She steps into the bar, her nervous disposition heightened almost painfully. She is definitely not dressed to impress, at least not in this place. It's set up like a lounge, the lights dim, almost like candlelight. The music, smooth and soft, ripples through the air and the seating is reminiscent of a cigar bar; thick leather armchairs that speak of late night business meetings with a glass of scotch are placed in the center of the room while booths line the length of the wall. The servers are all stunning, both the men and women, dressed top to bottom in black form fitting uniforms. Her gaze absentmindedly follows them as they glide through the tables, handing out drinks and taking orders like it's just another Thursday evening. Tonight might end up being an unknown fantasy come true, and the thought sends a tremor through her. She's wearing a simple peach colored dress that radiates innocence, flowing and belted at the waist.

The black stilettos adorning her feet are the sexiest part of the outfit and, looking around, she suddenly feels under dressed in a multitude of ways. Her deep auburn hair is wound tightly into a knot at the back of her head, speaking more to her inner tension than she realizes. She's been daydreaming about tonight since the moment his intense blue eyes rested on her, but now that it's here she's holding back the desire to bolt and run back to the safety of her bed. However the yearning to run dissolves immediately when she spots him in the crowd. He's staring, a small but powerful smile twitching at the corners of his mouth, a drink in his hand and eyes filled with secret desires she is desperate to give in to. Her breath catches, inexplicable sensations running through her at high speeds, a desire to be bruised and bleed that she has never felt before. What is it about this man? The first time she laid eyes on him, her imagination went wild.

The darkest recesses of her brain suddenly lit up like a Christmas tree, desires she had never known permeating her entire being. She didn't know what to say when this captivating man decided she was worth his attention, her tongue tied into a knot matching the one in her stomach and she could not make a sound. He had taken the lead, requesting her phone number and offering to buy her a drink later that week, an invitation to which she quickly nodded her acceptance. She is usually so cautious, never talking to strangers even though she had left her youth behind long ago, but there was something in her gut telling her yes. They had texted over the course of the next few days and the next thing she knew, she was walking down the dark side streets on her way to meet this stranger who had awoken some unknown need within her. Somewhere in her brain she knew this wasn't the smartest idea, but she couldn't ignore how completely alive he made her feel.

She crosses the room towards him, a shy smile creeping its way across her lips. He stands, as gentlemen do, placing a hand on her hip and planting a soft kiss on her cheek.

"You look exquisite." He whispers against her skin, his eyes flashing as he straightens and offers her a seat in his booth. Tucked into the dimmest corner of this classy bar, she slips into the offered spot and he waves over a server.

"Ladies first." His voice is comforting. "What would you like to drink?"

She stutters, giving away just how nervous she is. "Honestly, I don't know. Surprise me?"

The devilish grin that crosses his face sends a quiver down her spine. Why does she feel the need to impress this man, as if she needs to have his approval? It has been years since she felt such a childish, instinctive desire to please, but that approving and hungry look he sends her way is something she needs more of and she's willing to do whatever it takes to get it.

Her drink arrives and she takes a long sip, trying to gain enough faux confidence to actually have a conversation. The liquid cascades down her throat and a sound of surprised pleasure escapes her lips, prompting a smile.

"I'm glad you like it. Now..." He punctuates this with a swig of the golden liquid resting in front of him. "I want to ask you something." He glances at her as she leans forward, intrigued.

"Okay." She urges him on, resting her chin on her palm and timidly meeting his gaze. "Ask me anything."

He adjusts himself, shifting closer to place his arm on the back of the booth behind her.

"How do I make you feel?"

She can't hide her surprise. She was definitely not expecting...that. Nor does she know how to respond without sounding insane. Her throat goes dry and she swallows, trying to find a way to get out the words. Trying to even figure out the words to get out in the first place. She grabs her drink with a shaking hand and tosses it back, the alcohol sharp between her lips.

"Ah, well, we don't exactly know each other well, and..." She stutters, trying to escape his prying eyes. It's true, they barely knew each other. Which means, even if she could put it into words, he would think her insane and likely run for the hills if she was honest. Yet there is something in his eyes that makes her feel safe in the most exposed way. He doesn't say a word, instead enjoying the way she squirms under his watch.

