tagBDSMRented Out Ch. 01

Rented Out Ch. 01


"Mmmm, that was fun." Marilyn laid her head on Mark's chest. He'd been sweet and tender, as usual. She'd climaxed, as usual. Now they lay, fully content, in the afterglow—or were they? She wasn't sure she was. The problem was how to broach the subject. Men were so confusing.

He stroked her cheek, then her hair and kissed her forehead.



"Have you ever wanted to do something different, something we've never done before?"

Her husband chuckled in response. "That might be hard. I don't know what you've never done before."

He had a point. Though they'd known each other as children her family had moved across town when she reached her teens. After that, she went away to college and came back to take a job in city hall. Mark was forgotten until the day she returned from lunch to find him working outside the main door clad in shorts, boots, tool-belt and hard hat. From the look of his physique, stonemasonry agreed with him. Excited greetings had led to lunch, dates and marriage. However, her growing up years hadn't ever come up for discussion. Neither had his.

"I do recall you telling me you'd fantasized about being an expensive call girl. Want me to rent a hotel room and pay you for your services?"

"Maybe, but I don't think that's what I mean."

Besides, she thought, those weren't all fantasies! I did it for real back at school. Where does he think I learned how to give those blow jobs he loves so much?

"Well, if you come up with something, let me know. Good night, Mrs. Sylvester."

"Good night, Mr. Sylvester."

The following week was so busy Marilyn forgot all about the conversation. Thus she was surprised on Friday when the mayor told her to take the afternoon off.

"You've really turned out the paperwork this week, Marilyn. Unfortunately the city budget won't allow for paying you overtime so take comp hours instead."

"Really? I don't mind the extra hours, Shirley, really I don't, but if you're serious . . .?"

"I'm serious. Shoo, girl!"

When she arrived home, Marilyn found a note pinned to the front door.


That was a surprise. Giving commands was not his usual style though she sometimes wished it was. But since he was being emphatic she decided to play along. She curled up under the bed spread and drifted off.

Waking up after a couple of hours she wandered out of the bedroom to meet her husband standing in front of the bathroom door. He held out a disposable enema and pointed inside.

"Here, use this and then go shower. You need to be clean inside and out."

"Mark, what in hell . . ."

He put the squeeze bottle into her hand, turned her towards the doorway and gave her butt a push that was half a goose. "I said, go!" The door slammed behind her.

What's the matter with him? He knows I don't take it in the ass. Hmmm—but that is something we've never done before. I hope it doesn't hurt too much . . .

Deciding after the shower that just being clean was insufficient, Marilyn covered herself in moisturizers, slid bare feet back into her high heels and went out naked. Mark met her with a big smile on his face and an atomizer in his hand.

"Here, whole body perfume, carnation—put it on."

"You want me to smell like carnations? Hot." She spun through the cloud. "And now?"

To her puzzlement, he helped her into a black silk dressing gown. "Now, we're going for a ride. Follow directions exactly and ask no questions. I repeat no questions."

He brought out a small squeeze bottle and pointed it up each nostril with the command "Sniff!" Then he handed her a dramatically large pair of dark glasses and with a hand on her elbow, guided her out to the car.

I must look like a movie star trying to go incognito. Whatever is Mr. Vanilla Straight Guy playing at? And what did he have in that sprayer? Ooo, I'm getting horny, really horny! She squirmed in her seat as the heat spread down her thighs and up her belly. It made her reach for his crotch and give it a stroke.

"I've never given you a blowjob while you drove. Want one?"

"Yes, but not tonight. No questions, remember?"

Twenty minutes on surface streets brought them to a part of town new to her. The homes were big, old and expensive with huge, gnarled trees in front that turned the avenue into a dim tunnel. Mark turned up a semi-circular driveway running between hedges hiding the front of the house and stopped at the foot of the porch.

"Now, get out and go inside. And no questions."

As she climbed the polished marble steps she heard him drive away. Would he come back? What was going on? Before she could reach for the knocker, the door opened to reveal a butler in formal attire.

"Ah," he exclaimed with a smile, "you're just in time. The other three have already arrived."

He led her down the entry hall to a door and bowed her through. She had just enough time to see the three other young women, all naked, before an older couple stepped up to her.

