The Brew House was seething with costumed customers, flickering pumpkins, and the drone of the Crypt Kicker Five barely audible over the babbling din. Ed refilled his draft and gazed over the myriad of personalities while absently brushing pretzel crumbs from the front of his oversized black shirt with the words "Official Halloween Costume" stenciled across his chest. The crowds all but obscured the piercing glare that had followed him unblinkingly since he entered several hours earlier.

A bar stool opened and Ed slid into it quickly, cradling his brew gingerly. The pale white figure adorned in silky black slid next to him effortlessly and signaled the bartender for a refill on her Bloody Mary. Her musky perfume slowly overwhelmed Ed's senses until he turned to gaze upon the gothic face whose eyes had been locked on him all night.

"Nice threads," Ed observed with his eyebrows raised.

She reached up to his crotch and fondled the bulge she found there gently. Ed closed his legs quickly, stunned by her forward approach.

"Nice equipment," she crooned seductively, never lowering her gaze.

"Works for me," he quipped as he noticed the flawless alabaster leg slid from the smooth folds of her gown.

"Hasn't been used for awhile has it," she queried in a seductive growl.

Ed turned from her slowly and turned his gaze back to the milling crowd, his mind clouded by the brew, and the imposing figure that seemed obsessed with his sexuality. With a dismissing nod he rose swiftly. This was getting too weird even for Halloween, Ed thought to himself. With the door just a few paces away, he set his empty mug on bar and made for the comfort of his apartment. As the door closed noisily behind him he stared into the dark void of a jet black Mercedes with an alabaster leg dangling seductively out of the dark interior onto the wet pavement.

"Leaving alone," the gothic beauty queried?

"How did you get out here so damn fast?"

A sensuous, almost delicate hand with long, blood red nails emerged from the darkness with a come hither gesture.

"Don't be shy; come, share your seed with me."

"I don't think . . ." Ed's voice trailed into and inaudible whisper, as he felt his body being inexplicable drawn towards the darkness of the idling car. His thoughts suddenly became flooded with symphony of erotic images, beautiful breasts, and warm dripping virgin pussies. His groin warmed and surged into fullness, as the door closed behind him and his mysterious host roared and weaved through the traffic onto the interstate. She drove like a possessed banshee into the darkness, beyond where Ed had ever traveled, onto a dark overgrown trail and into the depths of a scraggly wood where a small cabin with a large bed awaited. In a drunken haze, Ed staggered through the threshold and into her dimly lit lair, where he was pummeled by musty odors.

She suddenly appeared before him, disrobing slowly and efficiently, as the throbbing in his loins reached a deafening crescendo. Once fully naked, she turned slowly on her delicate feet, revealing a pristine, glowing beauty that eclipsed the timeless icons of femininity. Her flowing shiny crown of hair trailing to the firm rounding of her bottom only highlighted her smooth, sensuous curves – her flowing neck, firm upright breasts crowned with tiny cherries, gentle curving hips and thighs that supported legs that went on forever. The tiniest fluff of dark curly hair crowned the moist, tight lips guarding her deepest treasure. Her eyes, dark as midnight, glowed with desire as Ed stumbled backwards onto the bed, mesmerized by the goddess before him.

A cynical smile creased her full, blood red lips as she leisurely removed his sweaty attire. As his BVD's slid from his ankles, her passionate kisses covered his fully exposed body, drawing his trembling skin past her sharp teeth that occasionally nipped his oversensitive flesh. Ed moaned and writhed shamelessly as she devoured him, his groin throbbing painfully as his mind fought to gain some semblance of sanity. His mind and body in sensory overload, he trembled uncontrollably, as her skillful administrations quickly brought his seed to a boil. Straddling him eagerly, she guided him into the warm silky tightness of her essence, descending slowly while savoring the firm penetration that only a male member could provide. She brought his trembling hands to her hardened nipples, holding them firmly to the soft globes as the muscles within her slowly and persistently coaxed his seed from within.

With an agonizing groan, he lost his remaining elements of control and erupted deep into the warm silky womb caressing the sensitive crown of his masculinity. His boiling essence flooded her and bathed the head of his cock, stimulating him into a hitherto unknown realm of ecstasy. She groaned contentedly, as he continued to fill her with the delicious essence that would assure her youthful appearance for yet another year. Ed's hips continued to buck spasmodically, as his captor laughed with her successful fulfillment before fading slowly into a shadows on the dimly lit wall. As his chafed cock continued to pump his seed into the still empty air, the cabin gradually disappeared around him until, with a gentle thud, the bed disappeared, and he was left on a bed of decaying leaves with his clothes strewn around him haphazardly.

On a lonely, one lane logging road, Ed was found wandering aimlessly among the tall pines. After a barrage of unanswered questions, and a myriad of mental tests, he was committed to a local institution where the label of "the living dead" seemed to apply uniquely to his particular case despite his perpetual smile. He sits for hours on his neatly prepared bed, while visions of ecstasy swim through his senses and the hope of her reappearance when the leaves fall again keep him at peace with his world.

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