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I entered the hotel room anticipation fluttering wildly in my stomach. The lights were seductively dimmed. I closed the door behind me and walked into the bedroom. You're there, waiting for me, ready for me. I smile at you and you grin wickedly, those seductive eyes of yours watching my every move as I step closer to the edge of the bed where you recline in nothing but a thong.

Your breasts are beautiful as I knew they would be, the dark caramel nipples already rigid with your arousal. I remove my shoes then climb onto the bed. My hands show you more effectively than any words I could have uttered at that moment, how much I want you. I run them slowly along the length of your legs, over your calves to your thighs. I can feel you trembling slightly. It turns me on even more to know you are so...affected by my touch, my presence, the thought of what I am about to do to you.

My lips follow the path my hands have pioneered. I hear you moan and it spurs me on. I reach your knee and your legs part expectantly but I am not about to rush anything. I have you to myself all evening and I intend to take full advantage. I moved back down to your prettily painted toes and encase the first one in my mouth. I suckle gently and watch as your back arches, as your fingers grip the sheets while you try and endure the sweet torment. My tongue flickers butterfly light between two of your toes and you gasp raggedly. I'm soaking wet now and my pussy is throbbing. I love the feeling, the tightness of it.

I take my time with your foot, nipping gently here and there, keeping you on edge. I repeat the process with your other foot until I can see moisture darkening your panties. When I have teased you enough, I release your foot and begin anew my journey up your lovely legs. I remove your thong slowly, enjoying the building anticipation. My fingers are inside of you by the time my tongue slips over the curve of your knee. Your wetness is immense, your tightness divine. I probe and find that spot inside you that has your eyes springing open and my name falling off your lips. I watch fascinated for a moment as my fingers move in and out of you, almost as though I am separate from it all. It is pornographic the way your juices coat my fingers and I can stand it no longer. I must taste.

I push your thighs up, opening you up then dip my head and run my tongue along your soaked snatch. The taste is intoxicating. My tongue wants to be everywhere at once. I start with your ass, nibbling the sensitive hole until you are begging me to make you cum. I move up and push my tongue as deeply into your spasming cunt as I can get it, flicking it around your opening. I can feel your cum filling my mouth and I swallow to make room for more. I lick up and you sigh thinking I am about to relieve your torment but my tongue stops just before your clit and I move back down to your opening.

I go back and forth between your pussy and your ass for a few minutes until finally your take a firm grip on my hair and put my mouth where you really want it. I acquiesce and wrap my soft lips around your turgid clit. My tongue moves slowly, lovingly over the throbbing morsel. Your legs are shaking uncontrollably. I apply more pressure and begin moving my tongue faster. You are talking to me and the words enflame me. I double my efforts to get you your first big finish. You hold my head tightly, pulling the hair, pressing me in place until you cum. The sound of your voice as you speak drives a spear of desire through me. It takes an act of will I would not have believed possible not to pull out my thick dick and fuck you right then. When your spasms had calmed, I turned you over and moved above you. My tongue starts from the small of your back and makes its way along your spine. You shiver and giggle slightly.

I kiss my way over your back, delicately nibbling here and there. I kiss the full mounds of your ass cheeks, then deliver a couple of surprising slaps to it. You moan your appreciation at the display of forcefulness. I ask if you are ready to be fucked. You nod your head, too worked up to get the words out. I pull you up onto your knees and spread your legs the appropriate width. I exit the bed and you watch as I strip my shirt over my head to reveal a simple white wife beater. My tattoos are displayed and I know you've noted them but your attention is not held. My hands unbuckle my belt and unbutton my jeans. I step out of the heavy material then straighten to reveal the prominent bulge between my thighs. Reaching into my boxers I remove the thickly veined shaft and watch your eyes light up.

I don't have words to adequately convey how I feel about my dick. It is not apart of me like a man's which means I am not ruled by it like a man. But it is an extension of me when I wear it, a way of broadening my means of bringing you pleasure and that makes me feel powerful. So I smile as a fingertip of arousal runs its way down my spine while I slowly stroke the thick cock. Your eyes never leave my crotch as I bend to retrieve my pants. I pull out a handful of condoms and toss them on the bed next to you then drop my pants back on the floor and join you on the large bed.

I quickly rip open a rubber and don its contents. With that done, I position myself between your slick lips and slowly push in. I watch fascinated as your pussy stretches to accommodate it. The thick lips swallow my python and again I am forced to call on that willpower to keep from ramming it home. The visual is enough to make me come but I grit my teeth and keep my composure. I have much more pleasure to deliver to you before I allow myself any type of release. My arms criss cross your lower back and I hold your hips in place as I begin to slowly withdraw from you before pushing back in.

Your voice fills my ears, the sultry sound of it as you moan, the breathy quality of the words that tumble from your lips. You want to be fucked and I want to fuck you so I let up a little on my control and thrust back into you. You cry out and I almost stop but I see the way you are pushing yourself back against me to take more. I grin to myself and build my rhythm quickly. Fast, hard strokes that have your breasts jiggling and your pussy spitting more wetness on my shaft. My hands move up to your shoulders and I pull you back. I am leaning on my calves and you sit up slightly sure that I will support us. My hand is around your elegant throat and the strength in it is apparently not lost on you. I squeeze a little and you slam yourself down onto my length.

When you cum this time you scream for me. Oh, how I have longed to hear the sound of your ecstasy this way. I continue to pound into your yielding pussy bringing you to a quick follow up orgasm. You collapse to the bed and I take pity - or is it advantage? - and let you recover. Your arm is over your eyes as you struggle to regulate the shaking in your thighs and your labored breathing. I leave the bedroom and enter the living area of the spacious suite. I grab the duffel bag that I brought along and head back to you. "That was great." You say softly and I smile at you.

