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Renewed Vows


After ten years of marriage, my wife Lisa and I, still have a great relationship and exciting love life. We are so much in love that, this year, we decided to confirm it by renewing our wedding vows on Valentine's Day.

I'm mid forties and fit looking. Lisa is five years younger than me with long dark hair, a slim, well tanned body and a beautiful face. We are considered, by our friends, to be an attractive couple.

Because we married later in life than most of our friends, Lisa and I have both had our share of lovers. Sometimes, to keep things hot in bed, we discuss the details of trysts with others, that we found especially erotic. Becoming comfortable with the thought of having sex with other partners has led us to fantasizing about sex with another couple.

For the ceremony we decided to go to a small church, not far from our cabin in the mountains. We invited family members and a small group of our very close friends. The wedding was happening on Sunday, February 14, 2010. Our guests were to arrive on Saturday and Lisa and I were going up Friday night. Our cabin is three hours away at an elevation slightly above 7000 feet.

This time of year the weather can be very unpredictable in the mountains and on Friday morning they issued a severe winter storm warning for our area. Lisa and I were discouraged but hopeful that the storm would blow through and not destroy our plans. We finally left our home at around 7 p.m.

The first two hours of the trip were fairly uneventful but as we climbed in altitude it was apparent that they weren't kidding about the severity of the storm. When we pulled into our driveway about 10 p.m., the snow was already 6" deep. The wind was blowing hard making it difficult to unload the car. Finally we settled into the warmth and security of our cabin and I poured a well deserved double shot of tequila for both of us. We talked about our upcoming wedding and relaxed in front of the fireplace. It wasn't long before we both drifted off to sleep.

I was the first to wake up on Saturday morning, and after acclimating myself, went to the window to see that there was at least 15" of snow on the ground and it was still snowing. I made coffee and waited for Lisa to wake up so I could fill her in on the conditions outside.

Lisa started to cry when she realized that our wedding had to be postponed. By now I had spoken to our family and friends and we had all decided that it would be best to cancel this weekend. Although Lisa and I were disappointed we decided to make the best of it. After all we were at our cabin, in a resort style community, with a country club bar and restaurant within walking distance.

The snow continued all day Saturday and by 5 p.m. we were getting stir crazy so Lisa and I bundled up and walked to the Bar. We were surprised to find around 30 people of varying ages, all snowbound like us. We sat at the end of the bar and ordered our drinks and some wings. While we were waiting another couple, younger than us, sat on the stools next to ours. She was a cute blonde with a proportionately shaped body and he was the handsome, executive type. They introduced themselves as Ryan and Pam, a married couple from Vegas.

We talked and drank and as usual, the conversation turned to sex. Ryan and Pam had differing views on the frequency of intercourse and asked our opinion. Lisa told them that we had sex at least four times a week and that sometimes she masturbated in between. I could tell that Lisa was feeling the effects of the alcohol by her bluntness. We were all getting a little drunk so I suggested that we continue the party at our cabin. Lisa grabbed Ryan's arm and started out the door. I was a bit surprised but took Pam's hand and followed them to the cabin.

Lisa and Ryan continued to flirt at the cabin and I could tell that she was attracted to him. I decided to let them have their fun and see just how far she would let things go. Pam seemed oblivious to it all and sat next to me on the couch sipping her drink.

Someone suggested the game, Truth or Dare, and the first dare went to Lisa. She was to get someone sexually aroused without using her hands and headed right to Ryan. Both Pam and I were surprised, but curious. Lisa lightly licked Ryan's neck with her tongue, at the same time she ran her leg up and down his. She kissed and nibbled his ear, then whispered something that we couldn't hear; it was obvious by the bulge growing in Ryan's pants that whatever she said was working for him. Lisa had completed her dare.

We had all by now, without saying, seemed to agree that whatever happened from here on out was acceptable. This became more obvious when Pam got the same dare and skillfully used her teeth to unzip my pants, pull my boxers aside and coax my semi-erect cock out for all to see. Pam let the saliva in her mouth drip onto my now, fully erect member and slid her warm mouth over the head. The excitement of her sucking me while Lisa watched was combined with the anxiety caused by the unfamiliarity of the situation. I decided to just let go and enjoy myself and watch Lisa do the same.

Ryan and I both answered our truth questions and Lisa's next dare was to perform an erotic dance for all of us. She danced over to Ryan first and slowly slipped out of her jeans. It was obvious that she was excited, demonstrated by the large wet spot on her panties. She slid her hand down her stomach, under her panties and deep into her pussy; she used her own juices to wet her finger, then placed it in Ryan's mouth. He sucked off her nectar and pleaded for more. Lisa moved away, over to Pam, and offered her the same treat. Pam stood up, with Lisa's finger still in her mouth, pushed her to the couch. She tore off Lisa's panties and pushed two fingers into her soaked pussy and finger fucked her furiously. Lisa arched her back, and as she let out a moan, cum flowed from her pussy to her inner thighs: Lisa shook. Pam dropped to her knee's and put her lips on Lisa's pulsating pussy and sucked the remaining juices into her mouth.

Ryan and I watched in amazement as his wife made mine cum like I'd never seen before. Our cocks were so hard we could explode. Pam was on all fours sucking on Lisa. I looked at Ryan and he knew just what I wanted. He nodded his approval. I positioned myself behind his wife and shoved my aching cock into her. She cried out with pleasure. Lisa looked up and smiled. She was too busy enjoying Pam's tongue to care. Lisa motioned Ryan to bring his large cock to her mouth and she devoured it with a passion. Here we are, the night before, what was supposed to be our wedding, with my cock fucking a strangers pussy while I'm watching the love of my life sucking another man's cock.

Lisa came again with a violent shudder of her body. Pam now concentrated on her own pleasure as Lisa rolled over and demanded that Ryan put that beautiful cock of his inside her drenched pussy. Ryan gently pushed his thick shaft in all the way. Lisa was delirious with desire as Ryan fucked her with rapid determination. I watched Ryan's cock thrusting in and out of Lisa's sweet pussy. I know this seems strange, but she never looked more beautiful to me than she did at that moment, being so filled with cock. I was proud to share her with Ryan, so he too, could enjoy what I had, for so long.

I was so mesmerized with Lisa that I almost forgot that my own cock was immersed in Pam. At that moment we started a succession of orgasm's. First Ryan fired his cum deep into Lisa. He pulled out his cock and shot the rest on her ass, Lisa sighed, as she dropped to the couch in sheer exhaustion, cum running off her sides. Pam's muscles tightened around my cock as she spasmed with her orgasm forcing me to pull out and cum all over her back and butt.

Ryan and Pam left soon afterwards; we never saw them again. Lisa snuggled with me and we exchanged our vows of love. We glanced at the clock; 12:01 a.m. Officially: Valentine's Day.

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