Rendezvous in Victoria


"I've taken the liberty of ordering for us already," Richard said. She also noticed that a drink was sitting in front of her, a vodka ginger she noticed. He had a tall, slim glass of beer in front of him, with a Warsteiner logo on the glass. She remembered that Warsteiner was his favourite beer, from his days in Germany. He picked up the glass, and toasted to her: "My dear Chantal, may this be just the beginning of some wonderful times together. No one is promised a tomorrow, and we do not know what life holds in store for us. I can only promise that I will be by your side, for as long as you will have me, and I promise that I will love, cherish, be faithful and hold you next to my heart every day."

They clinked glasses, and drank, their eyes locked and lips smiling. Just then, a waiter arrived with their meals. Setting the plates down in front of them both, Chantal was delighted to find that her Bear had ordered them both a vegetarian curry, one of the lounge's specialties. On the side was some grilled naan bread and hummus and artichoke dip. She realized that she hadn't eaten for a while, aside from nibbling on some fruit in her room, and dug into her meal with gusto. She ran almost daily, and although she usually had a healthy appetite, she maintained an excellent figure... her legs were long and shapely, her breasts perfectly formed and soft, and her hips were wide and inviting... her hair, long, thick and fell over her shoulders. It was no wonder half the men in the lounge wanted her. No, that would be all of them!

Chantal and Richard chatted like old friends while they ate, and indeed they were. Not only old friends, but also online and telephone lovers. But this was a new dimension, to actually be in each other's presence. Both were enjoying the meal, but more so each other's company. Countless hours in chat and on the phone had culminated in this meeting, and there was an aura of expectation between them.

Before long, they had finished eating. "Would you like some dessert, my dear?" Richard asked. "No, thank you," I am quite content at the moment was the reply. "Then, shall we adjourn to the room?" he asked, standing to pull out her chair and take her arm. Hugging her close to him, they walked out of the Bengal Lounge and over to the elevator, and entered it.

Once the elevator door closed, they embraced. At first, just a big hug, but, with passion and expectation building inside them, their lips soon met. Tenderly at first, they kissed, and after a moment the kiss became more insistent, igniting a fire in their loins that was a portend of things to come. Still embraced in a passionate kiss, the elevator stopped, and the doors opened. Spilling out from the elevator like a pair of school kids, they walked down the hall to their room. Richard reached into his jacket pocket and took out his room key card and opened the door for them both. He held the door open for his lover, and as she squeezed past him he grabbed her butt and gave it a firm squeeze, then let the door shut behind them. Wrapping his arm around her waist, Richard let her over to the windows for a look out at the inner harbour. The lights to the parliament buildings were lit, and a full moon reflected cosily on the water. It was a beautiful sight, but not one as nearly as beautiful as he had in his arm. Taking her by the hands, he led her over to the bed... as she moved, Chantal noticed that there were candles lit in the room, and that there was an opened bottle of white wine chilling in an iced bucket beside the bed. Following him to the bed, she turned as she reached it, her lips reaching for his... again, they locked into an embrace, and their lips met, tongues seeking each others, gently at first, then with growing passion. Richard pulled her close, inhaling the scent of her hair, nuzzling her neck briefly, and whispered how much he wanted her. Reaching around to the back of her dress, he unzipped it, pulled it over her shoulders, and let it fall to the floor, and quickly took off his jacket and threw it in the corner. He took a step back, to take in all of her, and was amazed once again at how lovely she was... her black lingerie accentuated her body perfectly, and in the moonlight in the room she looked elegant, pretty, and downright sexy. Moving forward, Richard moved in to her, and gently pushed her back down on the bed. His lips sought hers once again, and they kissed deeply. One of Richard's hands held Chantal's head, the other her reached around to her back and pulled her in closer. He could feel her nipples stiffening against his shirt, she moaned softly into his mouth.