"Well, I suppose you make me feel..." She trails off, grasping for the right words. "Powerless, I suppose? Small, nervous..." A reserved giggle escapes her lips and she looks down at her lap where her fingers are tightly intertwined.

"Inexperienced." Her cheeks flush the color of red wine and she swallows hard.

"I feel as if I...belong to you, I guess?" She blushes again. "I'm sorry, I know that's completely ridiculous. I'm-" He interjects before she can finish.

"No, don't apologize." He brushes her cheek with his thumb before tilting her face upwards. The softness in his voice is unexpected, matching the look in his eyes.

"You are mine. You have been since the moment we met." Something clouds his eyes, she can't pinpoint the emotion nor does she have much time to read into it. Suddenly his soft grasp on her chin turns firm and she realizes it's pure, unadulterated longing reflected in his icy blue eyes.

"Tell." He leans closer.

"Me." Even closer now, she can almost feel his breath against her lips.

"More..." He trails off, so close she can smell the musky scent of whiskey on his tongue and all she can do is think about how it must taste.

"I want to please you." The words are almost a question, a whisper pouring out of her like quicksand.

"I, ah, I want to do what you tell me to do. I want to...damn, I sound ridiculous!" She exclaims.

The corners of his eyes crinkle and it sends a flutter deep inside of her abdomen. "You want to...what?" He tilts his head against her ear, teasing her as his free hand finds her bare knee, causing goosebumps to sparkle across her skin.

"I want to belong to you, and I don't understand it." The words tumble out of her mouth. There is no going back now.

"I have never felt this before. I have never felt so desperate for approval, for affirmation, for another person. I have never wanted to be hurt, but I want you to hurt me. I want you to make me cry, I want you to make me wild. It terrifies me. YOU terrify me."

"Oh?" He mumbles, sending white-light kisses down her neck.

"Because I..." She startles with the realization. "Because I have never been so out of control as I am when I'm with you, so desperate to be claimed by someone."

He growls in her ear. "Good girl." He brushes his cheek against hers, his face centimeters from her own and her lips part involuntarily, her gaze settling on his mouth. She is frozen in place, her shallow breathing giving away her secret.

"Do I turn you on, kitten?" He murmurs against her lips before his tongue breaches the barrier, softly pressing against her own. A small gasp ripples through her before she responds, back arching with need. He breaks the kiss as quickly as it started and she suddenly feels as if she's been dropped in the middle of a frozen lake, floating in the piercing, flat white of winter. Her lips part again, this time in astonishment.

"What?" She trails off. "I don't..." Shaking her head, a laugh bubbles up from within her. He calls over the waiter as his hand finds its way past the hem of her dress and her legs part with ease. The server arrives quickly, just as his thumb finds the bud hidden away behind the red lace of her panties.

"Can I get you two anything else?" He inquires, pen poised to take another order as she bites down on her lip, not quite hard enough to stem the desperate mew his fingers tug from her depths.

"No, thank you. The check will be enough." He replies without tearing his eyes off of her, appreciative of how hard she's trying to keep still under his touch. The waiter nods and wanders off to put through the transaction, and her mysterious date decides to take it up a notch, pressing his middle finger beneath her panties and into her, causing a not-so-subtle look of surprise and desire to twist her soft feminine features. An appreciative groan rips its way out of him; his finger is drenched with her juices already and feeling just how desperately she needs him is causing him extreme discomfort. He removes his hand from beneath the table, lifting his finger to her mouth, allowing her to taste herself on his skin. The bill arrives and he pays, leaving a good sized tip, which she tries to pitch in for.

"Not a chance. Getting to watch you struggle to keep it together as I touched you is payment enough. Though I'm sure there are other ways you could make it up to me, if you really want to." He takes her hand with a wink.

"Come, I want to show you something."

