tagNonConsent/ReluctanceRepaying a Debt Ch. 1

Repaying a Debt Ch. 1


As I was hanging my jacket up, Darren, shouted over, “Paula! Kevin wants to see you, as soon as you come in.”

With a smile on my face, I walked upstairs and knocked on his door.

“Is that you, Paula?” Kevin called. “Yes,” “Come in.”

As I walked into the office, Kev was sitting behind his desk, looking at a CCTV screen.

“Sit down.” He said as he motioned to the other chair.

He produced videotape from a drawer and slid it into the machine; he turned to the screen towards me, and said, “Expensive things, security cameras. But in the right hands, they can save you a lot of money.”

I kept a straight face, but my heart was sinking into my feet.

The picture on the screen was flickering into life. Then in ‘glorious Technicolor’, the camera focussed on me serving a customer, then opening the till, but sliding the money into my pocket, without ringing up a sale.

Without me noticing, Kev was now standing next to me.

With no emotion in his voice, Kev started speaking, “My takings are down, by about £1,000 over the last couple of months. It doesn’t make sense. Business is good, especially on Tuesday and Thursday. Don’t you agree? You work on Tuesday and Thursday nights, don’t you, Paula?”

I couldn’t speak, or even face him. I’d been taking money for months. It was actually a lot more than £1,000!

I was stupid and naVve. It was only a matter of time before I got caught.

Kevin was also the wrong type of guy to cross! He owned three bars, a club, and numerous flats and was rumoured to be involved in the local gang scene.

As I turned my head, towards him, he grabbed my blonde ponytail, and pushed my face against the desk. “That hurts! Stop it, stop it!” I screamed.

“Hurts! It hurts, does it, you thieving little bitch?” He shouted into my ear. “I’ll show you real pain, when I shove my cock up your arse!”

“How much money have you got with you? How much?” Kev continued shouting.

“Nothing! £20, I don’t know!” I whispered.

“So how are you going to re-pay me?” His voice was more controlled now. “You only work two nights a week for me, Sundays in the Supermarket, your waster of a husband works for pennies and you’ve got two kids. Tell me, how are you going to pay it back?”

I began to cry.

“You can stop that now!” he shouted, as he raised his hand, in a striking motion. I closed my eyes, flinched and prepared for more pain.

He surprised me, by stroking my cheek and chin. “I don’t want to hurt you. But I want my money back, and you must be punished. You know that you must be punished, don’t you?”

Confused, I nodded my head.

Kev was now sitting on the edge of his desk, directly in front of me.

He smiled as he began unbuckling his belt.

“Take your clothes off!” Kev winked, as he pulled his zip down.

“What?” I gasped.

“You heard me! Strip!”

“But Kev, I’m married! I can’t, you can’t make me!”

“Look, you owe me a Grand. Until it’s paid back, I own you. Now get your fucking clothes off!”

His jeans were now around his ankles, and his pants were starting to resemble a tent.

I knew that I was getting off lightly if all I had to do was fuck him for a thousand pounds!

I stood up and began pulling my sweater over my head.

“Nice tits! They look bigger than I’d expected!” Kev laughed, as he adjusted his erection.

I was beginning to relax, now, as I unhooked my bra. I held it in place, as the straps fell down my arms.

Although I was ‘happily’ married, I’d had numerous affairs, so fucking Kev’, wasn’t going to be the ‘worst thing in the world’. “Don’t be shy!” Kev laughed, “let the dog see the rabbit.”

I closed my eyes, as my lacy bra fell to the floor, exposing my (34c) breasts to his gaze.

“Nice tits. Now….” He motioned his eyes to my jeans, “the rest.”

As my jeans were very tight, it was a struggle to take them off, while I was still standing.

I spotted that his cock was getting harder as he stared at my wobbling breasts.

I was left, just in my white panties.

Kev was now openly stroking his growing cock. “Everything, I said. And don’t turn away from me!” he grunted.

I quickly dropped my pants and threw them on his desk. My heart was pounding while he feasted his eyes on my naked body.

“Oh, Paula. You little beauty!” he whistled, when he saw my shaved and shaped pubes.

“Bend over the desk,” he instructed me, slowly, I did as I was told. My breasts pressed flat against the cold desk as he looked at my soft, round arse. “Mmmm, that look’s good,” he groaned, “Now, show me your twat.”

“What?” I turned to look at him, standing behind me.

“Spread your legs! Get your cheeks wide apart. I want to get a look at that shaved twat! Come on, hurry up!”

With my face and breasts pressed against his desk, I spread my legs as far as they would go, then pulled my arse cheeks apart so he had an unobstructed view of my most private parts.

