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Rental with Benefits


(This is a story inspired by a conversation with a friend. Please vote and send feedback so I can decide whether to continue this story. Thank you for your support. Max47)

She lay on her back, holding her legs up and apart. She was offering me her shaven treasures. Her pussy was nestled between two puffy outer mounds, which she now held spread for me. The inner lips were full, long and dark in keeping with her Mediterranean heritage. Her hooded clit was still hiding, but judging from the thickness of the hood, would make a prominent appearance. Her dewy inner depths were inviting me to come closer. Below all this was her puckered asshole that held its' own invitation.

Her aroma called to me. I just had to taste her.


But wait, I'm getting ahead of myself. My name is Ian and the delectable feast laid out before is Marla, my landlady. I'm 52, 6'3" and in reasonable shape.

I had been living in an apartment complex in town that had been sold. The new owner had decided to turn the building into a condo-plex. I had been hunting the classifieds and going thru gas like crazy, until I found an apartment listing that intrigued me. It was a two bedroom over a garage with the landlord living in the main house. I made an appointment for the next afternoon.

The location was residential, but in a rural part on the outskirts of town. It sat on about two acres of land. The main house looked to be about 2500 square feet with the garage/apartment sitting unattached, off to the side.

The door was opened by my soon to be landlady. She appeared to be in her early to mid 40's, about 5'10 and in great shape. She had a pleasing olive complexion hi-lighted by smiling, green eyes. From what I could see, she had a generous chest and full ass on long legs. A long sweater and Levis forced me to use my imagination.

I must have lost myself in my mental inventory of her charms because her first words to me were, "Are you all right?"

Boy, do I know how to make a first impression or what?

I quickly introduced myself and found out her name was Marla. She walked me over to the apartment and told me along the way that it had been empty for about 6 months, since her father had passed away.

It was perfect. The second bedroom would make a perfect office, since I worked from home writing computer programs and some porn. The first was to support myself; the second brought in some income, but was mostly for pleasure. The kitchen was big enough for my limited cooking experience and needs. Marla told me I would be able to park in part of the garage and had full access to the garage if I had or needed tools.

When I told her I was interested, Marla suggested we go to "the house" and work out details. It was rather nice being in this woman's company after the months of shunning female companionship due to a nasty divorce over a year ago. Her house was spacious. She led me to the kitchen, where we sat across an island from each other.

"I'm sorry. Would you like some coffee or anything else to drink?" She asked, beginning to rise.

After I told her I was fine, she said it had been so long since she had had anyone over that she forgot how to be a good hostess. As we began to go thru the details of rent, utilities, grounds rights, etc., I took more time examining this lovely woman. She indeed had full breasts that now strained against her sweater. Her dark brown hair was a perfect match to her olive complexion and green eyes. It was cut short all around and came to just below her ears. She seemed to have a Mediterranean heritage.

Her smooth complexion belied her age. The slight crinkling at the outer edges of her eyes were the only outer sign, but that just added to her attractiveness for me.

As she spoke I found my attention focusing on her mouth, which was framed by full lips. The direction my mind began to wander made my cock awaken.

For the second time she asked me if I was all right. Damn, it's just been too long since I've been laid much less been in the company of an attractive woman.

I shook off her question by replying, "Where do I sign and when can I move in?"

She smilingly slid a lease agreement across the island to me and told me that the weekend after next would work for her, as she wanted to move some of her dad's thing out first. I told her that I would gladly help her move things since that would allow me to move in sooner and get my computer equipment set up.

"Great. If you help me, you can move in this weekend but I'll start the lease for the following weekend."

After I signed, we shook hands and agreed to meet back here Saturday at 9 a.m. I drove away a happy camper.

Saturday morning at 9, I arrived back at my new apartment to help Marla clean out some of her father's things. She was already at the task. She was dressed in shorts and t-shirt. Her legs looked great, while the shorts were just tight enough to show that her ass was spectacular. This was one delicious looking mature woman.

