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Rent Boy Heaven


I asked Ken if he really felt comfortable about the rent boy idea, stating that is was certainly solution for journalists like us who just don't seem to have the time for committed relationship, and it serves a very essential purpose, having come to the stage where my frustration keeps me from sleeping, like a quick masturbation does the trick for a while but it does not give anywhere near the same satisfaction as having the real thing.

My mate Ken, who like me is a journalist, excepting we work for different news outlets - are great mates, but that's as far as it goes, or rather as far as ii went - we are both bi- sexual but I could not think of him in that way, perhaps the main reason being that we both take the male part - but it came to pass that we could do something for each other - anyway, having rented Ivan several times, I found him to be just the solution to my frustration, when I was back in the UK and had a few hours to spare.

"You've no need to worry about Ivan, he is the most prudent guy, pay him well for good quality sex and he will reward you, and us with a really memorable evening, so what do you say, Ken?"

"What does he look like, have you got a picture of him?" Ken asked so I pulled a couple out of my wallet to show him, one facial and the other, well need I say?, he has a magnificent and well fuckable butt, and I should know, I have been there several times.

Ken took a gander and I could tell immediately he liked what he saw.

"Okay Huh? " I asked

"Blonde with blue eyes and a torso like that, how could I refuse, Pete, and you've been there and done that?" he laughed and I could see he was interested, was that a bulge I detected in his trousers or was it not! Especially when I told him about some of the services my favourite rent boy provides.

"And that is just a one to one, just think of how it will be with two to one," I said - I can tell you Ivan is well worth his services, he is a real heavenly fuck and has an ass to die for. Guys like us do need that comfort to ease our frustrations for what comes naturally, just the quick wank isn't enough, the real thing, flesh and blood is always better, and Ivan is all that and more, I yearn for the sniff of him as I enjoy him sitting on my face, and the taste of that gorgeous brown hole smothering my mouth as I give his cock and balls a good seeing to, he loves that and will do anything, just ask and he will obey, and he does it will so much zest." .

"Well I'm game as long as I get a fair whack, Pete" Ken said and, yes he was handling himself now and I told him to go into the bathroom and do something about it., giving him a more sexy picture of young Ivan whom, I told him. was just sweet eighteen with a gorgeous ripe ass, in fact he had all the qualities imaginable when it came to a real nice sexual encounter, and telling him that we shall go halves with the £100 fee for the evening and it will be real good money spent on the most delightful evening ever.

I chuckled as Ken almost ran to the bathroom, cock in one hand and the picture in the other, it was so good to think he was in with me on a great new adventure, sharing a rent boy like Ivan and already my mind was running away with lecherous imaginings which I planned to make into reality that evening, because we both had to make for Iran in the morning. With that sort of pressure luring it was so good just to let yourself go and fuck the ass off someone like Ivan.

Great; I phoned Ivan said he was free and would be around just after six o'clock

"Fine , Ivan, and wear those very complimentary briefs and tight jeans huh?"

"The ones you like me in, Pete?"

"Yes the red and black tie-ons, the ones that separate those gorgeous cheeks to reveal that magic fuck hole of yours."

"Yes I know how you like it baby, with a suggestive wink huh?" That's how it was with me and Ivan, we said what we thought.

He had this way of presenting himself, spanned on the settee or sometimes on the thick pile carpet which I bought just for his visits, because having him like that in front of a ravaging hot log fire is out of this world and he fucks like a cow receiving its bullock - revealing his gorgeous hind with that winking aperture in the centre. Mmm! Man - Sweet fuckable Ivan really has the Wow factor!"

I put Ken in the picture when he returned from the bathroom and by the time I had finished talking about the talents of our Ivan he was ready to go again, me saying hey! Save some for tonight, Ivan won't be pleased if you cant give him a length of your speciality, and from what I have seen - that bulge is very substantial and will please Ivan a great deal.

Ken smiled, "I love the way you talk - I hope I like him, it will be wonderful."

"Can't see why not, Ken, Ivan is a very approachable guy and has a wonderfully seductive disposition, he'll give that cock of yours some very sumptuous treatment I can assure you and the first time you fuck him you will want him over and over."

"Does he do oral, Pete" Ken asked looking very raunchy.

"He sucks cock like there is no tomorrow, deep and very much with feeling, he'll give you heaven when he tongues that Jap-Eye and you will be sent to another world, imagine me fucking him as he, on all fours, sucks you to the hilt. I'm looking forward to the new experience I really am, it is so exciting and thrilling just the thought of it. He has sucked me good several times and made me cum in his mouth and all over but to feel his suck as he is actually receiving that cock of yours up him will be a real experience I cant wait to feel."

With that Ken had to excuse himself as once again he had a trouser full of hard cock which had to be dealt with there and then.

