tagBDSMRenee's Seduction and Submission

Renee's Seduction and Submission


Warning: This story contains graphic scenes depicting pain, including caning.

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. All characters are 18 years or older when in sexual situations.

Recap of Book One

Book One began with Renee perched on a towel in front of a magnificent infinity edge pool in Southern France. She was naked, tethered to a chaise lounge by a dog leash. An unidentified woman in a broad rimmed hat was sitting in the chaise.

Renee flashed back six months to the time she was a paralegal in New York City. She hailed from St. Louis and took her one big risk in life by pursuing her career dream in New York. Renee was always a follower, not a leader, and always sought domineering boyfriends that were like her father. She was an attractive brunette with a medium build.

She enjoyed sex with her boyfriend, who did dominate her, but not in a true BDSM relationship. Her boyfriend was an associate at Renee's law firm and was too busy to spend time with Renee. Renee cruised the internet as an outlet for her sexual longings and accidentally clicked on a video showing an older man whipping a younger woman. Renee was obsessed from that point forward with those types of videos and routinely masturbated to them.

The firm had recently won a major motion on a case that Renee was working on for a French bank. Renee went to the celebratory party at the corporate apartment hosted by Luc, a director with the French bank. During the course of the party Renee stumbled on Luc's girlfriend having sex with a guest at the party. Renee learned that the girlfriend, Linnea, was in an open relationship with Luc. Linnea brought Renee to a locked bedroom where Luc and Linnea kept the "Toy," a sex slave that Luc had purchased at the Auction. Renee was able to see the Toy service Linnea (by eating out her pussy). Renee was so excited by this action that she ran to the bathroom to masturbate on the floor with Linnea's sopping wet panties in her face.

Linnea told Luc about the incident. Luc invited Renee to the apartment the next day to witness Luc and Linnea having sex along with the Toy. Luc purposely pulled out of Linnea's ass when he was about to cum and invited Renee to clean up the mess. Renee couldn't resist. Luc then invited Renee to be trained as either a cock slut or a pain slut and to enter the Auction. The potential bidders in the Auction could request an in-person "inspection" of the submissive in exchange for a substantial inspection fee. Renee would likely earn hundreds of thousands of dollars for her share of the inspection fees and a two year stint as a sex slave. Book One ended where Renee was deciding whether to go forward with the training.

Chapter Three

It wasn't a hard decision for Renee. She was toiling long hours as a paralegal and squeaking by paying the $2,000 share of her rent and the $2,000 monthly payment on her $100,000 student loan. She was only 23. She was young and could invest two years of her life in this adventure. She did love sex and the time with Linnea and Luc included the best sexual experiences of her life, and she wasn't even that active of a participant. She was highly aroused by the BDSM videos. Would it lead to greater sexual fulfillment? She wanted to know. If she could net a couple hundred thousand dollars she could pay off her student loans and earn enough money to make a down payment on her own apartment. Why not? She was apprehensive about the training, but couldn't she quit at any time? She was probably going to quit her job at the law firm at some time anyway to find something better. Her family was all back in St. Louis so she could tell them she was working overseas for Luc's bank. Her roommate was a cute perky blond so she shouldn't have trouble finding a new roommate. And Michael was an ass. It was settled in Renee's mind.

Renee requested the documents from Luc. The package was messengered to her apartment the same day. The package contained a lengthy nondisclosure agreement where a breach would cause Renee to forfeit her claim to the balance in her Swiss bank account. There was a waiver that excused the Club and its members from any liability. There was a contract outlining the split in revenue and the guarantee by Luc that Renee would be paid in full. The governing law was a country in Eastern Europe that she has never heard of (she had to go on the internet to figure out where it was). Everything looked to be in order. Renee signed and a messenger picked up the signed documents. Renee had a pit in her stomach now. She was really going through with this.

