tagMatureRent Trouble

Rent Trouble

byjezebel wants you©

Maggie sighed. It was almost midnight when she began to approach the building where she'd now been living for almost three months. At 25, this wasn't exactly how she's imagined herself to be, but given the circumstances, the small apartment in this worn-out building would have to do. As Maggie put the keys into the building's front door and turned the lock, the usually feisty and upbeat redhead wondered how she'd managed to lose her job, her boyfriend and her house --- after the bastard threw her out three months ago.

She let herself in and quietly snuck by her landlord's flat on the ground floor. Her rent was way overdue and she'd been avoiding him ever since. She crept up the stairs to the third floor, careful not to tread on the steps that creaked loudly. As she reached her landing and let out a sigh of relief, she turned the corner and almost fell over her landlord! It appears that he had brought up a little stool and waited for her at her door!

Maggie's landlord was a fat, middle-aged hairy man of Middle-Eastern descent and spoke with an accent. Usually, he just sat in his flat, watching TV with his door slightly ajar. The few times Maggie talked to him, he had been wearing what appeared to be the same white wife-beater, shorts and smelled a lot like a bucket of sweat. This time was no different.

"Uh…hi, Mr…sir." Maggie said weakly, forcing a smile on her face. "What brings you to my door?"

Her landlord hmphed at her disapprovingly with a stern glare. "You know very well what I'm doing here, Miss Jones. You think I don't notice you sneaking past my door, and pretending you're not at home when I ring your doorbell? Well! I will jave none of this anymore! Your rent for this month is over two weeks late. Again! You must give me the money!"

Maggie turned on her pleading, puppy-dog eyes. "Oh please sir. If you could just give me a few more days –"

"No more excuses! You give me my rent right away. I know what will happen if I give you a few more days. The days will turn into weeks and then into months!" Her landlord exclaimed, waving his arms around dramatically.

"But I haven't got any money on me." Maggie said helplessly.

"Then open this door and get some from inside your house. I will have my rent tonight!"

"But --- "

The podgy man silenced her with a glare. Maggie resignatedly unlocked her door and her landlord barged in past her. She flicked on the lights, put her purse down and closed the door. The landlord stood in the middle of the studio flat with his hands on his hips and turned his head from left to right, as if expecting a large pile of cash was waiting there for him to collect.

"Well? Where is my rent?"

Maggie sighed. "I told you. I don't have any money."

The podgy man glared at her for a second. "I cannot accept this. You will move out tomorrow!"

Maggie's eyes widened in alarm. "Tomorrow?!? But...but… I have nowhere to go!"

Her landlord sniffed and held his nose in the air. "No rent, no apartment."

Maggie went to her landlord and put her hand on his fat, hairy arm in an attempt to soften him up. "Oh please sir, please don't kick me out! I'm sure there is SOMETHING that we could work out."

It seemed to do the trick. He looked at her curiously. "Like what?"

Maggie wracked her head. " Umm…I could do some cleaning for you! Or…some paint jobs? I could run errands for you! And…"

But the man was already shaking his head. "No no no, I do not need to have those things done."

Maggie was totally out of idea. "What do you need then?"

Her landlord thought for a second then looked at her seriously. "Sex."

"What?!" Maggie exclaimed incredulously, thinking that she must've heard wrong.

"I need sex." He said plainly.

"I heard you!" Maggie replied, her eyes wide with shock. "Are you serious?"

He furrowed his bushy eyebrows. "Of course."

"No way!" Maggie said disgusted.

"Then you will move out tomorrow." And he began to walk towards the door.

"Wait!" Maggie called out desperately. Was this man seriously suggesting that she sleep with him in order not to pay the rent? It seems she had no other choice. She hardly had any money on her and he seemed to be serious about evicting her.

"So…are you saying that…if I have sex with you, then I won't have to pay this month's rent?"

"That's right."

"Just this one time? And no kissing?"

The landlord licked his lips and nodded. "Yes."

Maggie took a deep breath. "OK, I'll do it."

The podgy man rubbed hus hands together with delight, unable to believe his luck. "Oooh…you won't regret this, I'm going to give you the time of your life."

Maggie grimaced. She very much doubted it. Her landlord walked towards her and she caught a waft of B.O. He reached out a hand towards her breasts which were neatly tucked into a crispy, white shirt. He cupped them in his hands and squeezed gently as if trying them for size. Then all fo a sudden, he dove his head in the opening of his shirt and began nuzzling, kissing her breasts with his hands roaming around the small of her back.

Maggie looked down at the balding, chubby man and could only think 'This is soooo weird.'

Her landlord stood up straight again, red in the face and very hard in his pants. "Take your titties out." He puffed.

Maggie held her breath and clenched her eyes shut, willing herself to get this over and done with. She unbuttoned her shirt and unhooked her bra from the front, releasing her 34C breasts and tossing the garments away. Her landlord groaned at the sight of the perfect set of globes staring out at him. They usually had this effect on men and Maggie had been expecting it. Her ex-boyfriend was crazy about her boobs and use to feel them up every chance he got, especially in public!

The fat man grabbed her breasts and pushed them together and began flicking his tongue rapidly between the two nipples. He groaned as he sucked the two nipples as if they were sour lemons --- he'd never been near such a large pair of breasts before! Strangely enough, Maggie could feel her nipples getting hard in the podgy man's mouth. She hadn't had any sex for three months but she wasn't expecting to be turned on by this.

