Rent Comes Due Ch. 02


"You're going to need a few days to mend up from these bruises. We'll get Angelica here after that."

I walk out.


There was no suspense about it. After a few days I tell you to invite Angelica over, you take your phone out of the pocket of your short shorts, send a text, and get one back.

"She'll be over tonight... It's like whistling for a dog and watching it come running, isn't it," you say impassively.

"Just like that. I'd admit I expected to dicker over the date, and then I was going to be all macho and demand it was tonight or not at all."

"Yes. She knew that. So she's giving in without the fight. She knows she would lose that fight. Do you understand girls enough to know that's she's signaling defeat? She's admitting you got to her?"

"Your translation is helpful. Good. Now get pretty."


My hand goes into your hair. I don't do anything but grip it, but your eyes go to the floor immediately. "Because I want you pretty for her."

"Not for you?"

"I'll fuck you whether you're cleaned up or not. But I figure she's at least a little into girls, so I want you to look appealing for her."

"And if she's not into girls?"

"Then let her think I demand you be a pretty fuck. Let her believe you're obedient and submissive and have to please me."

"I think that's supposed to be three ways of saying the same thing."

"Are they?"

"No." You raise your eyes to mine, slowly. "I'm not submissive. I'm obedient and I have to please you, but I hate you much more than a little."

I smack you across the face, immediately. It's not that you're lying; it's just the eye contact was deliberately challenging and provocative. You choke back a whimper, and your hips start that tiny shifting and swaying that tells me you want to be used.

"I don't really want you marked up before she gets here. It will scare her off. So get your ass in the shower and do your girl stuff. You know what I like."

Your phone buzzes, and you tap it. "She's asking about clothing."

"Am I right that the sluttier you dress, the sluttier she has to dress?"

"Yes, that's a thing. No one is looking for the fashion high ground tonight." You're deliberately not touching the pink mark on your cheek. I smile at that.

"Then I'll expect to see two slutty, hot-for-it tramps here. I don't like heavy makeup, so don't play cheap whore. Get out of here."


I have things to do outside - supervising gleaning, oiling machinery and draining tanks, then mucking out the animals. It's a good time of year - cooler, and the work is satisfying and not too demanding. By the time I look out of the barn door, darkness has settled except for the dim, dark blue band at the horizon. Angelica will be here by now. And I'm hungry.

I stomp into the kitchen; there's food set out for me. I sit down to it - and do a doubletake. There's a wicker basket on the table, and the food is laid out but covered in plastic wrap. And none of it is how you cook. There's a hamsteak, and I can smell the maple glaze; chunk potatoes and mashed buttersquash... local cooking, right down to the jello dessert. The hell?

I root in the basket. Napkins, and a note.

Happy harvest. -CA

I stare at it, a little stunned. Miss Ames.

She'd been in here. She'd probably seen you and maybe Angelica. Given how you're probably dressed... yeah. There was an interesting conversation ahead.

But right now there's hamsteak to eat, and I can hear quiet voices upstairs. I catch myself straining to make sure I don't hear Miss Ames voice among them... which I know is not too likely in these circumstances. After a minute I decide there's only two voices up there, and I polish off as much of the food as I think it's smart to eat before enjoying playmates. The rest goes in the fridge.

I reach for the phone, and stop. A thank you is in order, but... I honestly don't know what I'm going to say to Miss Ames when the issue of my house guests comes up. And it's not polite to make my guests wait any longer. The phone call is going to have to wait until tomorrow.

I hit the shower. A little soaping up and I'm already erect. Toweling off makes it worse, and I opt for clean jeans and a shirt - and nothing else - before walking in on you. As I dress, the whisperings in the next room become urgent.

I walk in. You're both sitting on the bed, and Angelica is a light pink from head to toe.

I look over Angelica, slowly, and smile. "I've heard of this affirmative consent thing. I guess you'd say I'm not a fan. It would involve you having to talk when I might have other uses for your mouth. So we're just going to simplify things. By being in my house, you give complete and total consent for whatever I have in mind, up front. None of this step by step stuff. If there's any disagreement, leave now and don't come back."

You just smile. She shifts nervously, but stays seated.

"Good girl. Stand up."

