tagErotic CouplingsRendezvous With A Stranger

Rendezvous With A Stranger

byLady Lay©

The alarm buzzed and I hit the snooze button without thinking about it, like I do every morning, and drifted back to sleep for another nine minutes. Then another nine. And another. By the time I did get out of bed, I was running forty-five minutes behind schedule and I was thanking the gods that I had spent last night arranging everything so I could just jump in the shower, dress, grab my luggage, keys, and head out the door.

Traffic wasn’t too bad until I got closer to the airport, then it seemed that every available car in the area was locked in tight around mine. I crept slowly closer to the off ramp, squeezing into the far right lane while checking my rear view mirror and blind spot carefully. As I reached the light at the bottom of the ramp to bear left into the airport I noticed a taxi in the lane next to me. Actually, it wasn’t the taxi I noticed as much as who was sitting in the passenger’s seat.

Your beautiful, sparkling, light blue eyes danced and held mine for a brief moment, causing chills to race through my body. I was caught, transfixed by even a casual glance into your eyes. It was as though our minds were linked in some way and I shivered. Then you smiled, and I nearly lost control of my car.

Shaking my head at the near calamity and refocusing on the task at hand, I made a left at the light then drove to the next stop sign and made a right turn towards the terminal. I noticed that you took a left turn, and I wondered for an instant where you might be headed, but only for an instant. If I didn’t get in gear soon, I was going to miss my plane.

Leaning over the steering wheel I read the parking lot signs as I passed them and finally came to the one that was assigned to the airline I was taking. The lot was close to full, apparently everyone was leaving town for the holiday weekend. I drove up and down the rows frantically trying to find any available empty spot while I kept checking my watch.

Scowling like a demented shrew, I finally found a space out in the north forty, so far in the outback that all I could see of the airport was the tower peeking in the distance. I grabbed my luggage from the back seat and raced towards the end of the row of cars just as the tram pulled up. Out of breath and looking a bit tossed, I smiled and handed the driver my suitcases, boarded, and found a seat just as the tram lurched forward.

As the tram drew closer to the terminal it began to slow and finally parked at the boarding gate. Your taxi pulled up and parked in front of us. I watched as you opened the door and stepped out. You leaned back into the front seat to grab your small black leather backpack and I edged over in my seat so I could get a better look at you.

Almost in a trance I watched as you tossed the pack over your shoulder then went to the back of the taxi to get your luggage from the trunk. You were facing away from me and all I could see was a mass of short thick ringlets running down your neck and into the collar of your green and yellow shirt. Your Bermudas were loose exposing thick athletic legs that disappeared into your white socks and tennis shoes. I took a deep breath releasing a very inaudible sigh just watching you. Your arms were tanned a golden bronze and I could see the definition of your shoulders pushing against the material in your shirt as you lifted and carried your suitcases through the revolving doors into the terminal.

Returning to reality I looked around and noticed that the tram had almost emptied. Gathering my belongings and my luggage I began to hurry toward the boarding gate. Once in line I paused and looked back over my shoulder through the windows and down the main entrance area near the doors but you had disappeared into the crowd.

Standing in line seemed to take an eternity even though it was moving steadily. The adrenaline in me kept surging causing my hands to shake but I figured this would pass as soon as I got to my assigned seat and relaxed. After several minutes I reached the front of the line, checked in my baggage, then moved to the center of the corridor with the other passengers waiting for the boarding announcement. Again I looked around the terminal for you but your bright touristy shirt was no-where to be found.

Once the boarding announcement was made I looked over my shoulder one last time and saw that you had been stopped by a random security check. There you were in all your glory, shoes off, suitcases open, the security officer rummaging through all your belongings. I giggled as I noticed a pair of women’s black satin string bikini panties fall to the floor. Without hesitation you simply bent over while smiling at the officer, scooped up the panties and placed them in your shorts pocket.

I moved up the ramp toward the aircraft and handed my ticket to the stewardess at the loading door. It was amusing watching everyone move through the plane in a close jumbled unorganized fashion, each finding their seats, putting their carry on luggage overhead, pulling down blankets, grabbing pillows, climbing over people, but surprisingly within minutes they were all settled in their own little space.

