tagAnalRenewing the Neighbor's Deal

Renewing the Neighbor's Deal


Christina entered the room like she always did; large eyes with her head tilted down to emphasize the fake innocent look atop her young lithe body. She swayed as she walked in with hips exaggerated to the sides. It was something new. She moved with purpose and seductive intent. With her tight yoga pants it was easy to see her curves shouting sexuality.

"JOSH!" She screamed after two steps, tossing her bag to the ground and throwing her legs around my waist.

We spun in laughing glee having gone almost a month without each other.

"Christina! I've missed you!" I said into her neck then breathed her scent as we kissed.

She moved her hips against my abs and tightened her thighs about my waist, humping her pussy against my belt.

"Ugh!" she exhaled throwing her head back to let me kiss her neck and collar bones. "I've missed how strong you are. You have no idea how fucking sexy you are."

"I should be saying that about you," I said setting her down and fondly touching her cheek with my wide hand. Christina put her hands on my shoulders like she had something serious to say, but instead sighed feeling my stiff muscles. "My god you're more beautiful than I remembered." I said.

"And you're stiffer." She laughed indicating both my well used arms and the tent I was pushing up with my erect dick. "You have been working out a lot to keep yourself occupied. I can tell."

"I have... I needed something to distract me from not cumming inside you every day."

Christina dropped to her knees.

"Show me," she said tugging at my pants with her face inches from my begging dick. I was so hard I felt soft around the edges, like any touch would send me shivering into orgasm. "I've been dreaming of taking your cock again."

I fumbled with the belt and zipper and between Christina's narrow fingers helping it took longer than I wanted. She laughed a high pithed chime of beauty that stung me with how young and wonderful she was.

"Finally," I sighed flopping my thick meat over the top of my boxers. Christina didn't wait to push them down to my thighs but leapt off her heels and opened her mouth. "Fuuuck."

She moaned slobbering over my thickness and straining with eyes clenched shut and jaw stretching.

"Mmmmaaaa, I'd forgotten how fucking fat your dick is. I can barely get my mouth all the way around it. My jaw got weak."

"You're doing great," I said stroking her hair and skull with my big hand. It looked huge against her delicate head. "So fucking good."

"Mmmpppffff," Christina rumbled something against my dick with her tongue against struggling to stuff my girth into her face. Her eyes pinched shut wincing at her efforts then wide while she tilted her head back to stare up at my face. "Unnnnggghhhh?" She moaned again. It sounded like a question.

I couldn't help but smile at her enthusiasm.

"Perfect," I said, letting my thumb slide down her temple then chin. "Ohhh my fucking god that is sexy."

"Mmmmmfff," Christina sounded. It was like a noise of gleeful satisfaction and her motion spoke to it.

She moved her face face, hard, rough, and took my deep. When she got my swollen tip against the back of her throat Christina held it there a moment before coughing, spitting on the floor or my shaft, then taking a deep hefty breath and attempting again. She was insatiable; exactly like I trained her to be after the long summer where I'd fucked her or been blown every day.

This was life. This was what it should be on the regular. I wanted this tight sexy teenage slut dropping to her knees and straining to ram my thick cock down her throat for my express pleasure. I wanted this every damn day.

Christina's tongue found my spot and pressed with warm tightness, suctioning to my tip, shoving against my bundle of sensitive nerves. The glint in her eyes even as her head bobbed back and forth spoke how she knew and expected what was about to happen.

I smashed her scalp between my hands like oversized vices to crush her head still. She let me take over and with a few muscle flexing pumps guiding her face along my manhood I felt my cum about to erupt.

"Fuck! I'm going to cum in your pretty little mouth!" I rammed deep then pulled back. Christina made slurping gurgling noises around my cock. "Can I cum inside?"

She nodded, the barest shake of her head but it was enough to rip me over the top.

"AHHHH! FUUUUCKKK!" I shouted squirting the first thick drops against her epiglottis keeping her skull pinned. Most of my dick was lost inside her mouth. Not all of it. She'd lost some of her comfort with my big cock in her throat. "Unnnghh! Yes! Swallow all of it!"

Christina started moving, her hands pressing against my thighs and her tongue spasming. I let go, and while she didn't pop off in the middle of my orgasm she shifted and began swallowing the pooling jizz that I blasted into her warmth. I stood letting her work my cock with her tongue and lips, letting her make sure all my cum was eaten up, and that the only thing left on my tip was a glistening rope of her saliva. She even kissed that off.

