John answered the phone in his usual business voice, "Hi John", he heard on the other line, a voice he did not recognize continued "You don't know me directly, but we have a mutual friend. Karen and I have been...'intimate' for several years now. I sure she has told you about me as she has told me a lot about you. My name is Ron."

Stunned, John took a while to digest this information. Yes he had heard of Ron. Karen and he had been lovers for quite a while. She had confided in John that Ron was married and she was the "other woman". While she felt terrible about it, she loved Ron dearly but put herself through hell periodically for what they did.

Ron continued, breaking Johns thoughts "I know that you probably disapprove of our relationship..."

John interrupted "On the contrary, I don't approve or disapprove, I am Karen's friend and I hate you when she cries over you or something you did and like you when I see her smile because of you. That is the extent of my thoughts concerning you. I am certainly in no position to judge you over how you choose to live your life."

Ron paused, "hmmm, well maybe my call is not as fruitless as I thought, I suppose you would like to know the point?"

John answered, "Well, yes, let's get to that."

Ron began "Well, Karen told me about your birthday present. She was very excited about what she was able to facilitate for you and it awakened a fantasy in her that she had never considered before."

For the second time in a single conversation, John was stunned. His mind raced at the ramifications of Ron knowing the intimate details of his birthday gift from his wife and Karen. Moreover, hearing about them at work and beginning to realize where this was leading all made his mind race and other parts were beginning to pay attention as well.

He flashed back to the surprise and pleasure he had achieved at their hands. Karen had arranged for his wife to show up at her house in disguise. Together they gave John an incredible massage and helped him achieve his fantasy oral sex. Not only was that night fantastic, his sex life had improved dramatically with his wife's introduction to oral sex. She had become quite insatiable in that area and now he was getting as much sex as he cared to handle. Their marriage was stronger than ever because of Karen's help.

"Karen has been fantasizing about you and I with her at the same time." Ron continued, "I would love to help her achieve this fantasy but obviously cannot do it without your help. Are you the least bit interested?"

John thought carefully about his answer, "At first glance I would say no, since I am married and my relationship is going very well. However, it is going well because of Karen and her involvement in essentially a threesome with my wife and I. On the third hand, part of me, apparently, is extremely interested." John shifted in his chair to make himself more comfortable. "Let me give it some thought", He resumed "I need to decide how to ask my wife as I am sure that Karen would not go for it without Brynn's express consent. Oh, hell you know I'm game let's see what Brynn says and take it from there."

"Great", Ron said "I'll call you back tomorrow?"

"Sounds good" John replied and hung up the phone.

The rest of the day was pretty well shot as John's thoughts kept returning to Karen and her fantasy. He also wondered how he would convince Brynn to let him do this.

John rode his bike home from work slowly thinking how best to approach this subject without offending Brynn. His mind was racing as he pulled into the garage and prepared himself for this conversation. He walked into the kitchen and said "Hi Honey" in the cheeriest voice he could muster.

"What did you do?, Brynn asked.

"What do you mean?" John answered.

"You look like the cat that ate the canary" she said.

"Why, What are you talking about? he denied.

No use though, "Come on out with it, what's up? she repeated, "I know you better than you know yourself and I can tell when you have something to ask or tell me so out with it already."

John started to explain using all of the ideas he came up with on his bike ride home. All he really got out was Karen, Ron and him before Brynn got the picture.

"Stop", she said, "enough, I get the picture. What I need to know is do you WANT to do this or not?".

"Well, "John said "I love you and would not want to endanger anything we have..."

"Stop", Brynn said. "I can tell by looking at that bulge in your pants that just talking about the idea excites you. Karen has done a lot for us and for me, so I don't see why we could not reciprocate. Two condition though: one, I don't want to know the details, two: if you end up leaving me for her or some such crap over this, I will hunt you down and neuter you with your own hunting knife."

John laughed but wondered how serious she was. "Luckily that is not an issue", he said. "You're OK with this?"

"Not totally, but I will be. Just don't make a habit of it." She answered and kissed him hard then went back to cooking supper as if nothing had transpired.

