tagInterracial LoveRenting and a New Lease

Renting and a New Lease


Seong-Hee Yoon woke up at nearly noon that Monday. It had been three months since her loving husband had announced the end of their life together, that he'd fallen for a younger woman. Seong-Hee wasn't stupid, she'd known there were problems for some time. Her former husband had mentioned his desire for children before they were married... and oh, how they'd tried back then. It was very hard news to take when a series of doctors informed her that she couldn't conceive, but the two of them had decided to bear it. She'd suggested adoption, he was less than enthusiastic.

Yet even though she'd sensed what was wrong, the divorce was surprising and painful. It hurt them both, and maybe even crueler was the fact that he still cared enough, still felt enough remorse to give her the house and enough assets to keep her financially solvent for some time.

Now, as a 38-year-old Korean-American divorcee, she didn't fancy her chances of finding another man. A man her age would likely be looking for a girl younger than she... especially one who could bear children. Battling depression over the past three months, Seong-Hee had gained almost twenty pounds, putting her at 135 in a 5'3" frame.

For a few minutes she lay on her bed, on her side of a king-size mattress, staring at the ceiling. She was thinking of nothing when she heard the doorbell ring. She propped herself up, briefly confused, then remembering why she would have a visitor.

Her house, although a smallish one-story, had a spare bedroom and bathroom. She'd placed an ad up online about a room for rent, and today someone was coming by to look at it. Was it noon already?

She crawled out of bed and put on a bathrobe when the doorbell rang again. "Shiba!" she muttered. Four months ago, she would have made more of an effort to make herself presentable, but right now she decided to just get the door.

She pulled the door open to see a surprised young man. He was white and about 5'10", with short, brown hair, brown eyes, with glasses and a bit of stubble on his face.

"Hi, I'm Will Varga, are you Ms. Yoon? ...I'm sorry, is this a bad time?" He asked, noticing her bathrobe.

Seong-Hee felt just a little bit embarrassed for a moment, "Oh no! Sorry, is my fault. I lost track of time. Please come in, I show you my house." She stepped inside to let him in, self-consciously smoothing her hair, and hoping he wasn't put off by her accent. As she'd been born in Korea and with most of her friends and acquaintances being Korean, her English wasn't quite as practiced as she might have liked.

They made small talk as she showed him around; he was a graduate student in a science PhD program at the local university looking for a place to rent close to campus. He was 25 and didn't have a girlfriend, but Seong-Hee couldn't help but wonder why. His t-shirt and jeans didn't really show much in the way of his body-shape, but she thought that he had a good-looking, masculine face and that his language was very well-enunciated and pleasantly delivered in a rich baritone. He seemed very enthusiastic about the house and the room he would rent (and especially the price she was asking).

When they'd finished the tour and she took him to the door, he asked "If I were to give you the security deposit and the first month's rent tomorrow, when could I move in?"

"You can move in same day, if you like." She said, smiling. "I can give you extra key, tomorrow."

"Perfect! I'll come by tomorrow with my things and the money. I'll see you soon, Ms. Yoon!" and he walked off. She smiled to herself. What a nice boy! She thought.


The next day, Seong-Hee woke up much earlier and jumped out of bed. Looking through her closet for something nice to wear, she was dismayed to notice that some of her favorite outfits (especially her jeans) no longer fit very well. She made a mental note to start getting more exercise. She did notice, however, that a few of her outfits looked a little a better on her, now that her breasts had gotten a touch larger with the extra weight. She decided on a thin, long-sleeved blue top that showed a little cleavage and a black skirt that went slightly past her knees. After arranging her hair and putting on a little makeup, she got to work cleaning up the house a bit.

She had just started on making a little lunch when she heard the doorbell. She was quick to answer it this time.

"Hi Ms. Yoon! I've got the deposit and the first month's rent." Will said, handing her an envelope.

"Oh! Thank you, Will! Here is key. Would you like lunch?"

"I'd love to, Ms. Yoon. First though, would it be alright if I move a few boxes in?"

"Of course! I make some lunch for you."

