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Repair Job


Naked, Jessa danced around her kitchen to the sounds of the local rock station. At twenty-one, she was living completely alone for the first time, and so far she was loving the freedom of not having to deal with her parents or a roommate. If she wanted to stay up till two in the morning watching infomercials, she could. If she wanted to run the shower out of hot water, she could. And if she wanted to dance naked in her kitchen, there was no one to see her.

Or so she thought, until she heard the doorknob turn. Shit! Who would just walk into her apartment? No one had a key; no one had permission. The apartment was a small one; the living room and kitchen were one room, with a separate bedroom and bathroom. Which meant as soon as that door was open, Jessa would be visible to whoever was breaking in. She didn't have time to get to her room; she ducked behind the counter, and hoped for the best.

The door swung open. "Anyone here?" a voice called.

The voice of her landlord, Mr. Ross. "What are you doing here?" Jessa replied, without coming out of hiding.

"Your lease says I can come in to make repairs, and you said one of the pipes under the kitchen sink was leaking, so I came to take a look." He took the few steps toward the kitchen and spotted Jessa. "Why are you hiding there?"

"Um, would you mind stepping back outside for a moment?" Jessa shrank closer to the counter. "I need... I was just about to take a shower."

"It's going to be hard for you to do that if I'm fixing the pipe," Mr. Ross said. "I have to shut off the water if the leak is bad."

"Well, then, would you mind going back out so I can go get dressed?"

Instead of leaving, Mr. Ross came closer, carrying a wrench. He wasn't much taller than Jessa, with stooped shoulders and grey hair. He had to be in his sixties. Jessa shrank back, but part of her wanted to give Mr. Ross a view of what he obviously wanted to see. "Nothing to be ashamed of," he said. "Unless you're totally naked right now."

"I am," Jessa admitted.

"Really? Wouldn't think you'd be naked all by yourself."

"I told you, I was getting ready to take a shower. But since I can't, I'd like to get dressed, please."

"I don't think you need to."

Jessa gulped. What did he mean? "Um, I wouldn't want to distract you from your job."

"You already have." Mr. Ross walked over to her. "Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Why are you hiding?"

"Because I'm naked." Jessa tried to curl in on herself so he wouldn't see anything more, but she knew it was already too late. "Maybe you should come back later."

"Stand up." Mr. Ross's voice was hoarse. "I want to see you."

"I don't think that's a good idea." Though her hormones didn't agree with her brain on that point.

"Stand up. Please."

He rubbed the front of his pants. The bulge there was unmistakable, and suddenly Jessa decided she didn't care if he saw her. She straightened up, revealing her breasts and shaved pussy, and Mr. Ross groaned. "Are you happy now?" Jessa demanded.

"Not yet."

He reached out and ran the wrench lightly over Jessa's breasts. The cold metal made her nipples stiffen. Before she could stop him. Mr. Ross pinched one nipple with his other hand. "Beautiful," he repeated.

"I want to get dressed," Jessa said.

"No, you don't." Mr. Ross brought the wrench down Jessa's belly to her pussy. "You're wet, aren't you? Maybe I should take care of your leak before I deal with the pipes."

"I'm not," Jessa lied. Of course she was wet; Mr. Ross's attention and the shock of the metal against her skin were more of a turn-on than anything had been lately. She hadn't even been on a date since she'd moved; she was more than a little leery about meeting men in a new city, and the boyfriend she'd dated since high school had dumped her when she'd refused to let him move in with her. For the past few months, she'd made do with her fingers and a vibrator her best friend had given her as a joke for her birthday.

Mr. Ross wouldn't have been her first choice. He was old, for one thing. But he was obviously interested, and it wasn't like she was going for a relationship. Just a quick...

"You are." Mr. Ross's words interrupted her train of thought, and his fingers stopped any chance of her finishing the thought as they slipped between her legs. "Very wet. You want to be fucked, don't you?"

"By you?"

"Hell yes, by me. Do you see anyone else here?" He stroked her clit with one finger as he undid his pants with the other hand, letting his hard cock free. "Looks like I'm ready for it. Are you?"

"What makes you think I'm going to let you do anything?" Jessa was determined not to act like she wanted this. The old man would never leave her alone if he thought she was willing. Besides, she liked it rough sometimes.

"Because I can tell how horny you are."

Mr. Ross tossed the wrench onto the counter and spun Jessa around. He pushed on her shoulders, making her bend over the counter, and leaned against her back, pinning her in place. Jessa felt his cock pressing against her ass. "Should I fuck your cunt first or that tight ass of yours?" Ross murmured against her ear. "Hmm. Maybe I should leave the ass for another time. I do have other repair jobs I need to get to."

"There won't be another time!"

"Sure there will."

With one hard thrust, his cock filled Jessa's pussy. Despite her pretense that she didn't want this, Jessa couldn't stop herself from moaning. "That's right," Ross said. "I knew you wanted it. I've wanted to fuck you since you moved in."

"Just shut up and do it," Jessa said.

Roughly, he grabbed her breasts as he fucked her harder. Jessa tried to keep herself under control, but after doing it herself for so long, having someone else inside her was too much. She came, so hard she screamed, after only a few minutes.

"Yeah, right, you didn't want it," Ross said. He thrust a couple more times, then grunted and was still. "Tell me again that there won't be another time?"

"There won't!" Jessa insisted, though she wasn't so sure now.

"Uh huh." Ross stepped away from her and adjusted his pants. "Okay, you can get dressed now."

Without looking at him, Jessa hurried into her bathroom, where she cleaned herself and put on the bathrobe she kept behind the door. When she went back to the kitchen, Ross was waiting. "Fixed the sink," he said. "Just a loose nut. You're all set now."


"No problem." He sauntered toward her and stopped close enough to make her uncomfortable. "Anytime you need something taken care of, you just let me know." He patted her ass and left.

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