Richard broke away, sat up on the bed and said "time for a drink of wine." He went to the ice bucket, and took the bottle of Pinot Grigiot out of the bucket, and poured one glass of wine. He returned to the bed, sat down beside Chantal, and held the glass for her to take a sip. She did, and then he took a drink. Setting the glass down on the night table, Richard leaned over to kiss her once again, and as he did, he allowed some of the wine in his mouth to trickle into hers. Their tongues entwined again, the cool, sweet wine flowing in their mouths. Chantal's hips instinctively started to move against him, that rhythmic dance of eons. Richard reached down with his hand, and hooked his thumb under her thong, and peeled it over her stockings, down to her ankles and then off. Continuing to kiss her, his hand retraced a path back up her lovely legs, caressing them in the smooth silk. Slowly he moved his hand in between her thighs, and inched his way towards her pussy. Richard let his fingers playfully trace a path ever so closely, inside her thighs, over the tops of her stockings, closer... closer... but avoiding her pussy. He could smell her scent, musky, smooth, heady. "Copper Sunshine," she had once described her scent to him, and he now knew that that was a perfect description. His fingers continued to trace a path over the top of her mound, smooth from a recent Brazilian. Slowly up her stomach, lightly across her skin. He desperately wanted her, but not yet. His hand moved farther upwards, until he reached around her back and unfastened her bra, allowing her magnificent breasts to fall free. And magnificent they were soft, smooth but firm, toned skin, and long perky nipples. Richard moved his lips from hers, and continued kissing her jaw, her neck, and then down to her breasts. Taking a nipple in his mouth, he sucked on it firmly, holding it gently between his teeth while he ran the tip of his tongue across it. Chantal's back arched, and a soft sigh escaped her lips.

Richard sat up and took another mouthful of the chilled wine, and then lowered his lips onto her nipple. The cold wine caused her to gasp in pleasure, as there was a delightful contrast between the cold wine and his hot tongue. Cupping her large breasts in his hands, he moved his mouth between one nipple and the other, sucking, licking, nipping at them, then, pushing her breasts together, he pulled both nipples into his mouth at the same time. His tongue flicked from side to side, running across the tips of her stiff nipples, fully engorged and hot. Richard reached down to caress her inner thighs once more, his fingertips lightly brushing ever so close to her outer lips and clit, but he avoided these, driving her mad with desire. "Not yet, my love," he whispered to her. It was all he could do not to part her thighs and dive right into that sweet pussy, for he wanted her like never before. Consoling himself that the time would be soon, he reached into the night table and pulled out five long, black silk scarves. Looking passionately into her eyes, he asked "Do you trust me?" Chantal nodded her consent.

Richard quickly affixed the scarves to her wrists, and then secured them to the bedposts. Next, he took a pillow from the side of the bed, and slid it underneath her hips, tilting them upwards at a delicious angle. Next came the ankles, those lovely ankles, and he quickly tied them to the remaining posts on the bed. Stepping back, Richard admired his handiwork, she was indeed lovely, and the garter belt and stockings, which he had opted to leave on for the moment, provided a lovely contrast to her pale skin. He then sat beside her on the bed for a moment, and stroked her hair and face, and leaned in to give her a gentle yet passionate kiss. She was shivering in anticipation, and Richard recalled that she had told him she often fantasized about being totally helpless, unable to control events. Now she was in exactly such a position. "One last thing, my dear", he said, reaching for the remaining scarf which he carefully secured over her eyes.

Richard picked the wine bottle up once again, and this time he slowly tilted the bottle until a few drops of cold wine splashed on Chantal's nipples, already stiff in anticipation. She gasped, and then moaned as Richard leaned over and took each nipple in his mouth in turn, at first sucking softly, guiding his hot soft tongue over the tips... then firmly, hard, sucking as much of her into his mouth as he could, finally releasing each one with a little bite. Richard got up from the bed, reached into the vase of roses, and pulled one out, then, drawing a chair beside the bed, he sat beside her... close beside her. He held the rose up under her nose, so that she could smell the sweet fragrance of the petals, then, with slow deliberation, he trailed a path along her lips, jaw line and neck, allowing the soft petals to lightly caress her skin. Chantal smiled and sighed at the feeling, and as the rose was trailed over her shoulders, slowly towards her breasts a small moan escaped her lips. Leaning over, Richard kissed her deeply, but briefly, and then continued with the rose. Reaching her left nipple, he lightly dragged it across, exquisitely delicately, and Richard smiled in contentment with the effect that it was having on his lover. Slowly, the rose was moved between her breasts, those magnificent breasts, a fragrant trail remaining behind... on towards her right nipple, but, just before the petals reached her nipple, Richard took the rose stem and reversed it in his hand, allowing a sharp thorn to lightly trail over her breast. Chantal gasped in surprise, the contrast between the soft petals and sharp thorn not one which she had anticipated. Slowly the thorn was moved to her nipple, lightly scratching it, until it was removed, and once again Richard's lips descended on her, engulfing her nipple and a good portion of her breast in a hot mouth...