After greeting me, she pointed out the items that needed to be moved into the garage storage area. The things needing to be moved were mostly books and boxes. We finished in about two hours. Marla then helped me carry up my computer equipment. I purposely let her ascend the stairs to the apartment ahead of me several times. This allowed me to feast my eyes on her full ass cheeks. Twice I caught a small smile on her lips when she caught me staring. Interesting.

When the delivery van with my furniture showed up, Marla left for her house, after telling me to give her a call when my move-in was complete. Earlier she had shown me the inter-house phone she had installed for her father. The move in was uneventful and soon I was set up in my new apartment. After another hour I had my computer equipment up and running. It felt good to be settled.

I called Marla and let her know the move was complete and I was now officially her tenant. She said she wanted to invite me for dinner to celebrate my move-in and thank me for helping with her dad's things. I readily accepted and we agreed on a time. This gave me time to clean up and check on some emails.

In the shower I kept recalling images of my landlady while stroking my hard, 7 inch cock. Though my overall view toward women was still pretty low, based on my divorce experience, Marla definitely had my attention.

My emails contained nothing important. I checked the online erotic story site I work with to see the status of my latest story. It was still in pending mode. This site has been my outlet for my sexual flights of imagination since my divorce. After a while, I began to really get into these stories. From the reader comments and scoring, it appeared I was on the right track for the most part.

I threw on a pair of Levis and a white polo shirt and headed to my dinner "date" with Marla. She greeted me at the door also wearing Levis. However, her top was much more appealing than mine. It was light yellow, sleeveless and low cut. The beginning of her ample cleavage was teasingly on display.

"Please come in, Ian."

I followed her into the kitchen, where she had me sit at the island while she finished up dinner. She asked if I would like a beer and, after my acceptance, got us both one. She was a woman after my own heart - a woman who drank beer.

She had made a large antipasto salad loaded with everything. It was light enough not to stuff yet loaded with enough items to please the palate. We switched to a nice Chianti and were soon enjoying each other's company as we both discovered how hungry we were.

Marla asked if I minded talking about my divorce. I told her it was a typical story. Two work obsessed people with not enough time for each other. She had the better lawyer and kept the house and furnishings. She was also awarded most of our financial assets.

Then it was my turn to pry. Marla said she had been widowed about 5 years ago when her husband was killed in an auto accident. She had taken care of her widowed father until he passed away last year. She had a 22 year-old daughter who was living back east with her fiancé. When I made a comment about her not being old enough to have a 22 year-old daughter, she blushed and smiled.

"Thank you, but I'm 42 years old and had her early."

Her response let me know that she was not used to compliments or the attention she was getting tonight. Things were definitely looking up.

We continued our "getting to know you" conversation and I for one became very comfortable in her company. She suggested we finish our wine on her porch swing to enjoy the night air.

We sat next to each other and enjoyed the quiet that only a rural setting can provide. It was intoxicating being this close to this desirous woman. She told me how she liked to walk thru her woods and get the feel that she was completely away in the country. She asked me if I liked picnics and I had to admit it had been years.

"Well, one of these weekends before it gets too cold, we'll have to fix that."

I certainly liked the sound of that. My mind was off on another flight of sexual fancy imagining what I would like to do to Marla in the outdoors. My imagination, guided by my cock, was picturing Marla's ass presented to me while she was bent over a log. As my cock neared its' target, I heard those words again.

"Are you all right?"

Damn, busted again. I told Marla that I was just taken in by the tranquility and her company. How's that for quick thinking? That got another one of those smiles I had glimpsed earlier when she caught me staring at her ass.

"This was nice. It's been a while since I had a man's company. We'll have to do this again if you'd like, but I really need to get ready for some business tomorrow. I'm going to have to chase you off." She added with a smile.

"I've enjoyed your company to and I thank you for that and dinner."

We both stood. Marla gave me a quick hug and was gone before I could react. Heading back to my apartment, my head spun with the possibilities.

The next morning I was sitting on my balcony wrapped in a blanket and enjoying my coffee, when Marla walked from the house toward the garage. She smiled up at me and waved. As she drove away, I decided it was time to get some work done and went back inside.

