence and she glanced down at the screen. The phone vibrated in her hand and she dropped it with a startled gasp as it beeped shrilly.

"Why don't you answer it? Don't let any of us prevent you," Ren said with a touch of sarcasm.

Janey looked at him for several long moments before looking down at her phone where it moved slightly with each ring. The phone fell silent and Janey picked it up uneasily; she looked at the number displayed on the screen and knew it was indeed Adam who was trying to reach her.

Ren stood looking at Janey not sure of what to make of what had happened. "Why didn't she answer the phone?" He wondered perplexed.

"You'd better head back to where ever you were before you came here. We don't need the cop coming here," 'Tanaya said firmly.

Janey glanced at Ren uncertainly; his calling her his woman had scared her. He didn't own her; no one could own her! She would never let anyone have that power over her the way Hawk had.

"I'm not your woman, you don't own me," Janey said faintly, fear audible in her voice.

Ren sighed deeply as her words sunk in; he took a deep breath and shook his head slightly. "I didn't mean it like that Blondie. I forgot for a few moments... it was almost like you were my girl, ... my girlfriend." Ren explained as he saw the spark of unease his words were causing.

Janey's phone began emitting its shrill demand once again and Janey closed her eyes as she refused to answer it.

"You know how I feel about you don't you Blondie?" Ren asked softly as he approached her slowly.

Janey opened her eyes almost reluctantly to look at him. She gave her head a faint shake as she realised what the words were he meant, then froze as she realised what she had done.

Ren stopped within touching distance and slowly raised a hand to brush the tips of his fingers against her cheek. "My feelings haven't changed," he told her very softly, "I still love you."

Janey watched as his lips moved closer and then allowed her eyes to close as he brushed them across her mouth lightly.

Ren felt her lips tremble beneath his as he brushed light kisses across her mouth. He nibbled softly at her bottom lip and she opened her lips slightly to allow him access to the sweet recesses of her mouth.

When Ren finally raised his head Janey was breathing heavily and her mobile phone was silent. He brushed his fingertips lightly across her bottom lip and smiled as the tip of her tongue darted out to flick across the pad of his thumb.

"I'll walk you most of the way back if you like," Ren said whisper soft.

Janey opened her eyes to look at him startled, became aware once more of her surroundings and took several steps back away from him. "That wouldn't be a good idea," Janey denied faintly. Her mobile came to life once more but this time it played a popular song from the year before and Janey looked down at it for a few moments before pressing a button and raising it to an ear.

"Yeah hallo James, what do you want?" Janey turned away from Ren and walked a few feet as she spoke. "I'm okay, don't worry.... He called you did he? ... I'll be back there in a little while ... I'm fine ... by myself ... yeah, alone ... there's isn't any need ... don't worry about it ... James! Everything's fine! Really! See you in half an hour then!" Janey argued over the phone before ending the call and turning to face Ren uneasily.

"I gotta go. Adam has called the cavalry, as in one of my brothers..." Janey forced a strained smile and glanced over her shoulder towards the pathway she had taken to get there.

Ren nodded silently, he didn't know what to say. He didn't want her to return to Adam but knew there was no way he could keep her there with him.

"Please, don't let him touch you tonight, not after ..." Ren fell silent and looked away uncomfortably. Letting Janey return to another man was really cutting deep into his self-control.

Janey looked away, she knew what Ren had meant to say but wisely left unsaid. It only underlined her own reluctance to return to the room she had been sharing with Adam.

"I gotta go," Janey said faintly and turned away.

The noises of the night were loud in her ears as she walked into the dark but they couldn't drown out the loud beating of her heart in her chest as she walked further away from Ren and the light.

Once again her phone began beeping and this time she answered it glad of the voice she knew would be on the other end even in the dark.

"Janey! Where are you?" Adam demanded, his voice tight with worry.

"I couldn't sleep ... I went ... for a walk, sat down ... and lost track of time ..." Janey stammered uneasily.

"Janey, are you okay Darling?" Adam asked with concern hearing the fear thick in her voice.

"Keep talking to me! Please keep talking to me!" Janey blurted in a rush of fear as she stumbled along the path in the dark.

Somehow the moon and starlight didn't seem as bright and friendly as it had when she had left the motel room in search of Ren. Finally Janey broke into a stumbling run halfway back to the motel and arrived a few minutes later out of breath and shaking badly.

Adam folded her in his arms and held her for several minutes before taking her mobile off of her and ending the call. Gently he guided her back inside the room and sat her on the edge of the bed while he retrieved tissues to wipe her face. Once she was calm he went into the bathroom, got a wet face cloth and returned to wipe her face.