Luc arranged for Renee's travel two weeks hence so Renee gave notice to her firm. She said her goodbyes to her friends, telling them that she was going to a training session in Europe for Luc's bank and would likely stay there after the training. Her break-up with Michael was quick and uneventful (she did it by text, as he was at the office). Her roommate Caryn was disappointed that Renee was leaving but understood that Renee had a better opportunity. It softened the blow that Luc would be paying Renee's share of the rent until Caryn found a new roommate. Luc would arrange to have all of her things put into storage. Renee gave Luc her student loan payment book. Renee's parents were excited to hear that Renee might soon be working in Europe and understood that given the intense training needed for the job that all inquiries were to go through Luc.

The fateful day came quickly. Renee did not bring anything to the airport other than her wallet and passport. She was given a first class ticket from Newark to San Francisco. Renee tried to enjoy the amenities of first class since she had never traveled in the front cabin before but her apprehension about what was to come made it difficult. She would know for certain whether her submissive tendencies were her true self. She also knew if she completed her training and was successfully auctioned that she could be financially secure for a long period of time. So much to think about. In the end, Renee ended up drinking a fair amount of wine and then dozing off in the lay flat seat.

As the plane was on its final descent to SFO Renee was on pins and needles. The plane landed and Renee was the first off the plane. On exiting the secure area of the airport Renee spotted a man in a chauffeur's uniform holding a sign with her name. The man checked her against a picture he had and ushered her to a black Bentley Flying Spur. The chauffeur opened the back door and Renee found herself in a luxuriously appointed car with navy blue leather seats with extensive white cross stitching and exquisite wood interior trims. The driver gave Renee a blindfold which Renee dutifully donned. Renee's heart was pounding, but as the car exited the parking garage and began its journey on the freeway Renee was lulled to sleep by the quiet of the car and the gentle sway of the ride.

Renee was jarred awake when the sedan came to a stop. The chauffeur opened the rear door and led the blindfolded Renee to a building and transferred her to a woman who was waiting at the entrance to the building.

The woman took a disoriented Renee into a room and closed the door behind them. The blindfold was removed and Renee found herself in a gleaming white examination room. The woman standing in front of her introduced herself as Slave number 4. She was naked except for a wide black leather collar with a large "D" ring attached to it and a metal tag riveted to it that was embossed with a large "4" and matching leather cuffs on her wrists and ankles. Renee noticed that the collar and the cuffs were riveted together so that the slave could not remove then. The woman looked to be in her 40's, attractively fit with long blond hair and no body hair to speak of. She was wholly unconcerned about her nudity and went about her tasks as if she were in a doctor's office. She instructed Renee to remove all of her clothes. Renee undressed and stood before the woman with her arms crossed to cover her breasts. The woman informed her that was unacceptable behavior and Renee needed to be fully exposed at all times. Renee felt an intense sense of shame at allowing any semblance of privacy and modesty to go by the wayside.

The woman first weighed Renee and measured her height. She then opened a black leather case and took out a professional camera. She took photographs of Renee's open mouth to document the condition of her teeth. She pulled on her tongue and examined above and below it. Renee started to feel uncomfortable when she was asked to put her hands behind her head while the woman took close-ups of her breasts. Renee was then asked to go into the adjoining bathroom and shave her pussy and her legs. She felt even more uncomfortable when returned to the examination room and was asked to use her hands to spreads the lips of her pussy so the woman could photograph it. The woman then asked Renee to bend over and spread the cheeks of her ass so that the woman could photograph her anus as well.

Without knocking, a man then entered the room carrying a black doctor's bag. He was nude as well but had the same collar, this one bearing the number "2," and matching cuffs. He was also wearing a plastic cage around his penis. Renee's first instinct was to cover her breasts with her arms, but then she realized that she was not permitted to do that and let them relax by her side. The man removed medical calipers from the bag. The woman pulled open Renee's pussy and the man took detailed measurements of the lips of her pussy, the size of the opening of her vagina and the size of her clitoris. The woman used her thumb to excite Renee's clitoris so it so could be measured in its excited state. Renee was demeaned by this detailed and antiseptic examination, feeling as if she were a laboratory rat. She was also excited by it.

The woman had Renee bend over and the man inserted a tube into her anus, apparently to measure the depth of the penetration. The man completed her exam by measuring Renee's breast size, again pinching her nipples so she could measure them in their excited state.