Over the next few minutes, Will started bringing boxes through the house and into his room and Seong-Hee continued making their lunch. She also couldn't help but notice that his white t-shirt was just a little too small for him, and that she liked it. She could see that his chest and arms had some definition to them. She idly wondered what he looked like without his shirt on.

"Lunch is ready! Come eat!" she called to him. He made his way to the dining table, looking just a little bit sweaty. "Oh! Would you like water?"

"Please!" he smiled at her.

Pouring him a glass, she asked "You work very hard! Are you strong man?"

"Uh, I don't know if I would call myself that strong, but I do like to work out. It makes me feel stronger, and I like to feel that way."

"You look strong, look very good. Muscles!" she mock-flexed her biceps.

He laughed. "Well, thank you! You look very good too."

Seong-Hee found herself starting to blush at that. "Too nice. I am old and fat."

"You don't look old or fat, Ms. Yoon. You're very attractive."

She giggled "So charming! Why no girlfriend?" His smile faltered, making her wish she hadn't asked. "I am sorry. I should not ask."

"No, that's alright. My girlfriend and I broke up before I moved here. We would have been too far apart... I had to move, but she wasn't ready to move with me. I don't blame her, it would have been a big change, but..."

He's so sweet, she thought. "I understand. You find someone soon." She said, consolingly.

He gave her a melancholy smile "We'll see. Thanks for the lunch Ms. Yoon, I think I'll bring in the rest of my things now."

As he went outside, Seong-Hee put away the dishes and went back to her room and closed the door. She looked at herself in the mirror, thinking about what Will had said.

Was she really at all attractive? She'd been pretty when she was young, and her face hadn't changed all that much in the intervening years; she had some wrinkles at the corners of her eyes and mouth from when she used to laugh and smile more and her hair was a thick, lustrous black with just the slightest waviness to it. Her skin wasn't pale or dark, but had a natural, slightly yellowish, healthy color to it. She ran her hands over her waist and hips; they were thicker than she might have liked, but still retained a womanly shape. Her stomach was a little round, but her bust still was forward of her tummy.

She pulled her top off and unhooked her bra, noticing that her breasts sagged just a little, but were still relatively full. She could feel that her nipples were a little hard, a little sensitive. She pulled her skirt off, then her panties, and lay down on the bed. She could hear Will moving through the house, grunting as he carried something particularly heavy. She closed her eyes, thinking of the stubble on Will's face as she brought her hand between her legs, feeling dampness in her pubic hair. She made a mental note to trim it later, and then started stroking her fingers up and down her opening.

In her mind's eye, Will's eyes combed over her body; everywhere her hands touched were where his hands touched. She inserted an index finger into herself as she lightly pinched a nipple with her other hand. While stroking her finger in and out, she licked the fingers on her other hand and started massaging her clit. Seong-Hee couldn't remember the last time she'd been so wet. Already she could feel her climax approaching. She added a second finger and started thrusting harder, rubbing faster. Her breath was coming in quick gasps.

She moaned a restrained "Ohhhhhh..." as she came, involuntarily arching her back a little, feeling waves of pleasure arcing through her nerve-endings.

She was still coming down when she heard a knock on her door and "Ms. Yoon? I've brought in all my things and set up my computer. Could you help me connect to your wifi network?"

"Coming!" she shouted, the double entendre not registering. She pulled on her top and her skirt, not bothering with the underwear. After quickly looking in the mirror and smoothing everything over, she hurried over to the door and opened it to see Will patiently waiting.

"Are you alright, Ms. Yoon? You look a little flushed."

"Ah, never mind," she said quickly, trying to distract him "let's set up internet."

In Will's new room, it didn't take long to get his internet working; all it really took was finding the right network and putting in the password. During that brief time, however, Seong-Hee was very conscious of the fact she wasn't wearing any underwear. What's wrong with me? I'm like a teenager! She thought.

"All done!" She said and, feeling the need to get a little fresh air, "I go out shopping; get comfortable!"

"Thanks, Ms. Yoon." He said as she retreated.