Leaving his mouth on her flesh, Richard continued tracing a path down her torso, over he flat stomach, pausing to lick underneath the garter belt before moving on, down to her wide hips, the ones he had longed to hold for so long. Pausing over her mound, he blew hot breath down on her little button, which by now was starting to emerge from between her engorged pussy lips. Slowly he worked his way down to her thighs, softly kissing them inside starting at where the tops of her silk stockings were. Ever slowly, he moved in closer, knowing that one of her big fantasies was to be totally helpless, to have had all control wrested away from her, and knowing this, he paused for a few seconds to check and ensure that her restraints were still holding firmly in place. He leaned over and whispered in her ear, "My darling, you are totally powerless to resist me. Surrender your will to me."

Chantal gasped and nodded her agreement, and Richard leaned over to the night table and reached inside. His hand brought out a slim vibrator, about five or six inches in length. Leaning over Chantal's restrained body, he turned it on, next to her ear, so she could hear the sound. A smile crossed her lips and her hips arched in anticipation, much as they had arched when they had played on the phone. Leaning over, Richard took the vibrator and traced at path over her nipples and then directly to her mound. He pushed the vibrator inside her pussy momentarily, about half way, to get it wet... for she was very wet already. He twisted and turned it slowly, making sure it was well lubricated, and then he carefully withdrew it, allowing just the tip to remain inside her pussy lips, and then moved it up, placing it underneath her button. The vibrations made her squirm, and, as her hips began to thrash, Richard lowered his mouth on top of her mound, sucking and licking at the clit from above while the vibrator happily buzzed from beneath. The effect was almost instantaneous; Chantal's pussy started to convulse in orgasm, her thighs clenched and she thrashed against her bindings, all to no avail. "Ohhhh mon amour," she cried, bucking up against Richard's face, he could taste her sweet juices flowing fully, he held his position and pressed harder with his tongue, intensifying her climax...

It had never been that intense, she thought, as she struggled to regain her composure and breathing. Following her orgasm, Richard had removed his mouth and the vibrator, and had resumed his place sitting beside her after getting a wash cloth from the bathroom and running it under the cold water. He watched her with loving eyes, for he was truly in love with this woman, like no other ever before her. Smiling inwardly, he reached out with the face cloth and wiped the sweat from her face, her breasts... Saying nothing except "I want you again" he leaned over and untied her wrists from the bedposts, then tied them together, binding the wrists with one scarf and then securing it to the middle of the railing on the headboard. Her arms back above her head thrust her torso up, and her breasts, if that could be possible, looked even better.

Richard then moved to the foot of the bed, and untied Chantal's ankles. He moved back to the side of the bed, reached underneath Chantal, and turned her over onto her stomach. Then, he grabbed two spare pillows from the closet, and, lifting her hips, slid them underneath her body. Next, he retied her ankles to the bottom bed posts, but with slip knots, so that they could be undone in a moment if so desired. And he had a feeling that he was going to desire...

