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Early afternoon. Not too crowded in the lobby. As they walk together, Pauly is wondering if this is real or something she has conjured up in her head. Clara is certainly real, prettier than the photo she sent, more exciting in three dimensions. Curvaceous. Smiling. The eyes bright and seeming happy. But the uncertainty must be there, a mirror of Pauly's own uncertainty. Two lives on a sudden new course, even if only for a weekend.

Or longer. Only for a weekend? Pauly hungers for it to be more than that, but Clara seems disinterested. A lark, Clara said. They'd have a lark and that's all. She wants no dangers in her life.

Pauly wants more. She's tired of evenings and nights and mornings alone. Nothing but the walls and a half-dead cat to watch her pleasure herself. She's tired of lying alone in the dark and listening to the traffic outside. She's tired of unrealized fantasies.

As they stand at the elevator, each holding a small suitcase, Pauly looks down at Clara's legs. Heels and stockings. Clara hinted she would in a letter last week. She's a sexual woman. Their eyes meet. Clara smiles. Pauly smiles back. They haven't talked much. They'll have all the time they need to talk. These moments, for Pauly at least, are becoming more and more intense. The sexual tension is palpable. But she's determined to be restrained. She wants each moment to be electric. She's determined to somehow change the beat of time, extend each moment until the anticipation of the next moment becomes unbearable.

Finally, the elevator arrives. Clara enters before Pauly and Pauly looks at Clara's round hips, her full calves, her ankles, the high heels. The door slides shut and they are alone for the first time. They look at each other and smile. Then a kiss. Pauly kisses Clara's forehead first, then her lips. A tender kiss. Then Pauly pulls back. "Let me touch you," she says.

Clara frowns, seems uncertain.

"No, just this," Pauly says. She gently rubs the back of her hand across the curve of Clara's left breast. Just that. Hardly pressing the full breast through Clara's jacket and blouse. Clara blushes.

Pauly wants to kiss her again, but the elevator door suddenly opens and it's their floor. They exit the elevator and hold hands as they walk down the long corridor to their room. In a few moments they are inside, the door closed, their bags on the floor, their arms around each other for the first real contact, mouth against mouth, the kiss consuming them, lasting, a brief respite, then another kiss. It's marvelous. Clara's mouth has a sweet taste. The scent of her hair, her perfume, excites Pauly. She wants to caress Clara, stroke her breasts, but she does nothing. Not yet. They separate and start chattering about the room, the weather, their plans for the weekend. And during it all the sexual tension between them is like a stretched rubber band about to snap.

* * *

A few minutes later, while alone in the bathroom, Pauly thinks of leading Clara out of the room, taking her to a coffee shop somewhere, anything to allow enough time to calm down, calm them both down. Or maybe the point would be to extend this maddening tension, a tension with its own delicious effect. Will the sexual actuality be as intense as this anticipation of it? But when Pauly returns to the room and finds Clara standing at the window, any thought of leaving at this moment seems impossible, even absurd. They are here. They are here in this room alone, together alone for the very first time after all the weeks of longing, and it seems absurd to abandon the moment without something, some action, some contact, something. What should it be?

Clara has large breasts. She told Pauly she has large breasts and the proof is certainly evident. As they kiss, Pauly slowly unbutton Clara's jacket. Clara stiffens a moment, but then she relaxes again. Pauly pulls her mouth away and their eyes lock as Pauly slowly slides both hands over Clara's breasts and covers as much of them as a she can with her palms, gently caressing them through Clara's blouse and bra. Clara's face is flushed. This is their first real physical intimacy. Still holding Clara's breasts, Pauly says, "We have a choice."


"We can choose to continue teasing each other, even leave this room awhile, or stop the teasing and mess up the bed before dinner. Which would you like?"

"I don't know. How about you?"

"I think we ought to compromise."

Clara smiles. "Compromise? How do we do that?"

"Just a few moments of compromise. If you sit in that easy chair and pull up your skirt, I'd like to run my tongue over you."

Clara blushes. "You want to make me crazy. You're mad."

"Yes, mad for you."

Clara blushes again and smiles. "All right, have your way with me." She walks to the easy chair and she sits down.