You're wearing matching jeans short shorts; you opted for nothing on top and Angelica went for a short sheer top and no bra. High heels on both of you. You both leap to your feet; Angelica staggers a little. Not used to high heels, I guess. A second later you're both in identical poses, but it doesn't look rehearsed. In her fear, Angelica is unconsciously mimicking you. Safety in numbers, even if the numbers are two.

First thing to do is to break up even that tiny sense of safety. She's not here to be comfortable.

I plant myself directly in front of Angelica. Her eyes are to the floor. I smile again, slowly.

"You've learned something since your last visit." I place a knuckle against her bare midriff, and move it slowly over her skin. Her belly tightens immediately, making her breasts look fuller. Out of the corner of my eye I can see you staring, avidly.

"You spent a couple of days sore. Every time you walked, or sat down, you felt it. It did things to your imagination, and you ended up masturbating, a lot. You were shocked by what you imagined."

My knuckle drifts under the shirt now, skirting the base of her breasts. Her breathing is quick and shallow. I extend a finger, slowly, sliding it across the curve.

She shifts, starting to turn to press her breast against the finger, but instantly freezes. I chuckle, softly. Her eyes close tight, and the blush deepens.

"You've decided it's simpler to just do as you're told, and not think too much. That's exactly right. Good girl. You're here to please me. You will obey everything I say."

Her whimper is faint but unmistakable. I bring my hand to the side of her breast, and slide my thumb up, stopping just before her nipple. Over and over.

"Won't you."

She whimpers again, shivering.


"Yes," she whispers.

Good girl. Time to reward her. I bring my thumb across her nipple, slowly and lightly. She licks her lips, as her nipple hardens. My other hand settles on her hip, and slides upward, along her side. Now she has two thumbs stroking her nipples.

"You're a slut," I tell her. "Complete and total. Out there you can be what you want; I don't give a fuck. In my house your pussy is wet and wants cock, all the time. Your body needs to be handled, no matter how shameful you find it. You already need to please me, the ass whipping taught you about that. Now you'll learn just how much you'll do to be pleasing."

I twist her nipples, firmly and suddenly. She gasps, shaking now. I can hear your breathing as well, almost as fast as hers. I chuckle softly again, and bring her shirt up over her head in front, and then behind her head. It pulls her arms back, and in a few seconds the cloth is knotted around her wrists.

It's so easy, I muse. Girls, at least at this age, can be told what to be, and they become it. It's not more complicated than that.

I reach for her snap and pull the shorts open, then pull the zipper down. No panties. Good little slut. My finger traces the open V, stopping not far above her clit. She's awash in fear, embarrassment and desire. She has no idea how to hide any of it.

I step back from her and pull you over my knee, roughly and without warning. My hand comes down on your ass with a thwack. You aren't going to whimper, not yet, but Angelica stares at what's happening and shakes with the sound of each blow.

Thwack... thwack...

"What did... what did she do?" She stammers suddenly.

"Nothing. I just like whacking her cute little ass. She's a toy, Angelica. Just like you."

Thwack. I reach under and yank your shorts open, then haul them down your legs. Your skin is already light pink, and I add a sizable red handprint to it.

"Masturbate to it, Angelica. Touch yourself to her spanking."

"I- no. No, that's bad. That's-"

"Yes. Bad. You're here to get addicted to bad things."


"Angelica..." you murmur. "Do as he says. Do exactly as he says."

I slide my finger into you, but I'm staring at Angelica. "I'm waiting."

Her hand creeps down, slowly, and slides into the open shorts, as her eyes flutter closed. Her hand suddenly draws back, but I clear my throat. The hand rushes back into her shorts, and begins to rub.

"Open your eyes."

"Please no!"


I whip my hand out of you and bring it down on your ass, over and over. You're squirming and shaking, and start a soft moaning. The sound of the slaps gets to her, and her eyes open, slowly and unwillingly. Then she stares, rubbing.

Finally, she whimpers.

I pull you over to the couch and have you crouch over it, ass out. The cane comes out. Angelica whimpers again, differently.

I whack you across the ass with it, and you cry out.

"Please don't make me watch," Angelica says, frantically. "Please. Too much. It's too much." But her hand is moving faster.

I whack again. Her hand comes out of her pants, so I stand up and get behind her.