"My dear," exclaimed the woman "you're right on time. Let me take your wrap."

As the silk slipped from her arms, Marilyn felt the man step behind her and cup both breasts in strong, warm hands. "Lovely" he murmured. "You come highly recommended. If your performance matches your beauty we will consider you quite a bargain, despite the price your husband demanded"

Lewd hands flowed down her trembling body, coming to rest beneath the curve of her belly. The heat there jumped to fever pitch and Marilyn sagged at the knees with a moan. She heard the crack of a riding crop slapping a trouser seat.

"Roland, you know better than to try and sneak a taste before dinner! Hands off the entertainment, my dear, until everyone has a chance."

The older woman took Marilyn's hand and led her to the others. The women smiled and nodded at her the way one craftsman will to another. They did not look the least bit nervous or surprised though the reason for that might have been in an ornate water pipe they shared. The tallest of the trio, a spectacularly built African-American, gave Marilyn a wink.

The older woman, "Just call me Fiona, dear" reached into a velvet satchel by the polished walnut double doors and took out four thick blindfolds. "Eyes covered, darlings, no peeking allowed. The only faces you get to see tonight are Roland's and mine since we're no one of importance, unlike many of the rest of the guests."

The weakness in her thighs left Marilyn barely able to stand and she made no resistance when the heavy cloth blotted out the world around her. She heard a puffing and a gurgling. The pungent scent of sinsemilla floated on the air. Warm, smooth glass pressed against her lips.

"Now, take a big breath and hold it. No coughing, hear?" Roland commanded.

The smoke was strong! Marilyn held it in as long as she could before exhaling and now the fire in her loins blended with a feeling of happy surrender. Unconsciously she thrust her hips forward and spread her thighs. Whoever might be out there, she was ready.

Sighs and murmurs from the other girls told that they too were prepared for their performance, whatever that might be. Then there came a click as the doors opened and Marilyn's ears were filled with the susurrus of quiet conversation and the clink of glasses as she and the others were escorted into what might once have been a ballroom.

"My friends and playmates," Roland announced, "let us have a warm round of applause for our entertainment this night. Let me introduce to you Sasha, Olga, Tanya and Marilyn."

The clapping was loud and prolonged. With her sight cut off, Marilyn's hearing picked up comments.

"Oh gorgeous!"

"This will be a long night."

"Will you look at the hooters on the Afro girl? I swear they're natural and they don't sag a bit."

"Oh, good. It's Tanya and the twins again, but who's the new girl?"

The most telling, though, was "My goodness, Mark. Is that Marilyn? I knew you had a fine eye for the ladies, darling, but she really is exquisite. Now make sure you break her in right for us, hmm?"

Mark? He was here? And he intended to share her with the entire crowd? She knew she should scream but a strange glow of pride overcame her embarrassment. She arched her back and thrust her breasts forward. If they wanted performance to match her looks, they were going to get it. She shimmied to make sure no one missed her 'girls' and ground her hips in invitation.

High heels clicked up next to her.

"Now my dear, I think we will display you suspended for a while so that everyone can get to know you better. Put your hands behind your back, arms straight. That's perfect. How hold still."

Slick rope encircled her wrists and climbed her arms to force her shoulder blades together. Her breasts pushed out even further. Then the rope went around her chest and then bound each breast in turn, squeezing them and forcing the nipples straight up. Marilyn began to pant. This was a new sensation, exhilarating but at the same time embarrassing and uncomfortable. Another pair of hands pulled her long hair tight and then braided it in a single tail down her back. A tug pointed her face to the ceiling and her braid became part of her bonds. More rope wound round her hips and then down each leg to the knee. There was movement behind her and then suddenly the warm familiar scent of a man in front of her.

"Baby, you're gorgeous," Mark growled, "and just to make sure you're really into this . . ."

Large fingers pressed down on her mons and slipped between her swollen labia. The finger curled and stroked up and down on the spongy flesh inside. Marilyn felt a little scream building up inside.

"You're wetter than I've ever felt you, girl. You really dig this, don't you?"

She nodded helplessly.