Well, they were all settled, I was still trying to maneuver around an elderly gentleman who was on the aisle side of my row. He apparently had either boarded early or more than likely had remained on board during the layover. His hair was all tossed, a blanket covering his sleeping body, and his legs wedged under the seat in front of him.

This is when I wished I had worn my slacks, but instead I was standing in the aisle looking down at him wondering how I was going to get to my seat without disturbing him. The skirt I was wearing was short, about half thigh. Snug enough that I decided to wear a thong underneath to keep from showing panty lines. My button down sweater just touched the waist and my legs were bare, nicely tanned from weeks of sun.

I hiked my skirt and lifted my leg as high as I dared then braced my hands on the armrests of the seats so I could maneuver over him. When I looked back I noticed that he had snuggled a little deeper into his covers but was still sound asleep. Sitting back in my seat and rummaging through my purse I pulled out the crossword puzzle book I had brought to work on along with a pencil. As I sat and worked on my book I noticed that the window seat on my right was still vacant. I always enjoy sitting by a window but by the time I had purchased my ticket there were none available. I figured that once the plane was airborne I could slip over there without anyone being the wiser.

An announcement came across the intercom that we were about to depart. I could hear the loading door come down and latch then the sound of the engines.

Suddenly you were standing in the aisle next to me. I watched you put your carryon overhead and saw you grab a blanket and pillow out of the compartment before you let the lid drop and latch. You looked over at me and smiled, those beautiful eyes burning holes through my skin. I smiled back then attempted to pretend that I was engrossed in my crossword book. Looking down at the pencil that laid lifeless in my hand, I bit my lower lip and felt another shiver race down my spine as I fumbled and almost dropped the book.

You were much taller than I imagined you might be as you were able to straddle the man without so much as disturbing the blanket. I braced myself half standing in my seat allowing you room to get through. You braced your hand on my arm rest leaning into me while your legs brushed against mine causing tingles to move up my thighs. Our eyes met again but this time you paused to whisper “excuse me, I didn’t mean to…” the sound of your deep voice thundered through my mind causing my hand to squeeze my pencil so tight I was sure it was going to snap.

Again an announcement came over the intercom, this time instructing us to fasten our seatbelts.

I twisted around in my seat, wiggling, trying to locate both ends of the belt when I felt your hand moving underneath me. As I turned and looked at you…you smiled and held up for me to see… your half of the seat belt that I was sitting on. Silently smiling back at you I watched as you snapped it in place just as the plane started to taxi.

My hands were trembling, my mind racing thinking of the electric shock that ran through my body when I felt your hand underneath me, I continued, or tried to continue to work on my crosswords. The pencil just sat in my hand, not moving. All I could think of was your knees brushing mine…the sound of your voice…your hand searching for your seatbelt…all this kept running through my head as I gazed down at my hand.

Once the plane was airborne you laid your seat back and scooted down wrapping the blanket around you letting some of it rest on me as you turned in your seat facing me… Out of the corner of my eye, my hand still clutching the pencil, I could see you nuzzling up under the blanket. I felt the warmth of your hand as you moved it under the cover and let it rest on my thigh. My heart was racing as I looked over at you, another smile crossing your face and those eyes dancing as they captured mine once again.

Without a word being spoken I laid my seat back and pulled your blanket over me then placed my hand on yours. I gently guided you up my thigh, spreading my legs and rolling onto my side facing you as I covered myself with even more of your blanket. Our eyes still glued on one another, I felt your hand slightly shake as though you might be wondering if I was going to push it aside.

Stretching your arm even more and reaching over, you cup my mound, causing me to swallow a gasp as your hand pressed against the now wet silky material between my legs. You were shy at first but began to move more forcefully, letting me know what you wanted and what you needed. You readjusted the armrest, lowering it into its cradle as you edged closer to me.