"Stare at her ass and touch yourself like I told you to."

I wrap one arm around her and grip her breast, letting a rough thumb grind over the nipple. The other hand goes down her side and hip, and jerks down the shorts. No panties, of course. My fingertip finds her slit and starting pushing through the wetness, over and over.

Your ass is moving lazily form side to side. You want me to hit it again.

"You want to watch her get raped, don't you Angelica." I force my finger in, suddenly, and move it in a slow circle. "Held down, made to take it... while you're made to watch."

"No! No! I'm not- I'm not into that!"

I move my finger faster. She gasps, shaking, and I feel her sag back against me.

"Do you know why you want to see it? I do."

My finger starts banging against a spot I think she'll like. It doesn't take long to figure out I'm right.

"No. No. I don't want to see that! Please stop, please, please, I'm- please, your finger! Don't!"

"You want to see it happen to Miyuki because, deep down... you want it to happen..."

"No! It's not true! Stop!!"

"Hurt me," you whisper softly. "Hurt me and make me."

I can feel the shaking course through Angelica at your words. Maybe it's fear and maybe it's lust, but somewhere deep down those two meet. That's the secret to women - all their emotions come from a single place. Arouse her, horrify her, seduce her, scare her - it all touches that single point, that central umwelt. Go deep enough down, and there aren't good or bad emotions; there are only more and less intense emotions, and the more intense they are, the more she comes to crave them.

I force Angelica to her knees, and fetch the rope I keep under the bed. A few passes around her narrow waist, a few around her arms and a few around her ankles. She's not going anywhere. She's going to watch, like it or not.

I turn my attention to you. A hand in your hair, and you're pulled back until my cock is pressing into your pussy. I start yanking and impaling. You cry out, the pain of the impact against your bright red ass mingling with the ache in the roots of your hair. You struggle, knowing all that gets you is rougher banging.

Slowly your furious cries lapse into Japanese, angry, then breathy, then pleading.

I pull out and move to Angelica, forcing my cock into her mouth.

"You can't tell anyone what you need, can you. You want this, so much. You're tired of being asked, tired of having to decide, tired of the responsibility. When someone commands you, you're free to feel and not think. It's wrong, it's so wrong, but it's what you crave, every night. Suck it. Good girl."

I grip her hair tightly, pulling her head back and forth. She moans.

Suddenly you're crawling over, behind Angelica. Your hands reach around her, cup her breasts, and cruelly twist her nipples.

"Worthless slut," you hiss in her ear. "It's not just he's raping you. You're below that. The girl he rapes is raping you." Your hand slides down between her legs, and she can't get away. Her shuddering increases.

"Come for me. Never mind him. You love what my fingers are doing. Come for me."

You just hate everyone, I decide. You, me, everyone. But apparently you know what you're doing, because Angelica starts to twist and writhe in her bonds. And fuck that's hot.

I take my cock out of her mouth, so I won't come so fast, and start slapping her face with it.

"You fucking love it, pretty girl," you hiss. "Admit it."

"No," she moans. You and I both laugh. She's trying to squirm away from your touch and my cock. I push my cock back into her mouth, and just hold it there, trying hard not to fuck.

She struggles, but finally goes still, her eyes growing wide. Finally she starts sucking my cock, and then arches...

You take your hand away. She moans in frustration and sucks me frantically, as if that's going to help.

"You'll give him anything he wants," you say, slowly and cruelly. You're back to rubbing her clit, in sporadic little movements. "All night long. Any way he likes it."

I reach down and slowly twist her nipple. "Nod if you agree."

Shuddering. Whimpering. We're both edging her brutally now, and finally she half-screams, nodding frantically.

I push her over, get between her legs, and just take. You get a hand in there, doing something to her clit. Her orgasm is the kind they do in videos - loud, thrashing, and long - except genuine.

Somehow I managed not to come, but I want to, badly. I grab you and force you between her legs, making your mouth settle against her pussy. Then I plunge into your little, roughly, and come in seconds.

The world spins for a bit, and when I can see again, you're still licking Angelica's clit. She's still tied and she can't get away. I can't tell if the way she's tossing her head spasmodically from side to side means she likes it or she's overloaded. Probably overloaded.

