tagBDSMRented Out Ch. 02

Rented Out Ch. 02


My thanks to those who enjoyed the first chapter in this story and especially to those who commented on it. I live for comments.


Mark stood at the back door of the mayor's official mansion. He gulped and started to unbutton his shirt. While guests, officials on business or even the general public might enter through the front door, those who came to the back did so for only one reason—sex. He saw that his wife's clothing was already hanging in the niche provided and started to strip. His hands trembled as he did and the anxiety in his stomach felt like a cold owl gripping him with icy talons. Part of him said, "No! Stop! Run away, now!" But another part of him was already starting a bulge in his jeans and the blood flow in that direction over-rode caution.

It all started when he finished his apprenticeship. The boss said now that he was a journeyman, Mark should start learning the political and marketing end of the business and sent him to discuss a project at city hall. It was a long time before it dawned that this was all a set-up and by then Mark was firmly established in Shirley's harem with no obvious way out.

Like all young men, he thought he was in charge when the discussion of the job extended to drinks and dinner and finally to bed. He thought he was the seducer. Then the mayor had introduced him to the gentle arts of prostate massage, butt plugs and light bondage. The night he found himself tethered face down and ass high over a bolster proved how wrong he could be. She kept caressing him and rubbing his back with her nipples as she packed more and more lubricant into his anus. Then she stood up. Reaching into the night stand, Shirley had taken out a dildo harness that, from the look of it, had seen a lot of use. She buckled in on, fitted in a large, realistic silicone phallus and smeared yet more lubricant all over it.

"Tonight, darling, I'm going to make you my bitch. The world is full of horny little girls waiting to spread their thighs for you and I expect you to take advantage of all of them. However, here in my house, I take the advantage. Let me put this cock ring on you and stiffen you up righteously. Then I'm going to fuck your ass half the night. You'll be amazed how good it feels."

It had. And for the next year and a half Shirley had used his body any way she chose, introducing him to terrors and pleasures beyond his wildest imagination. She would call and he would obey. I'm cougared, Mark thought to himself. She's got me just where she wants me and I can't do anything about it. Every time I think I'm going to tell her 'no more', she purrs in my ear and lays back for a good fucking and I'm lost.

Then Marilyn had returned from college. The courtship had been a whirlwind and once married, Mark thought his toyboy days were over. Then came the night his wife mentioned that she might like something 'different'. Automatically, Mark had called Shirley and just as automatically he had agreed to each idea she suggested until he found himself agreeing to rent out his bride one Friday to the city's movers and shakers. It seemed like such a good idea at the time, especially when he'd gotten the envelope containing five thousand dollars.

Saturday morning Mark woke up appalled at what he had done but Marilyn spent the entire weekend with a satisfied smile on her face. She even promised him a proper reward once she was less sore. Then Monday after work he had checked his text messages and saw two.

The one from Marilyn read "huny, dinr at Shirleys. We R the ntrtaimmnt, heh x 3"

The mayor's had been more explicit. "Studmuffin, ur sxy wife here 4 dinr. Wnt U 2! B on Time! 6. Clean in n out. Xpct 2 B reamed all nite."

Nerves taught as a drumhead, Mark dropped his briefs to the porch and put them in the basket next to his shirt and Levis. He looked down at his throbbing cock. Traitor! Men, he had heard, possessed two heads but only enough blood for one to work at a time. Since the one below his waist had taken control, all the other could do was hang on and hope to survive the ride. He turned the doorknob and walked into the back parlor.

The air was a haze of incense and marijuana smoke. Marilyn lay naked and languid on the sofa next to an ornate brass hookah. The bowl on top looked to hold at least a lid of high grade weed. She leered at him and slowly ran her tongue between her lips. "Hi, Marky. We got to thinking that maybe dinner could wait. Want a hit? It's really good shit." She giggled and spread her thighs. To his surprise she was waxed smooth and pink. "Like it? Shirley says I need to have it done every two weeks from now on. And she's going to take me shopping for leather. Want to come along?"

"Oh, he's going to come along, darling," Shirley's voice was halfway between a purr and a growl. "Now that my favorite stud-muffin's come back, and brought us a little toy-girl present, he's not getting away again, are you Marky?"

Mark tried to voice a protest but the conditioning was too strong. He shook his head helplessly. The tall blonde stepped close, pressed her pelvis against his and wrapped one hand behind his back. She held a squeeze bottle to his nose. "Big sniff, Marky. You know you want to please Mistress Shirley, don't you? Two shots of our favorite aerosol foreplay and some hits off the hookah and all those nasty doubts and fears will just go away. Then we can all play together, can't we Hercule?"

"Mas oui" Shirley's large French husband smiled benignly from his easy chair. "We will 'ave such a wonderful time together. Per'aps Shirley and I will take turns with you, per'aps we will watch you and le petit Marilynn, who knows? 'Owever it goes, we will all be sleeping late tomorrow, no?" He rose and handed Mark a large brandy. "But first we must first relax the inhibitions."