After the examination the man riveted leather cuffs with "D" rings attached to Renee's wrists and ankles. A black collar was attached to her neck with a "D" ring and a tag bearing the number "8." The man chained Renee's ankles together and then chained her wrists together, each with a one foot length of chain. A black leather hood was put over her head with holes only for her nose and mouth. Renee felt panic as the hood was zipped up in the back and she was deprived of sight and most of her hearing. She could only hear her heavy breathing as the man led her down a long hallway. As she was adjusting to this sensory deprivation and her breathing slowed she could hear muffled screams of other women and the clattering of her ankle chains echoing off the concrete floor as she waddled down the hallway.

The man took her inside a room and told her that her training would start the following morning. The room had padded room walls and was about 10 feet by 10 feet. The room was equipped with a toilet, mattress, toilet paper, stainless steel dog dish and squeeze water bottle. The room was lit with fluorescent light, although Renee couldn't see it.

The door was shut and locked.

Renee canvassed the room by feeling her way around the room. She quickly located the toilet, toilet paper, dog dish, water bottle and mattress. She sat on the mattress and waited. Other than the occasional muffled sound, Renee heard, smelled or tasted nothing.

Renee reflected back upon the events of the last hour, being poked, prodded, photographed in a highly impersonal manner and then shackled. She was shamed, embarrassed and felt a complete loss of dignity. As she sat on the mattress hooded with her hands and feet shackled together she couldn't help wondering what she had gotten herself into. She cried herself to sleep.

Renee was shaken from her slumber. Her hood was unzipped and removed from her head. Standing before her was a man of average stature. He looked to Renee to be about forty, with sandy brown hair, brown eyes, and a face no different than any of the thousands of men that passed her each day on the streets of New York. Renee relaxed as her eyes acclimated to the light and to the fact her new Master did not appear to be physically intimidating in stature.

"Hello Slave number 8. My name is Andre, but you may address me as Sir or Master."

In a plain speaking voice of a college professor Andre went on to say "You will be under my tutelage for the next several weeks until I believe your training is done. I will direct your training at all times but there may be others that will handle particular aspects of it. There are other women being trained here though it is unlikely you will see any of them. You may hear them and they may hear you though that won't be intentional."

"I know you are anxious. You don't know what to expect. I can't tell you everything in advance as that would interfere with the effectiveness of your training. I can tell you if your initial training is successful you will look to me as your Master with unwavering obedience to what I tell you to do."

"Your safe word is 'rouge' which as you know means red in French. If you say this word at any time during your training, your training will stop and you will be returned to New York. What is the safe word?"


"Excellent. Are you ready to begin?"

"Yes Sir."

"When I enter a room I expect you to kneel next to your bed. If I ask you to submit, you will assume this position." Andre then shows Renee that she must kneel, spread her knees apart, push her bottom up in the air until the bow in her back makes her breasts touch the ground, head down, arms extended and palms up. "You will not cum unless I give you permission. Am I clear?"

"Yes Sir."

Andre unlocked Renee's chains from her wrists and ankles, replaced the hood on Renee's head and left the room.

In the beginning Renee's spirits were good. She thought about her childhood in St. Louis, her friends, her pets, and her loves found and lost. Her spirits begin to wane as her perceived time passage was many hours.

The monotony was broken when the door opened and a meal was left in her dog dish. Renee could smell a simple repast of bread, cheese, and an apple. She ate it voraciously savoring both the smell and the taste of the food, where in the past none of this food would have generated a second thought in her mind.

This routine went on for many cycles. Because there is no way to mark time Renee has no idea how much time has passed.

Renee took to weeping as she hungered for any kind of stimulation. She tried to masturbate but even this act was unsatisfying without any visual or auditory stimulation and knowing that she could not cum without permission. Thoughts of "rouge" started creeping into her mind until the drumbeat of the word kept her from sleeping.