Pauly follows and drops to her knees before Clara. Pauly helps Clara with her skirt, helps her get it up past her thighs, past the tops of her stockings. Pauly is astounded to find Clara is without panties, and when she looks up at Clara's face, Clara smiles down at her. "Why not?" Clara says. "I have as much right as you do to be a little crazy."

* * *

Clara shows herself to Pauly. Seated there in the chair, still dressed, her legs open, her hands at her mons, her cunt exposed to Pauly's eyes, Clara looks down at Pauly and says nothing.

Pauly gazes at the cunt. Lush. Wet. She wants it.

Unable to remain passive any longer, Pauly touches Clara's ankles, then slowly runs her hands up Clara's stocking-clad legs and down the insides of her thighs, beyond the tops of her stockings to her groin. Their hands meet, their eyes meet, and then Clara pulls her hands away from her belly and leaves the field to Pauly.

With a gentle tug at Clara's waist, Pauly urges Clara to slide forward on the seat of the chair and then pull her knees even further back. Now Clara is completely exposed, everything visible, her thighs flexed, her legs dangling over the arms of the chair, a faint blush in her face.

Pauly leans forward to sniff her first, to get Clara's scent, to get the musk of Clara's sex in her nose. Pauly is thankful Clara hasn't yet washed away the hours on the train, the arrival at the hotel, the natural scents and faint perfume that now make Clara so alluring to her. Pauly sniffs at the top of Clara's sex and then lower down, her nose barely touching her. Clara's cunt is wet, the lips gaping. Her clitoris remains covered by its hood, but the flesh around it looks engorged.

Finally, Pauly starts licking her, the insides of Clara's thighs first, wet licking near Clara's sex, then lightly over the outer lips, then down again, lower down to the perineum, the sparse hairs around Clara's anus, then back again to the slit of Clara's sex and up to the hood of Clara's clitoris. Fluttering touches of Pauly's tongue. Then Pauly moves her face in, presses her open mouth against Clara's cunt, a light grazing at first, then more pressure, grinding a bit, then sucking all of Clara's cunt into her mouth, the flaps of Clara's labia sucked in between Pauly's teeth, Pauly's tongue extends to scour the opening of Clara's vagina.

Pauly's nose is pressed against Clara's clitoris, and as Pauly moves her face in all directions, her nose rubs Clara's clitoris, massages the bud in its hood. Then down to the vaginal opening again, Pauly's mouth on it, her tongue scooping the fluids, mixing Clara's juices with her saliva, sucking and swallowing, sucking and swallowing. Now Pauly's nose slides inside the mouth of Clara's sex to get the full scent of Clara's cunt, Pauly's face rotating so that her nose widens the opening, pushes in, pulls out, pushes in again. And while Pauly's nose does this, her tongue extends its full length to reach down to flutter against Clara's anus, slide over it, tickle it, the tip of Pauly's tongue sensing the ring of the sphincter, caressing it, tapping against it.

When Clara groans and pulls at Pauly's hair, Pauly withdraws her nose from the vaginal opening and rubs the wet tip of her nose against Clara's clitoris, against the hood, pushing the hood back with her nose to expose the little nub. Finally she sucks the protuberance of swollen flesh into her mouth, fastens her lips on it and tugs at it as she presses her mouth and chin more forcefully into Clara's crotch and vigorously shakes her face to bring Clara to orgasm.

As Clara cries out, her thighs trembling, Pauly keeps her mouth locked on Clara's sex, her lips sucking hard at Clara's clitoris, two fingers now sliding into Clara's pulsing vagina to feel her contractions. Finally, as Clara's spasms lessen, Pauly moves her tongue to Clara's urethra, probes it to get some of the brine that has come to the opening during Clara's climax. Pauly sucks at it, adds it to the mix already in her mouth, and then she kisses Clara's sex one last time before pulling her wet face away from Clara's thighs.

* * *

Later. The airconditioner has been turned off and the room is now a warm sanctum. Clara is on the bed on all fours, her head and shoulders down, her ass in the air.

Having a lover this way always arouses Pauly to a fever of lust. Clara's upraised ass and cunt are a continent to be explored, the dark hair in the divide making the crack look deep and earthy. Pauly could bury her face in it for an hour, but she knows Clara wants to be fucked, to feel the cock inside her, so Pauly prepares for it.