John realized once again that he could never really begin to comprehend the female of the species and went to check his e-mail.

The next day, Ron called back. John and he discussed timing and their plans. Everything was set for the anniversary of their first physical encounter. Karen called it "Ron Day". It was to take place in a hotel near her house. Everything was set.

As the day of the event arrived, John felt both nervous and excited. He had known Karen for a long time. They had shared intimate details of their lives but neither had seen the other naked. "How will she react" he wondered as he drove to the meeting.

Luckily he had little time for second thoughts as Ron had preparations in full swing. He had booked the "Presidential Suite" so they would have a separate room from "the entertainment".

* * * * *

Karen urged her Rover a little faster. Finally, the day had come. Ron was in town and they could finally be together. She felt herself begin to get flush with excitement. She daydreamed of the last time. He had been his usual charming self and the sex had been great.

Tonight he had hinted that there was something really special planned. Karen considered what it could be but was unable to come up with anything that would excite her much more than just seeing Ron again. She would play along to please him but she just wanted to be with him.

The thought of his arms around her made her press the gas just a little further down, the big engine leaping to comply as she hurled down the expressway.

Finally she pulled into the hotel lot. Nearly running, she grabbed her overnight bag and rushed into the lobby. He had left the room number on her voice mail so she did not have to stop. Straight through the opulent lobby and waiting businessmen into the elevator.

She silently urged the elevator to speed up. Damn thing was topping on every floor and of course his room HAD to be on the top floor. The elevator crawled upwards as her heart raced, he palms began to sweat and she felt her face flush. "Calm down girl, your acting like a nervous school girl" she said to herself as she took a deep cleansing breath.

Stepping out of the elevator she began to look for the room. She followed the signs to the end of the long hall and found the room in the end of a corridor. Waiting outside she took one more deep breath and smiling to herself she knocked.

Ron opened the door instantly. He smiled that special smile of his that said he was up to something and let her in. Inside she could see it was a suite. A beautiful couch and table lit by candles in the main room and the door to the bedroom was closed. Ron was wearing an elegant floor length kimono that was black with gold dragons or something like that embroidered into it. From the glimpses of him she saw in the openings she suspected (correctly) that was all he was wearing.

He took her in his arms and kissed her deeply and with so much passion her knees weakened. She began to feel light headed as the kiss continued and he held her tightly. Finally they broke. She composed herself (somewhat) and stood upright.

Ron smiled at her reaction and lead her to the enormous bathroom. There he handed her a kimono of her own and told her to prepare in whatever means necessary and meet her in the living room.

Karen closed the door and gathered herself as she began to take off her clothes. Her nipples were so hard they hurt and her panties were soaked clear through from the excitement that had been building and culminated in that kiss. She briefly considered bringing herself to climax now as she was so hot it would only take a second but she decided to wait for him to do it. He loved to make her come.

She smiled to herself as she put on the black negligee' she had bought especially for this occasion. She slowly pulled on the no back body stocking. Silk bottoms fit her curves just right and the front was see- through. She felt hot as she pulled it on and when she glanced in the mirror, she knew she looked hot as well. Finally she pulled on the kimono and dabbed just a dab of his favorite cologne behind her knee, her inner thigh, her breast and neck. She was ready.

She stepped out of the bathroom into the living room, now lit by candles. Soft music was playing in the background. Ron motioned her to sit down on the couch beside him as he took a glass and began to pour Champagne for her.

She looked around and saw a bowl of chocolate covered strawberries and a bag that looked to contain her favorite flavored massage oil. She began to get the idea of what her "special gift" was going to be and she liked it. Smiling to herself at how clever she was, she allowed him to feed her a strawberry and settled in.

As they cuddled and ate strawberries drank champagne and relaxed. She began to feel him getting ready for the next phase. The tent forming in his kimono was unmistakable as was the lust in his eyes. She decided to tease him a bit more...

Ron asked her " Do you think you would be up for a massage tonight?".