Suddenly, the landlord lifted his head and ordered, "get on the bed."

Maggie moved to her double bed and lay down on her back, expecting it to be over in a couple of minutes. 'Well, here goes nothing.'

Her landlord whispered loudly into her ear. "I'm going to give you the time of your life and then me, Omar, is going to fuck you so hard and fast, you'll be screaming my name! I want you to beg for more!"

Maggie stifled a laugh. She couldn't believe this deluded man thought he was even going to make her cum. She doubted he would even find her vagina without her help. But to her surprise, he didn't take his penis out and put it inside her as she expected. Instead, he pulled her skirt up, pulled her panties to one side and began licking furiously at her clit!

Maggie cried out in surprise. She could feel her nether regions responding to this. She loved having her pussy eaten and her crummy ex-boyfriend hardly ever did. She was just surprised this 50 year old man could do it so well!

As he continued to lick her clit, he drove his middle finger into her, stretching out her pussy that was starting to get wet and tingly. He ploughed it in and out of her, adding a finger once in a while. When he'd inserted three fingers into her and her pussy was already getting sufficiently wet, he drove his tongue into her hot, wet cunt, flicking his tongue all around inside her.

This made Maggie gasp and she began to clench the pillow lying next to her. She couldn't believe her smelly, fat landlord was making her wet. Suddenly, he stood up and Maggie felt disappointed that his tongue had left her pussy. Omar unzipped his trousers to expose his raging hard-on. He fell on top of Maggie, pushing his heavy body onto her and half smiled and leered at her. "You liked Ol' Omar's tongue huh? Well, you're gonna like this even better!" With that, he plunged his cock into Maggie's tight creamy cunt.

She screamed with pleasure as the engorged penis stretched out her pussy. It was longer and thicker than she had expected. He went back to sucking her large nipples as he began to shove his cock in and out of Maggie in long, even strokes. With each stroke, Maggie let out a little 'Ungh!' of pleasure. After a while, Omar lifted his head and rasply let out "I know how you American girls like it. I've seen it on porn videos." With that, the fat landlord began ramming the full length of his shaft into Maggie's wet pussy in faster and harder strokes. Maggie's gasps turned into uncontrolled mumbles and large moans as she clawed at her landlord's back, feeling his hot breath on her neck.

"Is this how you like it, Miss Jones?" He asked in between the rammings.

Maggie was surprised at this old man's stamina. "Oh yeah Omar! I can't believe you know exactly how to do me." She gasped as Omar slammed his cock even harder into her and realised he liked what he was hearing. Maggie decided to let loose her talent for talking dirty. She swung one of her legs onto his shoulder, allowing Omar to get even deeper. She moaned "I love it when a man rams his huge cock into my pussy. It feels sooo good! Ungh!! Yeah…like that! Just like that…ungh! Harder! Give it to me harder! I want you to fuck my wet pussy really hard and fast!" Maggie was turning herself on even more and her pussy was beginning to drip. Omar was grunting loudly with each thrust he used to impale his tenants inviting love-hole.

Omar paused for only a second and flipped Maggie over so that she was lying face down on the bed. He grabbed her tits from behind and began fucking her with a new force. Maggie screamed and screamed as his hard prick probed spots deep inside her that weren't often touched.

"Ahhh! Shit, shit…how do you do it so good? How do you fuck me so food?!!?? I never want you to stop. Keep impaling me that thick cock of yours. I can feel you splitting my pussy up, it's so fucking good! Oh you're so fucking good. Unghhh!! Yeah, fuck me harder! Harder! Rape my pussy! Yeah! Ungh, ungh, ungh! You can fuck my any time you want now, I'm yours! Shit, shit…I'm gonna cum. You're making me cum! Unnghhhhhhhhhhh!!!!"

Maggie grabbed anything she could as an intense orgasm wracked her body but her landlord never stopped. He kept ramming it into her, causing the bed's headboard to slam into the wall with every thrust. This man was determined to fuck her brains out!

As Maggie's orgasm began to subside, little spasms of pleasure still ran through her spent body. Just then, Omar's frenzied pounding of her pussy turned into longer, steady thrusts, as if he were truly trying to imbed his cock as deep inside her as possible. He grabbed hold of her shoulder with one hand, a breast with the other and he pulled her deep onto his throbbing cock. Omar let out a strangled "Ungh!" with each stroke, before a loud roar escaped his mouth and shots of cum erupted from his cock and into Maggie's already wet and hot cunt. Maggie screamed along with her lover as her little spasms became a second orgasm, purely, at the thought of her dirty old landlord cumming inside her tight pussy like there was no tomorrow. She could feel his cum hitting the soft walls of her pussy and then overflowing onto her thighs.

Finally, Omar collapsed on the bed next to her, dazed. Maggie flipped herself back on to her back and tried to get her breath back. AS she stared at her ceiling and the realization of what just happened hit her --- that she had the best fuck of her life with her fat, old, sweaty landlord --- she couldn't believe it.

"You…will…never…have to pay rent….again…if you let…me…fuck you like that…once a month." Omar puffed.

Maggie grinned up at the ceiling. "Screw once a month! How 'bout whenever you want?"

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