Pauly's strap-on bobs with impatience, the shaft glistening with lubricating jelly. Pauly grasps the cock at the base and moves forward. She bends the cock to rub the head down below at Clara's clitoris, rubbing the outside of Clara's sex lightly, then with more force to open the outer lips, then the protruding inner lips, the wet groove, up from Clara's clitoris to the mouth of her vagina, rubbing up and down without penetrating her yet. Pauly can see Clara's juices gathered in the opening, opalescent liquids at the rim and inside. Pauly wets the tip of the cock there, then rotates the head around and around, just at the opening, widening the open mouth of Clara's cunt.

Finally it's time. Pauly pushes forward just a bit to get the head inside, stretching Clara as Clara groans. Then Pauly pushes forward again slowly, and when it's obvious that Clara is drenched inside and ready, Pauly pushes forward again and give Clara all of it in one long stroke until Pauly's belly presses against Clara's ass.

Clara groans. Pauly remembers Clara's words about the dullness of sex with Clara's husband. Pauly wants it to be marvelous for Clara.

Pauly pulls out slowly, pumps back in again, then grasps Clara's hips and starts the dance. Pauly feels in good form, unhurried, her gaze on their connection, dildo and cunt doing their minuet, the shaft of the cock slick with Clara's juices, Pauly's hands roving over Clara's full buttocks as she continues thrusting. The brown eye winks occasionally, usually when Pauly pulls back, a secret communication since Pauly doubts Clara is aware of it. It's not possible to look at Clara's anus now without wondering if Clara has ever had a lover inside it, fingers, tongue, cock, there's no way to tell. Clara's secrets are safe.

Pauly thinks she might come soon. The back end of the dildo has been grinding against her clitoris and she can feel the rising orgasm, the rising tension, her hips starting to jerk almost in reflex. She could stop, calm down to prolong things, but she's too needful of release. She continues thrusting, but with more force now, slamming against Clara's ass with each stroke, the flesh of Clara's buttocks jiggling with each impact, both of them groaning as the end arrives. Clara suddenly comes, her body shaking. Pauly keeps thrusting as she comes, pumping into Clara, her hands gripping Clara's hips as they finish their orgasms.

* * *

Post orgasm, they call it. except since this is the beginning of the next one, where's the line between post and pre? Pauly is now on all fours and Clara is behind her. Pauly can feel Clara's face pressing against her ass, Clara's tongue tickling her anus. Pauly supposes Clara understands she'll get it back ten-fold later on. But this is Clara's pleasure also, not only Pauly's, so Pauly reaches back with her hands and she pulls her cheeks apart to make herself more accessible.

Clara knows how to use her tongue, either from instinct or experience. As she works it inside, she takes hold of Pauly's cunt in a firm grip, tugs at the lips with her fingers, twists them. Pauly feels her clitoris twitching in response.

Now Clara has her tongue out and she's merely licking Pauly's ass, long licks at the ring of muscle.

Pauly thinks of the juices in Clara's cunt, the juices dripping out of her. The way the lips looked so swollen when Pauly pulled out at the finish. Clara's marvelous cunt. Pauly could lose herself in it. She'd like to stick her head up there and nuzzle Clara's cervix with her nose. She wonders if Clara ever uses a vibrator. She hasn't mentioned it, but Pauly is wondering. She would make Clara come with it until Clara's eyes rolled up. Use a big Hitachi Magic Wand on Clara's clit until Clara was on a cloud. Suck her afterwards, suck the juices out of her, suck her clitoris until it doubled its size.

Clara pulls her mouth away. "Maybe you want something bigger in there," she says. Is that her fingertip now rubbing Pauly's anus?

Pauly chuckles. "I think you're trying to take advantage of me."

She feels Clara's finger now. Clara gets her fingertip inside, screws it around, pushes in some more, pulls it out, then all the way inside again. Then another finger, and this time the stretched feeling is more intense.

And unexpected. Pauly had no idea Clara would want this. What a crazy surprise. Hot Clara. Never an inkling her in letters that she liked anal love so much. Pauly backs up and gets on her knees again while Clara has her fingers inside. Pauly spreads her legs, keeps her head and shoulders down and offers her ass. "Stroke my cunt," Pauly says. "Stroke it while you fuck my ass."