"We're just getting started lil mama." I inform you. You watch as I unzip the bag and begin to remove items.

By the time I have emptied the bag you are sitting up looking on expectantly. I move to a high backed chair sitting in the corner and pull it into the center of the floor space left in the bedroom. "Sit." I command. My voice is different now, stronger, more demanding. You respond to it and I hold my grin in check. This is something else now. You are about to be dominated. You place yourself in the chair and I pick up the first of the tethers that will bind you to it. I squat in front of you and place a thick hand towel on the arm of the chair before moving your leg over it. The towel offers cushioning so that the sharp edge of the chair will not cut into your flesh. I secure your ankle to the leg of the chair making sure that you have virtually no room for movement before repeating the process with your right leg.

Your breathing has quickened as your mind starts to offer up possibilities about what I will do to you while you are helpless this way, how it will feel. By the time I am done with your legs you are leaned back in the chair with your legs spread wide, your ass resting close to the edge. I pull your arms behind your back, just rough enough to make you gasp softly and to cause wetness to leak from you. I secure your wrists behind your back and though you know you can go no where, you pull against the leather binding anyway. I do smile now because it is futile.

I circle the chair studying you, occasionally running a fingertip over a sensitive area of skin. When I am ready, I move to the bed and lift the blindfold up. There is a mild panic in your eyes now that arouses me in a way I didn't imagine it would. I place the material over your eyes blocking out all light. "Can you see anything?" I ask.

"No." You breathe.

"Good. I'll be back." I say.

"Where are you going?"

"Did I give you permission to question me?" I snap. I can see your heartbeat fluttering in your throat.

"No." You answer quietly.

"Remember that." I say then quickly dress myself. I leave the hotel room and head to the ice machine.

It only takes a couple of minutes but I imagine that it feels much longer than that to you in your predicament. I imagine that you wonder if I will come back, if I have left you that way. I even imagine that anger has begun to rise to the surface, an expected self-defense mechanism. I enter the room quietly and again disrobe. I pick a cube of ice and place it in my mouth to speed up the melting process. I stand behind you and hold the ice above your rising and falling breasts. You jump when the droplet of cold water splashes against your fevered skin. "Are you ready?" I ask.

"Yes." You reply. I move around and kneel in front of you.

My hands are strong as they move over your thighs. I have the ice in my mouth again and guide it along your inner thighs. You moan pitifully and my body tightens with arousal at the heady sound of it. I can see the muscles in your thighs clenching as I slowly move the cube along your fevered flesh. I get to the steamy juncture of your thighs and you cry out as I use my tongue to push the frozen liquid inside of you. I use my long fingers to push it further inside of you and enjoy myself for a few moments drinking from you as the heat of your body melts the ice.

When the cube is half way melted and your pussy is literally running with juices I rise and put on a new condom. I position myself at your opening and slip inside. As I enter you deeply the ice is pressed further inside of you. When I withdraw it slides along your canal. I thrust back in and you scream your way into orgasm. It is overwhelming and I hang my head as I remind myself to keep my control. I find myself repeating the sentiment in my head like a mantra as each stroke causes you to moan and squirm as the sensation is prolonged.

When the ice is gone and you have come for me several more times from my ministrations, I withdraw from you and move to the bed. I pick up the vibrating nipple clamps I've brought along and come back to you. I lift the blindfold so you can see what I am doing. I put the instruments on and you hiss at the initial instance of pain. I turn them on and watch your eyes roll to the back of your head. I kneel before you again. "Watch." I command. You look down the length of your body and watch my tongue move along your slick lips.

You are panting as I keep you teetering on the edge of oblivion. My tongue moves over your clit, firm, very sure of its movements and what it's making you feel. I flick the tip over your sensitized morsel and you beg when you can no longer remain quiet. I punish you for your disobedience by backing away. You strain toward me, feeling my warm breath tickling your throbbing pussy. "Please, please." You plead with me.

"The longer you ask for it, the longer you'll have to." I say. I am impressed with my ability to remain so detached in my words when I'm fighting a battle with myself to keep from giving in. I have to remain strong, I am dominating right now. I cannot allow myself to give in to the invitation your engorged cunt is giving me.

It takes a few minutes, you come close to tears but eventually you get yourself together and manage to keep yourself to whimpers. Finally when I can torture myself no longer, I attack your wetness with my mouth. I get into my rhythm, teasing you mercilessly. If your hands were free you would be gripping my head trying to get me to keep the contact steady. I smile against you thinking about how it must torment you. After an indeterminable amount of time I decide I am ready for you to cum. My tongue begins to move steadily faster and you make a keening sound that causes my already rigid clit to spasm viciously. When you are close to erupting I push two fingers into you, plunging you over the edge. I moan against you as I feel your walls vice grip around my fingers and my orgasm is only heartbeats behind yours. You flood my mouth and I drink you down, loving every delicious drop.

I take a few moments to gather myself before I pull out of you and suck my fingers clean. You are barely conscious as I untie you. I lift you in my arms and carry you to the bed. You whisper something and I have to strain to make the words out. You are telling me you love me but though I enjoy the warm rush the thought gives me I don't take the words seriously. You are high off the after glow of fabulous sex. I remove the nipples clamps and you whimper again as the blood rushes to the sensitized peaks. Your body jerks as you experience a quick follow up orgasm. Not as intense as its predecessor but certainly worth remembering. I put my tools away and join you in bed. You snuggle against me and are asleep almost instantly. I hold you awhile, allowing myself to pretend for a brief time that we are more than just secret lovers. Then with a sigh of satisfaction tinged with regret, I slip from the bed, dress quietly and leave. You will never see me again and you will never forget me.

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