"You're renting a room! That's wonderful! I hope it's a man."

Seong-Hee looked at her friend curiously. Chae-Won had been her best friend for most of her life, and openly defied the stereotype of a reserved Korean housewife. The two of them had been talking over tea together for years, and she'd been Seong-Hee's main source of consolation during her hardest times.

Chae-Won exclaimed "I bet it is a man!"

"How do you know that?"

"Aha! You look so much better today, Seong-Hee. Your cheeks have color, you're not staring into your cup, and you're not faking your smiles. A man in the house has been doing you good! When did he move in?"

"Actually, just this afternoon."

Chae-Won looked at her, widening her eyes theatrically "What a man, to have that effect on you! Tell me about him."

"Well, he's a PhD student at the University. He's white and 25."

"Ohhh, a younger man. Is he handsome, too?" Seong-Hee started blushing, making Chae-Won laugh with delight "He IS handsome! Oh Seong-Hee, you're so lucky!"

"What do you mean, lucky?"

"Seong-Hee, I'm married and have three children. I love my husband, but we don't have as much fun in bed any more. Sometimes I look at men and think 'he looks so good...' but I can't do anything. You're free! You can do what you want! You don't have to worry about children either, and don't get sad about it now! You must live with your karma; I say you should make the best of it. And..." she said, a mischievous twinkle in her eye "you should tell your good friends everything that happens!"


It was starting to get dark when Seong-Hee returned home with a few groceries. After putting them away, she went into the living room, finding Will lying on her couch, beer in hand, watching television.

"Will! You drink beer?"

"Hi, Ms. Yoon! I hope that's alright, I decided to pick up a few bottles while you were out. I was thinking that I'd celebrate going back to college." He smiled easily at her.

"Is alright, but only one rule. Share your beer!" Seong-Hee said, mock-scoldingly.

"Oh, of course! I'll get you a bottle." He jumped up and hurried over to the kitchen. Seong-Hee sat down on the couch he'd just vacated, thinking about Chae-Won's advice. The last (and only, for that matter) man she'd been intimate with had been her former husband. Thinking about seducing this young man was almost as scary as it was exciting... and she found herself regretting again that she wasn't wearing underwear. She could tell she was a little wet.

Will interrupted her reverie by handing her a bottle "You seem a little lost in thought, Ms. Yoon." He sat down next to her.

"I think about how nice to have a man in house." She gave him a bittersweet smile. "Last man here was my husband."

"You're married?"

"We divorce."

"Oh..." He paused for a few seconds. "I'm sorry, Ms. Yoon."

"Don't worry. I get used to it." She paused, wanting to get off the subject "Do you miss girlfriend?"

"No... yes. All the time. We'd been together for three years, and I was considering proposing to her. It's a big change, you know? To go from thinking you'll spend your life with someone to having her out of your life altogether."

It was right then that she made her decision. She took a swig from the bottle in her hand before putting it down. She was almost shaking. She put her hand on his knee and started leaning against him, her breast brushing his right shoulder. His eyes widened a little as she held them with her own. "You lonely, Will."

"Ms. Yoon..."

"My name is Seong-Hee."

"Seong-Hee..." He said, uncertainly.

"I am lonely too." She brought her lips to his, pushing against them. He stiffened, and for a few, agonizing moments while she kissed him, she worried that he would stop her. She felt her cheeks reddening with shame with the thought that he would reject her; how could she, a fat, old woman seduce a handsome, young man?

But then, right as she was about to pull away and apologize in her humiliation, he started to kiss her back.

She shivered as her insecurities quieted and started giving way to lust. He opened his mouth, running his tongue over her lips before pushing into her mouth and pulling back again. He started sucking on her upper lip while moving his arms around her. She noticed how strong his arms felt, how he pulled her so firmly to him.

She brought a hand to his lap, feeling his erection through his jeans before unbuttoning his fly and sliding her hand down his pants. She encircled his cock in her hand and started stroking. In turn, Will started running a free hand up her thigh, under her skirt. It wasn't long before he found what he was looking for; his fingers igniting sensation as he ran them over her sopping lips.