He retrieved the vibrator from the sheets where he had dropped it, and then leaned over to whisper in Chantal's ear. "My dear, together we are going to turn you into a total slut!" Moving behind her, he slowly slid the vibrator deep inside her still slick pussy. Leaving only enough protruding to grip with his hands, he began to move it in and out of her, slowly... Chantal raised her hips in an attempt to take more of it inside her, she felt deliciously wanton and sexy. Suddenly, a bare hand descended upon her left buttock, a stinging blow that left a red welt in the shape of a handprint. Startled, she at first gasped, then smiled as the warmth spread outwards across her ass. The vibrator was now turned on, the delightful buzzing penetrating deep up inside her. It was moved in and out, slowly, though she wanted it harder and faster... then, it was slowly removed. Chantal pushed her ass back in an attempt to recapture the vibrator with her pussy, but it was already lying on the sheet. Wondering what was to come next, she was surprised when she felt her lover move behind her... his hands reached inside her thighs and parted her pussy lips, and then she felt one of Richard's fingers slip inside her. He worked his finger in and out of her tight pussy, Chantal writhed on the finger and then she gasped when a second finger was inserted. Richard had his left hand, palm down, index and middle finger extended deep into Chantal's pussy, and as he pushed them farther forward, he began to make a "come here" movement with his fingers, stroking her G-spot and causing a rush of slick fluid to escape. He continued his manipulations and Chantal pushed her ass back farther on his fingers, wiggling to encourage deeper penetration... his fingers felt delightful, and she could sense that another orgasm would not be far off. Then Richard stopped moving his fingers, and, without warning, his right hand descended on her right buttock, another stinging slap that caused a momentary jolt of pain to be followed by the rush of warmth from the blow. Her pussy clenched his fingers at the slap, and he then removed them.

Reaching down, Richard once again picked up the vibrator, and slid it smoothly into her hot, slick pussy. Her ass cheeks that two perfect hand prints on them, dead center of each, that glowed red and hot. He turned the vibrator on once again, and thought he should give some serious thought to buying stocks in Eveready, which prompted a fleeting image of the Energizer bunny to cross his mind... "Well," he thought, "Here I have my own little energizer bunny—my cum bunny!"

Chantal gasped and started to moan as the vibrator hummed away inside her. Richard positioned himself behind her, and for the first time that evening he allowed his cock to touch her. He slowly inserted the tip between her pussy lips, and got the head slippery with her juices. Chantal sensed his presence, and tried to push back against him. However, Richard had other ideas. Grabbing the silk scarves that secured her ankles, he released them, allowing her legs to come free. Moving forward, he gripped her wide hips (God, he loved those hips) and raised them up, allowing her knees to move underneath her astride the pillows. Next, he positioned her just right...and pressed the head of his cock against her virgin ass. Chantal gasped, excited and afraid at the same time, and momentarily stopped moving. Richard moved forward, his slippery cock pressing hard against her tight little rosebud. He felt initial resistance, and took matters into his own hands by pulling her back against him; he felt her ass open and he slid the head in. Chantal gasped, and her ass clenched around him. It felt like heaven to Richard, he had longed to be in her like this for so long, indeed, it had been both their desire, fuelled by months of talk on the phone and many shared orgasms with this in mind. He pressed forward, and slowly, inch by inch, he managed to fully insert himself. Pausing to let Chantal adjust and get used to the feeling, he reached around to fondle her elongated nipples. He could feel the vibrator still humming merrily away in her pussy; he could feel the vibration through the anal wall and also from the base of the vibrator, which was now nudged up against his balls. He knew it wouldn't take long...

He glanced down, looked at her lovely heart-shaped ass, perfectly framed by the garter belt and black stockings, and began to thrust. Slowly at first, as it was still uncomfortable for Chantal. As she grew accustomed to the full feeling, he began to increase his tempo. He could sense that Chantal was as excited by the feeling as she was by the fact that, for her, this had always been considered a taboo act. Maybe the latter even more...

With each stroke, Richard's balls bounced against the vibrator, and nudged it in a little farther. Chantal started to gasp, and make those little mewing sounds that he had heard on the phone, signalling that she would soon come. Leaning forward, he grabbed a handful of hair, and pulled her head to the side so he could whisper into her ear, "Chantal, you are MY little slut, I am finally fucking you in the ass, and I am going to spill my hot cum as deep inside you as I can!" Increasing the tempo, he repositioned his hands on her hips, pulling her back hard on him, impaling her hot tight asshole on his stiff cock. She could feel his cock inside her ass; she had yet to actually see it, aside from the photo that he had sent her one day. Quicker he moved, as he knew she would not take long... he could feel her start to orgasm, her voice signalling that it was time, and he reared back and thrust more hard thrust into her ass... and as each jolt of hot cum spurted deep into her ass he growled, moaned, shook, cried... three, four, five long, hard jolts of cum erupted into her ass, as she convulsed in orgasm on his shaft, moaning, gasping, and finally crying in delight.

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