Curious, she obediently follows him onto the street into the cool fall night, across the road and into what almost looks like a depleted second hand bookstore. They step into the shop and her assumptions are confirmed. However she has absolutely no idea how a bookstore is open so late, but he answers her question before she has time to ask it.

"It's a new thing in town. 24 hour bookstores, so that you never have to go without."

She is immediately enamored, the musky smell of well-loved novels relaxing her muscles. She inhales deeply, eyes drifting closed as a ghost of a smile graces her lips. Suddenly he's moving again, this time towards a staircase, breaking her out of her reverie. They nod pleasantly at the old man sitting behind the till soaking up a book of his own and clamor up towards the top floor. The space is large and skylights dot the ceiling, littering the carpet with moonlight. They slowly walk through the cramped aisles, shelves packed full of books from every era, blocking them from the view of the entrance.

Suddenly, she's sandwiched between him and a stack of discarded novels piled up against one of the few free walls and his lips are on her, devouring her where she stands. She responds with a mutual passion, breaking away from the tameness of earlier her hands grab his shoulders as if she's about to fall off the edge of a 12 story building. He expertly undoes the belt around her waist, tugging the dress above her head and discarding it behind him. His tongue finds its way down her soft, sensual curves to the place she needs him the most. He rests the back of her left knee on his shoulder and his arms wrap around her backside, holding her in place as his lips explore her pussy, tasting her for the first time. Her response is better than he could have hoped; a sharp, desperate cry echoes through the aisle, hips twisting against him, hands press against the back of his head for more, more, more.

He ignores the throbbing of his cock and slips a finger inside of her instead, reveling in the change from timid, quiet little girl to the wild, panting, frantic mess that she is now, melting beneath his touch. An orgasm quickly overtakes her, so overwhelming she collapses against the paper and ink behind her, trying desperately to hold herself in a semi-standing position. He rises and holds her up, her bent knee now at his waist, his bulge pressing into her; she tastes herself on him again, this time getting to take her time. Swiveling her tongue around his finger, she explores the sensations, seeing just how far back he can slip down her throat before she can't breathe. He grows deep and hungry, grabbing her face between his hands, no longer gentle. They consume each other, crashing down the aisle, knocking books from their respective homes as they head further into the maze of shelves. She pushes his blazer off his shoulders, his shirt quickly following until they are finally skin on skin, her nails dragging across his bare back.

He unzips his pants, stepping out of his shoes and trousers without breaking contact with her as they stumble upon a small space set up in the center of the labyrinth. They crumple onto a pile of cushions set up for the book club early the next morning, groping each other with a desperation, a need she had never felt before. He grinds against her, the solid flesh of his arousal driving her even more frantic. His arm wraps around the small of her back, his teeth find her shoulder and he bites, the sensation barely registering through the haze of lust. Her fingers find the waist of his briefs, tugging them down to free him completely and he stops for a moment, nuzzling his face in the crook of her neck, his chest heaving. He lifts himself up so that he's hovering above her, seeing the quizzical look in her eyes he answers her silent question.

"I'm trying to get control of myself, pet." His voice is low and husky, almost as if he's in pain. "I'm afraid I'll hurt you if I don't keep myself contained." Her eyes flicker dangerously and she reaches down to his cock, wrapping her fingers slowly around him as his eyes flutter closed. She positions him against her hole, pressing her hips forward so that just the tip of his incredibly long shaft enters her, and bites her lip.

"You..." He groans, trailing off as her hips start to sway around and around, stealing the air from his lungs.

"I don't break easily." She whispers, surprised by the confidence she hears in her own voice. Her sexual experience is slim and it's been a long time since she's had anyone, nor has she ever had anything remotely this sexy happen in her entire life. All she knew was that she needed him to fuck her like an animal until they were both unable to move, and she wanted to hurt. She wanted him to hurt her. She might never understand where these cravings came from, but they are a part of her now, and there is no going back.