"Absolutely" she answered quickly. "But first I need to get more comfortable" She stood up and dropped her kimono to the floor, revealing her body suit with the mesh top. Ron's jaw dropped as he gazed at her, this was an unexpected event added to an already exciting evening. He became so aroused that his cock slid from the folds of his Kimono, throbbing and glistening in the candlelight.

Karen took this as an op[portunity to regain control. She began to do a strip tease with the lingerie. First she stepped a little close and gave him a good look, then she turned to reveal the backless suit and how it formed perfectly to her butt. She glanced down and some him throb in excitement. She decided to see just how hot she could get him.

The body suit was designed for a friend of hers who was once a stripper. It came apart easily and revealed little portions of her at a time. She slowly reached behind her and pulled on the velcro wrap. It gave easily and she slowly pulled it off revealing now a bikini with a mesh top and form fitting bottoms.

Ron began to slowly stroke himself as pre-cum made the entire tip of his cock glisten.

Karen smiled and she ran her hands all over herself. She was getting turned on in the process and really wanted to help him with his problem. She slowed at the top, reached behind her and unfastened the top layer. To Ron's surprise she was now wearing a wide mesh bikini top that allowed her erect nipples to poke through the holes. The netting held her ample breasts like they were bound. The look took on a hint of bondage as her breasts were contained in the netting.

Karen was not yet finished, she danced and twirled running her hands over herself before moving them slowly to the bikini bottoms. Ron held is breath as she pulled on the sides of the bikini bottoms. The gave way revealing a black g-string. Now she danced in front of him in a g-string and a netting top. He was throbbing and pre-cum flowing freely now. But she was not done. She tweaked her nipples, licked her lips and used her teeth to untie the top. First one side came free then the other. Now the netting fell, clinging erotically to her rock hard nipples. She shook lightly and it fell. Now she had on only a g-string concealing her last surprise.

Ron was beside himself, his face flushed with excitement, his cock fully at attention was throbbing with each rapid heartbeat. Karen walked slowly in front of him and carefully pulled the last string. As her g-string fell off, Ron saw her freshly shaved lips. The smooth hairless flesh was glistening with her own excitement. He nearly blew his load right then. Karen had other ideas.

She knew her lover was close, she dropped to her knees and teased him just a little more with her hot breath before engulfing his manhood entirely. Ron tried to hold back but she knew him too well. Karen fingered the pressure point below his balls, at the same time as she cupped them with the other hand. Her tongue danced on the head as she sucked out the pre cum he had been generating. She felt his pressure building all to quickly and prepared herself for the flood.

Ron was completely at her mercy as she took him deeply. He came fast and hard gushing into her mouth as she quickly swallowed to keep up. She expertly sucked him dry and licked until he could take no more, then broke free, smiling.

Ron smiled back at her lovely nude form. He set up the massage table and helped her up on it. as she laid sown on her stomach. He adjusted pillows and towels to make her more comfortable. He covered her bottom with a towel and excused himself to make further preparations. As he finished, he handed her a letter to read.

Confused, Karen took it and opened the letter. "Dear Karen" it began in a woman's handwriting, "Thank you so much for what you did for John and I on his birthday. Our love life is better than ever and our marriage is stronger than it ever has been, largely because of your generosity. I want to repay you in some way and Ron contacted John and I with this idea. I want you to know I totally agree with it. You should relax and have fun with no guilt over what is about to happen. Have fun!" It was signed Brynn.

Now Karen was totally confused. Until John walked into her view, grinning at her like a Cheshire cat. He was wearing an identical kimono to Ron's and had the same tell-tale tent in front proclaiming his excitement and lack of clothing underneath. Before she could really take it all in, she was startled back to reality by warm oil flowing down the backs of her legs. Ron poured the pre-warmed olive oil in copious amounts as John stepped to the head of the table.

