tagCelebrities & Fan FictionRenee Zellweger Straight Up

Renee Zellweger Straight Up


Renee Zellweger calls me into her room.

"I have a surprise for you," she says.

She greets me wearing a sheer dress which dips low to the base of her breastbone and flows high on her strong, porcelain thighs. Her hair is faerie blonde, curling demurely at mid ear, framing her oval face. Blue eyes intense, ruby lips half parted, Renee slides her arms around me. She draws me toward the bed, kissing me sweetly. Her thin-fingered hands slip up my shirt to run hungrily up my chest. She sighs softly and then she opens her mouth against mine. Her breath is cool, the scent of it and the feathering of her slow exhalations three me. I crush her to me; our tongues dance, touching tips briefly in a swirl. Now we are against the side bed and Renee moves my right hand under her dress. She presses my fingers into her bare sex – for me, she's wearing no underwear. Broken from our kiss, I look into her face as I move my hand against the opening folds. Renee closers her eyes, eyelids dusted dark, and allows the slightest of moans to leave her. She squeezes my arms as I spin my finger over her clit; she stand spread-legged and nearly falling back against my supporting arm.

"Mmm . . ." Renee's mouth works mindlessly as she grinds into me.

I can't sully this with words. Renee is quivering, biting her lower lip and dipping lower and harder against my fingers. I ride her waves, twisting my hand against that moistening flesh gently. She is going to come. I see her flush face tightening. Her hands are claws on my shoulders.

And then she stops me. She eases me away and gives me a wicked grin.

"What?" I'm confused. Renee doesn't reply.

She sinks to her knees.

I am wearing blue, drawstring PJ bottoms. With an eager tug, Renee reduces them to a heap at my feet. I step out of them, toward her, and she levels me with a sultry stare and a tight-lipped smile.

Renee's hand curls beneath my balls. She drags her lips along the side of my shaft, flicking the base of the head with a quick tongue. I want to burst now; she's got my gut tightening already. I watch her mouth as she slides it over my dick, her hand as it pumps the shaft. Her full lips sink expertly to the base, her throat massages me, and I place my hands on the sides of Renee's head as it bobs back and forth.

Now she is moaning on my prick. Her mouth is warm around it. She releases me briefly to suck my balls, then her tongue races up to the head and she clamps over my cock once again. I am weakening at the knees, consumed with the heat and pressure of pleasure as Renee Zellweger sucks my cock.

Sensing my approaching climax, Renee disengages from my member. She stands, looking me in the face, her lips wet and her hand. Then she spreads her legs and, with her delicate fingers still wrapped around my cockshaft, guides me between her legs. I cup her small, taut ass and lift her easily. Renee wraps her legs around my waist. I turn, allowing her to bare feet to meet the edge of the bed, and she pushes into me. Her groan as I sink into her is something bestial.

Renee's vaginal walls pulse, squeezing my shaft. Her muscular control is phenomenal. I rock into that sweet warmth; Renee pushes against the edge of the bed, riding me. She fingers her clit as we sway. The straps of her dress slide down and one small breast peers over the fallen neckline. I press my mouth to it. Renee is loud now. She sucks air through gritted teeth and moans deep in her throat. I am swimming in her silken skin, her rippling cunt, I am sucking on the hard pink dot of her nipple. When she comes, Renee grits her teeth and wrings my dick inside her. I am pounding upward, oblivious to all but her motion, the feel of her. Her thighs against mine, her flesh in my hands, her fervent rhythm melting into mine even as I drown in pleasure and begin thrusting mindless like some animal.

"Ah, fuck!" Renee cries. "Ah!"

And then I am giving in. I push deep into Renee Zellweger, releasing what must be my life. My lips are dry, my muscles ache. It's as if I can't stop pumping cum inside her.

But it does end. And when I can hold her no longer, Renee dismounts and I collapse onto the bed. I am nude with my prick jutting like a red exclamation point. Renee is still in her tiny dress, her nipple peeking out at me.

"Well," Renee grins. Her mousy voice is inexpressibly sexy, "did you like your surprise?"

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