tagExhibitionist & VoyeurRenée’s Revenge Ch. 01

Renée’s Revenge Ch. 01


Renée stood nervously in front of Betty Johnson’s desk. She self consciously kept attempting to flatten out the wrinkles in her nursing uniform and picking off pieces of lint that she sworn hadn’t been there when she left her room.

Renée had only been in the nursing program at the university for a little over a year and up to this point had been doing quite well; and then this had to happen. Renée wouldn’t have been so worried about her handling possible consequences appropriately if her boyfriend Sid was present on campus, but he had been called away on a family emergency.

Betty cleared her throat loudly, having finally glanced up from the papers laying across her desk, interrupting the young woman’s unpleasant reveries.

“You’re taking all this casually, aren’t you?” Betty asked snidely.

Renée flushed. “Oh no, Betty, I’m not,” she protested.

“So what exactly do you have to say for yourself, Renée,” the woman who was basically second-in-command of the nursing program wanted to know.

“About what?” the raven-haired young woman asked attempting to sound coy and innocent.

Betty flew to her feet and slammed her fist down hard on her desk to emphasize her point.

“Don’t fuck around with me, Renée. You know damn well what I’m talking about. You’d better be straight with me,” Betty warned while stepping out around her desk.

Renée gasped and unconsciously took a step backwards. She had never heard Betty speak in such a manner. Renée never would have believed it possible.

“Well, I’m waiting.” Betty glared at her in impatience.

“Oh,” the young woman replied tentatively, “you mean about the way I got pulled down in that mosh pit. That wasn’t my fault, Betty.”

“Yes, Renée,” Betty spoke sarcastically. “I mean about you running around naked during the homecoming concert in front of twenty thousand people, many of them visitors to the university.”

“W-Well, I didn’t know-,“ Renée attempted to speak.

“No, you didn’t!” Betty screamed suddenly in a rage because of the manner in which the intelligent young woman was attempting to portray himself as a half-wit in order to escape the adverse consequences of her poor decision making.

In her anger Betty stepped closer literally pushing her face up into Renée’s. Renée noticed some spittle hanging from the corner of Betty’s mouth.

‘What’s wrong with her? Why is she acting so insane about this?’ she wondered of her school superior.

“It all happened because you were wearing that slutty outfit. You’re lucky you’re not in jail right now!” Betty shouted in only a slightly lower tone.

“I’m sorry, it’ll never happen again,” Renée whined wringing her hands.

“Oh, I get it, you’re soowry,” Betty snapped. “Am I supposed to kiss it and make it better for you?”

Renée flushed again and began to tremble in her anxiety. “No, of course not, Betty -.”

“Renée!” Betty ordered. “We are not at a birthday party. We are in my office, behave as such!”

“Ms. Johnson,” Renée replied attempting to sound sarcastic, but she was far too frightened to pull it off.

“What should you have done when you first were pulled naked into that mosh pit?” the woman demanded.

“Pulled some clothing off someone else?” Renée said tentatively.

“Why, yes,” Betty agreed. “So why didn’t you?”

“Well, I was -,” the young nursing student began, but was quickly interrupted by a continuing irate Betty.

“No more bullshit, Renée! Never mind, you’ll have two weeks to think about it,” Betty informed her.

“Two weeks!” Renée echoed in a tremulous voice.

“Yes, two weeks,” the older woman reiterated. “Doctor Carson and I discussed it and you have been suspended from the university for a period of two weeks and frankly I think you got off lightly.”

“Oh no!” Renée whimpered with tears forming in her eyes and then rolling freely down her cheeks.

Having delivered her message successfully, Ms. Johnson stepped back behind her desk and sat down. When Renée realized there was nothing more to be said, she turned to leave.

“Where are ‘you’ going?” Betty demanded harshly.

Puzzled, Renée turned back to older woman and explained, “I’m going to my room to pack to leave.”

“Not with that nursing uniform on, you’re not,” the woman protested.

“What?!” Renée responded aghast at what she was hearing.

Betty picked up a book off her desk and reaching across thrust it into the young woman’s reluctant hands.

“Nursing Program Policy and Procedure, Renée,” Betty said bitingly. “Didn’t you even read it once you became a nursing student?”

“Well, I meant to,” the dark-haired woman’s voice fell away.