My chin dropped as my mouth opened, I closed my eyes and traced my lips with my tongue before pressing my mouth against yours. Our tongues darted in and out of each other’s mouths. I heard a muffled whimper escape your lips as I pressed my mouth more eagerly on yours.

You braced yourself on one elbow then raised yourself off your chair as your hand moved down my thighs then back up, reaching inside my thong brushing my clit then across my stomach causing my muscles to tighten.

You could feel the tension you were causing as your fingers moved up and under my sweater. I tried so desperately to silence the moans and gasps that kept escaping from my throat as the palm of your hand moved over my breasts. Your mouth moved down my throat, making a trail of tiny wet kisses as your head disappeared beneath the blanket.

My nipples started to harden as I felt your hand under my breast raising it and holding it as if weighing it then you took it into your warm and waiting mouth. I could feel your tongue moving around the rim of my breasts as your teeth began biting gently on my nubs. I felt your other hand move to the hollow of my back as I arched towards you, my body stretching, wanting to press my breasts against your chest, wanting to feel the heat of your body against mine.

I could tell you felt my urgency as your mouth attacked mine with more force, pressing harder and stronger against mine, your tongue was moving deeper and deeper inside mine, my mouth open and hungry for yours.

Your hand started to roam down my stomach then back into my thong until your fingers found and began to roll my clit between them. I pressed against you even more, a muffled gasp escaping again as my eyes closed and my body savored the feelings you were stirring inside me. Shivering with each touch I spread my legs even more as you slid one finger inside me, my hips began to move back and forth as my muscles tightened around you.

I could feel the separation of the seats beneath me as I moved even closer to you letting my hands roam over your chest. I braced my foot against the seat in front of us allowing me to turn more on my side. My hand moved further down, feeling the soft but firm ripple of your stomach then moving inside the elastic waistband of your shorts and grasping your very hot rigid cock…again I heard you gasp, your breathing became heavier as I encircled your arousal. Your stomach tensed as my hand began to move up and down your cock, gently stroking it while my mouth and teeth nibbled on your nipples. I could feel them harden in my mouth and heard another hushed moan escape your lips.

Your hands cradled my face as you raised my chin and pressed your mouth against mine. You kissed my nose then my forehead as I leaned my head back and began to nuzzle your neck. I could feel your ringlets on my shoulder and cheeks as your tongue circled my ear then bit my neck, more moans deep in my throat were being muzzled as I tried not to wake anyone. I could feel your hot breath in my ear as you whispered, “follow me”.

You straightened your clothes and helped me straighten mine then tossed the blanket in a heap on the floor. You moved back in front of me then easily raised your leg and straddled the still sleeping gentleman.

You motioned that you were going to lift me over him. You leaned over placing one arm behind my back bracing me…I wrapped my arms around your neck as you placed the other arm beneath my legs just at my knees…you cradled me in your arms against your chest and raised your leg over the man and balanced yourself in the aisle. You put me down beside you then leaned down, kissed the back of my neck, took my hand and again whispered “this way”.

You put your finger to your mouth gesturing for me to be quiet as we made our way down the aisle to the bathroom. I was holding my hand over my mouth trying to suppress a giggle as we edged our way to the back of the plane…seeing sleeping people snuggled up in their blankets, arms hanging out in the aisles, snoring coming from pillows that were jumbled at the head of the seats.

You opened the door to the bathroom and entered as I stood outside and kept guard. Within a few minutes you opened the door again and grabbed my hand pulling me in.

I saw your clothes tossed in a heap on the counter as I squeezed into the tiny space. My back was against the door as I entered, you pressed against me then pressed the door closed with the weight of our bodies and your arms wrapped around me. You locked the door then moved your hands down my back…up and under my sweater then pulled it over my head and tossed it onto the pile. I felt your ringlets brushing my chest as your mouth sucked on my breasts causing my nipples to harden once again. Your cock was pressing against my stomach between us, it was so hard and rigid as my hips began to grind against it through my skirt.

Your hands moved between my thighs as you slid one finger into me then two causing me to moan and gasp as my hand roamed back down to your cock, grasping it…moving down the shaft then back up, brushing the head and moving back down between your thighs gently cupping your balls, each one in turn, then back up the shaft to the head.