Karen resigned herself to relax as much as possible as she allowed herself to be covered with oil. Ron's hands already began spreading it all over her legs and feet. His soft strong hands heightened her excitement that was already nearing its limits. She hoped they could not smell her as she became wetter and wetter with each stroke. Soon John joined in. He spread oil on ber back shoulders and arms. Together they worked like a 'well- oiled' team. John skillfully rubbed the tension from her arms and hands while Ron did the same for her feet and legs.

Their first pass felt like two skilled masseuses. They silently rubbed tension from muscles and hit the necessary pressure points to force her into a near sleep state. Then the massage changed. In unison, their touch became lighter as they stroked her skin rather than rubbing it. Each stroke sent fires of passion spreading through her body. She found herself moaning softly as their hands stroked lightly her arms, fingers, toes, calves and thighs.

At their urging she allowed herself to be rolled over. All modesty forgotten she did not cover up her breasts as they again covered her with oil. At first their rubbing was again deep and careful not to touch any of her erotic zones. The once again the touch lightened and became more erotic. Fingers traced erotic paths around her thighs and chest and arms. Her fingers and toes were rubbed so that it felt like each one was a small penis being masturbated. The simultaneous sensations were becoming too much. When again it changed.

Tongues and lips took the place of hands as her toes and fingers were sucked. Paths of fire were traced along her body by skilled lips and tongues. She moaned in passion almost continuously. Still no touch even accidently hit her hard nipples or the fire between her legs. As they stroked caressed and licked every part of her body except those, she began to long for the touch and got hotter and hotter. She began to feel a tremendous wave of heat/fire/orgasm welling up from her core. As the stroking and kissing became more intense it rose with in her. They began to tease with licking her thighs, neck ears, and the sides of her breasts. Getting ever closer to the long neglected areas but still not even the slightest touch.

It grew, the desire began to consume her mind. She began to long for their touch THERE. She was no longer concerned that she was wet and pouring freely now from her vagina. She began to moan and writhe on the table trying to trick them into touching her whenever they got close.

Then a new sensation was added. Small vibrators joined in the stimulation of her body. Now she had tongues, lips and vibrators stroking all of her body except THOSE PLACES SHE NEEDED. The orgasm grew within her, took on its own will, enveloped the core of her being and controlled her thoughts and her body as it slowly grew stronger.

She was almost continually moaning now as a new are was allowed to be touched. Her sphincter threw electricity through her body as the vibrator touched it. Its tingling and buzzing circling her opening, causing her to moan louder. Then it slipped softly and quickly in. It was so small there was not pain only buzzing from within causing her to feel the buzzing only very lightly in her clit. It aroused her even more.

The orgasm was an animal within her now demanding to be brought to the surface. She thrashed now on the table her nipples like rocks, her moaning incessant and the buzzing in her ass making it worse not better.

Then they took her. Together their lips found her long neglected and freshly shaven labia and another pair of lips engulfed her rock hard nipples. They sucked hard with passion and skill. First on nipple then the other as the labia were sucked entirely into Ron's mouth. His fingers helping and sliding easily in and out of her opening. Then he slid up and sucked hard on her clit.

She held his head there with the animal that controlled her. As the orgasm finally reached the surface. She screamed and thrashed at it took over her body. She came with such intensity that is lasted for several minutes and John and Ron fought to stay attached to her. Then it was over. She relaxed and fell into an immediate sleep.

Or so they thought. They carefully covered with a towel her as she rolled on her sid and then onto her stomach. While they were watching her, she was watching them thought slits in her eyes. Waiting for the moment. As Ron was behind her adjusting her towel, John in front gazing at her "sleeping body" she sprang.

She grabbed John by the hips and pulled her closely to her. Her heels came up and captured Ron's ass pulling him closer to her. They both realized what she wanted and were only too happy to oblige. Watching the intensity of her orgasm had made them both ridiculously aroused.

Ron obligingly adjusted the back of he table, It dropped down allowing her to lower her legs. She could reach a cross beam of the table with her feet and was now presenting her butt to him in nearly doggy style but much more comfortable. Ron smiled at her hairless pussy dripping wet and nearly laughed at the forgotten vibrator that had turned off during the orgasm still resting in her ass.

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