"Damn, you were thirsty." I said.

"Fucking hell, Mr. Jennings," Christina said wiping her lips dry with the back of her delicate small hands. "I forgot just how fucking big your cock is." She smiled from her knees. "I missed it."

"Come here. I'm not anywhere done with you."

She squealed in delight as I lifted her up with a yank on her thin arm.

"I hope not!" she laughed and let me push her into the hotel room.

It was a suite, so it had multiple areas. We'd been in the doorway, and now I pushed her past the lounge with a TV, a couch, and a small cooking area with a kitchenette.

"Holy shit, this is big. I didn't know they had suites here on campus."

"We haven't traveled yet," I said then realized something. "We haven't traveled at all yet. Fuck. We've never been anywhere outside my house before."

"I know." She said. "I like this."

"It's okay. I don't think it matters where we go as long as you're there with your mouth open and your pussy ready."

"For your dick? Always."

"Get in there!" I pushed her back towards the bed and she took a few running steps and swan dove into it. Her ass looked so good in her black yoga pants and the hint of skin she showing where her shirt rode up her back made me gasp with need. I felt my cock swelling in excitement again.

"Mmmm, a big bed. Is it a king?"

"Of course," I said smiling at her and undressing slow. I watched her roll around on the bed, twisting her legs and showing off her curving rear end.

Christina was skinny. Not from excessively working out, but more from not eating a lot and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I'd learned she favored Jamba Juices and especially eating kale and spinach. I doubted whatever she ate wasn't enough to satisfy my muscle's needs, but it might be fun to take her out to a nice place after I got to see her pussy spit by my dick.

She smiled noticing how I was removing my clothes and with a confident slow tug began rolling her yoga pants down. Each roll brought the fabric lower, lower over her hip bones that rose above her skin like two neighboring mountain peaks. Her pants were like a rope bridge spanning the distance and raised a good inch above her belly skin.

It was so fucking hot.

Her stomach trembled with her breath and I wanted to kiss her belly button then follow the smooth taut skin to her presumably shaved pussy. She'd been bald between her legs when she left.

Christina wasn't wearing any panties, and the lower she rolled her pants the more obvious it became she maintained her grooming. She stopped just before she revealed her clit, but her mound and legs shouted her near nudity.

"Holy fucking shit that's hot." I said. "Where did you learn that?"

"I'm in a sorority now. Did you think it was all songs and putting on nice dresses?"

"I didn't know they taught you to seduce a man."

"That's basically all it is, silly." She said and rolled to her tummy where most of her narrow ass spilled over the yoga fabric. "I'm still hungry. Are you?" She said twisting her face to look over her shoulder before dropping her pants well past her thighs giving me a clear view of pussy and pink asshole.

"You.. You bleached your asshole." I said. "Fucking hell..."

"I did. For you. Last week. I was hoping you'd come down early."


"Do you like what you see Mr. Jennings?" Christina said with a press of her eyebrows up like she was worried I'd say "no." As if anyone watching her push her tight little ass and sweet pussy in the air would be disappointed by the display.

"Fucking beautiful," I said stepping out of my boxers totally naked. I began stalking on all fours over her legs. "I'm going to strip you naked, eat your pussy until you cum, then cram my thick mature cock into your tight little pussy until you cum again."

"Oooh, my god. That gave me shivers," she said beginning to tug her top to her ribs. "Yes. I want that so bad."

My hands went to her hips and I yanked the black yoga pants to her knees. Christina squealed in delight and mock fear and helped me remove her pants by wiggling her hips and flexing her toes so I could slip them off without issue.

I kissed her thin legs, her soft skin, and then her warm thighs. Goosebumps rose, and I found her bald pussy glistening with expectant need. On my first kiss a slight tang met my tongue, but it faded to honey as I slathered her clit with my hot mouth, with my puckered lips, and with my rapid tongue twitching to the grinding beat she set.

Long minutes later I slipped two fingers up her snatch.

"Mmmmm, ahhh, yes! Like that!"

I found her G-spot immediately and between her twitching hips that moved fast and deep against my face and fingers and my consistent attentions Christina's first orgasm came quick.