“Nursing Program Policy, number fifteen; conditions to be met when a nursing student is suspended,” Betty recited. “Procedure number five – nursing student is to immediately turn in uniform.”

“Okay,” Renée agreed attempting to be pleasant despite herself. “I’ll just turn it in when I return to my room.”

Betty shook her head. “No, that isn’t near good enough, Renée. I couldn’t possibly allow you to go out into the hospital still representing yourself as a nursing student when you’ve been suspended. Why, you could go out and start directing orderlies to do any crazy thing or lie to your comrades about your absence.”

“I would never do that, Ms. Johnson,” Renée replied. She was intensely trembling and having great difficulty with not breaking into tears again. “I know, you could walk with me to my room and then I could give you my uniform.”

“No, I haven’t the time for that. I’m late for another meeting as we speak. Now give me your uniform. I’m tired of messing around with you!” Betty declared angrily.

Renée couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Betty had always appeared so cordial towards her, but it was obvious by now that the older woman had some deep seeded resentment towards her and was using this situation to take it out on her.

Renée realized there was nothing else she could do at this point but to do as Betty ordered. Under her watchful eye, Renée proceeded to slowly unbutton her uniform blouse. She still couldn’t believe that Betty was making her strip down to her bra and panties.

‘Maybe she’s just trying to teach me a humiliating lesson and then she’ll return my uniform to me to wear to my room. Yeah, that must be it,’ the dark-haired young woman decided.

She unbuttoned her sleeve cuffs and then pulled her blouse from her skirt. Renée flushed knowing her bra, that was now completely visible beneath her opened blouse, was of the flimsy lacy variety hiding very little of the charms of her bountiful breasts, but she hadn’t any choice that morning as the underwear that she usually wore on duty was still in the laundry.

Renée removed her uniform blouse and Betty said harshly, “Place it on my desk.” Hardly daring to raise her eyes to look at the older woman while she did as ordered, Renée was stunned to observe Betty gazing back at her with an obvious malicious smile.

‘Why, she’s getting off on my degradation,’ Renée thought indignantly. ‘What did I ever do to deserve this?’

Renée lay the uniform blouse on the desk in front of her. Renée’s hands were trembling which caused it to be difficult to unclasp her skirt. She finally accomplished this and then pulled the side zipper down. Renée felt herself reddening with embarrassment and shame as she lowered her skirt to the floor and then stepped out of it. She realized her panties were no more than a transparent thong through which her entire pubic area could be clearly seen.

Renée quickly lay her skirt on top of the blouse and turned to leave again. She realized it would be horribly embarrassing once she reached the corridor but maybe some passing student or instructor might take pity on her and help her acquire some sort of apparel. At all costs, Renée just desired to flee the office and the malevolent gaze of Betty.

Renée hadn’t even taken one step when she heard Betty order, “Your shoes too, Renée.”

‘Okay, this has gone far enough,’ Renée thought angrily as she whirled to confront her superior officer.

“Surely you’re not saying that someone might mistake me for a nursing student in my bra and panties?” Renée demanded petulantly. “Just because I’m wearing shoes.”

“Renée don’t get snotty with me. You brought all this on yourself,” Betty responded caustically. “Those shoes are hospital issued therefore they are part of your uniform. You are not to leave my office wearing those shoes if you don’t want to be immediately escorted off university property.”

“You wouldn’t dare!” Renée snapped flushing again but this time from anger.

“Try me,” Betty challenged glaring at the young woman.

They stared at each for almost a full minute with neither one looking away or even blinking and then Renée gave her answer by slightly leaning down and pulling her shoes off. She slammed them down on Betty’s desk.

“Thank you,” the woman in charge said sarcastically.

“You’re not welcome!” Renée retorted while turning away again to leave the office, this time without her shoes.

“Uh, Renée .”

“What now?!” she screamed and she spun around once more to confront her nemesis.

“Renée, you’re the one in trouble and if you don’t want an insubordination charge along with everything else, I’d advise you to check that attitude of yours at the door.”

Despite her anger, Renée realized Betty had the power to make that stick and since she didn’t feel as though she wanted to be frog marched by some security to off campus dressed only in her bra and panties, she attempted to appear contrite.

“I’m sorry, Ms. Johnson. I was wrong,” she simpered.

“That’s better. Now there’s a little matter of you paying a two hundred dollar back bill also,” Betty explained.