As Mark blinked in response to the nasal spray, Shirley's hand slid casually down his back and cupped a buttock. "My, still nice and tight, I see. And Marilyn tells me she hasn't ever done anything naughty to you here? Well, we can't have that. Now that your darling has discovered the fun of getting a good ass-fucking she needs to learn how much fun it is giving them. And naturally, she'll need someone to practice on, won't she?" Her other hand began to stroke the underside of his shaft and massage his ball sack. "Mark, dear, you really need to start shaving. Not the rest of you, of course. The guys on the work crew must never have a clue how kinky I've made you but here . . ." she gave him a squeeze for emphasis "smooth and bare are what we want. And these fine cheeks, too."

She took a step back and ran her eyes up and down his body. "Delicious, really. Hercule, let's take them upstairs. Marilyn was right, dinner will keep and I don't really think I could pay it any attention anyway with such scrumptious little bodies on display. Come Mark, you carry the hookah while Hercule carries Marilyn." She took his left hand and put the water pipe in his right. Hercule lifted the younger woman's nude body off the couch and tossed her over his shoulder like she weighed no more than a pillow.

"Mais oui, mon cherie. We will take them to the slings. It is so delicious, fucking in a swing."

"It is, indeed. You've never been to the swings, have you Mark?" He shook his head dumbly. "There are so many possibilities. We'll start off with Marilyn and then see what to do with you. Or maybe to you would be a better way of putting it."

The combination of brandy and whatever Shirley sprayed up his nose had Mark's libido turned up to eleven. She rubbed her shoulder against his as they climbed the stairs and he almost dropped the hookah and had her right there. But a significant twist against his little finger emphasized her control. By the time they reached the second floor, he was shaking with lust.

"You gonna do my butt again, honey?" Marilyn lifted her head from where she hung over Hercule's shoulder. "You should have made me do it before. Whenever I think about you poking that thing up my behind, I get all squirmy and hot."

Shirley chuckled. "Oh that bouncy bottom of yours will get a good workout, tonight, sweet cheeks. I've got a dildo I haven't used on any other woman before and I'm going to try it out on you. And Hercule loves lady's backsides, don't you. You like them better than our fronts, you naughty thing. And you think men's are almost as much fun. Yes, I think we will all be sleeping late tomorrow. Maybe even Wednesday."

At the end of the hall they entered a room that was decorated with even more decadence than the parlor. At Shirley's gesture Mark set the hookah on a low table and, at pressure on his shoulder, knelt beside it. The mayor stood next to him, stroking his head possessively. Hercule set Marilyn on her feet and then swept her up in a long, passionate kiss. When it finally broke, she was panting, a manic grin on her pretty face.

"'Old out your hands, mon petit, you must be packaged." The big man buckled leather cuffs to her wrists, a larger pair just above her knees and a collar around her neck. "Now, lie down on your back and put your 'ands on your knees." When the young woman obeyed, Hercule clipped the wrist cuffs first to the thigh bands and then with short chains to the collar.

"Isn't that adorable, Marky?" Shirley chirped, "she's all wrapped up with both holes open for business. Now stay right here while we set her up."

The older couple lifted the living bundle and set her down on a wide leather sling. Within seconds, Marilyn was suspended off the floor, well tethered in place. Her eyes were wide and flicked from Mark to Hercule to Shirley and back again.

"And now it's your turn, my dear."

Shirley buckled the same assortment of leather cuffs to Mark and snapped a short leash to his collar. Holding him at heel, she made him crawl to the sling. Marilyn's aroused scent filled his nose. He leaned forward and ran his tongue slowly up her puffy, engorged labia. He flicked her clit with the tip to make her gasp.

"That's my good toyboy," Shirley murmured, "We want her good and sloppy. Make her scream and moan, Marky, and get her good and wet. We want no rawness tomorrow, hers or yours."

Marilyn's taste and scent were familiar to him, indeed they were. But the sensation of hairlessness was new, exotic. He rubbed his face against her crotch and the inside of her thighs, reveling in the smoothness. Yes, Shirley was right. Marilyn was going to have a waxing account added to the family budget.

He covered her pussy with his lips, sucked gently and began to lick. Marilyn began to moan. The moans gave way to whimpers until she screamed and spasmed, making the sling bounce and swing chaotically.

When she calmed down, Shirley commanded, "Do her again, Mark, and again until she begs you to stop. Then we'll bang her 'til she faints."

By the time Marilyn yelled for him to stop, Mark's knees were sore. Shirley really ought to install thick carpets in the sling room, he decided, if she was going to keep her playthings on all fours. Bare floors and bony knees were a bad combination!

When he leaned back, Shirley wiped his face with a warm damp cloth. It smelled just a bit of lime. "And now, darling, we're going to hoist you up as well. Come along. Now lay down on the sling." She and Hercule put his feet into stirrups, tethered his wrists to the top chains and touched the switch. There was a hum and Mark felt himself picked up off the floor and swinging gently with his knees apart and his shoulders low.