"It's okay Janey. You're here with me now." Adam soothed as he cleaned her tearstained face. He hesitated as he noticed her bottom lip was softly swollen and when he met her eyes she looked away avoiding his gaze.

The sound of a vehicle parking in front of the motel room diverted his attention for the moment and Adam went to the door to check and see if it was James and Robby. He opened the door as they got out of the car and moved aside so they could walk into the room.

"Janey seems fine. She got back five minutes or more ago," Adam said as he shut the door behind them.

"Where were you? Why didn't you answer your phone when Adam was trying to call you?" James demanded as he squatted beside the bed so that he was on the same level as Janey.

Janey looked down at her hands where they twisted nervously in her lap. She didn't look up when she heard her brother move uncomfortably.

Robby was the first to notice the whisker burn on one cheek and on her collarbone. He pushed James aside roughly to move to the side of the bed and reach down and grasp Janey's chin to make her turn her head so he could see better. Robby glanced at Adam and saw the tight look on his face as he too saw the marks on Janey's skin.

"How could you?" Adam demanded angrily.

Janey glanced his way nervously but remained silent. She had known she would have to have this conversation with him sooner or later but she certainly did not want it to be in front of either of her brothers. Nervously she got to her feet and moved away from the three men.

"What am I missing here?" James asked suspiciously.

"Those god-damned bastards are over at the caravan park! Apparently they are staying there!" Adam said angrily as he glared at Janey.

"Who ...?" James asked.

"The bastards that abducted Janey! That's who!" Robby cut in angrily as he stalked several steps then turned to look at his sister once more.

Janey glanced his way nervously without meeting his eyes then glanced towards Adam and James uneasily.

"Did you have sex with them?" Adam demanded angrily. He saw the guilty start Janey gave before she moved away a few more steps and felt his stomach turn over before a sinking feeling set in.

"Don't tell me you went near them, Janetta!" Robby said angrily. Without thinking Robby stalked over to his sister and grabbed her by the upper arms and gave her a brief shake before demanding, "Well did one of them contact you? Ask you or tell you to go over there?"

"Please don't hurt me!" Janey begged as she struggled in his grasp.

Shocked by his own actions Robby let go of Janey as James rushed to their side and pushed him away from her.

"Leave her alone. Don't think I'll let you get away with bullying her," James warned as he watched Janey huddle in the corner. With Robby moving away from them James turned his attention onto Janey in full.

"Hey Blonde One, it's okay. Come sit down hey? Or do you want to go back to the motel where Rob and I are staying? I'm sure I could get a room for you if that's what you want," James said in a gentle voice.

Janey glanced towards Adam uncertainly but looked away hurriedly at his angry look.

"Janey and I have a few things to straighten out before she goes anywhere," Adam said tightly.

"Not tonight. Give things a few hours to calm down a bit." James said with a worried glance towards Janey.

"It was that blonde bastard wasn't it?" Adam demanded angrily. He saw the way Janey gave a startled jerk as she turned away and took several steps towards the door.

"What were you going to do? Sneak back here and crawl into bed with me and pretend like you hadn't been over there opening your legs for him?" Adam demanded angrily.

Janey glanced his way nervously and saw the pain in his eyes. She looked away hurriedly as she felt tears well in her eyes and confusion rise up inside of her.

"You watch what you say to Janey or I'll shut your mouth for you!" James warned Adam tightly.

Her brother's reaction bought back Ren's words to Matty earlier that night and once again Janey was struck by how similar to her family he was at times.

"What the hell would you do if it was your girlfriend sneaking off to be with some other guy?" Adam demanded angrily.

"You have to keep away from them Janey. Their sort will not hesitate to use you in any way possible to try to keep out of jail or avoid a conviction! Hell! I wouldn't be surprised if that blonde guy, Renford, was smart enough to try to sucker you in with crap like how he is actually your friend or maybe even say he loves you or some shit like that!" Robby snapped angrily.

He stopped when he saw the surprised start Janey gave and shook his head in disbelief. "He's said something already hasn't he? What was it? That he really actually cares about you?" Robby watched Janey closely for any reactions. " Or maybe he has said he loves you?"

Janey couldn't stop herself glancing at Robby and she saw the anger and disbelief flash across his face.

"That bastard is filling your head with lies isn't he? He's playing on the fact he knows you feel a lot of gratitude towards him! All he is doing is trying to suck you in so that you tell the judge how he was nice to you! Renford is only looking out for Numero Uno! He knows he stands a good chance of being put behind bars for a long time if things go the right way! He doesn't care a shit about you! He's looking out for himself!" Robby said angrily.

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