Rendezvous Ch. 08


When he reached her, he stood to take her in for a moment. He reached out to hug her closely "hello, there beautiful," he said as he kissed her cheek lightly. He kept his arms around her as he pulled back slightly to look at that gorgeous cinnamon brown smiling face. She really was a beautiful woman Kurt thought and she'd told him about her relationship ending with Paul but not all the details. He intended on getting those while he was here. What a damn fool that guy was, to let this beautiful, smart, successful and incredibly sexy woman get away from him. Well, what he'd so easily thrown away Kurt was more than willing to pick up and make his own. They'd been friends for awhile now, maybe now was his opportunity to take that friendship to the next level. He'd always liked Violet, she was smart and dynamic women, he'd always had a thing for beautiful black women and she definitely fit in that category. He wondered what she thought about him.

As Violet pulled out of the hug, she was little shaken by some of the feelings it stirred. She knew she was still healing from her time with Paul but for a moment in Kurt's strong arms she relaxed and something reawakened slightly in her lady bits, she was having a tough time pulling from Paul emotionally but physically he was like a drug addict's withdrawal. Her battery operated boyfriend was not working to soothe her libido. She wondered was it a smart idea to keep the temptation, which was Kurt Brandt, close to her by inviting him to her home. But it was too late now. She'd have to put that vibrator into overdrive, time to stock up on batteries.

"It's so great to see Kurt, it's been so long. You look fabulous."

"I feel wonderful. After the wonderful work you did on the merger and everything in the transition is going so smoothly. Darling, you've made my life easy."

Violet smiled up as him, she did have to admire that handsome face. "Do you have some luggage?" Violet asked. She'd seen he'd only come out with a carryon and a laptop briefcase.

"No I'm traveling light libeling, so let's roll", he put a bright smile on his face as they walked toward the parking garage.

On the way back to Violet's townhome, they talked of things, nothing too serious. Kurt didn't pry he wanted to ask what had happened between she and Paul but he'd wait for the right time.

"So are you seeing anyone Kurt? I can't imagine you being single for any amount of time."

"Nothing serious, I can't find the woman of my dreams. I think if I could make her, she'd be just like you Violet."

Violet blushed a little, good thing she had a darker complexion or he'd be able to tell. But this was Kurt, he was always teasing and flirting with her, there was nothing to it. But she did notice that after his compliment she'd gotten a little moist, boy she was horny maybe this was a bad idea.

Later that evening they were sitting in her living room laughing and drinking wine, she had couple of bottles of chardonnay she'd gotten on a trip to Napa Valley she was enjoying drinking them with a good friend.

"Oh it's so good to see Kurt, I haven't been this light hearted in a long time," her face turned somber for a moment but she let it pass and smiled although stiffly again at Kurt.

"I'm so happy to spend time with you. I'm so glad we've become such good friends," Kurt put out his hand to touch her knee. Violet was aware of his touch but she noticed it held none of the spark that happened between her and Paul. "So how is your practice?"

"Oh it's going grand. I'm so shocked at how busy I am. I thought I'd have to drum up business but I was just thrilled that many of my clients at Brookes and Smithmeyer were ready to give me some work. It's not as big as what I did for them there but it's still significant and they recommended me to other associates."

"Wow, that's awesome Violet, I knew you'd do well when talked to me before about going solo. I knew you could do it. I'm sad I won't be working with you at the firm anymore but I'm happy for your success."

"Who will you be working with at the firm?" It was out before Violet could call it back, she thought she didn't want to know but in heart she was dying to hear whether Paul had returned.

Kurt looked down for a moment, not really wanting to answer he didn't know all the details of their parting but from what he guessed it hadn't gone very well.

"Paul." He said flatly.

Violet looked away for a moment and took her wine glass she downed what was left and got up to open another bottle. She would need it she thought. As she fiddled with the bottle and wine opener she looked over at Kurt, he was staring at her with sympathy in his eyes.

"Kurt, don't feel bad. You don't have to, I'm a big girl. I just wasn't sure whether he'd come back to the firm yet." Violet could barely bring herself to say his name. Pain was still there that she thought had gone away.

"Libeling, I can't do anything about this. He's the best international lawyer in that firm, our company needs to the best. Actually Harmon Brookes begged him to come back from what I'd heard he's been in Australia."

"Yes I know and yes you're right he's a whiz with international law you'll never find anyone better in Seattle or possibly the world. Have you spoken with him?" she asked as she brought her glass and the newly open bottle back to coffee table and sat on the couch.

"Yes I have, he's been very cordial. I knew he wasn't fond of me in Bern but he's professional."

"Has he asked about me?"

Kurt sighed he wasn't sure he wanted to be in the middle of this now that she'd asked, "no he hasn't asked me anything," he immediately took his hands and put them on her knees "but he's being professional Violet."

Violet could feel wetness pooling in her eyes but she wasn't going to cry it has been almost 8 months since there break up and she was finally feeling like her old self again. But she couldn't help it, she blinked and tears rolled down they weren't sobs just silent tears thinking of the loss and failure of something that had started so good.

"Oh Violet I'm sorry," Kurt reached out and drew her into in arms to comfort her, "I'm sorry libeling I didn't want to make you cry."

She looked up at him "it wasn't your fault Kurt, I shouldn't have asked. I've been doing so well. I've kind of put it all to the back of my mind."

"Violet, he was a fool, a damn fool. I would have never let someone as beautiful and extraordinary as you get away from me."

She smiled as tears fell, it made her feel good to know that but she hadn't broken up with Kurt she'd broken up with Paul and it was still painful. Kurt held her as he stroked her hair and tried to silence her crying. He took his hand and gently brushed away her tears. Violet looked up at him when he did this, it was such an intimate moment and she just wanted the pain to go away. She wrapped one arm around his neck and gathered him in for a kiss, Kurt went willingly he'd longed to kiss those succulent lips and he was feeling very protective of Violet at this moment. Their lips met quite suddenly but the kiss was passionate and deep, Kurt pulled into his lap and the kiss got deeper and more desperate as if they were searching for something that would bind them. Violet just let herself go, she hadn't kissed someone since Paul and had to admit that Kurt was not a bad kisser, his kisses didn't hold all the feral hunger of Paul's but they were pretty dang good. Kurt took his hand started to caress her back he moved slowly up and down to her shirt bottom then under her shirt to touch her skin. He wanted to make love to her right then and there on the couch but he needed to ask her, he didn't want this to be a mistake that she'd regret later especially after all the drama with Paul.

He pulled back suddenly leaving a bereft Violet, her eyes opened suddenly. She was flush with hotness from the kiss and Kurt was breathing a little heavy.

"Violet, I have to know before we go any further. Do you want this?"

Violet looked at him for a second then decided, she wanted to take this chance, "yes, Kurt this is what I want, this is what I want badly." She rose from the couch as she took his hand to lead him to her bedroom.

Hey everybody it's Liljean, if you stuck in for this story. I admire your fortitude, sorry I been away. Hey falling in love, getting married and now trying to have a baby is a lot for a girl. But I'm back and there will be an ending to this story.

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