It was she who broke the kiss. She stood up from the couch, taking his hand. "My bed." She said simply, glaring at him lustily and tugging his hand insistently. He stood up and let her lead him, neither resisting nor wanting to.

No sooner had they arrived at the foot of her bed than Seong-Hee started pulling Will's shirt over his head, revealing a chest sculpted by many hours of exercise covered in a dark blanket of soft hair. She stared at him for a moment. With his muscle, chest hair, European features, and stubble, he looked so different than her ex-husband had. So very masculine.

He reciprocated, pulling her own shirt over her head, and exposing her breasts to his eyes. He took them in his hands, cupping them while lightly pinching her nipples. He looked at her dead in the eyes the whole time. Both of them were breathing heavily.

Seong-Hee unzipped his pants and started pulling them down with his boxer-briefs, not breaking eye-contact until she'd pulled them to his feet, and his cock hung in front of her. It was only the second cock she'd ever seen up close in her life, but it was definitely bigger than the first; about seven inches long, circumcised, curved slightly upward, and looking a little thick, but not intimidatingly so. She was briefly tempted to start sucking on it, but by this point Seong-Hee just wanted to be fucked. She pulled her skirt off before standing in front of him, now both of them completely naked.

She laid herself down on the bed, spreading her legs wide and letting them hang off the edge of the mattress. Will put his hands on her hips and pulled her right to the edge of the bed. He started rubbing his dick's head over her clit and up and down her opening.

"No," she said huskily "Don't tease. I want you inside!"

He obliged her. Placing the head in the right place, he started pushing into her. The incredible sensation of fullness, beyond anything she'd ever felt before, surprised her into an orgasm. She moaned as she looked into his eyes, feeling her vaginal muscles contract around his dick. It had never been so easy for her to come before.

He started a small thrusting motion, slowly at first. Seong-Hee was incredibly well lubricated at this point, and thought that he could go much faster comfortably... but she appreciated his consideration and let him go at his pace. It would likely be a few minutes before she would be able to come again, but she still loved the sensations and the view. His hairy, muscular upper body looked so good while he was moving inside her; it was like being taken by a barbarian warrior. She moaned happily and she ran her eyes up and down his body.

At that moment, he started changing the angle of his thrusting and she felt a sizzling jolt of sexual feeling. Will gave a wolfish grin; he knew he'd found her G-spot. He picked up the pace, fucking her in earnest at that angle.

Seong-Hee was unable to think, she could only feel intense waves of pleasure arcing through her body. Her moans became higher and louder as Will brought her to her second orgasm. She clutched the bedsheets in her hands and writhed as he kept fucking her, prolonging her climax.

Finally, he slowed down, allowing her to come down a little. Her mind in a fog, she breathed "Come in me, Will."

Still stroking into her, he replied "What about protection?"

She shook her head "I not get pregnant. Why husband left me." She wrapped her legs behind his back, and looked him in the eyes. "Come in me, Will." She said, grinning.

Now he really started picking up the pace. He was pushing and pulling out much of his length with every stroke. There was the sound of their flesh slapping together as he pounded into her quickly and forcefully. Seong-Hee was amazed to feel another orgasm approaching. She stared him in the eyes.

"Will! Come in me, Will! WILL!" She screamed. Her vaginal muscles convulsed and at last, that set him off. Through her orgasm, she could feel his hot spunk surging into her. For a minute it felt as though her cunt and his cock were pulsing in unison.

Neither of them said anything or moved as they came down. At last, Will pulled out of her. "Should I sleep in your bed, tonight?" He asked, raising an eyebrow.

Seong-Hee sighed and smiled widely. "So glad I rent to you!"


This is the first story I've ever submitted to Literotica, so I would be very happy to read your advice, thoughts, and comments. If it was as much fun to read as it was to write, maybe I'll continue Seong-Hee and Will's story.

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you've had a bit of a break, please continue! Interested to see where you go with things as you've left a few possibilities open. So far the only thing i would suggest is more length, short stories aremore...

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