First I opened up a story I was working on. It was a cruise ship scenario about a young 50ish guy who gets lucky with a 30 something single woman. As I continued the story, my mind kept drifting back to Marla. Her comment about it having been a long time since she had been in a man's company puzzled me. I couldn't believe this enticing woman was alone.

Over the next 2-3 weeks I got settled into my usual routine at my new location. Marla and I spent 4 or 5 evenings together on her porch swing just talking and getting to know each other. She was quite curious about my writing gig and wanted to see some of it. This was a bit embarrassing, since I didn't want to scare her off. I told her that she could access the web site and browse thru some of the stories. If she were not offended, I would give her my author name. She smiled at me impishly and nodded.

Several days went by during which I didn't see much of Marla. I was afraid she might indeed have been offended by the subject matter on the web site I had given her. That Saturday morning Marla came to my door. She was dressed in Levis and a bulky sweater and looked great. She smiled and asked if she could come in. I stepped back so she could enter. When she brushed past me, the contact was electric.

I offered her a glass of wine and we sat down. Marla was obviously nervous. I asked her if she was all right. She looked at me and nodded. After taking a sip of her wine, she told me she had visited the erotic story site I had given her. She said that some of the categories disgusted her, but other intrigued her. I asked her which ones intrigued her and she answered, "Erotic Couples and Loving Wives."

Marla also found some of the interracial stories of interest. When she asked me which categories my stories fell into, I laughingly told her she had just named them in the exact order of their importance to me.

Looking at me over the brim of her glass, she asked, "May I read yours?"

I gave her my author ID and asked if she would mind giving me some feed back and that I would value her input.

"I'll have to see after I read them", she shyly replied.

She asked what got me into writing these stories. I replied that I had surfed many story sites, but found most contained poorly written stories with impossible plots or situations. When I found this site, I found some very well written stories and a lot of resources for authors, even fledgling ones like myself. I also found the reader voting and feedback helpful. Plus, I just plain enjoyed erotica.

Marla asked for another glass of wine, which I gladly got for her. As we sat there in silence, I could sense that she had something on her mind. Again it was my turn to ask her if she was all right. By my count, that made us even in that department.

Marla smiled ruefully and began to tell me more about herself. It seems that she and her husband had an active sex life until he died. Since then she had had no relationships, but had dated occasionally. It seemed to her that the men she dated were more interested in one-night stands or were more interested in her money. She had made the decision a few years back to just get out of that scene.

I found it incredible that this sexy woman sitting on my sofa had been with out a man for so long. Well, here's to hoping everyone else's lose would prove to be gain.

Marla finished her tale, looked at me with those beautiful green eyes, and blushed. She asked me if she had embarrassed me with her disclosure. I told her that over the last few weeks we had become good friends and friends confide in each other. I thanked her for her confidence in me.

Marla leaned over, gave me a quick peck on the cheek and asked if she could read some of my stories. Though I was sorry that she would be leaving, I asked her to get back to me with her impressions.

"Oh no. If you don't mind, I'd like to read some here." She said. "That way we can discuss them after."

After asking me if that worked, which I eagerly agreed to, I sat her down at my computer and got her into my story list. I told her I would be sitting outside on the porch awaiting her feedback. With that, I headed outside with my imagination beginning to spin out of control.

It was close to an hour later before Marla joined me. She appeared somewhat flushed. She walked to me with a sexy smile on her lips. When she sat down next to me, she leaned into me and gave me a deep crushing kiss. I wrapped my arms around her and returned her kiss. Our tongues probed for a bit before she drew back and looked me in the eyes.

"I know you like me and I've gotten to like you quite a bit while we've gotten to know each other. There is one of your stories that really turned me on. Would you like to recreate it with me?'

"I don't care which one it is, just let me know and I'll do whatever it takes to give you pleasure."