"Please?" She begs, needing to feel him deep inside of her belly. He pushes into her slowly and she gasps at the mixture of pleasure and pain, unable to be separated even if she wanted to; his large hand wraps itself around her throat, cutting off her air as he pushes into her even deeper, the wolf within him finally baring his teeth. She rocks her hips, pressing her neck against his hand as a challenge to push her further, to go harder. The string holding him together finally snaps and he begins to pound her cunt so ferociously that she has to bite down on one of the books they knocked off the shelf to keep from screaming. She can feel herself tightening, another climax building within her, yet this one seems to be more intense than anything she's ever experienced. She cannot contain herself, and he has to pin her down with his entire body as the orgasm rocks through her, squirting around his cock over and over again. The intensity sends him careening, he grips her wildly as he buries himself as deep inside of her as he can, filling her to the brim with his seed. They lay there for a while, panting and covered in sweat until she stops shaking. He leans back onto his knees, cum still dripping from the tip of his member.

"May I?"

She crawls forward and licks her lips, his flaccid cock twitching at the thought of them wrapped around him.

"You may. You've earned it." He pokes, playfully. She spreads her tongue out flat and laps at the tip, pulling him into her mouth, reveling in the sensation of him growing firm between her lips.

"Do you like tasting yourself on me, kitten?" he asks tightly, arousal deepening his voice a few octaves.

"Mmhmm..." she exclaims with fever, the sound muffled by her full mouth, sending vibrations down his now rock solid member. He moans in appreciation as her ass bounces in the air with the motion of her head. He releases the clasp holding her hair together, even though it's quite a mess after round one, and her auburn hair cascades in a halo around her face. He tugs it into a ponytail, using his hand as the elastic, now able to control her movements completely. He pushes her further onto him, inch by inch until she's gurgling for air, forcing her to stay put even while she struggles. He relaxes just enough to let her breathe and leans down just a little to whisper in her ear.

"Darling, have you ever deep throated before?"

She blushes deeply and shakes her head, staring at the floor. How desperately she wanted to be as experienced as he was, how much she wanted to please him. She was so worried that she wouldn't be able to do it right and her inexperience would hinder their evening.

"I've been able to with my ex-boyfriend, but he was nothing compared to you. I'm sorry..." She trails off, suddenly bashful. He places a single finger beneath her chin and tilts her face towards him.

"Don't be sorry, pet. We have plenty of time to practice." He says softly, directing her face back to where she could be the most useful. Her mouth opens wide at his instruction, and she relaxes her throat as he pushes himself deeper, holding firm when she starts to fight it.

"Breathe through your nose, my little slut." He suggests and she takes note, suddenly able to push even further.

"Oh, God that feels good. Good girl." He croons, setting the pace with her hair knotted around his fingers. Slowly at first, allowing her to pick up the rhythm and practice opening her throat, he fucks her face, running his free hand down the length of her back. He finds her ass and gives her a solid smack, leaving a handprint reddening on her backside. He starts to lose control, fucking her throat like he did her pussy, enjoying the messy sounds coming from below. She groans around him, sliding a finger down between her legs. She can't help it, something about having his cock in her mouth just made her want to cum again. His grip tightens as he gets closer, his hand wrapping around her neck as he spurts every last drop deep into her throat. She gurgles a satisfied little sound and pulls back, taking a deep, gasping breath. To her amazement, he flips her around with ease, positioning her on all fours and shoves himself inside of her again, this time while his hand gently thumbs her ass.

"Have you ever had someone in your ass before?"

She mews, her body tensing and he chuckles in response.

"I'll take that as a no, then." He switches to his index finger, watching goosebumps trail up her back as he draws tiny little circles around her rosebud. She leans into him slightly, hesitant but intrigued by the sensations he elicits. He bends over so his chest is flat against her back and kisses her shoulder.

"It won't hurt, I promise."

She nods imperceptibly and he begins to press his finger inside of her untouched hole, enjoying the little hum flitting through her as it turns into a quiet moan.

"Oh! That feels...ah!" She gasps with enjoyment as he fills her up entirely, the overwhelming sensations building towards another ledge. He grinds into her at a painfully slow pace while she grows accustomed to having his finger up her rear, until she finally begins to push back, urging him on.

"Such a dirty girl, aren't you?" He murmurs into her ear, his voice raspy with desire.

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