"And now comes the fun part, honey. I'm going to put this nice thick blindfold over your face. And do you know why? You're going to get fucked, Marky, fucked a lot. Your ass is going to be worked over. And you will have no idea who's doing it! I love this. Will you just get pegged by Mistress? How about Mistress and Marilyn? How about a good gay-guy fucking by hubby, here? He really is bi, you know, and finds healthy young men just as sexy as healthy young women. Not that I think it will bother you right now . . ." She gave his quivering, taut hard-on a loving stroke. "I think you'll enjoy whatever happens tonight. After all, your prostate won't know if it's being stoked by a cock or a dildo." And then she left him be.

Music played. It began with a deep, steady drumming and then an oboe joined in along with bells. The music sang of smoky night clubs and strong, thick coffee. It told of ancient dances in tents on the desert and on marble floors in opulent palaces. The incense grew stronger and he heard Marilyn moan. A large, warm hand wrapped around his phallus and began to stroke in time to the beat. It might have been Hercule but Shirley was a tall, strong woman and her hands were in scale. Marilyn yelled in orgasm.

The hand went away and he heard the top of a plastic bottle pop open. A finger rimmed his anus spreading slick goo around it. The finger came back and pressed a gob of the lubricant onto his pucker and then inside. Round and round it went, spreading the lube and stretching, relaxing his sphincters. A second finger entered him. Were they large enough to be Hercule's? They were certainly too big to be Marilyn's. Besides, she was gasping and whimpering to the slap of flesh.

The slapping stopped. The music was just loud enough to cover any footsteps that might indicate two people changing places. So he really had no idea whether the next set of fingers, three this time, belonged to his first ravager or not. Again a hand circled his manhood. This time it was slippery. The other hand spread his cheeks and pressed fingers inside him once more. Mark groaned. Each time the hand ran down his shaft the fingers within his rectum stroked his prostate. It felt so good! He squirmed, trying to get his assailant to go faster. The only response was a whispered chuckle. Did Mark detect a French accent in the laughter? He couldn't be sure. It was hard to pay attention under the expert ministrations.

The hands left him. Marilyn gasped. "It's so big! Ow! Oh!" She's being buggered, he thought, but is it by Shirley's new dildo or Hercule? A blunt object touched his ass. It seemed awfully large. Two hands pressed down on his thighs and the object spread him easily open and slipped inside. I'm getting fucked! Who is it? A warm belly pushed against his buttocks and one hand left his thigh and returned to his cock. Up, down. In, out! The music kept its slow sensuality. Again Mark tried squirming for release and again it did no good. The motion became hypnotic and he relaxed into a semi-conscious state of pure pleasure. It seemed that as the evening wore on whoever was enjoying him would slip out and go away for a moment only to either return or be replaced. It didn't matter. Desire gave way to luxury and then to a low-level, steady orgasm. Finally, he blacked out.

Mark woke up to bright morning light shining through sheer curtains. He looked around and found that he was in a large, ornate canopy bed in a room with a definite Victorian flavor. Marilyn was sitting in a large bargello-patterned wingback chair next to him. She held a coffee cup in a saucer and smiled as she sipped.

"Good morning, Mr. Sylvestre. Would you like some coffee?"

"Good morning, Mrs. Sylvestre. Yes, I would, thank-you very much." He swung his legs over the side of the bed and reached out both hands to take the cup she poured for him. "You look happy."

"I am, very. I got eaten, by a Master in my opinion; I got well fucked and thoroughly sodomized. I even got entertained. Watching you take it in the ass was amazing."

"Uh, since you were watching, just who was that that did me last night? Was it all Shirley or did Hercule get into me, too?"

"You don't know, do you? And that's the way it's going to stay. Is my stud still a pure het-guy or has he been gay-violated? I'll never tell and you'll never know." She stuck out her tongue at him.

Mark made a wry face. "Our clothes are hanging on the back porch. We need to get out of here and get to work. It's not like it's a Saturday or anything like that."

"Shirley gave me the day off and called Hector to tell him you wouldn't be in. We can leave whenever we want but there's no rush."

"Oh. Well, there's still the problem that we didn't get dinner last night. If we have the whole day, a large breakfast sounds good."

"Yes, it does. But first I want something." She reached down on the floor beside the chair and picked up a web of leather and chrome. A big, flesh-colored dildo hung from it. "You fucked my ass Friday night. I'm going to find out just what this pegging is like—on you! Onto your belly and spread those cheeks, husband!"

"Gladly—after breakfast," Mark laughed.

"I have to thank you for introducing me to this new side of Shirley. I would never have guessed my boss was my husband's lover."

Mark put down the cup. He kissed his forefinger and touched her lips. "She's not my lover. She's that bossy kind of playmate who always has to choose the game. I only have one lover—you and no one else!"

Marilyn looked startled. "I—I hadn't thought of it that way. Other playmates, but only one lover . . ." She dropped the toy, and stood up. Mark watched his beautiful wife slip from the chair to the bedside, and then he had her warm weight in his lap. "Yes," she said, "only one lover," and kissed him.

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