tagMatureRented Out Ch. 04

Rented Out Ch. 04


The black limousine purred discretely down the avenue. In the back, Marilyn straightened her husband's tie and stroked his face reassuringly.

"Okay, honey, this is our first 'trick' and it's just the sort of thing you'll enjoy. We're meeting a lovely couple at a painfully respectable hotel. They've taken one room and we have the adjoining one. All we have to do is open the door between them and no one else will ever know what happened."

"A couple? Why would a couple hire another couple for sex? Can't they get what they want with each other?"

Marilyn grinned. "Don't ask how I know but there is this funny thing about some people. Most johns pay for sex because either they can't get any for free or they can't get the kind they want from their wives or because they're looking for hot, young and beautiful. That's common knowledge. However, there is another reason that very few people know about. For some people, and I include women in this, paying for sex is a fetish. Laying out the money on the nightstand and seeing their sex-worker pick it up and stick it in a wallet turns them on. No, I'm serious! Why would many of Shirley's friends hire pro's four times a year when they can have orgies by themselves without laying out a grand a couple? They get off from it."

"And these 'clients' of ours belong to the party?"

"Uh-huh. They've already paid for my pussy once and now they're going to pay for it again while paying you to ball the wife. And no, they aren't fat and ugly or hard up or bizarrely kinky—except for this one fetish."

"So, how much are we getting for this trick?"

"I only asked a thousand. That's what they paid for the party and we're just rank beginners in the hobby whore gig. Besides, the man was my favorite Humanities teacher in high school. I'd let him have me for free if he wasn't so excited about paying. And you will love his wife!"

Brenda Lynn Seems brushed her long, silver tresses down over each breast and regarded herself in the hotel room mirror. The wispy waif who'd danced naked in the rain and the mud at the Summer of Love was long gone but forty years of daily yoga since then had left her with a figure that still turned heads when she walked down the street. She ran her hands down the taught belly to where the silver on her head was matched by a neat triangle below and thrust her hips forward. Mark was going to enjoy earning his fee.

"You are the most delicious thing, dear" Leonard Seems cupped his wife's right breast in a warm hand. "Thirty-five years and three children later, I still can't keep my hands off of you."

"Or your cock out of me." She kissed him over her shoulder. "But tonight you'll be sticking it into that little thing you used to obsess over in your class. And to think we're having a private party. I'm getting all juicy just thinking about it."

"Now don't go talking like that! Get me too excited and I won't be able to get my money's worth out of Marilyn for assaulting you. It's not like I'm nineteen, any more."

"I shudder to think what you might have been like at nineteen, dear. When we met you were twenty-four and you were pretty impressive even then. None of my other lovers had figured out how to be multi-orgasmic and the first time you did me all night long? Phew!"

"And I still can! I've been told young Sylvestre can, too." He wiggled his bushy, iron-grey eyebrows. "I have it on good authority that we will be in for a long night."

Brenda Lynn hummed and ground her hips in anticipation. "I'm so glad we decided to spend our entertainment money this way instead of boring ourselves silly at some respectable resort. Swinging is all very well but you can never be sure what your new partner knows."

Leonard pulled his wife close and started running his cock up and down the cleft of her ass. He licked the shell of her ear until she affectionately slapped his cheek. "Get your tux on you terrible man! We are supposed to meet them for dinner downstairs in ten minutes and I need to be properly draped."

Anyone at another table that night would never have guessed what the middle-aged and young couple who sat chatting amiably over dinner were about. Only a single bottle of wine was consumed and the dinner itself was a light one.

Can't have full stomachs slowing down the action, tonight, Marilyn thought to herself. Shirley says that Leonard will probably fuck me so long I'll walk bow-legged tomorrow. Just for that, I'll have Mark do the same to Brenda! Fair is fair, after all. If Leonard wants more come tomorrow night, he'll have to take her up the butt. I bet that's how I get it.

Dessert was a frothy lemon mousse and when it was gone, Leonard signed the bill and the foursome walked arm-in-arm to an elevator. Leonard had visions of pulling Marilyn's low neckline open as they ascended but unfortunately, the car was already occupied so everyone remained decorous until they returned to their rooms.

"Just one thing, honey," Mark said to his wife as he prepared to unlatch the door between the two rooms, "Am I spending the night next door or coming back after some particular space of time?"

"Fuck her 'til she begs for mercy, Mark, then snuggle her to sleep. I'm sure that's what Leonard wants to do to me and Shirley insists he can. Since neither of us knows how long that may take, I'll just plan on seeing you in the morning. Then we can all go down for breakfast."

"Go down for breakfast? For some reason I have this feeling you're going to want room service. I don't think the dining room chairs are that well padded, after all."

"Perhaps, but we can decide that tomorrow. Right now, unlock that door so we can start earning our fees." She kissed him soundly and turned back towards the neatly turned down bed.