“Okay,” Renée replied. She had remained highly upset but was attempting this time to keep her composure. “Before I leave I’ll withdraw the two hundred from my nurse’s program account.”

“You can’t do that, you’re no longer a nursing student,” Betty explained.

Renée was quivering but managed to keep her voice on an even keel when she protested, “It’s my money, surely you can’t keep me from getting to my money.”

“No, that’s true,” the older woman agreed, “but according to policy and procedures it will take written permission from Doctor Carson to withdraw money from your nurse’s program account when you’re no longer a nursing student.”

“Ok, as soon as I can get dressed I’ll speak with Dr. Carson about it,” Renée presented.

“The doctor is away for the day and won’t return until late tomorrow evening.” Betty smiled viciously at her.

Renée’s head was spinning; she was so frightened of what was coming next – but Betty wouldn’t dare, would she? “Before I leave today, I’ll borrow the money from one of my friends,” the young woman offered.

“I’m sure you could do that,” Ms. Johnson countered, “but you might forget and then where would I be? It’s my responsibility to make certain you pay what you owe before leaving. Why, you might never come back to the university. I don’t want to have to pay your bill for you, that’s for certain.”

The black-haired young woman felt as though her blood was running cold in her veins as she struggled to respond in anywhere near a natural voice. “Oh no, Ms. Johnson, I would never do that,” she protested. “I’ll get you the money somehow before I do anything else.”

The older woman appeared to consider Renée’s proposition and then apparently relented, “Okay.” Renée visibly relaxed. “But I’m still going to have some collateral until you pay the fine.”

“But,” Renée protested, “I don’t have anything else here.”

Betty’s answer struck the pretty young woman with complete horror. “You can leave me your bra and panties. I know you’ll come back with the money for those beautiful frilly things.” And she smiled gently at Renée.

Renée could suddenly feel her blood pounding in her ears and her heart was racing. She absolutely couldn’t believe what she was hearing. She was supposed to strip down stark naked in front of this woman and then do what? However would she get back to her dorm room?

“I can’t do that,” Renée almost whispered which was as loud as her voice would go at that particular moment.

“Oh, but I’m afraid you’ll have to, Renée. You have no choice, unless you want to be permanently banned from the university.” Betty stared at her with an expression that indicated she would brook no further resistance.

With her entire body trembling, Renée leaned forward slightly while reaching behind her with both hands. She unfastened her bra and allowed the straps to slide partially down her arms. Renée then straightened up, blushing wildly, to be in such an embarrassing and humiliating situation – even if it was only in front of another woman.

Renée stood with the bra only half off, holding it with her arms in such a way that it still covered most of her large breasts. When Ms. Johnson loudly complained that she needed to hurry, Renée allowed the bra to slide the rest of the way off her arms and she set it on the desk. Renée quickly covered her partial nudity by folding her arms across her front.

“Now the panties too, Renée and then you’re free to leave,” Betty grinned.

‘Free to leave?’ Renée thought almost hysterically. ‘Free to wander back to my dorm room totally naked in the middle of the day? I’ll have to leave the university for good after this day. I could never look anyone in the eye again,’ she realized despondently.

“Renée,” Betty spoke menacingly, “don’t make me say it again. Take your damn panties off or I’ll rip them off myself. I need to go and you’re holding me up.”

To make matters doubly worse, Renée suddenly realized that not only were her breasts swinging unencumbered at the slightest move but her nipples had also grown erect in the chilly air in the office. It would appear to Ms. Johnson that she was becoming sexually excited at stripping in front of her. Renée realized she had no further options left and she hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her narrow thong and pushed it down to her feet where she stepped out of them.

Renée held them up in front of her vaginal area for a few seconds and then lay them on the top of the rest of her clothing on the woman’s desk. She stood half bent over with one hand held across her ample bosom and the other one attempting to hide her fleshy pussy lips.

“Am I free to go now?” Renée asked, the irony heavily evident in her tone.

“Wait a minute,” Betty directed while quickly standing and stepping around her desk to in front of the crimson colored Renée whose entire body appeared now to be blushing in complete shame.

“Hold your arms down at your sides,” she ordered the teenager who was now feeling totally degraded. When Renée didn’t comply fast enough, the other woman slapped viciously at Renée’s hands until she lowered her arms as directed.

