tagGay MaleRenewed Friendship Ch. 01

Renewed Friendship Ch. 01


Twenty five years out of high school, I found myself one day thinking about classmates, and former friends. Sitting by the scenic pond just a few miles from my apartment I did not have a care in the world that afternoon. The letter that came in my mail that morning informing me that my 25th high school reunion was just two months away set me to wondering what became of at least some people who once were buddies.

I had been a jock in high school playing on the hockey team as a forward. At five foot ten with muscular legs I could skate as fast as anyone in the conference.

Since leaving high school I had graduated college, worked first as a bank officer and currently as a certified financial advisor. I had stayed with hockey but have long since traded in my skates for high school coaches job.

The weather was no surprise as I disembarked from the 767 jet at the Seattle airport. It was one of those cold damp and miserable days that was so common in Washington state.

A short but expensive cab ride brought me to the hotel where I would spend the weekend and attend the reunion the following afternoon which was Sunday. Just after I had signed in I saw a woman who I thought should look familiar. She wore her light strawberry blond hair in a medium length style parted high on the right side. She was tall for a girl, perhaps five nine. Our eyes met and then there was recognition.

"Randy Taylor, is that you?"

"Yes it is," I replied. "You're Jill right?"

"Jill Mitchell. My name back then was Connor."

"Jill Connor, cheerleader," I said.

We embraced like two old friends remembering that we had briefly dated. The romance had lasted two months during my junior year after a friendship that had begun during late summer.

While attending college I had stopped denying who I am and had taken a boyfriend for the first time. Ron Haley and I had dated for two years after I had graduated. Things didn't work out between Ron and I but I knew that my future partners would always be men.

"So bring me up to date," I said.

Jill had become a 'soccer mom' with a 16 year old. "David loves playing. He's always out on the field with his ball practicing."

"That's good. What's up here?"

"I'm on the reunion committee. I've been working my ass off to get this whole thing organized."

"No help?"

"I've spent months trying to find everyone but it's not easy."

There were three people who came to mind that I hoped she contacted. They would make the reunion worth while.

Mark Henning seemed as though he should have had a date every weekend. The lean six foot one curly haired blue eyed blond seemed to mix well with the girls. Though not a jock he did play basketball at the end of his parents' drive way. I had tossed a few shots through that hoop and had missed quite a few.

I also had my other friends. These were Matt, and Paul from the hockey team. I usually ran with them when I wasn't chasing girls.

"Is there anything I can help you with?" I said.

"Would you Randy? Thank you so much!"

I had become unofficially a member of the committee. This was an opportunity for Jill and I to talk about old times and current times and help an old friend out of a jam. Jill had become a nurse and was of the opinion that stocks were too risky. She had married a plumber who had a thriving business.

Two o'clock on Sunday afternoon had come and the reunion was finally under way. Class mates came up to the reception desk singly and in pairs. I found myself handing out name tags.

The room was decorated with a commemorative banner. Tables were set up. There was even a band.

Some time after the meal Mark delivered news that caught almost everyone by surprise. "I'm gay," he said to the entire group. "I have been since high school. I never dated any of those girls." For me it was no surprise knowing what I know about gays. My mind played an image of Mark being involved with women's' fashions in some way.

The whispers started. There were those who truly didn't care. Others said, "don't do it in my face." Still others wondered if he had AIDS.

Knowing that he would like support I went to his side. We looked into each other's eyes for a few seconds that passed very slowly. Finally I came out to the crowd.

"I'm gay also and Mark was a great friend during high school."

Jill approached me toward the end of the time. She seemed pleased when she took me aside.

"I've known about Mark since we were Sophomores. We always confided in each other. Thank you for standing by him Randy."

"O no problem," I replied, "besides he's hot."

She giggled and smacked my arm playfully.

"That's so shallow!"

Sometime later that evening I closed the door to room 210 softly behind Mark and myself. The darkened room with it's king size bed provided the perfect romantic setting. I put my arms around him at the waist and he threw his hands around me. As I pulled him towards me our pent up desire exploded with a passionate kiss. As our lips pressed hard together the faint whine of my zipper drove me mad with wonton desire. With a little nudge my pants fell to the floor as did his. He began to kiss his way lightly down my neck then back to my lips. Another long kiss followed then we drew back after a few seconds. Slowly I pulled the T shirt up my torso and over my head. He pulled his off. Mark's extended fingers touched my chest applying gentle pressure circled my nipples then rubbed them. I followed his lead.

He closed his hand around my raging hardon pulling the foreskin. With his other hand he squeezed my buttocks pushing two fingers deep into my ass. After a few long seconds he pressed his throbbing huge cock onto my but crack then deep into my hole. My soft guttural moans grew louder and my pleasure intensified. He pumped hard with a fast rhythm that excited every nerve making my asshole tingle. His pelvis smacked repeatedly against my buttocks driving me to ecstasy.

We awoke in the morning early barely covered by disheveled sheet and blanket. I turned to stare at my partner lying there with his chest heaving up and down and his very large flaccid cock set off against his lean thighs.

He awoke slowly.

"Did you sleep well last night?" I said.

"Best I've slept in a long time," he replied.

With a turn of the shower tap he set the water temperature to luke warm. I stood facing him washing his cock while he lathered his body. Going slowly to my knees I cupped my left hand under his balls and gently touched my lips to the smooth pink head. A second kiss followed then a third. My lips moved slowly and deliberately over his sex taking the full eight and half inches. His meat touched my throat then I drew back slowly. After a couple of minutes his come spewed onto my tongue and dripped off my lips onto my chin.

Ron Haley had been my only long term relationship during a lifetime of one night stands. There had been several of those. I looked into Mark's eyes hoping he would be around for a lifetime.

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