"I'll see to it if you want" I said - I was just in the mood, and although we had never shared anything together like that, well we were going to share Ivan later so what the hell, It didn't take long for Ken to accept and there I was, his trousers dropped down to his knees, he standing there, cock to attention, waiting to be seen to like I was a servant or something. I would never before thought to have Ken that way but it was the effect of what we had been talking about, and the thought of our forthcoming evening with Ivan that turned us both on into a frenzy - so there we were, extravagantly wanking each other off, I realised then the splendour of ken' beautiful ripe and gorgeously flexible stiffness, and, what do you know, there I was in a flash, on my knees and enjoying a dose of his ripeness inside my mouth, it felt good and wonderful, this was going to be something that we would all enjoy sharing -and quite unwittingly, it had brought out something between me and Ken that we would never have dreamed of before, then, with his cock wedged firmly in my busy mouth and my tongue wrapped around it - I was in my element, it tasted good, it felt good, when he came with a gush I felt the spurt of his hot spunk over my face and it seemed he was never going to stop spurting, again and again as I finished him off with a real stiff and hard jerking wank to really rev him up for the evening ahead, and what do you know?, like the good trooper he was he did the same for me, and it was an absolute pleasure just to stand there and enjoy his raptures, looking down and seeing him work my cock like there was no tomorrow - soon I felt my groin tense up and then the gorgeous release as I felt the splurge spurt strongly from my groin, and there Ken was, his right palm full of my deliverance and it was good, we upped our trousers and opted for a good shower in readiness for the beautiful evening ahead..


Just as soon as Ivan had arrived Ken looked dumbfounded. Ivan's manner, his gorgeous smile and his lovely outgoing personality certainly complimented his whole stance.

He was just the same with the both of us as he always was with me, that wonderful warm, hug when meeting again and then, after my introducing him to Ken he hugged him too and straight away we all felt completely at ease with each other. In fact I went out into the kitchen to make a drink for us and by the time I returned ken was already snuggled up to Ivan like he'd known him a lifetime and I could see it was going to be a wonderful; evening ahead. We enjoyed our drinks as we talked about ourselves and then Ivan raised himself from the sofa and gave us a wonderfully moving swirl, he knew how to entice out sexual appetites just by the way he moved in suggestive undertones and body language. Already Ken's eyes looked as though they were going to pop our as Ivan turned bent over seductively and showed us the real splendour of that so gorgeous and wonderful just perfect hind.

I couldn't resist a slap or two, it was what Ivan would have expected of me and a good old fashioned spanking was always on the menu, a wonderful preparatory foreplay which he and I adored and he was soon bent over my lap, ass raised in those tight jeans, waiting for the swish of my hand - and it was a delight. In between spanking I paused to nudge those wonderful firm tight cheeks and he wasn't slow to respond, removing his jeans, wiggling out of them in the most delightful way and soon we were treated to the splendour of this young guy in all his glory and those tight red briefs did everything for him, the way they were pulled up tight to separate that gorgeous ass in the most delightful and encouraging way.

He prompted me to sniff him there behind, turning away from me, bending slightly and opening his legs so I could get a real nose full. I pushed my face between those e separated cheeks and already was enjoying the most intimate of oral delights, licking and sucking him through his red silk [briefs which was such a real delight and already I was away and into the joys of sexual splendour teasing his cheeks even wider apart with my fingertips as he bent forward more to let me have an ample handful of cock and balls as I continued to enjoy that wonderful ass.

But now I had to remember there were two of us to share Ivan, and has gasping for a breath was a good time to back off and prompt Ken to take over. There was no problem there, he was away without hesitation and there he was, like he had been doing it all along, sniffing and tasting Ivan's ripe ass and really letting himself go.

It was wonderful how we all just instinctively enjoyed each other had to toe, sitting, sucking, wanking and rimming and for me there was nothing like being smothered by Ivan, he crouching over me and lowr8ing himself onto my face and there I was enjoying the so soothing feeling of ass, cock and balls, licking and tasting that certain flavour of sex that no other sensation can surpass, and Ken enjoyed it too, and as we both took it in turns like all we were doping with Ivan and to feel his deep cock sucking as we did that made it all the more special and wonderful and I could see Ken was having a great time, being hard to pull him away when it came to my turn.

Then, Ivan bent over on all fours, he presented that ass so beautifully for the Waterloo of our evening, the feel of his fuck deep up inside that brown deliverance, Ivan giving us the treat of letting it wink at us. Ken and I looked at each other, we were full with stiff erections and I was beating like a drum, "You have first poke" said ken holding and squeezing his cock for all he was worth but then moving so he was in position for Ivan's suck as I started to feel the ecstasy of that ripe asshole with my know, teasing his hole with my Jap-eye and feeling the utter splendour of that, gradually teasing my cock into it and feeling him saw side to side to help me plunge the whole of my length deeply into him, already he was sucking ken's cock like a trooper and it was sheer heaven to share him this way, after a wonderful climax we changed positions and Ken had his poke, with a cock bigger than mine which made Ivan yelp, but all the same he was soon into it, enjoying ken's fuck as much as we all wore, my cock lodged deep into his throat as he sucked the rest of my cream like there was no tomorrow.

For the next half hour we fucked Ivan in all the favourite positions , he laying on his back, legs high and wide stretched back with a nice deep filling of hot ripe cock making squeaking sounds inside his hole, he loved so much, and the sound of balls bouncing against his as, in turn we both had our fill to complete a really wonderful evening thanks to Ivan.

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