“Yes, I see,” Betty commented bending down taking a close look at Renée’s completely shaven pubic area. “That’s very interesting, Renée. I didn’t know you did that, but they’ll be able to see even more of you after you leave here – haha!”

‘Oh my dear God! What am I going to do? She is completely crazy,’ Renée thought desperately. Suddenly Renée squealed aloud as she unbelievably felt Betty poking around within the folds of her labia.

“Ms. Johnson!” Renée loudly protested. “Now this is way too much!”

“Shut up and spread your legs apart. Since I have this opportunity I need to check you for any inappropriate vaginal discharge or other symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases. You know you young girls can’t be too careful and yet you always think that nothing can happen to you until it’s too late.”

Burning with embarrassment, Renée had given up hope of being any more than Betty’s sexual automaton and spread her legs as wide as they would go.

“That’s good, Renée,” Betty praised. She proceeded with her probing.

Renée winced and stiffened when the older woman thrust a finger up inside of her and moved it around. Noticing that, Betty asked pleasantly, “Did that hurt? Any sign of abnormal pain there?”

Renée could no longer speak she was so completely demoralized and dehumanized by everything that had occurred in the last thirty minutes, so she just silently shook her head.

“Good,” Betty smiled.

Even Renée couldn’t believe it when, on top of everything else, Betty suddenly withdrew her finger and began manipulating the younger woman’s clitoris. “Oooh!” she moaned despite herself.

Ms. Johnson looked up kindly in her face. “Did that hurt, Renée?”

“No, it didn’t,” she gasped as the older woman had continued working her clit.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, yes, I’m fine,” she groaned. Despite feeling completely humiliated, Renée was beginning to feel physically good from Betty’s ministrations.

The older woman removed her finger from the younger woman’s clit and moved in for a even closer look at her vaginal area. “Hmm,” she said. “There is something here, but I think it’s just normal sexual discharge from you being excited, Renée. Well, that’s good, you don’t have any diseases that I can see, and you have normal sexual instincts to boot – haha! Well, shall we be on our way?”

Betty practically had to physically lead the totally stunned stark naked Renée to the door. Opening the door, The older woman stuck her head out and took a good look around.

“Well, the coast looks clear enough,” Betty laughed and then pulled Renée out into the hall with her. Just before closing the door behind her, she made certain to lock her door on the inside. Betty’s office was located at the end of one of the classroom corridors on the second floor of the building.

“I would suggest you hurry, because classes will be out soon,” Ms. Johnson explained causing Renée to shudder once again. “I have an appointment, but I’ll be back in my office shortly. Remember to bring me the money and I’ll give you your bra and panties before you leave. Well, Renée, I guess this is it for a couple of weeks,” Betty said while offering her hand. “No hard feelings then, huh? I’m just doing my job.”

Despite being furious with Betty and herself for caving so easily, Renée took the proffered hand and shook it. She then watched in full horror of the situation as the other woman strode triumphantly down the corridor.

‘Oh my sweet Jesus, what am I to do? You have to help me,’ Renée silently prayed. ‘This goes beyond all belief, I can’t even believe it myself that it came to this. How did I allow this? Why didn’t I just tell her to piss off? The most perverted, hackneyed, insane writer in the world couldn’t come up with something this hideous and crazy,’ Renée realized. ‘Oh well, nothing to do now but try to get to my room without anybody seeing me.’

Beginning to hurry down the hall in the same direction that Betty had recently traveled, Renée realized terror struck that not being seen would be an impossibility. Those two female students who were sometimes standing and talking at the corner of the corridor before class were there.

‘Just my damn luck, I’m just gonna have to make a run for it,’ she realized.

Luckily for her, due to her relatively young age and keeping herself in good shape, Renée was very fleet of foot. She would have to be, she realized, to get out of this. Renée sprinted down the hall up on her toes hoping against hope that the young women wouldn’t notice her until she had passed them on her way to the second floor elevator.

She embarrassedly realized that as she raced along her breasts were heaving in all directions and her shaved pubic area was being displayed quite prominently. Damn that Betty for having taken her underwear too!

Renée was only halfway down the long corridor when the redhaired young woman happened to glance in her direction. ‘Oh no!’ she thought. ‘I’ll just have to run by as quickly as I can.’

“Uh, correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that Renée running towards us stark naked?”

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