At long last the door opened and she sensed a person softly padding into the room. She quickly kneeled by the side of her mattress. The person sat on the floor Indian style next to her and then pulled her head into his lap. She could sense it was a man because she could feel the outline of his penis against her head and could smell its musky aroma. The man stroked the back of her neck. Renee wept with joy at the intimate touch of another. She tried reaching into the man's pants, but her hand was swatted away.

"Slave number 8, did you want to tell me the safe word?" Renee could tell it was Andre's voice.

"No Master."

"Very well, I'll see you later." Andre left.

Renee was left alone again with only her thoughts. Her mind was now a jumble. She could no longer tell when she was awake and when she was asleep. The passage of time had lost its meaning. With the lack of sleep and the disorientation caused by her sensory deprivation Renee was convinced she was about to go mad.

Finally, the door opened. Renee felt her way to the mattress to kneel. A person removed her hood. Renee's eyes smarted with the onslaught of a searing light, although the light was only the soft light of ceiling mounted fluorescent fixtures. As her eyes focused she could tell it was Andre. He had brought a bowl of water and a wash cloth. He washed her face, which was now caked with the salt of many dried tears. He attempted to untangle Renee's matted hair, now greasy and dirty from days of neglect. Renee was delighted to feel the cool water on her face. Andre cupped her breasts and gently licked each one, nibbling at each nipple. Sparks of electricity coursed though Renee with each bite, and she arched her back to push closer to the long awaited stimulation. Her pussy immediately became moist. Andre stroked her pussy with the flat of his hand while licking each nipple. Renee started to soar.

Andre whispered, "Do you love me little slut?"

"Yes Master." Renee felt the strengthening of her bond with Andre.

Andre moved his hand faster while more urgently sucking and nibbling each nipple. Renee was quaking and moaning.

"Please, please Master."

"Cum my little slut."

"On my God, oh my God, oh my God!" Renee shouted as she arched her back and thrashed against Andre's hand with the onslaught of her orgasm. Andre laid Renee on her mattress and stroked her face until she closed her eyes and her body sought its long overdue sleep.

"Till tomorrow my pet."

After a deep sleep, Renee awakened with a sharp focus. With the hood removed, Renee relished the stimulation of light. She replayed the events with Andre over and over in her mind. She masturbated, seeing Andre stoking her pussy and licking her nipples. Renee lost count of the number of times she masturbated. She was careful not to masturbate to completion but reached and stayed at a high level of arousal.

At long last Andre returned. He was wearing a loose fitting cotton shirt, sweat pants and sandals and holding a large rubber penis in his hand. Renee knelt by her mattress. Andre put the rubber penis on her mattress.

"Undress me little slut."

Renee unbuttoned Andre's shirt and gathered his pants around his ankles, helping him step out of them.

Renee saw Andre's cock for the first time. Although Andre was of medium build, his cock was anything but medium, easily eight inches flaccid and as thick as Renee's wrist.

"Suck me little slut."

Renee took about four inches of Andre's rapidly expanding cock in her mouth before his cock hit the back of her throat.

"Touch yourself little whore."

Renee masturbated while Andre took his powerful hands and put them behind Renee's head, gently driving his cock deeper into her mouth. Renee gagged and salivated heavily, coating her tits with her saliva and Andre's precum. Andre repeated his assault on Renee's throat while encouraging her to masturbate faster. Renee finally got part of his cock down her throat while Renee's frantic rubbing got her perilously close to an orgasm.

Andre could sense Renee's need and pulled out, stroking his cock and spraying his cum. While his cock pulsed jets of cum on Renee's hair, face and tits, he granted permission to Renee to cum. Renee experienced a sharp, quick orgasm.

"Remember to associate my cock in your throat with your orgasm. And if I pull out of your mouth beg me to cum in your face. I've left you with a rubber penis. Practice putting in down your throat."

Renee was left again in her room. She could think of nothing but her overwhelming need to please Andre. She was determined to swallow his cock whole. She practiced on the rubber penis. Andre and Renee repeated the same dance over and over, with Andre getting more of his cock down her throat each time and Renee begging for Andre to cum in her face and cumming almost concurrently with Andre's facials.

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