I pick up a vibrator and start edging you the way you edged her, but rougher. You lose interest in her clit and start doing some thrashing of your own.

I stop, and make Angelica lick my cock clean. She looked stunned... but obedient. You stare at what her tongue is doing.

"She got your come," you whisper, a little harshly.

"Awww." I bend you over her and position your tongue at her slit. "You can still get it though. Get to work."

I pull you off again, after a bit. Angelica was shaking again.

"Are we... are we done?" Angelica whispers.

"No," you say. "We're in big trouble if he only comes once tonight."

"But he just... I mean..."

"We have to do anything - anything at all - to get him hard again."

I don't remember making up these rules, but I decide I'm going to play along. You're nothing if not creative.

You slowly untie her, and then run your hand over her breast. She just stares at your hand. After a moment you pick up her hand and lay it on your breast.

You catch on. Watching two girls making out is always hot, but I'm still recovering from the last waves of joy, so I can be a little impartial about this.

She's going through the motions... it's still sexy, and I think she's getting arousal from it, but probably just because at the moment everything is sexual for her. Her hand moves slowly over your breast and she kisses your mouth slowly, but it's kind of like those bad lesbian videos.

You, on the other hand... your fingertips play over her, slowly and not just on places men like to see girls touched. You do a lot with her neck and hair, and when you pay attention to her breasts it's mostly with your mouth. It's ten minutes before you get a hand on her thighs, and by the time you get to her clit she's panting.

"He's... hard again," she whispers to you.

"Mmm..." you murmur back. "Good. You want to please him now, don't you... come on. He'll like this."

I can see what you have in mind, and I settle on the bed, back to the wall. You lead an unresisting Angelica into my lap, kneeling and facing away from me. We settle her with my cock hard inside her, an then the two of you get back to making out again. Your hand dips between her legs again, and with a soft moan she starts shifting in my lap, rocking up and down, sensually. She's broken now, willing to play the slavegirl, wanting to be pleasing. We both kiss her mouth, turning her head back and forth to take turns. I touch you both, but it's you that handles her clit again and makes her come around my cock. I force her to keep moving after she's done, until I can come again. You're making her suck your nipples as I come. It's gorgeous.

She and I are wilted messes now, but you're... agitated. Aroused. Restless. You keep petting her body, ignoring the fact that she's feebly pushing your hand away. Finally the penny drops for me.

"Lick her pussy," I tell Angelica.

"I can't... I can't even think..." she says.


Shivering a little, she does as she's told.

I watch you. You're staring down at her, and your legs are shifting, rubbing against her body. Suddenly your eyes go blank, and your legs grip her, hard... you arch into a slow orgasm, eyes fixed on her until the last possible moment.

You're a lesbian.

I try to come to terms with this. It's just something I hadn't considered before, maybe because guys don't go around wondering if girls are lesbians, especially if they share a bed with them.

But we'd never once made love. It was always a kind of rape. You got off on cock but there was always that element of refusal and humiliation. It's completely different with Angelica; you petted and stroked her until the orgasm made you stop. I thought maybe you might be bi... suddenly I don't think you are.

Maybe you've been angling for this the whole time. Using me, in effect, to get you a female playmate. That doesn't make much sense though. Nobody thinks lesbian sex is a big deal anymore. If you can't get it on campus on your own, you just weren't trying. So why all this... elaborate arrangement?

I pull Angelica away from you and spill her against me. I pet her ass, to calm her. I don't know what her story is either, but she's out of her element, easily manipulated right now, and leaving her next to you just looks like a recipe for trouble.

"Good girl," I tell her. She just shivers more. Maybe she thinks having her ass stroked is a little scary after she saw what I did to yours. I shift her again, pressing her mouth against my cock. She sort of sucks at it, like a pacifier, and it seems to relax her. It makes me wonder about her previous boyfriends.


I'd dozed a little bit; two orgasms back to back will do that.

You two are on either side of me. As soon as a raise my head, you put your hand over my cock and start stroking. There's some sort of lotion involved and it's very slippery.

She presses herself against me, and starts licking my ear and whimpering into it.

You press against me on the other side, and do the same.

"I don't know why I want this so much. I guess I never knew a guy who-"

"Please, I want you to come all over her, then make me lick it off her-"

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