I felt humiliated, but couldn’t stop myself as I was becoming incredibly turned on, and could feel my pussy getting wetter and wetter.

“That’s some sight, Paula. Do you shave it for Jimmy or for your boyfriends?” he laughed.

I felt myself begin to smile as I answered, “For me!”

“You can stand up now.” Kev told me. As I turned around, his trousers and pants were at his ankles. He was holding the biggest cock that I’d ever seen in his hand. A vicious looking purple head was poking out of a floppy foreskin, as three or four inches hung out of his hand.

With a grin on his face, and roughly waving it at me, he said, “You know what to do. Don’t you?” I walked over to him, and sunk to my knees. As I opened my mouth, Kev slapped it across my face, until my cheeks hurt.

“Open wide!” he told me as he took hold of my ponytail, again, “that’s the way, go on, suck it like it’s the last cock on earth!”

I grabbed hold of his hairy arse, to steady myself, but I could still only take the huge knob and an inch or so of his fleshy shaft into my mouth. I immediately set about my task with plenty of enthusiasm. I love sucking cock, and this one was so big, it was special. I sucked and licked the knob as if it was a toffee, then ran my tongue up and down the gnarly veins on the shaft. “The knob, suck my knob!” He ordered me.

When I obliged, he began thrusting his hips and pulling my head towards him, forcing even more of his monster into my mouth. I surprised myself at how much was going in, as it filled my mouth and touched my tonsils. His sense of rhythm was fantastic, as his cock began to ease into my throat, which I’d never done before.

Patting me on the top of my head, he suddenly said, “that’s enough, of that.”

My jaws were aching, and my pussy was soaking, as he slid out of my mouth.

Sitting on the edge of his desk, he motioned me towards his cock, “Wrap those lovely big tits around it.”

I leant forward, my hands either side of him and brushed my breasts against his purple knob. I knew what he wanted me to do, as it is my husband’s favourite game.

I gently swayed, from side to side, my soft breasts slapping his enormous, rock hard cock, for a couple of minutes.

“Good girl, now put it in the middle,” Kev whispered.

I moved my position, until his cock was under my chin, and squeezed my sweaty breasts together, with my forearms.

He began to purr.

It felt good for me, too. I really had the urge to finger myself; I needed to come, so much.

I continued with my ‘titty fuck’, until he patted me on the head, “Suck it, again.” He groaned.

Dropping to my knees, I took hold of his cock. It was red hot and much harder than my husband ever got.

Kev was running his fingers through my long blonde hair, as I gently kissed the purple tip, then covered the bulbous head with my lips. It tasted good, not as sweaty as my husband, Jimmy’s.

Making Kev moan, out loud, I bobbed my mouth up and down very quickly, then alternated with long slow licks. I was now becoming so turned on, myself.

My pussy began to tingle so much, I thought that I might spontaneously orgasm.

“Enough! Now, bend over the desk, and spread those legs!” He commanded.

When I stood up he had one last squeeze of my breasts, tugging on my nipples, making them sting.

I did as I was told. Bending over the desk, I gripped onto the far side, my breasts and stomach squashed against some papers.

“Spread your cheeks, for me!” Kev demanded, again.

Revelling in my shameful position, I spread my legs even further apart.

“Not like that. Spread your cheeks, for me, like you did before!” he laughed.

I let go of the desk and placed my hands on my arse cheeks.

Kev couldn’t see me, but I was grinning as I pulled my cheeks apart, exposing my bald pussy lips to him, again.

“You’re fucking soaking!” he laughed, “It looks like a spiders web!”

In seconds he had slid his huge cock inside my sopping cunt.

I’d never felt so full, in 8 years of marriage. Kev gripped my hips and fucked me for what seemed an eternity, like dog with a bitch,.

I managed to grip the desk with one hand, and I slid my other between my legs, until I grasped his balls, making him groan, again.

“Stop it! Stop it! You’ll make me come!” he grunted.

“That’s the idea!” I teased.

Kev slowed down, and gently eased his cock out, leaving me panting. I started to turn around, when he put his hand on my shoulder, to stop me. “I’m not finished, with you, yet.”

Pushing me back down onto the desk, he slid two fingers into my pussy, twisting them around, taking my breath away. “Spread them, again.”

I was enjoying his dominance, and pulled my cheeks apart for him, again. As I did so, he pulled his fingers out, and ran them along my crack, pausing on my other hole.

Kev smeared the juices over my puckered anus, then began probing it with one of his fingertips.

“No! No!” I started to panic, letting go of my arse cheeks and tried to turn around.