Brenda Lynn sat on an equally ready bed in the next room, her thighs trembling slightly in anticipation. She glanced at the envelope on the nightstand and then smiled at her husband. "Have a good time, Len, and screw that little minx right. We may have to order room service for breakfast if you guys do us proper."

She moaned internally at the thought of being pounded sore. She knew plenty of her fellow fetishists who reveled in the sting of floggers or riding crops but that kind of pain wasn't for her. What she loved was her pussy burning and sore from the previous night's use. The door latch clicked, it swung open and her husband and Mark nodded cordially to each other as they traded places. Mark quietly closed the door behind him and smiled broadly at Brenda. She stood and came to his arms for a long, deep kiss. "The money's on the nightstand. You'd better count it to make sure I've got it right."

Nodding urbanely, Mark made a ceremony of slowly opening the envelope and counting out the twenties. He licked his thumb between each bill, drawing out the process until he could see Brenda fairly dancing with anticipation. "Yes, five hundred dollars, exactly right. Now, my dear, let us proceed."

Slipping the envelope into the inner pocket of his tux, Mark reached up and undid the fastening behind the woman's neck. He pulled the straps forward and let them fall and the evening gown collapsed into a satin billow on the carpet. He stopped long enough to hand his jacket over the back of the club chair then pulled her in close.

Brenda felt his right hand run down her back, undoing each hook of her strapless brassiere while his left dove under her panties and fondled the taught ass inside them. When the bra fell away, he caught her hair in his fist and pulled her head back. Bypassing her mouth, her hungrily kissed, bit and licked her exposed throat.

Oh, he's good, she thought, so civilized and so savage at the same time. I was right. We will have to order room service for breakfast. I'll probably still be sore Monday morning.

"Oh Mark," she whispered, "you animal!"

In the next room Leonard took the envelope from his pocket and formally presented it to Marilyn. She curtsied in reply and put it in her purse. "Here, Mr. Seems, let me help you with that coat." Once his coat was off, she pressed her hips against his and undid his bow tie, shirt studs and suspenders. This was quite a trick given that she was grinding her pelvis against his growing erection at the same time. "Dear Mr. Seems, if I'd known you felt this way about me back in class, I'd have snuck out with you at the senior prom. You were always my favorite teacher, you know."

He grabbed her upper arms but she pushed him away. "Sit on the bed, darling. Let me put on some music . . ."

A smoky tenor sax began to moan from the stereo over thud of a bass drum and the snarl of wire brushes on a snare. Marilyn cocked her head sideways, stuck out the tip of her tongue and, raising her arms over her head, swayed out into the center of the room. Hips swinging, shoulders shimming, head thrown back and mouth open, she gave herself over to the music. Eventually, she tilted her head forward to look at Leonard through mascara-ed eyelashes. She winked seductively and slowly unzipped the back of her dress. Sequins sparkled as it fell off her shaking shoulders and slid down her grinding hips. Undulating in long slow waves, she turned slowly around to show her client how she undid her bra and let the straps drop down each side. Holding it in place she faced him again to let it slide down her arms and onto his lap.

"I think you like these, Mr. Seems," Marilyn smiled and lifted her breasts with her hands. She pointed them at the older man and massaged them sensually, pinching the nipples erect. "Do you want to fuck them? Ah-ah! Not yet, Mr. Seems, I still have too many clothes on, and so do you, sir."

Leonard began to pull his shirt out of his trousers. He tossed it away to the floor. Marilyn smiled and licked her lips. She turned her back on him and in time to the music unsnapped her garter belt, cast it aside and then tucked her fingers under the sides of her thong. In a single slow motion, she bent at the hips and pushed the scanty panties to her nylon covered ankles. She peeked around her knees and waved her ass at her client then straightened up and stepped out of her underwear.

"Oh, look, Mr. Seems," she faced him, "I'm all shaved and smooth for you. Does it make me look younger, like I was when you wanted me so bad?"

She dropped to her knees and helped him unfasten his belt. She unzipped his pants and pulled them down to his ankles along with his briefs. The revealed erection stood proud, purple and irresistible. Marilyn stared at it hungrily, stroking it with both manicured hands. She ran her tongue slowly from base to tip, pausing to flick the tip back and forth at his frenum. Leaning forward she pursed her lips, kissed the tip and sucked in the helmet.

Leonard clutched her hair and pulled her face down. Marilyn swallowed deeply and felt his cock slide down her throat. He should have ordered me under his desk, she thought, and told me he was going to face-fuck me. I'd have gone down on him in a heartbeat. I've heard swallowing semen makes your boobs bigger . . .

Next door Mark pulled a series of silk handkerchiefs from his pockets. He tied them to Brenda's wrists and then to the ornate headboard. "I understand you are a very experienced yogi," he began conversationally, "so is there any problem with my doing the same with your ankles?"

Brenda's eyes grew wide and she took a deep breath. "Oh, no," she whispered, "no problem at all. Are you going to keep me there all night?"