"Ahhh! Yes! Ahhh! Oh my god! Hmmmm, mmmaaaaahhhh, Mmmfffff, yes! Yes! Yessss!" she screamed arching her belly to the sky and pinching her nipples under her shirt. She hadn't had time to remove it. I held my fingers inside her pussy and pushed while she rode my face and hand. "Oh my fucking... damn! Mr. Jennings you make me cum so fucking hard so fast." She said breathing hard.

"I love eating your pussy," I said pulling my face away but leaving my fingers inside to soak. "And love being inside you." I pushed my fingertip for emphasis to which Christina jumped.

"Ahh!" She wiggled her hips off my fingers. "I'm so sensitive." She laughed her delicate sexy laugh of pure joy and relaxation.

"Let me touch you," I said sliding my dry hand up her waist and to her breasts. She was wearing one of those built in bra tanks with an extra tight inside instead of a bra. Her tits were so young and perky. I loved groping them, and after wiping my fingers on the blanket started pinching both nipples at the same time. "Ahhhh, I've missed having handfuls of your nice young titties."

"Take them off," Christina said requesting I help remove her tops. They came off quick. "Uhh! I'm so sensitive."

My lips found her nipples and I suckled, then explored the rest of her soft skin tight against her bones from being thin. Her breasts were amazing; not too big, or small, but sizable enough to get a handful of and small enough to perk like gravity defying youth. My cock wedged wet with her saliva between her legs and dragged on her shaved cunt. I wondered if that was what kissing a man who needed to shave felt like.

"I can't wait to fuck you." I said kissing her neck, then her collar bones. They were so delicate and small, so thin and like a super model. "I can't wait to stuff your tight little snatch with my thick mature dick."

"Mmmm, yes. Please," she took a trembling breath full of lusting excitement, "fill me up with your cock, Mr. Jennings," Christina cooed into my ear tugging on my hair to kiss her harder, to pull me in closer. She spread her legs. "I'm ready for you."

It was the invitation I wanted, and like a bulldozer rammed my thick tip against her tiny wet slit.

"Ugh! Oh my god!" Christina gasped, clutching at my neck.

I growled, and shoved, dragging her outer folds inside her snatch. She was too small for my cock, and I crushed my way through.

"You're so fucking big!" she said loud in my ear, heaving breath and licking my earlobe. "So fucking huge!"

Her natural wetness took over once I worked my way in and out a few times and in moments her pretty little pussy was hugging my girth like only a tight young teen could. Every inch of my dick was enveloped in her pressure.

I was overwhelmed. I was engulfed. I was hers.

My eyes closed on their own, bracing my senses to limit the electric intensity of all that was going on. Her skin was so soft and smooth against my belly. Her arms were strong and thin laced around my neck and framing her chest to make her boobs seem more full and upright against gravity. Her mouth was like a fragile pucker full of sensuality and encouraging words. Her pussy was like the perfect sensual home I craved at night when I was alone and masturbating. Her pussy was the smooth, tight, crushing from all sides yet soft excellence that other women lacked in some fashion. There was nothing like being hugged from all sides by her hungry sweetness. Nothing.

"Unghohmygod," I said in a rush expelling the breath I'd held against cumming seconds after entering her. "I love fucking your tight little pussy."

"Fuck me Mr. Jennings! Fuck me! I want is so bad."

"Tell me how it feels being crammed full of my dick. Tell me Christina. Tell me how much you've missed my cock."

Christina's tits jiggled to each thrust. Her breath pushed with each ram of my hips into her waist.

"I dreamed, about it, every night when, I was alone, touching myself, thinking, thinking, UGH! Oh my god! Yes! Thinking about how sexy your dick was, how bad I wanted it inside MEEE! How, AH! Ungh, how I wanted your cum inside me, how I miss you, being, being, inside my ass!"

Throughout I quickened my fucking, growing intense, needful, rough.

"I'm cumming!" Christina yelled after minutes of sustained pounding coupled with grinding pressure on her clit with my abs. "Fuuuuck!"

When she relaxed against the mattress and between my supportive arms I slowed to a hovering soak.

"Watching you cum is one of the best things in the world," I said and felt proud about how I'd just made a sexy hot teen college freshman cum from my cock.

"Mmmmm," Christina said stretching like she'd just woken up and twisting her back and head sideways. "I love cumming from your beautiful dick, Josh."

"Good. My turn?" I said, giving her nipple a lick.

"Of course. How do you want it?"

"I want to cum in your ass."

Christina trembled out a giggle, and twisted complete to present her rear while remaining flat on the bed.

"Fuck your ass is so sexy."