* * *

Later Clara wants the cock in her mouth. Also unexpected. Or is it expected because Clara is married, has a husband, a flesh and blood cock in the house? When Pauly looks back under her body, she can see the cock in Clara's mouth, Clara's lips covering the tip. Pauly dips her hips down gently, slide more of the cock into Clara's mouth, then withdraws, then pushes down again, slowly fucking Clara's mouth.

But the angle is wrong and Pauly is afraid to hurt her. Pauly pull out completely, rolls away and tells Clara to sit up on the edge of the bed. When Clara does this, Pauly leaves the bed to stand between Clara's legs. Pauly takes hold of the cock, and when she rubs the tip across Clara's lips, Clara immediately opens her mouth to accept it. Pauly slides the cock forward, cups her hands on each side of Clara's face and starts fucking Clara's mouth with a slow but persistent rhythm.

Pauly gazes down at Clara, at Clara's lovely red lips stretched by the thickness of the sliding shaft, at her round shoulders, at the swells of her heavy breasts, at her thighs and legs in the stockings. Clara's eyes are closed as if she's concentrating on the feel of the cock fucking her mouth, the tip sliding back and forth over her tongue.

"Open your legs," Pauly say quietly. "Play with yourself. Give yourself pleasure while I do this."

Clara opens her eyes and looks at Pauly, then she does it. She moves her legs apart and she slides her right hand between her thighs to find her clitoris. She begins pleasuring herself as Pauly continues to gently piston the cock in and out of Clara's open mouth. Pauly watches Clara's fingers, watches the way Clara works her clitoris with fingers glistening with her juices.

Pauly is thinking about the previous fucking, thinking about how glorious it was, how lucky they are, how exciting it was to see how much Clara enjoyed it. And then afterward Clara's evident pleasure while fucking Pauly with her tongue and fingers was a delight, intensely exciting and liberating. Pauly decides that later she will suggest that Clara use the strap-on dildo. Pauly wants it. Why not? If Pauly can penetrate Clara, why can't Clara penetrate Pauly and enjoy it as much Pauly enjoys doing it to Clara? How wonderful it is to have someone with whom you can share pleasures!

Did Clara enjoy it when Pauly sucked her? Clara said she did, but Pauly wants more of it. She'd like to bathe in Clara's juices, suck those lovely dangling lips until Clara moans, work Clara's clitoris until Clara can't take any more.

Pauly watches Clara now, watches the slow sliding of the cock in and out of Clara's mouth, Pauly's hips pumping steadily. She watches Clara's flushed face, her closed eyes, her wet lips. Clara takes it so well. Her fingers continue to work her clitoris. Pauly thinks this kind of fucking is as pleasurable as the other. Maybe even more so, since it's more exciting to see the cock in Clara's mouth than in her vagina. Pauly is fucking Clara's mouth, but she is also making love to it, stroking slowly, sometimes deep, at other times just giving Clara the tip of the cock and no more. The way Clara puckers her lips around the tip of the cock is exciting.

Pauly peers down to gaze at Clara's cunt, Clara's full thighs white above the tops of her stockings, the bush of dark hair, Clara's wet fingers rubbing her clitoris.

Pauly has a hunger for Clara's body, Clara's breasts, Clara's legs, Clara's ass. Pauly wants a relaxed interval that will allow her to make love to Clara's ass as long as Pauly likes. Maybe while Clara slowly masturbates. On her back with her knees pulled up and her head raised by a pillow so she can watch Pauly's tongue work the opening. Pauly wants Clara to be so free that she feels no inhibitions about asking her, with a word or gesture, to adore her ass when she wants it.

Pauly pulls the cock out of Clara's mouth, the tip of the cock making a sucking sound as it leaves Clara's lips. Clara looks up at Pauly, her face flushed.

"I must look like a whore," Clara says.

"You look beautiful."

"I don't like doing that to my husband, so why do I like doing it to you?"

Pauly smiles. Maybe she'll have Clara for more than just a weekend. She lifts the cock with her hand and she slides the tip back into Clara's mouth.


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