You pulled your fingers out causing a disappointed sigh to escape my lips and put your hand on my breast, making my hips grind against yours more intently, my hand was pressing your cock against my very wet thong covered opening. With both hands you put your hands inside my thong and pushed it down to my knees then onto the floor. Moving back up you kissed my mound, then my tense stomach causing me to lurch towards you and your arm wrapped more tightly around my waist pulling me in closer. Your kisses moved up my chest as you replaced them with your hand. You cupped my breasts and put your mouth on mine, long forceful kisses pressing my head against the door.

I moved my hand back down and again grasped your cock as you pressed against me, you moaned then bent your knees so I could straddle you…I placed the head at my opening holding it there…letting it probe me, loving the way it was teasing me and feeling the moisture gather on my hand. I moved back and forth on your cock, rubbing my clit against your body while lining you up and barely sliding you in, then I wrapped my arms around your chest and we kissed deeply, passionately as your tongue forced itself back into my mouth.

You bent down for an instant then thrust back up ramming yourself into me, stretching and filling me. My back arched and rose up then I thrust back down on you, feeling you buried in my soft folds. You pushed again as my insides consumed your cock, you were so deep inside me. I could feel every muscle of you as you moved inside me, pulsating, your breathing deepening and your thrusts getting harder, faster, pushing deeper into me.

Tremors began rushing through my body as my insides began to grip and release you, my muscles clenching around you. My mouth was on your neck biting as I heard you moan and hiss… you again thrust into me. My fingernails digging into your shoulders as I thrust back down and felt you bite my neck as you thrust again, harder, deeper, then moving your head back down to my breasts… you bit my nipple causing me to gasp and moan even louder as I felt another more powerful thrust enter the very depths of me.

I reached down between us and felt your cock as it slid in and out of me, then reaching down further and cupping your balls, feeling the tightness of them, lightly squeezing them and whispering “cum for me baby”. Your head jerked back, your back arched as I whispered the words and you pinned me even tighter against the wall, your thighs pressing against me as your cock thrust over and over deeper and deeper inside me. “cum for me baby” I whispered again, you thrust again, so deep inside me, your stomach tense and rippling as my hand moved over it then back down to your balls as they pressed against me. My hands lightly squeezed them as your head nuzzled my neck and I heard a very raspy whisper “cum with me baby”.

As though we had commanded our bodies to peak…we began to merge into one intense orgasm.

I felt your hot cum as it shot inside me, your body tense, gritting your teeth as your head jerked back and I heard you emit a very loud moan then a groan and a hiss, your shoulders shook, you were biting your lower lip, my fingernails were biting into your back as I felt your hot cum shooting over and over inside me.

My body began to tense as the orgasm took over, my back arched as I heard loud groans passing my lips…my arms holding you tight as a rush of heat raced through my body. I moved my hand back down and held the base of your cock, I could feel the sticky mixture of your cum and mine as you moved in and out of me, my body twitching and jerking as the orgasm continued to run a marathon through me.

I felt your body spasm and saw tiny droplets of perspiration appear around your hairline, my knees went limp as I felt you buckle against me. I was clutching you to keep from collapsing and you were leaning against me, still inside me as my insides continued to contract and pull, squeezing and milking you until you withered in my hand.

You fell back down on the john and pulled me onto your lap facing away from you, wrapping your arms around me as both of us caught our breath and laughed.

Your hands were resting on my breasts and your head was pressed against my neck as your breathing returned to normal. My head was leaning back against your chest, my lungs were heaving trying to stabilize, loving the way your hands were gently moving over my body, up and down my arms as you kissed the back of my shoulders.

We sat for a few minutes, relishing in the afterglow, your hands were working their way up and down my sides, then down between my thighs and back up again cupping my breasts as you continued to kiss the back of my neck. My hands reached back, as I tangled my fingers in your hair I turned my head and pulled you close then kissed your lips, feeling the warmth of your body underneath me.

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