"I'm glad. Tonight you're going to earn us a lot of money while you have fun. And think how much fun the rest of us will have with you." His thumb vibrated against her clit. Just as she was about to cum, he stepped back and a hand from behind pushed her forward. Suddenly her feet left the ground and she was hanging face forward in the air. Gravity increased the pressure on her bonds and squeezed her more tightly. It was too much. With a shriek Marilyn came, crying and shouting. The crowd cheered.

Hanging panting in her ropes, she was quickly surrounded by the party. Hot, wet lips kissed her mouth and tongues explored inside. She whimpered in delicious pain as her tight, distended breasts were flicked, squeezed, slapped and pinched. More fingers probed her sex, stroking her G-spot and abusing her swollen labia. She heard snatches of conversation as the guests strolled from one helpless woman to the others.

"I'm really disappointed that there aren't any men tonight. It's such a turn on watching Eric fucking some smooth, young stud."

"Your husband is bi? I would never have guessed."

"He's not. Normally it would never occur to get it on with another man but he's obsessed with my ass so I told him that if he expects me to put out, he has to do the same and fuck who I tell him too. After all, to a man's prostate a dildo and a cock are the same, really . . ."

"Well, Mrs. Sylvester, I'm certainly glad I gave you the afternoon off. You ready for a long evening?"

Marilyn gulped. "Shirley?"

The mayor chuckled quietly next to her ear. "Girl, I've wanted into your panties from the day you came to work. When you and Mark got married I was completely pissed. Not only did it look like you were out of reach but you had snatched up one of my favorite toyboys, as well. Now it looks like he's back and was considerate enough to bring you, too. This is going to be so much fun! I even went out and bought a new harness and dildo for the occasion. Now I'm going to go over and check out the other popsies, just for the show of it, but you can be sure I'll be back. I'm going to do you up properly tonight, Marilyn, and many more nights to come. Later, sweetie."

The departing kiss was long and hot. The tingle in Marilyn's crotch flared up again.

New hands bent her legs and strapped her ankles to her thighs and pushed her knees wide apart. She heard a pop and a viscous noise. Cool slipperiness dripped between her buttcheeks.

"I don't do that!" she protested.

"Wrong, darling," the woman from the foyer sounded amused. "What you really mean is that you never have before. You will tonight, starting with your darling hubby of course, and after that you'll make up for lost time. There are four of you and forty of us and everyone will want two good rides so you'll get fucked at least twenty times tonight. Even if half of them are in your pussy that still gives you a minimum of five up the ass. Might be more, depending on how you respond. My first buttfuck was so volcanic, that was all everyone wanted for the rest of the night. Folks here just love watching 'the entertainment' get off. Now push out against my finger so I can get plenty of lube inside."

The finger slipped through the outer sphincters and ran in circles inside. In and out it ran each time delivering more and more of the slippery substance. Then there were two fingers. The sensation was odd, Marilyn decided, but not painful. I guess I might get to like it, maybe. At least Mark will be my first that way. It will be the only virginity I can give him.

Another set of fingers entered her sex. They rubbed against the fingers in her ass. First there were two then three in each orifice. That feels so—so full! I—I'm cumming!

"Ah-hah! You're just like I was. Honey, you'll be sitting on pillows in the morning, believe me."

What's going on with me? I've never had orgasms this strong so quickly. These ropes, this tension, the marijuana, being exposed and blindfolded—which is it?

Time became a blur of lascivious touch, suggestive talk, and exotic scents. Men and women groped and fondled her while describing in explicit detail all the plans they had for her. Anxiety turned to anticipation. Marilyn was about to scream "Someone fuck me!" when a bell rang above the mutter of the crowd.

"Friends and playmates, our foreplay has lasted long enough," Roland announced. "Fiona and I will help our ladies up onto their stages while the rest of you get naked. Remember your protection and to use plenty of lubricant when sodomizing the lovelies. We don't want them to refuse to return, do we?" Quiet laughter rippled across the room.

"Perish the thought!" exclaimed a voice. Marilyn was sure she knew it from somewhere but couldn't place it. Oh god, someone who knows me and is probably going to fuck me and I'll never know who it is. Her face flushed with embarrassment but her pussy convulsed in excitement. Maybe she would find out eventually. Maybe he would want more . . .