"Do you want me to?"

"I—I'm not sure. I think I can, though."

"Then we will use safe words, my dear lady. If you need a change of position, just say 'yellow'."

Moments later, she found herself looking down between wide spread thighs at Mark. He stood at the foot of the bed with a knowing smile as he slowly removed his clothes. Brenda looked up at her feet and at the toes just brushing the headboard. Yes, I probably can spend the night like this. It's surprisingly comfortable and I'm so exposed! Mark can to anything to me he wants and do it anywhere he wants. Yes, I am going to be sore in the morning. We will have to hire them again in a couple of months. Heck, I need to tell Leonard about this position.

"Mr. Seems?"


"I should come over to your house some time, in my cheerleader costume—minus the panties, of course. You could lay me down on the couch, just like this, and have your way with me. Doesn't that sound like fun? And when Mrs. Seems got home, I could eat her pussy while you fucked me from behind."

"We'll have to plan a date like that. But right now, put your arms up over your head."

Marilyn complied while spreading her thighs and lifting her pelvis. Leonard Seems lowered himself onto her, full-length. She felt the weight of him, the bristles of his short beard on her cheeks and throat, the scratch of his chest and belly hair on her smooth body and the heat of his eager manhood pushing against the opening of her sex. Slowly, inexorably it entered her body. She growled and wrapped her legs around his, pulling him in deep. As he began to thrust and withdraw, Marilyn met his movements, driving her hips upward against him and squeezing him on the outstroke.

It really is a good thing I stayed a virgin until I got to college. If I had had sex with him my senior year, I'd have gotten pregnant deliberately. I'm not sure how much longer Mark and I will have this hobby. Mr. Seems makes me want to have his baby—really bad! Good thing I had a shot last month . . .

Leonard sucked on Marilyn's earlobe and nibbled his way down her neck until, by twisting his neck far enough, his mouth latched onto her nipple. She was one he had marked as 'dangerous: do not approach' as soon as she walked into class that first September day. There was always one, every year, a hot little piece of jailbait sitting at her desk pouting at him or crossing and uncrossing her legs under the table top while her miniskirt rode higher and higher. Too many men had lost everything because they couldn't keep themselves under control and Leonard was not about to be one of them but it had been hard. Sometimes he had to spend the entire hour behind the lectern so the class couldn't see how stiff some little fox had made him.

Marilyn's panting and moans merged into a single wavering tone. She crooned her desire and her pleasure wordlessly. And to think he's paying me for this. Men are so silly!

Mark knelt on the bed with his legs spread and sat back on his heels. "Would my lady like some warming up?" he asked casually. Taking his stiff member in his hand he began to stroke Brenda's labia. At first he was slow and teasing. But as he sped up, bit by bit, she felt her arousal grow until she could stand it no longer.

"Mark! That's enough, man—use me!"

He leaned forward into her welcoming warmth. Reaching under her shoulders, he took her hair in both hands, pulling hard with each grunting thrust. Animal, am I? I'll show her animal!

An hour or so later, both women were spooned against the chests of their playmates, pulled in tightly and with big smiles on their faces. Whether breakfast would be room service or restaurant was a decision that could wait for morning.

Driving home the next day, Brenda turned to her husband with a wry look. "So, Leonard, was the little popsie all you dreamed of?"

The reply began with a snort. "Hmpf! Sheila told me that this was a lark for them, that they were just hobby whores. I find that hard to believe. Mark may not know it but his dear little wifey gives every indication of being an experienced courtesan. Perhaps she's just a sexual enthusiast like you are but I wouldn't bet on it. I think this girl was a pro sometime back, probably in college. She would be far from the first, you know."

"Don't I! I've had that discussion with our Phoebe on more than one occasion. I don't think the daughter is inclined that way but I keep an eye on the local escort agencies' websites, just in case—and she knows it!"

"Brenda, doesn't that strike you as just a touch hypocritical?"

"Oh, I'm not trying to make sure she never tries it, dear. I just want to make sure that if she does, it's with her eyes open and not because some saturnine type sweet-talked her into his 'stable' if you get my drift."

"Ah, that makes sense. Thanks for the clarification. Anyway, continuing along the prior subject, how was your night?"

"He's really good, Len. Of course, he should be. Sheila told me he was probably her all-time favorite toy and she doesn't say things like that just because a guy is cute. Pretty is as pretty does with our mayor. If you can't perform after the first couple of coaching sessions, you're out of the harem. And given, as you well know, what a night with Sheila is like, the motivation to learn fast is intense."

"As we both know, you mean. A couple of the things you like best are things she told me about after fucking you senseless. Personally I think silicone is really unfair!"

"Is it? I'd have sworn you thought it was a wonderful substance. I'll just have to get an assortment of mine out tonight and remind you. It's time you got back in touch with your feminine side, husband."

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