"You don't think its too small, too dainty?"

"Are you kidding. I know women that would literally kill someone to have a tight little ass like you. They spend hours in the gym trying to burn their fat away."

"Mmm, thanks." Christina reached both hands behind her back and pulled her ass cheeks apart. "Fuck my ass, Mr. Jennings. I'm ready for your big dick."

My jaw dropped.

Not two months ago she was screaming at me for constantly using her butthole for my pleasure, for demanding her obedience and angry for using her like a toy. Now she was spreading her bleached asshole open for me and entreating me to stuff my prick inside her tightest hole.

"Absolutely," I growled, and worked my tip into her pink starfish. "Nnngghhh."

"Unnnnn! Mmmnnnnaaaahhhhhh," Christina moaned, "I'm not used to something this big!" She struggled to keep her hands on her ass cheeks wiggling her shoulders and twisting her head side to side in an effort to be comfortable against my splitting shaft. "Ahhh! My dildos are too small!"

Thinking about Christina using a toy in her ass to simulate what it felt like to be fucked by my cock at night stiffened my rod. With what felt like a pop my tip burst through her unfamiliar sphincter and exploded inside her hot butt. The smooth band of muscle quivered and hugged my shaft like a welcome embrace and I sighed losing my breath into her shoulders.

"Fuuuuuckk, that feels so damn good," I said rising over her like a looming titan. My arms stained with exertion. "Your ass is so fucking amazing."

"UGH! UH! Ahh! Its, so big!"

I moved, slow, riding my tip on her sphincter, on her tightness lubed with her pussy and lingering saliva.


I grunted with effort picking up speed and soon lost myself to plowing her behind.

"YES!" I shouted with my loudest bellow, "FUCK!"

My cock squeezed, my balls untangling in a rush of pleasure and release slamming cum and orgasm into her rear end.

"You're splashing my insides with cum!"

"Ohhh yes! So fucking good cumming inside your tiny little teenage asshole! FUCKING AMAZING!" I bellowed flexing my strong workout muscles and clamping onto her hips with my wide fingers. Her ass looked so small between my clutches and my monster rod slamming in.

When I was finished blasting I collapsed on her back going flaccid inside her rear end and kissing her sweat slick neck. We tangled in naked wet crotch limbs with words of affection, with kisses, and hugs.

"That is a college visit I can get used to," Christina said. "How long can you stay?"

I thought for a bit before responding.

"Well, I really don't have to go back, but I was thinking until Monday."

"What do you mean?" Christina said, interested. I couldn't tell if it was because she was happy or uneasy.

"I don't really have to be anywhere. I make my money online."

"What about your flowers? Don't they make you all your money, and the trading?"

"The flowers are extra, like living expenses. I have more than enough. I could stop working today and be fine, but that is boring."

"How rich are you?"

"Enough." I said dismissing her question. The last thing I needed was Christina thinking about my cash and not how to please me.

Although I had no illusions about just what our relationship was. I was her Sugar Daddy, and she was my Sugar Baby.

"I brought you a present. A 'thank you,' for being so available."

"Really? What did you bring me?" Christina said, sitting up in the bed uncaring about her nudity. Her tanned skin looked like a golden goddess surrounded by white sheets and her blond hair.

I handed her the small box I had the jewelers put together that I'd retrieved from the suite's anteroom.

"What is it?" she said pulling the bow off and opening the box. "Oh my god, Josh! They're, they're beautiful."

She held up two golden earrings with a large diamond in each along with the golden chain necklace that was tiny yet held a discrete diamond on the pendant. They were perfect for her frame and face. I'd told the jewelers exactly what she looked like and they'd provided the best accompaniment pieces.

"How did you know?"

"I guessed. Do you like them?"

"Like them..." she said putting the earrings in without a pause. "I love them!" She threw her naked body around my neck. "Thank you!"

"Thank you, little Sugar Baby."

We laughed good humored and joyful.

"I'm going to have to call you "daddy," next time you're inside me."

"Tomorrow?" I said.

"Of course." She paused, looking away. "I, uh, can't stay the night though. I have to study for this huge class."

"I understand. Date tomorrow or do you want to come here?"

"I have an exchange tomorrow night. How about noon? We can walk around campus and I can show you where I do my trading."

"You're still investing?" I said with some surprise.

"Of course. I'm not going to waste the training you gave me. I can't count on these necklaces to carry me forever."

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