The bonds at her ankles released and hands tilted her onto her feet. When she was released they supported her until she could stand on her own. Then the ropes fell away and blood rushed into her poor breasts. They burned! Marilyn wailed but climaxed at the same time. The waves of sensation overpowered her mind and she stopped thinking, completely.

Later she remembered being bent over a padded bench with her ass high and her legs strapped far apart. They cuffed her wrists and elbows down so the only thing she could move was her head and her hips. And just as Fiona had promised she was fucked and fucked again. Mark started, hard and deep in her pussy and after she came, pulled out. The glooping noise sounded again and she felt pressure on her anus. She bore down and he slid in. It didn't hurt after all and when he clutched her buttocks so tightly it left red marks and began to slam in and out of her it felt better and better until stars lit up inside her eyelids and her face felt as if the skin would blow off. They screamed together and he withdrew.

A chair scraped in front of her. "Here, girl, suck this." Silicone filled her mouth and the scent of aroused womanhood filled her nostrils. Shirley grabbed handfuls of Marilyn's hair and pulled her face in close. "Oh, you know how to do deep throat? No wonder Mark took an immediate shine to you. Now where would a sweet innocent small town girl learn that? Oh, I love the way you look, blindfolded and helpless. Ah, and there's Carlos lubing up that great cock of his. My word, your dear little backside is in for a workout tonight. I guess I'll just have to fuck your pussy so your ass can have a rest."

Carlos really was big but she was already stretched and he was careful, at least until he was all the way in. Then he and Shirley began to thrust in concert, spitting Marilyn like a pig on a barbecue. No sooner were they sated for the moment when another cock moved to plunder her. She lost count of how many times the crowd violated each orifice. Was it really only twenty? Was she a more popular toy than the others or did some of them have the entertainers more than twice? As the evening wore on it all became a blur of orgasm after orgasm until she lost consciousness.

She came to in the car. She opened bleary eyes to see her husband at the wheel. He turned to her at her movement, smiling so widely that she had to smile right back.

"Baby, you were magnificent! Everybody was amazed. For a newbie 'entertainer' you were as good as a pro. I'm proud of you, Lynn, proud as a peacock."

She smiled ruefully. "Mmm—remind me of that next time I say anything about doing something different! If I hadn't enjoyed it so much, I'd have said that was very mean of you, Mr. Sylvester."

"If I had told you what I had in mind would you have agreed to it?"

"Hell no! So I'm glad you snuck this one up on me. I had no idea being bound and suspended was so hot. Uh, have you ever been done like that? And I want the truth, Mister. Shirley told me while I was hanging there that you used to be one of her toyboys so don't play innocent with me." Tired as she was, Marilyn grinned evilly in the dark.

"Okay, okay. Yeah, I have, but not in public like that. It was just me and Shirley, I swear it was."

Was it? Marilyn felt the beginnings of a plot forming but it was very late and she fell asleep before it got any further.

By Monday morning, Marilyn was recovered enough to go back to work. Somehow she managed to greet the mayor nonchalantly on her way to her office. But when quitting time arrived she waited until all the rest of the clerical staff was gone and knocked on Shirley's carved oak door.

"Come in?"

"Interesting choice of words! And since you're speaking of coming in, does it really feel that good fucking someone with a dildo harness?"

Shirley leaned back in the big leather swivel chair with a lazy smile. "That depends on many things, little lover. Do you have a proper state of mind for that sort of thing? What is the shape of your end of the dildo? How hard can you come seeing your partner come? For me fucking someone else is even better than getting fucked, not that I don't like both. Want to give it a try?"

"I'll think about it. Right now I want to know more about what happened Friday. I also want to know about you and Mark!"

"Darling, your husband is the sweetest man. I caught him on the rebound after a very unappreciative ex-girlfriend dumped him. It turns out he's a wonderful switch, all tender but macho with you and compliant and submissive with me. I like that in a man. I like it in a woman, too." She raised an eyebrow suggestively.

Marilyn blushed. "I—I think I might like that sometime. But tell me, did you ever do Mark like that at that—that party?

Shirley's teeth bared and the grin spread from ear to ear. "The town elite's regular gathering? No, I haven't, not yet. Now that he's back in what some might call my clutches, I'm seriously going to consider it. He wouldn't be the first young man to entertain the crowd. Why do you ask?"

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