Marla stood up and held out her hand. I took it and let her lead me to my bed. She pulled her sweater over her head, revealing a soft bra that held those breasts I had been dreaming about. She then slid out of her Levis. Standing before me in bra and bikini cut panties, she asked me to help her with her bra. She crushed herself into me so I could reach around and undo her clasp. Marla stepped back and allowed her bra to drop away. Her breasts were delectable. They had some sag due to their size rather than her age. They felt so good in my hands after my long drought. Her nipples responded to my thumb play and became hard in no time.

Marla's breathing deepened. She leaned in and gave me another crushing kiss while her hand dropped to my cock. I was already so hard it hurt being confined in my pants. She stepped back and had me raise my arms as she pulled my shirt over my head. She playfully licked and bit a nipple as she began to undo my belt and pants.

"Get these off."

That command was one I had no problem following. Since I never wear briefs, my 7 inches sprang out as my pants dropped. Marla gave it a couple of strokes and then told me she'd get back to me later. Right now she wanted to play out a story of mine.

"Which one?"

She simply lay down on the bed, drew up her legs and pulled off her panties. "Come here," she told me as she gave me the name of the story that had gotten her to this point.

So back to were this story started

She lay on her back, holding her legs up and apart. She was offering me her shaven treasures. Her pussy was nestled between two puffy outer mounds, which she now held spread for me. The inner lips were full, long and dark in keeping with her Mediterranean heritage. Her hooded clit was still hiding, but judging from the thickness of the hood, would make a prominent appearance. Her dewy inner depths were inviting me to come closer. Below all this was her puckered asshole that held its' own invitation.

Her aroma called to me. I just had to taste her. With my arms wrapped around her thighs, I lowered my mouth to her. The first flick of my tongue on her inner lips elicited a slight shudder from Marla. When my tongue traveled up her lips and circled her hooded clit, she moaned and held the back of my head.

I drew her clit into my lips and teased it with my tongue. She had a pleasant, musty taste. She also began to writhe thru a climax, while pulling my head even closer into her. It had obviously been a long time for her.

When she finally let go of me, I trailed my tongue down between her spread lips. When it was at her opening, I pushed it in as far as I could and tasted her depths. Marla was moaning and shaking. She was obviously enjoying what I was doing. Well, that made two of us.

My tongue trailed to her puckered asshole and probed it, while I slipped a finger into her pussy. Marla was still squirming and moaning. It was incredible that she had all this pent up feelings in her. It was also by great pleasure to help her release them.

Marla looked down at my face, covered with her juices, and said, "Please fuck me now."

She was a sight to behold as I crawled up between her legs. Her C cup breasts floated on her chest with just a slight shift to her sides. Dark brown nipples, encircled by 1½" equally brown rings, were hard and pointing skyward. The sexual look on her face and in her green eyes said it all. Marla wanted what she had missed for too long.

She reached her arms to me and held my face as I slowly lowered my cock into her wet cunt. She felt snug and hot. Marla arched up to me as I bottomed out. Our mouths met as I began a slow motion. After a few moments of slow movement, I raised her legs up, got to my knees and began to lunge into her with purpose.

The smacking, slurping noises we were making sounded as wonton as anything I've ever heard. Mixed with Marla's moans and babbling urgings, it was one of my most sexual moments. A new story was born in my addled mind.

After a few minutes of my assault on her under-used pussy, Marla stiffened, pulled me down onto her and came with a shriek and shudder. My cock was buried in her depths as she floated thru her orgasm. The clenching of her pussy walls as she climaxed almost sent me over the edge as well.

After a few moments to gather her breath and wits, Marla said, "That was wonderful and so long overdue. Thank you for these feelings."

"Believe me, the pleasure is mutual. Thank you for the honor of releasing all this pent up sexuality."

We laughed together and kissed softly.

Marla pushed me over and told me it was my turn. I lay on my back with my cock at full attention. She lowered her mouth to my cock, covered with her juices. Her tongue tickled my hole while her hand stroked my shaft. With her eyes locked on mine, she slowly ran her tongue down my shaft and then back to my cock head. She slowly let my head slip between her lips and into her mouth, and then began to suck. I was so close.

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