Kev grabbed my hair, and tugged my head back, making me grimace.

“I told you that I wasn’t finished with you. Didn’t I?” He growled, as he pushed his finger all the way in, making me scream.

“That’s better!” he laughed, “You didn’t think that a little fuck was going to be your punishment, did you?”

After pummelling my hole, with his finger for a minute, he twisted it around, then slid it out. Still gripping my cheeks, I gasped for air, only to be taken by surprise as his thick cock pressed against the stretched hole.

“No, no.” I cried, as his fat cock made its way into my arse, stretching my hole as if it was elastic.

“You can let go, now,” he told me, “You might want to grip the desk. It’s going to be a helluva ride!”

His first few strokes were so fast and rough, he nearly tore my hole, making me bite my bottom lip as tears welled up in my eyes. Then I managed to rock my hips in rhythm, as his cock began sliding in and out as if he was in my pussy.

My hands were gripping the desk as if my life depended on it, while my tits were sliding all over the desk as he rammed his cock into my tight, virgin arsehole. I’d never felt anything like this, before. Both my husband and one of my boyfriends had asked me to try anal sex, some years before, but I’d always thought that it was disgusting. Yet now, I was beginning to enjoy every second and every inch of this abnormal act.

Again he grabbed my ponytail, and pulled my head back.

“Does that smell nice?” he laughed as he waved his shit covered finger under my nose.

I closed my eyes and shook my head, which made him laugh even louder.

Kev began to tire, and slowed down, allowing me to let go of the desk. Taking advantage, my hand immediately went to my clit. I pushed two fingers straight into my cunt as my index finger played with my clit. It didn’t take a minute for me to finally shiver with a very intense orgasm.

Kev slowly down and withdrew his cock, making my arse feel like I’d just had a massive shit.

I was gasping for air, as he pulled at my shoulder. “Now you can finish me off. Suck it!”

Trembling, I slid to my knees, for my final act of degradation.

The veins on his cock were so full I thought that they might burst.

Like his fingers, his cock stunk of my shit as I took it in my mouth. I couldn’t believe what I was doing; I told myself that I was only doing this because I was afraid of him, but my nipples and pussy told a different story.

I rubbed the thick shaft with one hand as I squeezed his balls with the other while I sucked like crazy on the bright purple knob, which was completely filling my mouth. My large fleshy tits were rubbing against his hairy legs, so much I could feel my nipples trying to explode.

“Yes! Yes! That’s it!” he moaned, “Now! Now! Take it out!” As it left my lips large dollops of spunk squirted into my mouth and onto my face. It felt like it would never end as he gripped his cock and squeezed and jerked the last few drops onto my nose and mouth. The sweet stench of spunk and shit was overpowering as Kev held my hair and pushed his deflating member back into my mouth, making me suck the last few salty drops out.

He then staggered around his desk until he sat on his swivel chair, his throbbing cock dangling between his legs.

I half lay/sat on the floor against the desk. My face was still covered in his juices and my naked body was soaking with sweat. As I got my breath back I became aware of the tingling in my vagina and the soreness in my arse.

My mind was in turmoil at what I had just done and had done to me. Kev threw me a handkerchief to clean up with.

As I wiped my face I was acutely aware of the strong smell of his spunk. When my husband spills his load on my tits, there is hardly any smell at all, but also nowhere near as much spunk!

Oddly enough when I began collecting my clothes, I suddenly became embarrassed at my nakedness, which amused him.

While I was fastening my bra, I consoled myself that I had only done it to re-pay the debt, and now I could get on with living my life. As I was a 27yr. Old housewife, and he had his pick of the young girls in his bars, it would be unlikely that Kev would want me again, and would probably just sack me, before I left his office.

Kev began fiddling with the CCTV again, when he said, “Well, that’s the first payment. Now we’ll have to arrange the next one.”

“Shit! First payment?” what was he talking about?

“You don’t think that one video was going to be worth £1,000, did you?” he laughed, as he turned the TV towards me. There on screen was my smiling face, as he was fucking my arse. The bastard had filmed everything!

“You bastard!” I shouted, “give me that!”

A look of anger flashed across his face, “I don’t think so. You stole a lot of money from, and as I told you….I own you until it’s all paid back.”

For the second time that day, my heart sank.

“Let’s call that a £50 deposit, and the rest can be £100 each. That’s fair, don’t you think?”

He went on to tell me that, with a friend, he had a company that made, very lucrative, porn videos. Some of them were filmed secretly, like the one I had just made, but most of the others were made in a local hotel, with willing participants. He explained that I was to make 10 or 12 videos to pay off my debt, starting on Friday, when my kids were at school.


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